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The Radical Church of Ponies (a concept) · 11:02am Nov 28th, 2015

   "The Radical Church of Ponies" (RCP) is an international militarized religious human organization founded in the early 21st century. Its members believe in the existence of Equestria and the future coming of ponies to Earth that will bring peace and harmony under ponies' reign. The organization's purpose is to establish contact with Equestria, to hasten the Coming, and to protect ponies from any aggression.

   The Church's organizational structure includes three major branches.
   The Research Department is the spirit of the Church. Its sign is a pictogram of a horn. Its goal is to find and contact Equestria, and make the Coming come true. The department actively studies ponies of Earth, because there is a hypothesis that they may become a key to achieving the goals. The researchers has made great progress; amount of collected data is unprecedented. The ponies living inside the Church show high intelligence and assist the researchers to the best of their abilities. The department also investigates ancient legends that involve equines. The day of discovering the pony magic will be a turning point in the human history.
   The Military Department is the armed hand of the Church. Its sign is a pictogram of a wing. Its purpose is to protect facilities and personnel of the Church, to liquidate any threats immediately prior to the Coming, and to protect ponies afterward. The department recruits and trains soldiers, and keeps its armoury and vehicle park adequate to the current situation. It also monitors the situation in the world and devises various action scenarios.
   The Supply Department provides resources to the whole Church. Its sign is a pictogram of a hoof. The department unites individuals and organizations that volunteered to materially support the Church. It also conducts fundraising; everyone who sympathizes with the Church can make their contribution.

   The Church's Major Emblem depicts a human warrior ('The Human Guard') in full armor, holding an unsheathed sword in front of him, its point set on the ground and his hands resting on the sword's crossguard. His face is indiscernible, reflecting the idea that new members devote themselves to the Church by putting the purpose before the person. Behind and above the warrior rises 'The Radiant Alicorn', her wings spread wide, her forehooves resting on his shoulders, light radiating in all directions. At the top of the emblem is a ribbon with the Church's name, the Minor Emblem in its center. Below the Alicorn's wings the words of the Church's creed are written:
   "There are no gods but Ponies"
   "The Kingdom of Ponies will come on Earth"
   "What thwarts must be destroyed"
   The Minor Emblem consists of a glowing orb with a silhouette of alicorn's head, framed with stylized wings, and with a sword pointed down in its base.

   Also, another organization exists in parallel, the secessionists who claim that not only what acts against ponies but even what passively stands in their way must be wiped from the face of earth. They do no research, instead focusing on military activity. Dispersed battle groups execute independent operations directed at making 'Ponyism' dominate over all other religions and forms of government. The RCP does not officially recognize them as a part of the Church, due to their claimed aggression against humans that is similar to the aggression of humans against ponies, to prevent which is one of the purposes of the Church. Though their interests sometimes overlap. Due to non-recognition the secessionists often act under alternative names, such as "The Retributive Hoof", "The Shadow Wings" and others. The average age in the organization is younger than in the RCP.

Well, that's all for now) In addition I'll say that the whole concept had been catalyzed by reading Warhammer 40k wiki and seeing W40k x MLP:FiM art ) What you see here is a concept, the best I can draw on paper so far; I'm not planning to write a fic implementing it. But you are allowed to use the RCP in your works; in this case, a link to this post would be cool)
And, this article wouldn't be as good as it is now (at least) without help of some kind ponies. When you're struggling with dictionaries and grammar, a helping hoof extended from across the language barrier helps so much. So:
The list of the first members of the Radical Church of Ponies: Ooh, okay okay! The list of those who contributed to editing the creed and the article:
The Derpy Division, Nagel Navari, FireMedic755, Alicorn Priest, metallusionsismagic (special thanks for editing the bigger text).
Thank you!

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Comments ( 32 )

It's not a religion if it's a hundred percent to be true without a need for nonempirical evidence:derpyderp2:


Sorry, I'm being quite sleepy right now.. what evidence do you need?

4805858 Really? Okay... Empirical evidence? Preferably tried and tested:twilightsheepish:

Yeah, it's midnight, isn't it? Going to bed in a minute, practically.
Do you mean—something toucheable is needed to call it a religion?

No, just that any religion has to be based on something tangible or usable or else it would just feel pointless:applejackunsure:

Life is pointless. How other religions are tangible and usable? See you when awakezzz..

Not usable, meaningful. The line between practical use and habits of beliefs is blurred. People use traditions like idols or prayer to help establish their identity and connection to what they believe in, there are also things that serve a double purpose to practical side of things like calendars or beliefs that save you from problems of today. It's not all faith, y'know.

Still sleepy, unfortunately; it's been a problem recently ) Don't take short phrases as rudeness, just cannot focus. And it's a flame war, after all,)

So, I just don't get your point. Faith is faith, traditions are traditions, and so it is with identity, calendars, and things. If things has diffused into each other, it doesn't mean one is a necessary attribute of the other. You're saying is like "The sky is blue, the grass is green, RCP is not a religion." I see no connection) What your exact requirement(s) RCP doesn't meet, and how an example religion meets that?

Religion doesn't own ideas, they associate themselves with them. People need to feel the "Flow", something that will completely distract themselves from the meaningless reality of their daily lives.

