The Good, the Bad, and the Megalovaniac

by Shy_Guy_Animat0r

First published

Sans thought this was the end for him. However three unlikely characters will change the way Sans views of the world and fill him with the determination to keep going. So hold on to your seats Undertale/Mlp fans; its time to bring out DETERMINATION!!

After the fight with the human, Sans was finally was brought down. Ready to accept his defeat he dropped down and was ready for death to overtake him...However, before he could pass three unlikely characters are in need of help and Sans is the only one who can do so. Despite his wounds and his lack of seriousness, he crossed over into a world where more humans reside with magic. Now far from home he and his new friends will have to get acquainted, while Sans tries to fight an old enemy of his dreams.


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They said death is quick and painless. Well; they are right about one thing, it is. However one particular creature never thought it would come from a little runt who just took him out with his determination. In the Halls of Judgment two beings had finished their fight; one dying the other victorious.

I never thought it would end like this...I thought I could bring them down, that I could change the Underground for the better. Guess I was wrong about that, and now I'm paying for hat mistake with my life; literally. I placed my hand on my chest and formed a crooked smile.

“G…Guess this is it…huh kid…? Well, don’t say I warned ya…," I stated as I; Sans the Skeleton fell on my knees coughing up blood from my defeat. The kid laughs as they walked up to me grinning with success.

"Sooner or later we knew your guard would be dropped...but after 299 Resets? Man, you're one naïve skeleton," They replied to me. I chuckled and stared at them.

"What...happened...Kid, where did that loving....caring...*cough*...soul...go too...?" I grunted in pain. The child laughs maliciously.

"You mean Frisk? I took care of that pipsqueak from the get go, and now nothing can stop me from erasing both worlds," Chara said as they spun around with arms extended like it was raining money. I cough up more blood and manage to sit up a bit.

"You know...kid...I...I will stop else will," I said. Chara smiled and brushed their hand against my face.

“You were always a slacker…and too predictable in the end...Goodbye Sans,” Chara said as they walked off into the next part of the Judgment Hall. I got up and managing a grin as I steadily but wobbly walked out of the room. The kid finally got me; but then again that’s what happens when your attacks become predictable after a few Resets. As I walked out my vision began to blur, my hands shook with fear; blood and tears filled my eye sockets as I exit the building overlooking the rest of the Underworld.

“Whelp…I’m going to Grillbys…Papyrus…Do…you…want…anything?” I asked as I fell on the ground motionless and ready to accept my defeat…That was until I heard a voice coming from a nearby portal ahead of me. I looked up and saw an unusual figure walking into it. At first I thought it was Papyrus leading me, but turns out it was the kid. They didn't manage to see me yet they somehow saw the portal. Guess they got done fighting Asgor. Where ever that portal went to the kid seemed drawn to it, and I know it wasn't a good reason. using whatever strength I had left I got up and started to head off to the portal. The kid went through first with a devilish grin on their faces.

"Heh...sorry Papyrus...guess...I'll meet up....with you...later," I said. As I reached my hand out I assume the portal would let me through; instead it sucked my arm in like it was drawn to me. The next thing I knew was my entire body was pulled in. The portal felt stinging, almost like a thousands bees jabbing me with their stingers all over my body, or the time Papyrus tried to get me to move my sock. Either way the pain was unbearable...But then again I had a gashed across my chest so it couldn't get any worse. I closed my eyes, curled up and braced for whatever the hell I was being dragged into.

********* ******** *********

"Adagio, do we have to eat here?" Aria asked as she covered her head with her hoodie.

"We don't have any choice...Since we lost our magic; we have to find a way to survive," Adagio said. The three stood in silence as the waiter brought out their food.

"Here is your order," The man said as he handed them three pancakes, two waffles and a side of...Tacos. The three grabbed their food and began to eat.

"Well just have to make do with what we got...Until then we must remain low," Adagio said. Aria grunted at that sentence.

"I'm just still upset that we lost to a bunch of losers," Aria stated as she filled her face. Sonata swallowed her Tacos and managed a smile.

"Well, it ain't all bad...I mean; we still have each other," She said. The three did smiled at that part. As long as they were together what could go wrong? Well; they wished that if it wasn't for the bright ray of light that shinned a couple blocks down from where the were at. The three ran out and observed the light as it began to fade.

