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The Most Ultimate Party! - OfficialDerp

Parties, parties, and more parties! This story is filled to the brim with parties! In fact, you might call this story one big party! It's... The Most Ultimate Party!!!

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I Hope You Like Confetti...

Author's Note:

Why is this chapter longer than usual? Because song. I know none of you asked for it, but yes, I put in a song. I just put the lyrics there, so you can have fun putting it to a tune! I'd love to see what you come up with!
Underline is Pinkie singing, Bold is Cheese singing, and Italic is both!
I'd also just like to thank everyone who has liked, favorited, commented, or even viewed my story! It means so much to me!
Oh, and I edited Chapter 2 because of a couple of grammatical errors. How I didn't notice that beforehand, I don't know.
Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

The next morning, Pinkie got up, as usual, went downstairs, as usual, and greeted everypony, as usual. There was one thing that wasn’t usual, however, and that was the giant envelope that was being dragged through the door by the mailpony.

“Hey, Derpy! Come for your usual—woah! Who’s that for?” Pinkie trotted over, curiosity overwhelming her.

“For you, actually! I don’t know who it’s from; it just popped up at the mail office.” Derpy set the letter down in front of Pinkie. Sure enough, there were huge letters on the side that spelled out “Pinkie Pie”. She could only guess who sent it. Who else?

“Wow, that’s awesome! Do you still want some muffins?” Pinkie offered, still slightly stunned by the sheer size of the item sent to her.

“Of course!”

After Pinkie filled some orders, she picked up a corner of the envelope with her mouth and bounced up the stairs. Or, tried to. The letter was so big; she had to walk normally to drag it upstairs. It was about as big as the card that the Cutie Mark Crusaders gave to the teacher, Miss Cheerilee, that one Hearts and Hooves Day, just to give you a sense of size.

As soon as the monstrosity of an envelope was opened, about a hundred buckets of confetti spewed from it, leaving a normal-sized letter inside. Pinkie picked up the letter and read it.

I hope you like confetti! Hey, I was wondering, since I’m going to be staying for a bit, why don’t you show me around town? It’ll be tons of fun! I’ll be at my place, so if you want to, just come over! Maybe you can put all that confetti to use! Your friend, Cheese Sandwich.

She thought the exact same thing last night! It was amazing how alike they were. Instantly, she swooped up all the little bits of colorful paper from the room and shoved it all into her saddlebags. As well as her party cannon, some containers of bubbles, some streamers, a ton of deflated balloons, and a bunch of other stuff that wouldn’t be possible to fit into such a small space.

She rushed out the door with her things and went over to the place where Cheese’s party-cannon-house resided. She knocked on the door, only to have it swung open a millisecond later.

“Surprise! I came!” Pinkie smiled. “Come on, let me give you the grand tour of Ponyville!”


If you thought a grand tour of any town would be fun, this was even more so! Pinkie did end up putting all that confetti to good use, and she went around town and showed Cheese everyone and everything.

“Oh, and over there is the library where Twilight stays.” Pinkie pointed over to Twilight’s place of residence while simultaneously shooting a good pound of confetti at it. Twilight had the bad luck to be walking out of her house at the moment this happened.

“Good morning, Pink—! “ Twilight uttered as she got a mouthful of paper. She spit it out. “Blegh! What’s going on here, Pinkie? Why
are you shooting confetti at my house?”

“Oopsie! Sorry, Twilight! I was just showing Cheese around town. He sent me a ton of confetti, so I was just using it!” Pinkie smiled sheepishly at her; truly sorry she got confetti all over her friend.

“That’s alright, just not how I expected my day to start out. I’ll just get this stuff out of my mane, you two keep on with your tour!”
Twilight walked back in, hoping Spike might help her clean all of this up.

Pinkie and Cheese bounced along, streamers flying everywhere. It felt like the whole town was acting as one big party, full of banners with the names of shops hoof-painted on them and balloons tied to everything. The entire tour was met with confused ponies of every type, wondering if there was another party, what with all the decorations.

There was a trail of bubbles following them wherever they went, and bright colors all over the place. It was so spectacular, it felt almost like a dream. Cheese even started to believe it. In fact, to remind himself that he wasn’t dreaming, he joined in on the fun by pulling even more decorations out of seemingly nowhere.

“Now this is a tour!” Cheese beamed.

“Oh, it’s not even close to being over!” Pinkie said excitedly as she looked over at seemingly no one.

Cheese looked over, too. He smiled at whatever they were looking at, and then they both went along with the tour.

Halfway through the tour, Pinkie started to sing.

