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The Most Ultimate Party! - OfficialDerp

Parties, parties, and more parties! This story is filled to the brim with parties! In fact, you might call this story one big party! It's... The Most Ultimate Party!!!

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Final Goodbye

Author's Note:

Well, guys, this is it. I've changed the status to "Completed" and I've posted the final chapter. It's been fun working on this story, and I'm hoping to do more sometime soon. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far by liking, favoriting, and commenting. Some of you gave me good advice that I'll definitely heed now and in the future. Others just cheered me on by saying they couldn't wait for the next chapter. No matter what you did, I couldn't have finished this without you.

Now, off of the sappy stuff for a bit, this chapter was pretty fun to write. Since it was the last one, I decided to sneak in some final things. Be on the lookout for those. :raritywink: I also might be making some cover art for this soon, but I'm not the best person at art... :unsuresweetie:

I love all of you, keep doing whatever you're doing! :heart:

“Hey, what’s going on?” Pinkie exclaimed as she found herself suddenly in an area that was not the previous. Instead of wandering around a party looking for Cheese, all she saw was darkness. She didn’t know where she was, but her eyes started to adjust to the lack of sunlight. As she turned around, she saw the shape of another pony illuminated in the only stream of light in the vicinity. She could only make out a few facial features, but she could always tell one of her friends from a mile away. “Rainbow?”
Spoilers, Rainbow’s going to play a prank on Cheese and Pinkie’s gonna have to watch!
“Shhh!” Rainbow looked over at Pinkie. She put a hoof over her mouth; a signal used by many a librarian to tell whoever was making noise to shut up. “I’m trying to be secret here.” she whispered, turning back over to the crack in between whatever they were between at the moment. An evil grin spread across her face as she looked intently at something on the other side.
It’s that thing that humans do where we put a finger to our lips and shush someone, just so you know.
“Well, if you were being secret, why’d you pull me over here?” Pinkie somewhat whispered. She tried to peer through the part in the wall, wanting to see what Rainbow was looking at so attentively.
Yeah, Rainbow. What are you…? oh… Never mind…
“Because I want to show you something.” Rainbow stepped aside and gestured towards the divide, wearing a mischievous grin upon her face. Pinkie didn’t think much of it, since Rainbow almost always looked like she’s planning a prank. What Pinkie didn’t know was that this time Rainbow really was playing a trick on somepony, and that somepony was about to be revealed.
Look for ALL the alternate story text!
“Oooh, let me see.” Pinkie closed one eye, which was really unnecessary considering the space was big enough to fit her head through. Why nopony noticed them at this time still remains a mystery. At first nothing happened. But then, a familiar looking pony started trotting over, peering around with a confused look. Pinkie was too busy realizing who this was to notice the remote control that Rainbow had brought out. “Cheese!” Pinkie cried out.
“Cheese!” Pinkie cried out, as she raced out of hiding and into his soft forelegs… What? Alternate story…
Cheese looked around. “Pinkie?” he had heard her call for him. Rainbow instantly put a hoof over Pinkie’s mouth, hiding them both from view for a moment.
Hush, and shush, for the Beldam might be listening…
Rainbow shushed her again. “You can’t make any noise.” she whispered, one hoof still holding the remote. She craned her neck to look through the crack again, paying careful attention to where Cheese was walking. “Come on, just a little bit farther…” Cheese walked into the middle of the area, and Rainbow’s smile grew bigger as she set down the remote control. Pinkie’s eyes grew wide as she finally grasped what Rainbow was about to do.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

Rainbow brought her hoof down on the shiny red button.

“No!” Pinkie shouted out in protest.

Out of seemingly nowhere, a dozen cream pies catapulted out of strategically placed spots, all flying towards one point. That point was where Cheese was standing, looking confused about what was happening. The pies hit, and everypony looked over. Rainbow burst out laughing, not needing to be undercover anymore. Pinkie rushed out to help Cheese.

“Cheese, are you ok?” Pinkie helped him up, as he had been knocked to the ground by the surprise.
“I’m fine as long as you’re around…” he pulled her into an embrace, their faces merely inches away…
“Yeah, I’m alright. What was that?” he looked around, wondering where the sugary missiles had come from.