"What...what was that?" Sonata asked worriedly as she bit another part of her taco.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling we should go to it," Adagio said as she started to run off.

"Adagio, wait!" Aria shouted as she ran after her. Sonata looked ta the waiter and chuckled as she three down some money and ran off to catch up with her friends. As they ran to the area they saw a shadow walking out of the alley way coming into view. IT was a short...skeleton with a blue hoodie black shorts and slippers; but the worst part was that he was injured!

"Hey, are you okay?" Sonata asked as she ran up and grabbed him.

"who the heck is he...what the heck is he?" Aria asked. Adagio took a closer look at him and noticed the scar.

"Whoever he is; he needs help. Lets bring him back to our place," She said. The others nodded and grabbed both ends of his arms. The creature groaned a bit, Sonata lowered her ear and asked.

"What was that>" She asked. The creature lean up to her ear and whispered.

"...The," He said. Sonata, Aria and Adagio all looked at him and decided to hold the formalities after he was patched up and well. What the three didn't know was that this time they were going to have to add another head into their little group. Only this head would be a bit strange...but he might be able to help them, and in return help him with his problem.

Chapter 1: A Humerous Stranger

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I can't remember the last time I felt like body going numb, my head spinning in circles, the fact that all my friends-Alphy's, Undyne, Asgor, the lady I promised to look after Frisk...and Papyrus. I failed them all. I miss them; is this what happens when guy's like me take breaks? Guess I should be the one burning in hell. I thought long and hard about my situation and knew there was no way coming out of it. But suddenly, I felt was warm, soothing, calm almost smelled like tacos? I managed to peer my eyes open a bit to see what was causing me to experience that...unusual feeling. At first my eyes were met by a bright light, so bright I had to cover my face before my pupils could sink in what was going on. I looked around and saw I was on a bed, soft comfortable; not like the one I had though; the room was filled with posters of different schools and other humans tat looked like pop stars.

"Heh...Mettaton would like them," I manage to say. I shifted a bit in the bed to sit myself up right to get a better view. As I did I saw that this room was like a blue an white color, with taco pillows, taco sheets, taco blankets...lets just say whoever's room this is they sure love tacos. As I stood up I noticed my chest was all bandage up and good. Whoever did this was good. I lifted my hands and tried to get out of bed; that was until I heard a voice from the doorway.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. You're injured badly," the voice said. I looked up and saw a human with light blue skin, colorful hair, but a weird leather jacket; her hair kind of resembled the toothpaste I would use to brush my teeth. I sat up and formed a smile.

"Ah, don't worry...I've suffered worse injures than can say I'm bad to the 'bone'," I shrugged. The girl looked at me for a while right after I said it. Tough crowd I guess...

"Pfff....hahahahhaha....oh man, that was good!" She exclaimed as she rubbed the tears from her eyes. I smiled and began to chuckle a bit.

"Well, what can I say? I'm a very 'funny bone'!" I said. The girl begans to laugh again, this time she was on the bed trying not to die.

"You're one strange creature Sans," she said. I looked up and smiled.

"You know my name?" I asked. The girl nodded and placed a tray of food near the bed stand.

"You can say mumbled your name into my ear when we dragged you from the alley. You were hurt badly; what happened?" She asked. I made a nervous look and shifted my eyes to the window as I responded to her.

"Nothin...but, I have to ask. Did anyone else come through the portal with me," I asked. The girl scratched her head and was a bit confused.

"Hmm....No, we didn't see anyone else; just you Mr. Sans," she alleged. I sighed and rubbed my head.

"Ah, it's; where exactly am I...uh...?" I hesitated a bit to let the girl know I was asking something from her.

"My name is Sonata Dusk; and you're in the magical world of E.G," she said. I lifted my hand and drew away the curtains to see a world full other humans!

"...Oh sh-!" Before I could talk, a knock came at the door and two other girls stood by the entrance way.

"Well, seems like our friend is awake now," Adagio said. Sonata moved to the side and introduced them to me in order.

"Sans; these two are Adagio and Aria; my best friends!" She said as she hugged them both. Aria sighed and pushed her away a bit.

"So; Sans...couple of questions...who are you, what are you, and how did you get here?" Adagio asked me. I hesitated at first and continued to smile. I folded my arms together and looked up.

