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With her upcoming coronation, Ponyville has descended into political madness. One group wants to speed up the coronation, others don't want it at all, and both sides are harrassing Twilight. Luckily she has a few friends who can get her to the safety of the Crystal Empire.

(Please note, this was not written with the express purpose of amusing the fans. This was written to express my opinion on the ordeal so like it, don't like it, whatever.)

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A pony named Type Writer who works for the Ponyville Express has one more chance to write an interesting story or else he'll get canned. Luckily the Summer Sun Celebration is coming up so he should be able to get an interview with the princess, but will he be successful? and if so, what will happen next?

(Writing skills a bit rusty, please forgive me.)

Chapters (3)

The Apples are holding a fundraiser to get money to fix their barn and Rarity signed her and Sweetie Belle up to sing a duet. Can Sweetie Belle, with the help of the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, overcome her stage fright and perform?


Note: I wrote this simply for the sake of writing something so it's probably not that great.

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Twilight's in a big hurry to get her errands done for the day. But why? What could be so important that she yells at her friends? Only one way to find out...

A One-Shot

Chapters (1)

Cassie, a hotel owner in Tallahorsey has a knack for turning away wealthy ponies who wish to purchase it. One night, a drunken, glowing pony named Fluoresence stumbles in and wrecks the place. So in order to pay off the debt, the oddball equine must now work at the hotel full-time but this pony's hiding a big secret....

Credit for the image goes to: Darkmagiciangirl100

Chapters (7)

Derpy suddenly becomes the most hated pony in Ponyville. Why? And how much will she change to fit in again?

(This is a one-shot story I made after learning about what happened to Derpy.)

Chapters (1)

Join the Mysterious Mare Do Well as she takes on villains while keeping her secret identity a secret.

(Still working everything out as I go.)

Chapters (6)

A mysterious young unicorn runs away into the forest outside Fillydelphia where he meets a pegasus with an astounding voice, can she convince him to open up his heart and discover what he's running away from?

(Please note, this is my first MLP fanfic and the first one of any kind that I've managed to finish.)

Chapters (9)
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