“Sorry, I guess Rainbow decided to play a prank.” Pinkie apologized for her friend who was still clutching her sides from laughter. “I didn’t know about it.”
I’m pretty sure that he could tell that you didn’t know about it, Pinkie.
“That’s ok.” Cheese looked down at his cream-covered body. “Well today certainly was memorable, wasn’t it?”
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now kiss!
Pinkie giggled. Cheese always knew what to say to make her laugh. She guessed that was one thing she liked about him. There were many things, of course, but that was really the main reason.
Who loves Cheese? Pinkie loves Cheese! She loves him, she loves him, she lo-oves him!
The rest of the party went on with nothing extraordinarily special happening. Rarity saw what had happened to the outfit she had made and promptly gave Rainbow a piece of her mind. Rainbow just shrugged it off, calling it “Just a harmless prank” and “No biggie”. Rarity’s point of view was quite the contrary.

Just so you know, I'll be at BABScon on the 18th. Soooo excited! :D
The sun was setting as six ponies (and one dragon) gathered in a semicircle around a seventh pony who was wearing a sort of cowboy getup. A shadow was cast upon his face by his hat, the rubber chicken on his back glistening in the sun.

“Well, I guess it’s time for me to go. I’ve got other towns to throw parties at.” Cheese wore his mock serious face, speaking in a rather humorless tone. He looked over at the others. “It’s been nice staying here.”
He walked over to Pinkie. “Especially with you.” he lifted her face upwards with his hoof…
“I’m sure that I can speak for us all when I say that we’ll miss you.” Twilight glanced at everypony, who all nodded in reply. Pinkie stepped up to Cheese and threw her hooves around him. Cheese returned the embrace. Everyone smiled, excluding Rainbow and Spike. Rainbow just hovered there with her arms crossed, looking off in another direction while Spike made gagging sounds.
I was contemplating making RD make gagging noises too, but I decided against it.
“Well, Ah guess we’ll leave yall alone for a bit…” Applejack motioned for everypony to leave. “C’mon, girls, and Spike. Let’s give them their privacy.” They all walked away, leaving the two by themselves. Cheese and Pinkie let go of each other, only to gaze into one another’s eyes.

“Please tell me that we’ll send letters or something.” Pinkie had a pleading appearance in her eyes. She wanted to be able to communicate with Cheese, even when he wasn’t there.

“Of course we will, I want to be able to talk to you somehow.” Cheese smiled into Pinkie’s eyes. He brought his face closer to hers to the point where their noses were almost touching. “I’m going to miss you.” Pinkie lightly kissed him on the lips.
Cheese returned the kiss more forcefully. When they finally pulled apart, he whispered “I love you.”
“I’m going to miss you, too, but we already said this.” she giggled, remembering earlier. That was a moment she’ll never forget, for more than one reason. After a little while of standing there, everyone came back, and they wished him good luck.

“I hope this doesn’t have to be our final goodbye.” Cheese said to everyone, but he was looking more at Pinkie than anyone else. He turned around and started walking away as everypony waved. It looked as if he was trotting right into the sun. Pinkie thought he was being so dramatic, but she liked it. Everypony started leaving, but Pinkie sat right where she was.
“Pinkie, are you ok?” Twilight came back over to check on Pinkie.

“Yeah, just fine. I just want to sit here for a little while.” Pinkie stared out into the sunset.

“Alright,” Twilight flew away, a little skeptical of Pinkie saying that she was “fine”. She didn’t believe her entirely, but she had other stuff she needed to do.
Spoilers, she has a picture of Cheese and Pinkie kissing that she took with the rest of the M6 (w/o RD).
Pinkie sat there in the light of the setting sun, gazing out to where Cheese had gone. She sighed.

“Oh, Cheesy,” she got up and turned around. She pointed her head downwards as she whispered. “I love you.” A slight tear rolled down her face and eventually landed on the ground with a soft ‘plip’. She started the trek back to her room in Sugarcube Corner.
She STARted the TREK back to her room… heh…
By the way, I learned this trick from another story :P
Pinkie was welcomed by her pet alligator as she opened her door.

“Hiya, Gummy.” she picked up the reptile and hugged him. Gummy had no reaction whatsoever. “Hey, Gummy, how about we throw a little dance party?” she started trotting over to her record player. As she was walking over, she noticed something peculiar. “Huh?”
IT’S THE PICTURE!!! THE RE-MANE 5 KNOWS!!! They know all…
She got closer to the foreign object to find that it was paper. Correction, a picture. A picture of…

Pinkie gasped. “Who? How? What?” she had this reaction because the photo that she held in her hoof was of none other than her and Cheese. It was taken while they were in the clearing. Cheese had just pulled her in for a kiss. She turned the snapshot over and found writing on the back of it. It read this:
Reference to In My Free Time incoming. (In My Free Time is another story I wrote.)
Awww, how adorable. We know everything. Have fun with your pictures, now.