"Well; if it's questions you want, I guess I can help with that. First off the name is Sans, Sans the Skeleton; second I'm a skeleton, and third I'm following a certain human...about to chest high and probably eight years old, have a green shirt on and a smile only a killer can love," I stated. The others saw my answers and were a bit confused at what was going on. A skeleton talking, walking talking and looking for a kid? Oh, yeah sounds like a cliché horror movie.

"Let me get this straight...Your a skeleton, named Sans; and your looking for a human?" Adagio asked e. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, I guess this should be shocking, but then again; we seen stuff that most people wouldn't believe," Aria said.

"So, Sans; what else can you do?" Sonata asked as she leaned up against the bed. I smiled and held out my hand.

"...Well; I haven't properly greeted you yet," I said. Sonata smiled and extended her hand to shake mine...only to hear the sound of fart noise coming form her hand causing the other two to flinch and look dead straight at us. I began to chuckle as I removed my hand and revealed a whoopee cushion hidden within. Sonata couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably as she fell and lain across the bed.

"What did...when did...?" Aria was looking at me with a confused expression.

"what can I say; I'm a very 'punny' guy," I said as I looked to the screen and a drum set went off for the comedy humor. Sonata then started to roll on the bed as my puns seemed to have found a new laughter.

"Alright, that's enough...Mister Sans, explain why you are here before I have Aria beat the info out of you," Adagio said. Aria smiled and cracked her knuckles while forming a devilish grin on her face. I took a deep breath and placed my hands in my jacked pockets. I then got up from the bed and walked to the window staring out into the city.

"Like I said, I'm looking for a kid. But not just any kid...," I stated. Adagio walked up.

"What kind of a kid are you looking for?" She asked.

"Freak," Aria whispered. Adagio elbowed her in the side. I sighed and turned to face them with a changed expression, my with pupils hade fade and my eye socket were now pitch black with fear.

"I'm looking for a monster," I alleged.

****** ****** *****
[two minutes after]

"So this is the world the portal had sent me," Chara said as they looked out into the horizon on top of the city's capitol building. They over looked the area and saw things that reminded them of the surface world.

"Maybe this land is the surface?" Flowey asked. Chara began to chuckle and pointed the knife into the sky.

"I don't care what this place is...I can feel seven more powerful souls here. With those, plus the ones I have now; I can become a god!" Chara stated. A small muffled sound was heard inside of her head. they then focused their energy on a certain kid who was chained up on a wall, broken and unable to call for help.

"Chara...please...stop," Frisk said as they struggled in their chains. Chara laugh and stroked Frisks hair.

"Why...? If I stopped, the world would end and the fun would not continue...I'm just getting started. I already wiped out the monster world with the seven human soul; and now I will use this worlds souls to continue my work," Chara stated. Flowey curled up in fear and smiled.

"Well...I'll...go find those other souls for you then," He said. Chara turned to them and changed their expression.

"Whatever Flowey....Asriel....just don't get in my way; useless flower," They said as they walked out and viewed the entire city; the monster world was now was the time to purge a new one, ripe for the taking!

chapter 2: The Beginning of Friends

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The girls were staring at me like I said something that was a bit awkward, yet it was true. I had followed Chara through the portal and assumed that it would be easy to find them; but as expected, I bit off more than I can chew.

"You're looking for a...kid?" Adagio asked in confusion. I nodded and stood near the window.

"Yeah...I know that sound creepy; but this kid is nothing ordinary. They have the power to SAVE and RESET at will and they won't even think twice about doing it here," I said. The girls looked at me with raised eyebrows at what I said.

"Did you said they could...SAVE and RESET?" Aria asked. Adagio was a bit concerned yet curious about this.

"Wait; like...magic?" She asked. I was a bit surprised that they knew about that stuff. I decided to play along and explain the situation to the three of them and hoped to get something out of it.

"I don't know if you can understand, but the kid and I have been through a dance for a long time. It all started when my friends and family went first I thought it was nothing, but then after a certain...someone went missing I got concerns and decided to investigate, turns out the kid made a genocide route and killed everyone I knew and loved. I tried my best to stop them; but after so many RESETS my moves became too predictable then finally the kid landed a blow on me. They then entered a blue portal, I followed and you know the rest from there," I said. The girls huddled up and whispered amongst each other.

"What do you girls think?" Aria asked.

"I think he's a bit cuckoo," Sonata said. Adagio grabbed and stared straight at them.

