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Months ago, the whole planet was under the influence of a strange radio signal that projected Extraterrestrial music to the natives.

Twilight Sparkle, genius Unicorn-turned-Alicorn Princess of Equestria, builds a machine that locks on the origin of the signal and captures more of the beautiful, alien music and shares it with her friends.



This is a sequel to Across The Universe You decide whether or not you want it to be Canon.

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The ponies have had many good times with their new friend, Xeno. He's charming, funny, kind and a general pleasure to be around.

But he isn't a pony.

Xeno calls himself a Human. Only, not really a human.

He claims to be an immortal, to be thousands of years old. He also claims to have one goal in life.

He wants to die.

Inspired by (Re)Birth Through Fire by spacecowboy

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There is no emotion, only Peace.
There is no ignorance, only knowledge.
There is no passion, only serenity.
There is no chaos, only harmony.
There is no death, only the Force.

- The Jedi Code

A human Jedi Master named Lucas Darkmatter becomes stranded on a planet full of talking ponies. The ponies are eager to make friends and form bonds with this new creature, but he refuses them at every turn.

"Attachments are forbidden."

Can Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and an eager Lyra convince the Master that attachments aren't as bad they seem?

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"Sister, look!" Cried Luna, poiting out to the horizon. Celestia looked up, noticing that fireballs were descending from the sky, all over Equestria and beyond. Looking around, she saw that they were falling everywhere. Both in and out of Equestria.

"Oh, Faust. What is happening!" She cried.

Suddenly, a beam of light shot upwards into the sky, originating from the crater in Canterlot Square. The beam of light formed a large square image in the sky.

Looking around, she saw that a familiar projection was over all over the towns and cities in Equestria.

Suddenly, a deafening screech permeated the air, before forming into a rough sentence:


Since it's founding in 2140, peace had reigned in the Interstellar Federation of Systems for 4 centuries. Humanity had long since cured disease, ended poverty, and destroyed inequality. With an empire spanning hundreds of Star systems it was only a matter of time before they found life on other worlds. Sadly, it wasn't a joyful discovery.

Well into the pinnicle of its power, first contact was made. A species known as The Drox made themselves known to Humanity in the most heinous way possible: The destruction of it's capital, Planet Earth. The subsequent war brought many truths to light, and spread death and destruction over the span of 3 decades.

After the evacuation of the planet Sparta, the I.F.S.S. Marx was forced into an altercation with a Drox vessel. This altercation brought about cataclysmic results that brought the Marx to a new universe...

One filled with ponies.

Inspired by:
Machine and Might by Kriegor
From Beyond by Lepking13
Independence Day (Film)
Man Of Steel (Film)

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Rodney Mullen, the Godfather of Skateboarding, comes to Equestria for a skate demo. Then he saves everypony.

Don't take this too seriously.
Rodney Mullen is the Skater that put Skateboarding on the map. He invented over 100 skateboard tricks, which include the modern Ollie and the Kickflip.

He is also known as the greatest Street and Freestyle Skateboarder.
Here's a street video, and here's a freestyle video.

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He probably should have seen it coming. Humans were, after all, more chaotic than even him. But, as this human proves, the best laid plans of mice and draconequus often go awry.

*This story has nothing to do with Rust and BlackWing's "Chess Game of the Gods" universe. I may change this in the future, provided Rust and/or Blackwing give me permission, but for now, it's a solo story.

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After strange occurrences with radios across the world Twilight does some research. What she finds, changes everything.

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