Try looking a something like the cult of Fluttershy:scootangel:

Words, words, words.
Longman Dictionary
A belief is enough to found a religion. RCP is about magic ponies existing around us unseen. "Flow" enough for me)

Where do you think belief comes from? Religion is not just mere beliefs, it's built upon a mental state similar to hypnosis.

The flow is psychological state that's balanced between high skill and high challenge, the perfect state when doing any project

I still don't see what's wrong with RCP. Give me a concrete example: your religion has it, my religion has not. )

Let's see... There's an internal part and the external part. One focuses inside the church and the other focuses on the outside

RCP External: Research ponies, protecting the church, supporting the church
RCP Internal: ?

Believe it or not, this is important. The external part scatters the church's attention while the gathering focus the church's attention. You have to make activities that emotionally connect the group in some way instead of just rationalizing them into jobs. Try something creative, while normal church's use sermon, prayer, and gatherings; time on internet can't be so compact so activities like "special greetings" or "debating" or "posting pictures" will do. Be creative:duck:


The core of RCP is the belief in the existence of Equestria as a light place immune to the evil of our world. You can see no rituals described because there are no rituals. I mean, while what's described in the post, with its three departments and scientific activity, is fictional, RCP is also real in our world, and in our world it's just the belief I told you. Well, some piece of lore as well, but nothing more atm. Every activity that resonates with that belief, if fine.

:facehoof:That isn't a religion, goofball, that's just a fictional radical organization dedicated to Equestria. The word religion seems like a stretch:applejackunsure: Tell me, is it a profit based organization like a company, or a non-profit organization like a charity or a foundation?:raritywink:

Watch your mouth) Something doesn't cease to be a religion just because you say so:)
Ponyism is a religion, and (fictional) RCP is an organization that serves its purposes). It has sources of funds, and it's not important (within this discussion) whether those are structurally internal or external to it.

4807948 So it's much easier to start a religion than to discredit it?:ajsmug: I know what you're getting at :raritywink::raritywink:

Anyways, what makes it different from something like a cult? How about whether it serves to also protect their funds :scootangel: These are a questions I have as a worldbuilder

:) I'm having a little problem with precise understanding of "getting at" and "protect their funds," but I'll try to form a lees or more universal answer )

The organization's purpose is to establish contact with Equestria, to hasten the Coming, and to protect ponies from any aggression.

Of course, it uses all legal means to protect its interests, and on its own territory RCP has quite a strong position. It restricts itself to legal means of self-protection and propaganda; at the same time, the secessionists incline to an opinion that a little in-advance cleanup doesn't hurt,) In some sense, they act as a kind of extra shield for RCP (tho RCP never planned to create such a shield).

They're radicals more radical? :rainbowderp: Wow, that's quite thought out of you ;)
Not all organization have an opposition organization, btw, some thrive with only activism as the only opposition:pinkiesmile:

Yeah, more radical radicals). R in RCP stands for radical measures for protecting ponies when they come. On the other hoof, the secessionists' motto could be "Radical measures today!" And in fact, they're not an "opposing" opposition ) Sometimes they help by acting, in their way, where RCP cannot act itself, legally.

You know, that reminds me of how groups like the "ISIL" came from "Al Qaeda" Why or how did you come up with that dynamic?:rainbowderp:

Well, in the beginning was the Picture. It looked like a human protecting a pony whatever it takes, that's why I called the church Radical. In fact, it turned out to be not as radical as it sounded, so playing with the word I came up with the idea of those other guys. You know: youth, hot blood, "life for idea." The world is crowded with radicals doing questionable things, considering themselves being in the right.

What does . ) mean? Do you mean ;) or .

It means. )


See it as gradations of expressiveness:) A smile consists of eyes and a mouth (I consider nosed smiles oldish). A smile with one eye is less expressive than a two-eyed, an eyeless smile is even less expressive. And even less exspressive when you put a whitespace between a sentence's end and a smile. ) Or maybe I should call it "more calm" instead of "less expressive." You know,)

Less expressive means your doing less to give off an expression, there's no reason why you need to tell a reader that you have an expression lighter than a casual smile like this :) That's already light as an expression enough. If you want to use levels of smiling try :) and :D there's no need for a weak smile. You could simply use these emoticons from feeling the most casual to obsesive:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp: :heart::pinkiecrazy: If it becomes any more powerful than the :pinkiehappy: then you need another kind of emoji to express the happiness.

This one can be borderline :applejackunsure:

Here are levels to sad emojis :fluttershysad::fluttercry::raritydespair::raritycry:

There are so many ways to express how you're uncertainty :applejackunsure::unsuresweetie::derpyderp2: etc

I could go on through the all the different pony emojis and their uses but that would be boring:raritydespair: (Pretentious sadness)

Imagine you want to show emotions of someone like Maud ) Well, okay, she's an edge case, but someone with a narrower-than-average emotional range ) Anyway, it's how I use smiles—bear with it :D

We're getting off topic, please use PM's for that:trollestia:

Okay, but I'm gonna be offline for now, so message me a PM if you please and I'll get back to it later:trollestia:

I consider the explanations complete enough; you message me, if you want to ask more. :trollestia:

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