"Girls; he said something about magic...This could be our chance to get back ours," She said. Aria scoffed.

"We lost our magic forever Adagio. How's this...freak gonna-!" I briefly interrupted their conversation.

"You know; I can sense the magic properties residing in you. It's faint but there is some magic in you girls which Is kind of odd," I said. They turned to me and looked at me like I was one to talk.

"You mean to tell us that we can regain our magic?" Adagio asked me. I shrugged my shoulders to her response.

"It's a fifty-fifty chance...but yeah you can," I said. I could swear I saw some sort of sparkle in their eyes as I delivered whatever news they needed.

"'s what I think...We know every signal person, animal, and thing in this land. We can help you find this 'killer kid' for you," Adagio said. I placed my hand under my chin and thought a bit. If I was going to capture Chara I needed some kind of lead. These girls, who I have not known that long are offering me help; but I knew what the catch was. In fact, I could just see it in their eyes; they were some bad individuals before.

"No," I said. Adagio looked at me like she didn't hear me.

"What was that?" She responded with a question. Aria came forth angry.

"We are offering our assistance to help you Sans, it would be better if-!" I cut her off right mid sentence.

"No...what you're offering me is a plate full of shit...You just want me to help you restore your dark magic again huh?" I asked. They all flinched as they noticed my answer.

"How could you...?" Sonata asked. I smiled and turned to them with darken pupils.

"...Cause I can seen the sins you fact; I bet you can feel them can you. Crawling on your back?" I asked. The three then tensed up and began to act a bit nervous. Especially Sonata, who was rubbing her shoulder and looked like she was cold.

"...What....What's it to you?" Aria asked frightened.

"...It matters to me because I see three beautiful ladies doing a wrong thing, when they could do right...," I said. Adagio then tilt her head sideways in fright. I scratch my head and sighed.

"...Then; can you help us?" Sonata asked. Adagio and Aria turned to her.

"What are you thinking?! It's too late, he said he won't help us?" Aria shouted. Adagio broke the two up.

"Sonata, she's right; it was a long shot...guess we're no step closer to regaining our magic," She said. Sonata then approached me and fell on her knees.

"Please help us...*sob*...We just...*sob*...We just want to go home," She bean to cry. Her cries ringed in my ears as I was filled with the memory of what happened to me and we both wanted to go home, how we had only each other...I knelt down and placed my bony hands on her face.

"...I hate making promises...especially ones I cannot keep...But, if I help you, promises me you'll leave," I said. The others looked ta me and Sonata jumped up in joy, which startled me a bit.

"Yes...yes we will! Right girls?" She turned and looked happy once more. Adagio and Aria then walked up and hugged their goofy friend.

"I swear to you Sans the skeleton; we will help you if you will help us," Adagio said. I held out my hand and smiled.

"Just call me Sans," I said. Adagio held out hers and smiled. Aria nodded in agreement while Sonata jump and hugged me tightly; which was bad because I was still a bit hurt.

"Opps, sorry Sans," She said. I laugh.

"Don't be...this is really a 'bone crushing' moment," I said. Sonata began to laugh again and the others kind of formed a grin. Guess I can use some help from them; even though they did tried to commit some evil deed, I still believed that they deserved a second chance...Frisk...Where the hell are you kid...I began to wonder. Why...why did you do this...? Were you scared, angry, or...I decided to forget it and focus on my other priority. Chara was still alive and I need to stop them.

"Sans; we never introduced ourselves: this is Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, and I'm Adagio Dazzle," She said. I smiled and placed my hands in my pockets.

"Whelp; might as well get comfortable; cause we're about to have a good time," I said.

***** ******* ******

Elsewhere Chara and Flowey were trying to uncover where the hell they were. Chara had a green hoodie while Flowey was traveling through the round to follow them.

"This world...I can sense something off about it," Chara said. She looked up into the sky and felt the cool breeze. Flowey was right behind them a bit nervous.

"I...I overheard some people talking and it seems this place has some sort of magic connection," He said. Chara turned to a window and saw a white dress that had a laced ribbon across the waist and glittered in the light.

"I see...looks like there is something good here after all," They said. Flowey then added another remark.

"I heard at a certain school that has had some magical problems," He said. Chara hen stared off into the night and stuck there arms out and spun around.