Every single pony in this entire town
Means something special to me, I hate to see them frown.
When I see a frown starting to form upon their face,
I make it so a smile will come and take its place!
Even when a pony is as grumpy as can be,
I throw a party, make them laugh, and then they finally see!

Pinkie was so good at singing, it always made Cheese happy to hear her.

I already know you knew,
parties just come easy!
But this tour party’s just for you,
I hope it’s not too Cheesy!

Oh, now he had to join in…

I love throwing parties, too!
There is no party I can’t do!
When ponies see me walk in town,
they can’t help but not to frown!
Even when I go away,
the smiles, they just seem to stay!

Oh, wow! Cheese was singing, too!

You don’t need to say, I see,
parties just come easy!
I’m glad this party’s just for me,
I swear it’s not too Cheesy!

Big finale…

We are the best Super-Duper Party Planning team,
Ponies have so much fun that they just want to scream!
Everypony gathers round when we start to sing and dance,
other ponies try to top us; they don’t stand a chance!
When we throw a party, ponies from miles around
come to join in on the fun in this little town!

They were having so much fun, they didn’t notice the crowd of ponies that had gathered to watch.

When you’ve got the two of us,
parties just come easy!
Ponies come see what’s the fuss
made by Pinkie and Cheesy!

The song ended and everypony cheered, smiles definitely brought to their faces by the little performance that was just finished. The
clapping startled the two slightly, but they recovered quickly and bowed. After the applause ended, they just went on their way.


After the tour, Pinkie walked Cheese home.

“Wow, thanks again!” Cheese beamed over at Pinkie.

“You’re welcome! Anything for a friend!” Pinkie smiled back. It was always nice doing something for a friend, let alone Cheese.

“We should do something again soon!”

That line really resonated with Pinkie; it was almost the same thing that was said after Gummy’s birthday party. It was the line that made her plan a party the day after she had one. Normally, hearing that line again would trigger the same response, like a ghost reacting to a name of a person or place.

Not this time, however.

“Well, see ya!” Pinkie walked away, satisfied with what the day had brought. She wondered when the next time she would see Cheese was. Tomorrow? The next day? Well, whatever day the next time she would meet up with him was, it was going to be at least twice as fun as the last.


The day that followed was nothing exactly special. It was just a normal day. Pinkie woke up, went downstairs, and started helping out with orders. She filled orders for muffins, cupcakes, milkshakes, and other things that they sold there.

Various types of ponies with various ages came and went, and nothing really stood out for Pinkie. Except for the bright idea that she got to send a few cupcakes over to Cheese.

She had just made some, so they were still somewhat warm. She wrote a quick letter, put the cupcakes into a bag, put the bag and the letter into a package, and gave it to the mailpony as she was leaving with her muffins for the day.

Then, Pinkie went about her day doing what she normally does.


When Cheese opened his door, he wasn’t expecting a package given to him by the local mailpony.

“Here you go, this was given directly to me to give to you!” Derpy smiled, looking at him with one eye, while her other looked at something else somewhere in the distance.

“Uh, thank you! Who’s it from?” he asked.

“Pinkie sent it!”

Cheese had the urge to open the package right then and there, but he decided to wait until Derpy left.

“Well, thank you for delivering it! Bye, Derpy!”

“Bye!” she flew off to deliver the rest of everypony’s mail.

Cheese went back inside and sat down on his couch. He opened the package and was met with a surprise. About a few buckets of confetti exploded out of the package. Well, now he knew how Pinkie felt. He looked inside the box to see what else there was. There was a bag filled with something, what he didn’t know, and a letter. The letter read this:

Hehe, I had some confetti left over. Since I didn’t get to see you today, I decided to send you some cupcakes! Hopefully they’ll still be warm. Enjoy them! I heard you really like this kind! Oh, and I hope you can find a use for that confetti! Your Super-Duper friend, Pinkie Pie!

“Wow, I wonder what kind of cupcakes these are!” he practically tore the bag open in excitement. He opened the bag to find 12 cupcakes. He saw that they were lemon, due to the yellow color and little candy lemon slice on top. Lemon cupcakes were his favorites.

“How did she know these are my favorites?” he looked one over with a smile on his face. It was in perfect shape, despite being shoved in a bag in a box filled with confetti. He opened up his mouth and ate the cupcake in one bite. “Thith cupcake ith delthouth!” his words were muffled since his mouth was filled with food. He swallowed the pastry and smiled, thinking about something he could send or do for Pinkie to repay her.

He thought of the perfect way how.

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