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Amateur writer. I don't write as much as I used to. Sometimes I forget that life isn't Tumblr.

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Technology is very scarce in Equestria, but it seems quite prominent in one area. This is where our story takes place. This place is full of new things, things nopony but those inside know about. There are things that normal ponies wouldn't think possible. This is a place full of new minds, new ponies. Most of which are geniuses.

This story does not follow one of said geniuses. It follows just an average pony who happens to work at this place. There's not much special about her, except for the fact that she was chosen to try out a new machine. A new machine that will allow her to experience technology "first hoof".

As she explores this world, she realizes something. She's becoming part of it.

Will she make it out in time? Or will she end up digitized?

It's your choice.

(Pinkie shows up later in story)

Chapters (2)

What happens when a certain party pony comes back around to town? Parties galore!!! Cheese Sandwich comes back to Ponyville, this time with more parties than before! He collaborates once again with Pinkie, making for a party even better than Rainbow Dash's Birthaversary Bash! But wait... what's this? Afterwards he wants to... stay?

Chapters (7)

We all like to go on adventures in video games, right? Well, some of us do. But have you ever wanted to go on an adventure out of the game? Button Mash and Sweetie Belle do! Find out what happens in this not-so-adventurous adventure!

Chapters (1)

We all know that Pinkie is notorious for her parties and baked goods, but what does she do when she has some spare time on her hooves? Come on, I know you want to find out!

Chapters (1)
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