"I feel it here...the magic...the's unfathomable!" They shouted. A security guard was walking by and saw them.

"Hey kid; it's way late out, where are your-!" Before he could say anything else, Chara had already sliced his head off. Blood gushed from the top as his body fell on the ground ad his head rolled into a sewer drain. They then wiped the blood off and turned to Flowey who was stiff frozen.

"If what you're saying is true...then we must find this, school," They said. Flowey the saw the lifeless body and gulped. Chara then turned to him and pointed their knife dead center at his face.

"Ah...y...yes Chara?" Flowey nervously asked.

"Go. Find this school and report back; I'll find us a shelter to take refuge in...I know that lazy ass bag of bones followed us. I'm not risking it until I have achieve my power," They said. Flowey nodded and sunk into the ground. Chara stared into the full moonlight and formed their devilish grin.

"This This world will now suffer the same fate as the Underground...So come and find me Sans! COME AND DIE ONCE AND FOR ALL!" They shouted deep into the hollow night sky as the moonlight was consumed by the hovering clouds above.

Chapter 3: Magic 101

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I know I said that I know a lot about magic...well; I don't. I never did pay attention in school or to Gasters classes. Anyways, if I can just teach them the basics and get them to try to grasp what they need to learn I can call myself a good teacher. As I walked down the hall I place a soda can on the kitchen counter and sat on the side lines. The other three looked at it then backed at me, a bit confused...scratch that, they were totally perplexed at the situation.

"Uh...Sans sir? I know you said you help us but...," Sonata nervously rubbed her arms. I sighed and pointed at the can.

"It's simple...levitate that can," I said to them. they looked at me with doubtful faces.

"You want us to levitate a can?" Aria asked. I scoffed.

"No, I expect you to hit it...what else do you think?" I said sarcastically. Sonata walked up first and stared at the can. Leaning forward she looked so focused and concentrated at the thing that her head literally started to sweat and her eyes began to widen and water up. I was trying my best not to laugh but this girl was killing me! I walked beside her and pushed her aside.

"I...I cant...*pant* it...," She said out of breath. I smiled and held out my hand. As I did my left eye, as usual, glowed and a blue mist formed around my hand. As I focused in the object I began spinning it around them and flying through the house. The others looked at me with awe as they saw me do something they could've done.

"But...How did" Sonata asked in shock.

"You have to concentrate...feel the channel of magic coming through your-!" Before I had a chance to explain I was interrupted by three answers.

"Mind?" Adagio started off

"Stomach?" Aria added.

"Fist?" Sonata said after....I just stared at them and my head dropped bit from their answers...They have a long way to go. I placed the can down and brushed off my sleeves. I then walked up to Sonata and placed her back in position

"It's the see; us monsters have the same magic properties as you. It's just our soul manifests that energy and helps us release it at whim. How our soul reflects on us inside the magic power is released outside. You just need to concentrate, but you also have to let go as well. Feel it coming from deep within your soul and then when you think it's at the right amount...unleashed it!" I exclaimed and out of no where threw a bone at the can causing it to flip and fall on the floor. Sonata began to squeal and jump up and down.

"Oh...oh...oh...Me next!" She said as she stepped right up again. She held out her hand and refocused on the can. She began to sweat a bit and struggle again. I stepped up by her side and placed my hand on her shoulder.

"Remember...focus on your soul...your soul is the key to unlocking the power," I said. Sonata took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Placing her hand out once more she began to take more deep breaths...

"I need to concentrate...feel it in my soul...feel it...feel," She whispered to herself. I have to admit I didn't think this would work, until the girls began to stager in shock and scream

"SONATA, SONATA LOOK!" Adagio shouted. Sonata opened her eyes and looked behind her at her friends.

"What...what is it!?" She exclaimed. Aria placed her hand on her head and turned her to the counter. There Sonata was actually doing it! A dark blue color aura was levitating the can and her hand was the same color. She then was overflowed with joy and excitement as she jump up and down in place...I smiled and placed my hands in my pockets.

"See...what I tell you? It worked," I said. Sonata dropped the can and then hugged me tightly again. But
this time I felt something...something I haven't felt in a long time...I felt warm...comfortable....even happy. I couldn't resist and hugged back.

"Okay; stand aside boneheaded! It's my turn!" Aria said. I nodded and placed the can back on the counter and stepped back.

