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Amateur writer. I don't write as much as I used to. Sometimes I forget that life isn't Tumblr.


We all know that Pinkie is notorious for her parties and baked goods, but what does she do when she has some spare time on her hooves? Come on, I know you want to find out!

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3711496 Just an Idea I had when I was playing around with the empty packages of my MLP dog tags... :twilightblush:

Don't know why I still have them... :unsuresweetie:
(the packages, that is)

needs more chapters
more stories
and a villlain who hopes to publish her photos

3717223 Ooooh! Now there's an idea! Why didn't I think of that?:facehoof:


The villain should be royalty
his/her accomplice should be somebody out of the question like Fluttershy

3721120 Hmmmm... Interesting... :moustache:


Pinkie should confess to her friends and they help her stop the thief:pinkiecrazy:

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