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Male, of age (technically); wire low power networks, read, sometimes write; born and reside in Russia, GMT+3 (PST+11). Your help in improving my English will be appreciated.)

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    And yes I confirm it's 2016 here! It's been for nearly an hour already x) And I'm a little late, but, well, it won't break the Universe so I'm not worried).

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my little poetry · 8:43am Nov 8th, 2014

After watching "Filli Vanilli" I couldn't but pour out my emotions into some form of poetry (what I don't do often). So I mobilized my bundle of linguistic knowledge and online sources, and… Well, here it is.

I saw the cutest Fluttershy
She hit my heart just through my eye
So kind, so gentle, innocent
With flowing mane and flower scent
That careful healer, forest's host
On duty at her outpost
A threat in anger, breeze in peace
The Tamer of the Cockatrice
O Fluttershy of Pegasi
When days grow years while passing by
I wish my gaze then in the end
To meet views of your promised land.

or maybe

Being at the sunset of my mind
I wish to see you, Everkind.

As usual (heh, when did it become usual?), feel free to notify me if something is wrong with my English... or if something's right.
P.S. Rereading "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" has left its mark on the end product apparently )

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