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The Apples are holding a fundraiser to get money to fix their barn and Rarity signed her and Sweetie Belle up to sing a duet. Can Sweetie Belle, with the help of the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, overcome her stage fright and perform?


Note: I wrote this simply for the sake of writing something so it's probably not that great.

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This sounds awesome. I can't wait to read it! <3 Sweetie Belle

Hay, I'll fave this! It's a sweet story and I like it. Writing's not too shabby, either. I wonder: Could you perhaps lengthen this story? I don't mean write a sequel; just make this one longer. More time in between the megaphone breaking and the performance, the performance in more detail... things like that would make this story outstanding. Success! :unsuresweetie::raritystarry::moustache:

That was cute! I agree with Sir Squidfish, lengthening it would be nice, her reaction to getting her cutiemark, etc.

Adorable:rainbowkiss:, if a bit dry:ajsleepy: You could have written a song, elaborated more on Sweetie's performance anxiety vs her sister's natural showmareship and how throughout the course of the performance, she eventually comes to love her time on stage. You could have gone into audience reaction or even a nice song link for me to click and allow in the background. There was so much potential here... nice read nonethless:ajsmug:

*squeee!* I liked it. It was a bit short near the end. Like it could have been wrapped up a bit more; it just felt a bit cut off to me. Still a nice heartwarming story though. :pinkiehappy: Definitely worth my time to read. :heart::heart::heart::yay::yay:

612440 I don't think a song would have been good. I was actually hoping they didn't write a song in. It would take a rather long time for the writer to write/find a song that complimented the mood of the story.

614439 Yes it would have and thank you.

Fantastic! If only we knew what the song was!

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