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The Most Ultimate Party! - OfficialDerp

Parties, parties, and more parties! This story is filled to the brim with parties! In fact, you might call this story one big party! It's... The Most Ultimate Party!!!

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Is This... a Date?

Pinkie was caught entirely off guard by what had just happened. She was on her way back to Sugarcube Corner after delivering an order of cookies when Cheese popped up out of nowhere and told her to follow him. He told her she had to wear a blindfold. Being Pinkie, she agreed, no matter where he was taking her. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t still curious…

“So, where are we going?” Pinkie asked as she was lead somewhere unknown by Cheese.

“You’ll see…”

Cheese brought her to the top of a hill where he had a little picnic set up. It was right under a tree and had a perfect view of where the sun would be setting. Even though it was a picnic, there were still balloons and streamers.
“Ok, you can take the blindfold off.”

Pinkie untied the cloth covering her eyes and looked up. As soon as she saw what was set up, she let out a little squeal of excitement.

“It’s a picnic, but there are balloons! It must be a…” Pinkie started.

“Party picnic?” Cheese finished for her, smiling broadly.

“YES! Are you psychic?” Pinkie looked over at him before hopping over to the blanket and sitting down. “Oooh! You’ve even got snacks!” she was looking at a picnic basket Cheese had put on the blanket.

“See what snacks there are!” Cheese sat down next to her.

Pinkie opened the basket and saw them. Seven perfect lemon cupcakes. They looked familiar…

“Hey! Those are the cupcakes I sent to you!” Pinkie smiled down at the food.

“Yep! I ate five of them, they’re just so good!”


They sat and talked for a while. Pinkie told Cheese how she’s been doing and vice versa. Pinkie talked about parties she threw and things she’s done. She even told him stories about things that had happened a while ago.

“And then, the copies of me stormed through town, but I was just sitting there, poking at the ground with my hoof.” Pinkie said.

“What? Really?” Cheese was intrigued by the story.

“Yeah! And then Spike came and asked me if I was the real Pinkie and I said ‘Heck if I know.’ And then I came up with a brilliant idea to do a test to see who the real Pinkie was!”

“What was it?”

“Well, since all that the copy Pinkies could think of was fun, I decided that a good test would be watching paint dry!”

“I bet that was really hard…”

“It kind of was, but I knew that there were more important things than fun! So I stayed with it until the very end. You know how I celebrated?”


“I took a nap!” Pinkie giggled as she concluded her story.

“Wow! That was a cool story! By the way, how’s Boneless doing?” Cheese inquired.

“He’s doing well! Hehe, he always reminds me of you…” Pinkie immediately regretted saying that, but stayed smiling. Why had she let that slip?

Cheese was surprised by this statement. Always? Of course, he wasn’t surprised in a bad way, he was actually happy hearing her say that. He smiled.

“Well, I’m glad I left Boneless in such good hooves. And whenever I see Boneless 2, I remember that.” he was looking into Pinkie’s eyes, still smiling. He moved his hooves so they were slightly touching Pinkie’s, his cheeks slightly tinged red. Pinkie, however, was blushing a lot more than that.

Pinkie giggled as she gazed into Cheese’s eyes, smiling. They stayed like that for a few seconds. Then, she got the courage to ask something.



“Is this… a date?”

“Heh, I-I guess so…”

Pinkie was really happy to finally confirm this as a date. She had been wondering that for a while, and now her question was answered. She was so happy, that she wrapped her hooves around Cheese and gave him a hug.

Cheese was taken aback by this, but he smiled and returned the embrace. The sun was setting as they sat there. It was almost entirely gone when Pinkie pulled away. She giggled.

“This date was fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date before, let alone one this fun!” Pinkie’s eye caught something sitting in the basket. She looked over; there was still one cupcake left. “Hey, Cheese! There’s one last cupcake!”

