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Kody Wiremane

Male, of age (technically); wire low power networks, read, sometimes write; born and reside in Russia, GMT+3 (PST+11). Your help in improving my English will be appreciated.)


Speculations on Pony Magic · 4:57am Nov 29th, 2016

Many words have already been written about this: doorknobs, quills, and whatever things that are problematic to use if you have to operate them with hooves. Some say those are remnants of a human civilization, and that definitely could make Lyra happy. But how do ponies manage to deal with all that stuff?


Okay, ponies have magic, but not every pony, isn't it so?

Well, it's a magical world. Imagine that every pony has magic. The heart of the pony's magic circulatory system should be located in their hindquarters, between the cutie marks, while the backbone conducts magic to the limbs. So let's make a supposition that all ponies can channel magic to their hooves, that produces a surface force strong enough to attract and hold small things.

This kind of magic is universal for ponies, but what makes each pony species special?

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My Soviet Pony · 9:42am Oct 16th, 2016

A 10 minutes long Soviet animated cartoon. I wrote English subtitles, please tell me if you have found some errors. Credits in English can be seen as annotations.

A pony works in a zoo, pulling a cart ridden by children. When a parade takes place near the zoo, the pony watches it and admires military horses, but annoyed children make him to return to the track. A general that commands the parade notices the pony as well, but doesn't want to disturb children with all the troops currently at his side. In the evening, when the pony dreams of military career, the general pays him a visit. The pony offers the general to saddle him, but the general wants to ride the cart. While riding, the general reminisces about his childhood, but a sudden road bump breaks the moment, and the general becomes sad. Then the pony cheers him up, and the general thanks him.

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A Dancing Horse · 6:05pm Sep 11th, 2016

A horse dances different styles with several partners in turn, almost real))

Well, maybe a bit of digital augmentation.)

UPD: Old video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7p_Dlvymuo is down. Linking a substitution.


Coding is Magic · 7:12pm Jul 14th, 2016

Celestia: Princess of Frontend;
Luna: Princess of Backend;
Cadance: Princess of Client Service;
Chrysalis: Queen of Testing;

Twilight Sparkle: Princess of Management, Element of Algorithms;
Rainbow Dash: Element of Real Time Systems;
Applejack: Element of High Load Systems;
Rarity: Element of Design;
Fluttershy: Element of Maintenance;
Pinkie Pie: Element of Communication.

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January, 1st · 10:03pm Dec 31st, 2015

And yes I confirm it's 2016 here! It's been for nearly an hour already x) And I'm a little late, but, well, it won't break the Universe so I'm not worried).

There were trials in the 2015, something of that kind is still going on, but we are still online, and I hope we will be. As long as possible. In this unstable world I'll let ponies to be my anchor, my beacon )

The 2015 was an important year for me, coz it was the year of massive experience in English, the year of reading and interacting. I learned on my own that state borders are nothing for words and thoughts and two beings on opposite ends of the earth can share similar views.

I'm still not very skilled in wording when it comes to English, but I suppose the idea is readable behind my style x)

And here I'm thanking those who welcomed me at Fimfiction and replied my messages, coz deep inside I need this—social interaction, and stuff x) Thank you pones! x) And you, personally:)

Happy New Year! ^___^

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Our local pegasi team is obviously exhausted · 12:50pm Dec 6th, 2015

It's been raining all day long, and it's in the middle of December! Okay, not the middle yet, but tell me it won't in two weeks. Looks more like October. And the wind blew down our fence.. partially... It's fixed already, though.)
Moving on

upd: we've even got a power cut in the night (because of the wind)... though the morning is pretty quiet, speaking of the weather.

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The Radical Church of Ponies (a concept) · 11:02am Nov 28th, 2015

Before we begin, a short note: The picture is the best I can draw on paper so far, so it definitely might be cooler.. sorry:) And, the text probably is not the final version, but it's considered correct enough to be posted. I'm not English, remember?) Now, let's give it a try:3

   "The Radical Church of Ponies" (RCP) is an international militarized religious human organization founded in the early 21st century. Its members believe in the existence of Equestria and the future coming of ponies to Earth that will bring peace and harmony under ponies' reign. The organization's purpose is to establish contact with Equestria, to hasten the Coming, and to protect ponies from any aggression.
+500 words inside

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A rock farm? How is it even possible! · 7:47pm Sep 3rd, 2015

Hi everypone ) Not a secret that there is at least one rock farm somewhere in Equestria. And many ask themselves: Rock. Farm? How is it possible, rocks don't grow! Maybe they mean a stone mine, or something? I asked as well, but then I realized: there are stones that grow — crystals! So farmers just need saturated solution and some seed crystals, and then everything begins to make sense )

Okay, actually a brief googling reveals my idea isn't original. At least here we can read about farming crystals on a rock farm and an interesting theory about crystal growth induced by natural magical fields.

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Why unicorns are cooler than other tribes :D · 9:09pm Jul 6th, 2015

Well, let's take a look at the Main 6: five to represent, one to unite; two earthponies, two pegasi, one unicorn (remember, the second one is special). So where we need two average ponies, one unicorn is enough. There you have it :D

Well, actually it's just a speculation x) All ponies are worth love, be they earthians, pegasi, unicorns, or alicorns)) Have a nice day:)

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a bit more words about me · 11:47am Feb 21st, 2015

I've written it to give you additional information to decide whether I'm worth to interact with me. Okay, what can I say?

Section: General
Object: Kody Wiremane;
Human name: Alexander;
Human biology: male, technically adult, 173 cm (~68 inches) tall, light-boned, thermophilic, leisure lifestyle—sedentary;
Zodiac sign: Capricorn to Waterbearer (who cares?);
Job: low power networks wireman (maintaining phone and computer networks in office- and apartment buildings);
Personality: introvert, melancholic (but not a depressive hermit!), appreciating private space; may be overemotional while commenting something likeable; being ignored causes activity decay and dulls subsequent manifestations; tries to make social contacts, sometimes successfully;
Cause of FiM-addiction: problems are solved; strong emotional bonds are present;

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