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Kody Wiremane

Male, of age (technically); wire low power networks, read, sometimes write; born and reside in Russia, GMT+3 (PST+11). Your help in improving my English will be appreciated.)


Geopolitics · 10:40pm March 2nd

I assume everyone is aware of the situation in Eastern Europe.

I regret to say that I live in the attacking country, and that I have practically zero influence on its actions. Those who appeal for peace, are opposed by the authoritarian government, enforcers, and brainwashed people.

I have been receiving messages from my friends outside, including the war zone, quite terrifying; but now my connections start being severed, by factors both within and outside the country I inhabit.

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Princess Clementia · 11:43am Sep 25th, 2020

Since the very beginning the tragedy of the Two Sisters has had a special place in my thoughts. This etude is inspired by their story.

A black alicorn slightly parted her eyelids to check for presence of light she seemingly detected.

The moon surface was glowing dimly, as usual for that time of day. A bright spot was indeed on the horizon, so her eyes opened fully.

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Twilight x Tempest etude · 4:21pm Aug 26th, 2020

Hmm, gotta break my slumber. I've got some ideas about circumstances Twi and Tempest could start growing closer, so consider this a draft. The setting: Twi has separated with her friends (reason unknown) and got captured by Commander Shadow, being kept in a cage at the latter's flagship, and summoned by her for an interrogation.

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Ponies befriend everything · 10:13am Apr 6th, 2020

Ponies befriend everything that moves, literally!
And if it doesn't move, they make it move, and then befriend :trollestia:

Judge for yourselves:

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Applied poetry · 4:10pm Jul 5th, 2019

My hoof's empty. All I can offer you
Is just my self — but you look unimpressed.
A step to me, two back. A turn. A leave —
And silence.

I had no chance, I know — so why the hurt?
The tears, the words… why can't I just forget?
The facts are clear. Though still, in spite of that,
The hope's alive, inside. It's waiting still.

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Author-proofreader matching web service: existing solutions? · 9:29pm Jan 11th, 2019

I am asking for advice in choosing a software system, if it exists, that performs the functions described below. I am to a certain degree suspicious about the software I use, ideally I can either understand what exactly it does, or rely on authorities such as open OS foundations that accept such software into their repositories. Anyways, some good advice never hurts.

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Speculations on Pony Magic · 4:57am Nov 29th, 2016

Many words have already been spoken and written about this: doorknobs, quills, and whatever things that are problematic to use if you have to operate them with hooves. Some say those are remnants of a human civilization, and that definitely could make Lyra happy. But how do ponies manage to deal with all that stuff?


Okay, ponies have magic, but not every pony, isn't it so? Nope!

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My Soviet Pony · 9:42am Oct 16th, 2016

A 10 minutes long Soviet animated cartoon. I wrote English subtitles, please tell me if you have found some errors. Credits in English can be seen as annotations. Sorry for possible ads, Youtube may insert them to pay to the entity they believe to be the copyright owner.


A plot summary below.

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A Dancing Horse · 6:05pm Sep 11th, 2016

A horse dances different styles with several partners in turn, almost real))

Well, maybe a bit of digital augmentation.)

UPD: Old video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7p_Dlvymuo is down. Linking a substitution.
UPD2: Substituting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO6xPEoQyyA as well.


Coding is Magic · 7:12pm Jul 14th, 2016

Celestia: Princess of Frontend;
Luna: Princess of Backend;
Cadance: Princess of Client Service;
Chrysalis: Queen of Testing;

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