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The Most Ultimate Party! - OfficialDerp

Parties, parties, and more parties! This story is filled to the brim with parties! In fact, you might call this story one big party! It's... The Most Ultimate Party!!!

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One Last Party

“I have to leave.”

Everypony gasped as Cheese spoke these words, Pinkie the loudest. It was inevitable, but everyone, especially Pinkie, was still surprised at this fact.

“Leaving? Why?” Pinkie looked at him with puppy-dog eyes.

“Because, even though I would love to stay here with you guys, there are other parties that need planning all over Equestria. I can’t let all those ponies, or other animals, down.” Cheese said in his serious tone.

“Well, it was nice having you stay for a while. Please consider coming back someday, I know Pinkie would appreciate it…” Twilight and everyone else looked over in the direction of Pinkie.

“What?” she replied, which served to cover up nothing since she was blushing so much it stood out from her pink fur. Cheese couldn’t help but notice this, and blushed some too.

“Well, we all hate ta see ya go. We know how much ya like… Ponyville.” Applejack looked around while the others stifled laughter. They knew exactly what she was going to say, and Pinkie and Cheese had a pretty good idea of what it was.

“But anyway, we truly hope you come back sometime.” Rarity said.

“Yeah, and throw more awesome parties!” Rainbow flew around in a circle as she always does when she’s excited and/or needs emphasis.

“That’s it,” Pinkie gasped “We’ll throw a going-away-for-a-little-but-then-hopefully-coming-back party.” She exhaled all in one breath excitedly; she looked at everypony, smiling wildly.

“That sounds like fun. Yay!” Fluttershy quietly agreed for the party.

“Yeah, one last party sounds good.” Rainbow agreed.

“Alright, is everypony in?” Twilight looked around at everyone as they nodded their heads, some more excitedly than others. “Then it’s settled.”

“Whoo hoo! I know exactly what it should be.” Pinkie started bouncing up and down in place, barely able to contain the energy that she had. She needed to get started on that party soon or she might’ve exploded, literally.

“Do you want me to help?” Cheese was back to his excited party voice, AKA normal.

“No, silly! It has to be a surprise.” Pinkie poked him in the chest playfully for emphasis.

“Alright, if you insist. I can’t wait.”

“Trust me, I’ll have it done by later today.” she ran off before anypony could stop her. Celestia knows what would happen if they gave that mare wings…

“Well, see yall later. Ahm guessin Ah’ve got some work to do…” Applejack started running back over to Sweet Apple Acres; nopony knew how many apples Pinkie might need for her party.

“I’ve got to go make sure they don’t have any storms planned.” Rainbow uncrossed her arms from their default position and zoomed up into the clouds.

Rarity gasped. “I’ve got some outfits to make.” she started back to the boutique, Spike following her as always to help her with whatever she wanted.

“Well, I guess we’ve all got things to do to help out in one way or another…” Twilight flew up. “I need to head back over to the library and see if I can do anything for the party.” she flapped her wings and headed over to her home, leaving Cheese standing there alone. Fluttershy had left earlier without saying anything.

“Well this is going to be interesting, isn’t it?”


Hours of zipping around from store to store, looking for party supplies, was not spent in vain. After Pinkie had nearly cleared out everypony’s stands and shops, nearly clearing out her energy in the process, she had spent the rest of the time setting everything up. She did it surprisingly fast, considering how tired she must’ve been after running around all day. If you never saw her right before bed, you would just assume that she always had an endless supply of energy.

Pinkie didn’t want Cheese to see yet, so she had Twilight stand guard so he wouldn’t get any sneak peeks. Cheese was grateful for the fact that Pinkie wanted to keep it a surprise, but he felt like he needed to do something helpful. Anything. He was having a hard time sitting around with the sounds of a party being set up just a few feet outside of his home. Why did he have to set up his cannon right next to town square?

Cheese didn’t have to wait much longer, because with the super-speed Pinkie was going at, the party was up in a matter of only one more hour. When Pinkie gave the signal to Twilight to let Cheese out, he rushed through that doorway as soon as Twilight had opened it a crack and was contemplating saying something along the lines of “Alright, you can come out now.”

The second Cheese got out of his house, the music that the DJ was playing hit his ears. He stood staring in wonder at what the pink ball of energy that was Pinkie Pie had set up in a matter of hours. There were decorations everywhere, more than most of them cheese related. There were lights strung up shaped like sandwiches, and hoof-painted banners with the smiling face of Cheese on them. There were rubber chickens strewn around in random places and so many games and other booths set up, it looked more like a festival than a party.

“Wow.” Cheese was still in shock about all the effort that Pinkie must’ve put into this, and just for him, too…

“Hey, you having fun?” Pinkie interrupted his thoughts with her beaming face. As soon as Cheese saw her, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Are you kidding me? Of course I am.” he pulled her in for a hug. “Thank you so much, this is the nicest thing you’ve done for me yet.” They both started to blush, one a little more than the other.

“Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. Actually, you haven’t really left from this spot.” Pinkie grinned at him as they broke the embrace. “Come on, check out everything.”

Cheese had been so excited that he hadn’t even noticed the outfit that Rarity had made for Pinkie. She was wearing a glimmering skirt of a yellow-orange-ish color, the color of Cheese’s coat. Around her neck was the bow tie that she had worn for Rainbow’s Birthaversary... or at least one that looked exactly like it. Her mane was as usual, but it worked with the getup so perfectly that Cheese couldn’t help but stare. Pinkie noticed this.

“Do you like it? Rarity made it.” she spun in a circle, showing off her skirt in the process. “Oh, she made you an outfit, too. Go check it out.” she pointed in the direction of Rarity, who was waving next to a small changing room.

“Alright!” Cheese walked over towards Rarity, who shoved some clothes in his forelegs as soon as he got there.

“Go into the changing room and try it on. I want to see how it looks.” she half shoved him into the undersized space. It was so small that it was uncomfortable at first, but he got quickly accustomed to it and changed as speedily as possible. He stepped back into the open air wearing a slightly shimmering light pink shirt that matched Pinkie’s coat color. He was also wearing a bow tie, the same bow tie he had worn before.

“That ensemble looks fabulous.” Rarity mused over her amazing work.

“Wow! Rarity’s right, you look great.” Pinkie bounced up and down in excitement.

“And the outfits go so well together.” Twilight had finally recovered from the incident earlier and had trotted over. It took a while for Pinkie to get this, but Cheese understood what she was saying right off the bat and a red color promptly started to spread across his cheeks.

“Heh. Yeah, they do, don’t they?” Cheese smiled ever so slightly, and it was at that moment that Pinkie understood. She started blushing, too. She tried to cover this up with a wide grin, but it wasn’t enough. So she tried something else.

“Hey, how about we go play some games. What’s a party if you’re not having fun?” Pinkie looked at everypony and they all smiled, nodded, and started walking around, seeing what fun there was to be had at this celebration.

The music blasted as everypony enjoyed themselves, whether it was playing a game, eating a snack, or dancing. There were various cheese-based foods around, but there were some that weren’t cheese related. Like hay fries or daisy sandwiches. Cheese found himself trying every activity or dish he came across, some even at the same time. He was about to shove a hay burger with extra cheese in his face when he was interrupted.

“Hey! You got a little bit? I want to show you something.”

Author's Note:

Sorry about that cliffhanger in the last chapter, guys. But don't worry! This and the next chapter will make up for it completely. Until next week, however, I hope you guys enjoy this one as much as possible. Oh, and no spoilers, but, things get a heck of a lot better in the next chapter...

(Thanks again for all of your likes, favorites, and even comments! They mean so much to me. :pinkiesad2:)

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