"Follow what Sonata did...concentrate and let it go," I said. Aria closed her eyes and held out her hand. She began to tremble and sweat too. She then collapsed and slammed her fist on the floor.

"Dammit!" She shouted. I walked up and helped her up.

"...Here's an idea, use your hatred. Sometimes some monsters; not that I'm calling you ones; have to use their emotions to fill their gauge with whatever they need to cast spells or stuff. Try that," I said. Aria looked back at the can and held her hand up. She began to concentrate again, that is until Sonata started to pester her.

"You can do it Aria! I did to, it's a bit hard so just-!"

"OMG Sonata, will you shut up! I'm trying to CONCENTRATE!" She shouted and with out warning the can was suddenly picked up and thrown across the room. Sonata ducked in time and so did Adagio. Aria was shocked and looked ta her hands.

'Whelp...That's one way of doing it," I said. Aria smiled and clenched her fist. Next up was their leader; Adagio. As she came forward she was a bit hesitate at first.

"Sans I...I don' know...We kind of gambled that we can use magic again but...," She tilt her head down. I placed my hand on her and picked her face up.

"I know how you feel...Papyrus was like this too," I said. They looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"Papyrus...?" Sonata asked. I sighed and looked out the window.

"...My little brother. He was the second to fall to the humans hand...I never understand why they did it but...," I stopped mid sentence.

"How could they what...?" Aria asked. I walked up to the window and sighed as my hand was against my face.

"How could could they take him from me," I said clenching my hand. The three looked at me and saw that they weren't the only ones suffering.

"We...we're sorry for asking," Adagio said. I lowered my shoulders and sighed again.

"Adagio; when you and your friends think you have it worse...just know as long as you guys have each other, it's you against the world...<" I said. Hearing what I said made the girls think and looked at each other. They may have lost their magic; but in the end they wee still together. Adagio looked back at the can and focused her mind onto it. Surprisingly she didn't sweat, but as she held out her hand I sensed a strange presence coming form her soul.

"He's right; I may have lost my magic, and so have the others; but we're still together and as long as they are with me I will protect them!" Adagio thought to herself. As she did she not only lifted the can but summoned a...some sort of fish horse head skull that began to lit up the room. Aria and Sonata both ducked down not knowing what was going to happen. Adagio then threw the can out the window, followed by a charging up sound and a blaster fire aimed at that direction. As she feel on the ground she rubbed her head and looked. The girls eyes widened as they saw what their leader had done. I was able to open the window before anything else happened.

"...I...I guess that concludes the tutorial lesson," I said.

***** ****** ******

"And I said, screw that! I'm a gonna get drunk when I want; whenever I want," A random diamond thug announced at a dim lit park bench with his pals.

"Those uptight civilians think they're so better than us," Another stated. As they began to smoke one of them called out to the others.

"Hey; are they're supposed to be any kids here?" He asked. The others looked at him with confused faces.

"No way dude...this park is scary at night. Reason why we are here, and no kid ain't," The other laugh.

"Well who the heck its that kid then?" The others tuned their heads and saw what looked like a small child standing in the spot light of the lamp post. the three were a bit hesitated at first until the kid spoke.

"Excuse me sirs...can you tell me where the city is? I lost my way," the child asked. one of the thugs walked up and placed his hand on their head.

"Why certainly; who are you anyways kid?" The man asked. The child was then silent . The othes walked up and stood around the child.

"Hey are you deaf? WHO ARE YOU KI-!" Suddenly a swift blade was delivered to all three of them. As the blood gushed out and poured onto the ground the kid then absorbed some kind of essences and sighed. Flowey came up behind them and smiled.

"I told you...these beings are filled with magic," He said. Chara sipped the blood off and brushed off his jacket.

"Not exactly Flowey; these beings are filled with not just magic, but with souls as well...The more I feed the more stronger I become...How are you holding up Frisk?" They asked. Frisk was still silent in the dark part of Chara's mind and still chained up. Chara smiled and turned to Flowey.

"By the way, I found something quite interesting. I learned that a certain group of 'friends' have magic abilities that are powerful enough to erase darkness," He said. Chara stared at him and smiled devilishly.

"Well then by all means...Tell me about these friends," Chara said as the moonlight soon faded away into darkness by the clouds. Chara knew that Sans was getting strong by the minute and he needed to get stronger than him.

