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Hello! I am an aspiring fanfiction author and have begun to start writing MLP fanfics. I am a fairly new writer so any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is helpful!

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After the intense battle with Paradox, Judai Yuki decides to travel the world once more. However, as he travels back to his dimension, a strange energy saps him away into the land where Duel monsters
and large mystical creatures are wreaking havoc amongst the scared citizens. Unable to resist Judai must help them if he ever intends to find his way back to his world. Though Judai's deck is ready for anything it'll take more than just wits and talent...Judai; will have to attend school...AGAIN!? Oh well; yall know the routine. Grab your duel disks and get your game on; cause its time to D-D-D-D-D-D-D...DUEL!

(Based off after Yugioh 3D: Bonds Beyond Time)
[Also; name title is a WIP; any suggestions I will be gladly open to]

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After the fight with the human, Sans was finally was brought down. Ready to accept his defeat he dropped down and was ready for death to overtake him...However, before he could pass three unlikely characters are in need of help and Sans is the only one who can do so. Despite his wounds and his lack of seriousness, he crossed over into a world where more humans reside with magic. Now far from home he and his new friends will have to get acquainted, while Sans tries to fight an old enemy of his dreams.

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