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Derpy suddenly becomes the most hated pony in Ponyville. Why? And how much will she change to fit in again?

(This is a one-shot story I made after learning about what happened to Derpy.)

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What the....:pinkiegasp:

Seriously with a storyline like this over the Derpy situaiton....:derpyderp2:

I mean...:ajbemused:

I don't see why people are overreact. I mean as long as I know the original clip of Derpy speaking is still in existence I'm good.

What's next? Lyra no longer allowed to sit on a park bench like a human?

you might catch the derp?....:flutterrage:NO:flutterrage:

:fluttershysad: .... I'm fine. :pinkiesad2: No, really, I'm fine. :fluttercry: Just.... got somethin' in my eyes.... :raritydespair: Scuse me...

Yeah, this is about as rational as the whole debacle has been.

A sad story. Not realistic, but sad.

damn you hasbro damn you all to hell:ajbemused:

:fluttering: d'awwwwww derpy. Nice job on the story; not the next great novel, but it does a good job capturing what's just happened with derpy :raritywink:

Wow. These ponies are more intolerant than some Christians. *ba-dum-tss* /joke

Onto the story. I get what you were trying to do. And as far as a #savederpy kind of thing, this is good. But as just a fanfic, it's too short and unexplained for me to really be able to get into it.

Poor Derpy, not allowed to stay the way she is. :ajsleepy:

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Well, the thing is, it's not just about the character of Derpy. Over time the fanbase has been building her character, and when she finally became canon in Last Roundup, it showed that Hasbro was aware of and respected its fanbase. Therefore, by changing Derpy's scene and basically undoing all of it, they're stabbing more people in the back than a TF2 Spy.


You misunderstand me. I am upset about the current state of affairs, I was referring to the initial crazy whining that caused this, as I assume you are. I was not a fan of the first voice due to it's pitch, but the artificial arguments caused me to defend it, lest this happen. If they had taken their time and just properly rerecorded Derpy to sound more feminine, not touching anything else, or just laughed it off later saying she had a cold last time (a suggestion from an associate I like a lot) this mess would have been avoided.

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