• Published 2nd Mar 2014
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The Most Ultimate Party! - OfficialDerp

Parties, parties, and more parties! This story is filled to the brim with parties! In fact, you might call this story one big party! It's... The Most Ultimate Party!!!

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Setting Up

“What am I doing?” a pink, curly-maned earth pony asked aloud to herself. It’s a beautiful night outside, but she’s just lying on her bed, staring at a rubber chicken displayed on a shelf. “Why can’t I stop thinking about him?” She sighed, as she closed her blue eyes and put her head down. This has been happening for the past few days since that one extraordinarily odd stallion left town.

“Pinkie? You okay in there?” a female voice asked from outside the locked door. Pinkie didn’t even hear the hoofsteps coming up the stairs.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?” came the reply, in Pinkie’s almost always-cheerful voice. Only a couple of times has she not been okay, but let’s not get into detail with those incidents. Right now she’s as Pinkie as a Pinkie can be.

“Alright, but if you need us, you know where to find us.” Now a male’s voice seeped through the block between him and the mare who’s now looking towards the closed entryway to her room instead of burying her muzzle in her forelegs. Fixated on her door as if she can see through it. On the other side you can hear a small sigh.

“Bye!” Pinkie smiled, her eyes once again shut, as she heard the hoofsteps of the two ponies going back downstairs. She opened her eyes and listened intently for the sound to fade into nothing. “What’s gotten into me?” she sighed, once again shoving her face into her soft, pink fur. For a little while all you can hear is a clock ticking and the light breaths of the pony face first on the mattress. Then, the breathing gets louder until it bursts into a full-on snore.


RRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGG!!!!! The alarm clock sounds as bright sunlight shines through the window. It just so happens to be in the perfect position to stream down straight onto a certain mare’s eye. The sound startles her awake, just well enough to get a beam of direct light shot into her pupils.

“AAAUUGGHHH!!!!” she screamed, a burning sensation protruding from her eyeball. Her hooves automatically went straight up to protect the pained area. “Goshdarnit, Celestia! Why can’t the sun be less sunny?” she asked, her face contorted into a look of questioning and confusion. The pain now subsided; she got up from her bed and trotted towards the mirror.

As always, her mane was perfectly bouncy even though she just woke up. She smiled one of her patented Pinkie Smiles at her reflection and bounced out the door. Hopping down the stairs, she hummed one of her on-the-spot songs. Which one it is, she didn’t remember. She kind of stopped keeping track after the twentieth one.

“Hello, Pinkie!” a light purple Alicorn smiled at her as soon as she got to the bottom floor of Sugarcube Corner.

“Hiya, Twilight!” Pinkie beamed back. She was glad to see her friends again; maybe they would distract her from the thoughts that have been stealing her free time lately. She had more important things to do in her free time… But that’s a story for another time!

“Pinkie, I need some help planning a party for somepony. Do you think you could…?” Twilight spoke.

“Leave it up to me! I am Pinkie Pie, after all!”


And so they discussed the basics of the party. Like where and when it should happen or who the party was for in the first place. Just from hearing what one would’ve heard in passing by, it already sounded like it would be a nominee for the Party of the Year award, let alone what it would be like after Pinkie got her hooves on the decorations.

“I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I feel like this will be one of the best parties you’ve done by yourself!” Twilight said excitedly.

“Okie Dokie Lokie! See ya then!” Pinkie walked out of the store, almost bumping into a light gray Pegasus. “Oops! Sorry, Derpy!”

“It’s ok!” Derpy replied. And with that the two ponies parted ways.

Pinkie just went along her way, excited to be planning yet another amazing party! It can’t possibly be as amazing as the party she threw with Cheese Sandwich, the stallion she can’t stop thinking about, of course. They collaborated on Rainbow Dash’s Birthaversary Bash. Rainbow said it was the “most epic party EVER!!!!!”

Out of nowhere, Pinkie’s ears started twitching and her back started shaking. So did her right forehoof.

“Huh? That’s new.” she stated with an inquisitive look on her face.

