• Published 22nd Apr 2016
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The Good, the Bad, and the Megalovaniac - Shy_Guy_Animat0r

Sans thought this was the end for him. However three unlikely characters will change the way Sans views of the world and fill him with the determination to keep going. So hold on to your seats Undertale/Mlp fans; its time to bring out DETERMINATION!!

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Chapter 7: Clash of Bones and Steel

Adagio ran as fast as her legs could take her until she reached the hospital. As she entered the front doors, Aria was sitting down holding a hot cup of chocolate. She looked up and saw Adagio with Frisk. Arai bolted up and dropped her cup on the floor as she ran and hugged her.

"What's the news Aria?" Adagio asked as she placed an arm on her shoulder. Aria whipped her tears.

"The...The doctors are undetermined...they just got Sonata into E.R. and it's been quite," Aria said. She looked at Frisk and was shocked as she recognized the face. Before she could say anything, Adagio clap her hand over Arai's mouth to silent her voice.

"I know Aria...But this isn't them. This was the kid that Chara was possessing while they were fighting. We need to check them in," Adagio said. Arai nodded and led them to receptionist, who checked them in and sent Frisk into the E.R. as well. Meanwhile somewhere else a battle rages on in the midst of the night.

*** ***** ****

As me and Chara charged and butted attacks at each other, we always found a way to either increase or predict each others next move. Guess t hat's what happens when you've been fighting over, and over, and over, and over and over and over again....As Chara broke away, we both stood silently breathing heavily, sweating, trembling, and nervously smiling at one another.

"Whelp Chara...Guess this is not gonna get us anywhere. Just give up," I stated. Chara smiled and levitated themselves up from the ground and landed a few feet away from me.

"Oh Sans...When will you learn that the gap of our power-that I exceed you above all else?" They questioned. I flicked my finger and fired a barrage of beams at them. Chara dodged every one and landed on their feet and delivered a volley of knife slashes. I jump on top of one of my Gaster blaster heads and charged again at Chara. This time however I formed a bone wall and blocked their rote and generated a wave of blaster energy towards their position. As I saw an apportion fade from the blue wave of magic I placed my hands in my pockets and sighed. However I guess I shouldn't rest too easily because just when I tried to catch a breather the kid shows up right behind me and slashes Papy's scarf while missing my head. My eye flashes blue as I levitated the punk from mid air and slammed them head first down into the floor.

"CHARA YOU'VE DONE IT NOW!" I shouted as I charged head on and slammed about a dozen bone attacks into the kids body to make sure I didn't miss or leave anything left of that retched soul of a child. But from the sounds of bones and rubble flying everywhere, I heard a faint soft scream as I let up my attack. I turned over and saw to what looked like a yellow girl standing behind the side of the wall observing the fight. I could feel her soul, and just seeing this scene was giving her a bad time.

"Oh my...goodness....wh...what is happening?' The yellow girl scarcely said shivering with fear in her boots as she observed the horror. My guard was cut off as Chara came up and sliced a part of my hoodie. I dogged and backflip-well, more like cartwheel my self back and stood away from them.

"This has been fun Sans, but this ends now," Chara stated as she lifted her ams up and what my eye sockets saw was unbelievable. Somehow or some way, the kid had mustered enough magic to open a portal to the Underground, showing the Judgement hall.

"What the...What are you planing Chara?" I shouted. They simply smiled and laugh maniacally as the image began to widen and get bigger.

"This world seems so boring...so i thought why not bring this world into ours," They stated.

"You...can't mean...DO you know what wold happen if you mix parallel dimensions with other universe? The damage could be catastrophic, not to mention everything could be erased through the void!" I shouted.

"Well then Sans...By all means; Come and stop me," They said. I hopped up on another Gaster Blaster and charged right at them. Chara unleashed her attack once again, but this time aimed directly at the little girl. I quickly raised up a bone wall and blocked the attack before it could make impact. The girl fainted from the shock falling on ethics's cold cement floor. I used one of my gaster blasters to mover her away form the battle. As I turned around I saw that Chara had disappeared. Dammit, the attack was a diversion fro them to get a way. At least this ones safe and sound I spoke to myself. I sighed and left the field of battle before the police had arrived at the scene. Adagio and Aria stood outside; one sitting down, the other paling back and forth. I showed up with my hoodie over my face, concealing my freakish nature.

"How are they?" I asked as i sat down quietly next to Adagio. She tuned to me and placed her hands on her head as if dress was overcoming her.

"They got Sonata into the E.R in time...Frisk; suffered more wounds than she did, and is undergoing surgery. We've been waiting for about thirty minutes now," Adagio said to me. I sighed and pulled a ketchup bottle from my jacket and drank.

"Chara escaped...She'll need to hide in order to recharge her powers," I stated as i looked up at the ceiling. Aria slammed her fist against the board.

"WHY!? ALL OF THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU HADN'T SHOWN UP!" Aria shouted at me. "Sonata...she would be all right...smiling away, laughing at what we would do...I..I...," She then began to tear up, falling down with her back against the wall. I sighed and placed my hand on her, while holding my brothers scarf.

"Aria, that's not fair...That Chara kid would've come to this place even if he did beat them. Right Sans?" Adagio asked me. I folded my hands and sighed.

"Even if i did manage to kill the kid, there was a chance that they would've find a way to come back...They always do," I alleged as I fell on the wall. The doctor came out and approached us, with arms folded.

"I checked them both...Sonata will be okay. Minor factors in her body, bruises and cuts, but all I all she will be all right. As for the kid...," The doctor lowered his head down and sighed. I got up and walked towards the man grabbing him by the collar and pulled him down to my level.

"What. About. Frisk?" I asked glaring at him. The doctor broke sweat and gulp.

"The kid is attached to a life support. Seems like she had her life drained and...her heart is barley beating. If we had gotten to her in time like Sonata we would have been able to do the best but...She can't move without that life support system. Im sorry," The doctor said as he grew quiet. I pulled away from him and walked off.

"Im going somewhere...Don't follow me,"I said as i teleported off. The doctor's eyes widened as he rearranged his glasses. Adagio and Aria both looked at each other and walked to the room where Frisk was. Something told the that this was just the start and the that the real fight was about to happen soon.

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