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I became an enthusiastic Brony when I discovered MLP:FiM between seasons 3 & 4 via the review/analysis community. I hope you like my contributions.


A middle aged brony inexplicably replaces Chrysalis as a new changeling queen some decades before the fruition of a certain pony prophesy. Now the new queen must figure out how to manage a kingdom that has been in a slow, seemingly irreversible, decline for the past several thousand years.

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This story is a sequel to A simple test from the bureaucracy of Equestria

A divergent sequel to Evilhumour’s “A simple test from the bureaucracy of Equestria” following a different path than “Back to School for Lulu!” Rather than Luna having to undergo 12+ years of institutionalized education, Twilight points out that Luna and Celestia had essentially experienced the equivalent of having been homeschooled, meaning that technically Luna would only need a tutor for a year under the terms of the law as it is written.

Celestia, thinking that this is a wonderful idea (and not wanting to put her sister through the experience of being sent through 12+ years as the oldest remedial student in the history of History itself), seizes on the idea, congratulates Twilight for offering to be Luna’s tutor, and sends Luna to Ponyville to become Twilight Sparkle’s apprentice for the year.

Written with Evilhumour's permission (and encouragement), with Evilhumour and AnonEMouseJr acting as Beta Readers

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Years before a certain prophesy would come to fruition, a young pegasus filly fell from the sky near Las Pegasus, only to be rescued and taken in by Burning Sky and Dragonfly, a newlywed pegasi couple on leave from the Equestrian Air Guard for their honeymoon. Adopted and named Firefly by the very ponies who caught her out of the sky, the young filly is secretly a being from another reality, a former human who had been a fan of a popular show that had portrayed this very world (or one very similar to it), with no idea what had brought her here, why she was now a pony, or even when in the timeline she happens to be.

Once she figures out that she's in the past, with years before Princess Luna returned as Nightmare Moon, young Firefly resolves to simply stay out of the way and let events happen as they should. However, once she sees Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Brave and Glorious appear out of a bubble of complex looking magic, Firefly feels an incredible sense of liberation, believing that it no longer matters what she does or doesn't do as everything would correct itself once Twilight dealt with Starlight Glimmer and returned to the future.

So Firefly decides to buck Starlight Glimmer on the way down to save Fluttershy.

After all, if nothing she did right now mattered anyway, why not be the hero? What harm could it possibly do? :twilightsheepish:

And thus my SI takes a sledgehammer to causality, breaking Starlight Glimmer's spell in the worst way possible for two mares and a dragon from the future and changing the course of history forever. :facehoof:

But hey, at least Fluttershy is okay, right? :twilightsheepish:

What do you mean Fluttershy's Cutie Mark is different now!? :twilightoops:

Cover rendition of Firefly by Equestria Prevails.

This pic of Firefly is pretty much what inspired me to write this story... :twilightsmile:

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When Batty, formerly a middle aged brony who found himself inserted into Ponyville as a young Bat pony filly roughly ten years prior to the thousandth Summer Sun Celebration. Thinking that it would be a good idea to introduce Pinkie Pie to Cheese Sandwich when he first comes into town, Batty finds out the next day that she had inadvertently inspired them to become travelling Party Planner Pony Partners.

Batty now finds herself desperately trying to fill the missing role of Laughter before the inevitable return of Nightmare Moon. As the only Bat Pony in Ponyville.

And she is driving herself... Batty...

*O o O o O*

Loosely related to Distorted Resonance, with the SI protagonist appearing in Ponyville as a Bat Pony instead of a Unicorn, and adopted into an OC family instead of becoming the foster sibling of one of the Mane Six.

Batty and Crystal Synergy may or may not eventually meet each other at some point. If they do, it will probably be really awkward. Especially since they both essentially started as the same person...

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After being sent off against her will by Happosai to the land of "The Everfree," a mystical realm where clothing is apparently entirely optional, with a poorly understood Egyptian talisman as her only defense, Nabiki Tendo finds herself as a wingless Sphinx in Equestria. Lost with no way home, and inexplicably transformed into a feline-like species that would most likely drive away Ranma Saotome even if she did manage to find him in this strange world, Nabiki now travels the land with her only ally: a wandering blue unicorn by the name of Trixie Lulamoon...

A Wild Pony in Equestria side story.

Updates will probably be infrequent, and interactions with the cast of Wild Pony few and far between.

Rated teen due to certain awkward problems Nabiki experiences concerning her new anatomy as a sphinx, as well as the occasional awkward situations that may occur from time to time.

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"Crystal Synergy used to be a middle-aged brony before she abruptly appeared as a young filly at the spot where lightning had struck the ground out of the clear blue sky, roughly two years before the Sonic Rainboom. She only wants to help. What could possibly go wrong?" :pinkiehappy:

"I can't believe you just said that, Pinkie..." :facehoof:

Crystal has lived ten years with fading memories about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic canon and fanon, the first two of which were spent unable to make any but the most illegible notes as she tried to keep them separated in her head. Not helping matters is the fact that while things mostly seem to be lining up with what she thinks is canon, there is a difference between events as presented in the thirty-minute blocks of a show aimed at a younger demographic (and intended to help sell toys) and living in that setting as a real world with a dynamic history. And she's not quite sure which version of Equestria she's actually in, but things seem to be just enough like what Crystal Synergy believes to be canon that she thinks she has a fair idea of what may happen, and how to help navigate or circumvent some of the more worrying problems looming on the horizon.

A little foreknowledge couldn't hurt, right?

A little foreknowledge can prove to be a very dangerous thing indeed. Especially when you aren't sure which bits of foreknowledge are actually true. And just ignoring the foreknowledge doesn't help either, because some of it is true...

A bit of a grab bag of categories: AU and Human should be self explanatory, but Random was selected because the story fluctuates between serious and silly, adventure and slice-of-life, and black-and-white values vs. blue-and-orange values.

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Can Equestria handle the impact caused by Wild Pony, who is actually the somewhat scrambled and ponified martial arts prodigy and weirdness magnet otherwise known as Ranma Saotome?

Set after the failed wedding at the end of Ranma ½ and approximately three years before the return of Nightmare Moon, then rapidly skips ahead to just a few months prior.

Now has a side story: My Little Sphinx

On a side note, like MLP:FiM itself, the story will mainly be Slice of Life, with the occasional sections of Action/Adventure popping up now and then. I mention this because I couldn't choose both tags, and of the two, this story weighs in more on the Slice of Life side.

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