Suddenly, she rammed into some kind of soft-ish wall. Or at least, she thought it was a wall…

“Oof! Huh? Oh, Pinkie! It’s good to see an old friend, isn’t it?”

That voice… it couldn’t be…

But sure enough, as soon as she lifted her head and opened her eyes, she saw him. The brown curly mane, the yellow-ish coat, the bright, green eyes.

Cheese Sandwich.

“Cheese!” she exclaimed. “How have you been?” she pulled him in for one of her Pinkie hugs.

“I’m doing great! So, what’s new? Planning any parties?” Cheese smiled with his extraordinary white teeth once Pinkie had finally let go of him.

“Yep! In fact, I was just about to start setting it up!”

“Then count me in for helping you! I love a good party planning!”

“Oh my gosh, this is going to be an even bigger party than last time!”

“Let’s get started!”

And with that the most ultimate party began.

“Wow!” A light blue Pegasus flew over to the party-planning duo “This party is even better than my Birthaversary Bash!!!”

“Oh, it’s not even over!” Cheese said. “There are so many more things to do!” he gestured towards the rest of the party.

He was right; there were so many things Rainbow hadn’t even glanced at! The plaza was adorned in bright colors and filled with many bouncy houses; all made so not even Celestia’s horn could pop them. There were multiple games and snacks strewn all around; most of those snacks being muffins. It looked like a recolored version of a Nightmare Night festival, minus all the costumes and plus extra muffins.

That was only that half of it. There was still the other half, the half that Rainbow hadn’t yet been able to go over to. Actually, a lot of ponies hadn’t gone over to that side yet. There were so many things to do on this side, why would they even want to cross over all the way to see what they were missing. It didn’t feel like they were missing anything. The only reason one would probably think of walking, flying, or teleporting to that location would be out of sheer curiosity. Of which Rainbow had a lot of at this moment.

“Go on, I know you want to!” Pinkie somehow knew.

Was she actually psychic, or just really good at guessing? Nopony really knew.

Ok, why not?” Rainbow zoomed over to the side that she hadn’t seen yet, leaving Pinkie and Cheese alone, but only for a second.

“Wow, this is the greatest party anypony has ever thrown for me!” Derpy flew over, holding ten muffins in her forehooves.

“You’re welcome!” Pinkie gave her another muffin, making for a total of eleven.

Derpy flew backwards in excitement, almost knocking over one of the many colorful banners with her face on it.

“My bad…” she said, a sad look beginning to spread across her face.

“That’s ok!” Cheese grinned; feeling like nothing could get him down.

Derpy flew off, maybe to play a game or get more muffins, leaving Pinkie and Cheese standing there. They nodded at each other, as if sending a message psychically. They went down to the stage they had set up to entertain everypony even more.

The party seemed to go on forever, full of music, muffins, and fun! Unfortunately, it did not go on forever, and eventually ended.

“That was the best party ever!!!” was heard from a few places as everypony went home.

“Pinkie, Cheese, that was amazing!” Twilight trotted over to where they were standing, smiling widely. “I don’t think you can ever top that!”

“Just you wait; I bet the next party that we throw will be even better!” Pinkie grinned back at everyone and everything.

Cheese was smiling, too, as always, but on the inside, he was kind of sad. Typically after he throws a party in a town, he leaves, moving on to the next place. This time, however, he didn’t want to leave quite yet. He wanted to stay with Pinkie, at least for a little bit longer. He just needed to come up with an excuse for why he was going to remain in Ponyville. But what?

“Hey, how about I stay in Ponyville for a little while, just to see how things are around here? I do that from time to time.” Cheese proposed to the now six ponies (and one dragon) that had gathered there.

Everyone agreed that it would be fun to have Cheese stay in town, and with that one very important question was raised.

Where would he stay?

Author's Note:

Whoo! Finally, chapter one is done! Sorry it took so long, I know it's been a while since Pinkie Pride came out, but I'm not the fastest writer... So, anyway, I hope you enjoy it! I started writing it literally right after I got into my room after the episode. I think I've gotten better writing. I mean, compare this to any of my other stories. This one has more than one chapter! (Which is a total first for me!) I hope you liked it!

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