It wasn’t signed, so Pinkie had no way of knowing who had taken it or seen it. Pinkie was still flabbergasted. Who had done that? How had she not noticed them? Why would they do that anyway? Then it hit her. She looked at the words again, realizing what they meant.
They meant her Shipbooks. (And yes, that’s actually what they’re called.)
“Oh, Celestia…”

The end!

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Comments ( 18 )

Wait, wait, wait! I don't get it! Please, help me! :derpyderp1:

I wonder who took the pictures? Anyway great story. Best of luck with the next one.

It's a pity that the story is over but I really enjoyed it! I hope that someday you'll write another one about Cheese and Pinkie. And keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:
Btw, I guess that the Cakes have taken the picture, am I right? :derpytongue2:


Btw, I guess that the Cakes have taken the picture, am I right?

Sorry, but no. It's hinted at in the story, however, and if you found the little secrets I hid, there's some spoilers there that say who did it.

It's a reference to another story I wrote called In My Free Time. It's not quite as good as this one... :twilightsheepish:

Enjoyed the read. It was a lot of fun. Best of luck on your other stories.


Like I said in the author's note, I put some spoilers and secrets and stuff hidden within the story somewhere. Not saying how you can find them, but I will say that at one point it says who took the picture. :pinkiegasp:
Also, I put little hints here and there (although I'll admit that they're pretty hard to catch), and I'm working on a sequel (no one was supposed to know, but oh well.) which should be possible coming sometime in the not so distant future...

YAY!!!:twilightsheepish: OMG A SEQUEL!!!!:rainbowkiss: I cant wait!!!! This story was soooooooooooo good:pinkiehappy: Please, at least tell me about who took the pic.:pinkiesad2: I didn't see any easter eggs (something that is a kinda spoiler thrown in there) Keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

Yep! Still working on it to this day... :twilightsheepish: But it's coming along, don't you worry.

Also, about the Easter eggs, they're hidden, and hidden good. There has been only one person who has found them and that's because I told her. :derpytongue2:
But good luck with finding them!

And, again, I can't wait to see the videos, especially seeing what you do about the song, considering I haven't put any tune to it yet. :trollestia: :derpytongue2:

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OzbvXUhQ3l4 this I BELEIVE is the the first part. Please note is that I am still working on getting it all uploaded so please stand by. ^-^/)

You can also just look on my channel. Find me on youtube under the name: Shimmer Rose,

(\ ^-^ Thank you, once again. I'm watching it right now.
I love how you did Derpy's voice. :derpytongue2: You know, along with the rest of the voices. :pinkiesmile:
I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the chapters. :rainbowkiss:

Love the story. I feel like the evidence points mainly at Twilight taking the photo-she could use her magic for hiding herself and being disguised and stuff.:3

Hey woah, you're the first person I've talked to in a while! Ha ha ha.

Anyway, thanks for liking the story, although I could honestly do so much better now. The picture thing will (for now) remain a mystery because I was planning on writing a sequel, but I lost everything I had along with my old computer and yeah. That's that.

Even though I haven't been on here in ages, it's still nice to see that people are still enjoying the ship and my contributions to it, albeit not very good contributions. :derpytongue2:

Wow, this was really good. Just too adorable, and I found those little secrets of yours, it took me about an hour to work it out, but I did it.
But wait, how did they manage to follow them without being noticed?
I must learn how you did it, it would be fun to pull off in some of my stories.
Bravo on the story, I look forward to seeing another :pinkiesmile:

Finally, someone found those secrets! You are the first person to have said that they found them; you deserve a prize.

Also, thank you for liking my story! I wrote it a while ago, so I could probably make it better if I went through it again (although I'm much too lazy to do that :twilightsheepish:). To be honest, I've been falling out of the fandom recently, which will probably change with season 5, but I will try to tie up any loose ends that I left here. It might take a while, but I swear it'll happen someday!

Also, in response to your question:
Magic. That's how.

5844721 Oh my Celestia, Yay! I knew I could do it, I just didn't think I would be the only one. Soooo happy now. :pinkiehappy:
And noooo, please don't leave the fandom, it's gettin' better. :applecry:
And wow, they are really sneaky.

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