Cheese looked over. There indeed was one more cupcake in the picnic basket. That would mean that Pinkie and he had both had three, since he had brought an odd number.

“Do you want it?” he asked.

“Well, since we both had the same number of cupcakes, how about we share this last one?”

“Ok, but I didn’t bring a knife or anything to cut it with.”

“That’s ok!” she smiled as she tore the pastry into two perfect halves, lemon candy and all. Cheese didn’t question how she did it, he knew she was Pinkie, and Pinkie can do some pretty extraordinary things.

Speaking of pretty and extraordinary, the way Pinkie looked in the light of the setting sun was stunning. Her eyes looked even more sparkly than usual, which was saying something since they always had a shine wherever she went. Her mane looked amazing, like the softest and bounciest thing in the universe. Her smile always made him happy, but right now it made him elated. She was truly beautiful…

“Wow…” he breathed, unable to think of anything else to say.

“Hmmm? Wow about what? Silly Cheese, do you want your cupcake half or not?” she held it out for him and, snapping back into reality, he took it.

“Um… t-thanks.” he was blushing so much right then.

“Don’t thank me; you’re the one who set up the party!”

“Yeah, but you’re the one who made the cupcakes! Plus, I wanted to repay you for all the nice things you’ve been doing for me! Throwing me parties, showing me around town, sending me cupcakes. It’s the least I could do.”

Pinkie giggled and did something really unexpected. Even more unexpected than what Pinkie normally does. She leaned in and kissed Cheese on the cheek, blushing as she did so.

“So, are you going to eat your cupcake?” she smiled at him.


Cheese walked home, still dazed about what had happened. Pinkie had kissed him! Sure, it was on the cheek, but she had kissed him nonetheless! He was just sooo happy!!! He stumbled into his home, plopped straight onto his bed, and fell asleep almost instantly.

Pinkie bounced all the way back to Sugarcube Corner, still happy that Cheese took her out on a date. She really can’t remember ever going on a date with anypony! She started thinking about this, and she got so lost in thought that she almost slammed straight into the side of a building.

“Oops! That would’ve been bad!” she giggled as she walked into Sugarcube Corner, the building she almost ran into. When she went in, all the lights were off except for upstairs and the back room, where The Cakes were cleaning up for the night. Pinkie decided to ask if she could help.

“Oh no, we’ve got it. You just head on upstairs. You look tired.” Mrs. Cake said

Pinkie yawned, “Wha-what do you mean?” she could barely keep her eyes open.

The Cakes looked at each other.

“Well, goodnight anyway!” Pinkie walked away as another yawn escaped her mouth. She walked upstairs and closed the door to her room. “Tired?” one more yawn “I don’t think so…” she said as she collapsed on her bed and fell asleep before she even hit the mattress.


A couple of days passed, nothing really happened. Cheese would stop by Sugarcube Corner every morning, to say hi to Pinkie, and then he would go see what else Ponyville had to offer. He thought it was a really nice town, with really nice ponies. He saw why so many ponies had stayed there, even just to visit. Then, one day, Cheese woke up to something rather strange.

He woke up like any other day, and he stood up. As soon as he got up, his hair started bouncing up and down and his ear started twitching. His front left foreleg started wiggling, and the tip of his tail started flicking back and forth.

Not knowing Cheese very well, most ponies would’ve seen this and wondered what was going on. They would’ve asked him if he was alright, and he would’ve replied that he was fine. Only ponies that knew him or Pinkie very well would’ve known what had just happened. He, of course, knew exactly what this meant and didn’t like it.

He had to leave Ponyville.

Author's Note:

I hope you guys liked it! I was sitting around thinking "When am I going to put in anything really romantic?" when I thought, "Let's have them go on a date!" So I did! It actually didn't take me that long to write it, but I'm still keeping with my weekly chapter update schedule. (Sorry, guys...)
Anyway, stay tuned for more chapters!!! I'm got some very interesting things planned...

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