[Meanwhile back at the house]....

Adagio was jumping up and down with the others as they soon discovered that their magic was back. I smiled and walked into the living room to sleep. As I exit the kitchen though Sonata grabbed me by the arms and hugged me again, this time the others did as well. I would be lying if I didn't said this was nice....but it was. I decided to let them embrace me again as they let me go steadily.

"Now that was awesome!" Aria stated.

"We have our magic back!" Sonata said with glee.

"We have you to thank for that Sans. You really helped us," She said. I chuckled and shrugged my shoulders.

"It was nothing...but...*yawn*...I think I'm gonna sleep," I said. The others were upset.

"You're going to sleep? We should celebrate!" Sonata said I shook my head.

"Nah; you guy's have fun, I'm going to fall," I said. The girls nodded and went to the other room to celebrate. I feel onto the couch and got comfortable. Sonata looked at me weirdly as she exited the room.

"Don't you want to sleep on a bed?" She asked me. I waved my hand in a polite negative gesture and let sleep overtake me. Laying on the couch reminded me of Snowdin, how I would read Papyrus a bedtime story and fall asleep on the couch afterwards. I smiled and slowly closed my eyes as sleep overtook me and plunged me into dream land. I knew that Chara was still alive and I needed to find them before they hurt anyone else in this world.

Chapter 4: The Hunt Begins!

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Now that the girls can summon their magic again, I could focus on resting a bit. Been too long since I had a proper nap and that sofa remind me a lot of Snowdin. As my mind drifted through dream land I appeared in a dark room. It was a bit void, no signs of life, literally.

"Well, this is certainly a 'dark' moment," I said to myself. I couldn't but help laugh at my own joke and looked around. Wherever I was, it was worth taking a walk for. I moved a coupe of feet when all of a sudden I heard a faint voice call me out.

"Sans....," The voice calls. I turned around and saw nothing though. I rubbed my head and thought it was just my imagination. As I continued to walk I heard it again. This time it was more direct.

"Sans...can you not hear me? I've been trying to reach you...," The voice alleged. I soon realized who's voice I was hearing. I turned around and saw a tall dark figure, wearing a long shadow robe that was oozing a bit. He was a skeleton like me except he had lines coming up and down from his eye sockets and holes in his hands. I smile and extended my hand.

"Hey there Gaster, sorry if I was silent," I said. The old skeleton smiled and bean to static a bit but was able to walk beside me.

"Yes, it has been a long time hasn't it Sans," He said. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Whelp, some things happened and I kind of got mixed up in a lot of problems. One of them is that the human we found, turned out to be a massive genocidal monster," I said. Gasters eyes narrowed in confusion.

"The...Human...? Is that why I wasn't able to call on Papyrus or any other monsters around the underground?" He asked. I sighed.

"Yeah; sorry G....They're all gone. I tried my best but the human ended up getting me too...That was until I was saved by more humans," I said. His eyes opened up and was surprised.

"More humans?" He asked.

"Yeah, turns out there's another dimension where magic and humans exist as well and I'm currently having three help me find that kid," I said. Gaster walked ahead of me thinking about my situation.

"So what you're telling me is that you can still use magic?" He asked. I nodded a bit.

"Not that much, trying to focus healing my wounds," I said. Gaster then walked a bit and paced back and forth thinking about the situation before asking me another question.

"Can you still perform the Magma ray blast?" He asked me. I chuckled.

"No G...that's not what they're called, The called the...Gaster Blasters!" I said blissfully. He looked at me with a raise eye. I chuckled and placed my jazzed hands in my pockets. "i don't know; i haven't ever thought about it," I said. He scratched his smooth head and continued to talk.

"As I was saying; you seem to have gotten a bit stronger now, have you?" He asked me. I clenched my bone like fist and placed them back into my pockets.

"yeah; that kid really did me in good. It's a shame I didn't finish them off quicker," I said.

"It isn't your fault Sans...Their determination was strong. It was only a matter of time before they could hit you," He stated. I sighed and rubbed my neck.

"Why are you here Gaster...?" I asked as I saw him slowly walking towards his desk. He simply turned around and gave me three vials filled with a red like substance.

"I held onto these in case if I ever need to help you or Papyrus, but now it seems that you must takes these," He said. I took the vials and studied them closely. I suddenly realized what it was he gave me.

"Gaster...these are-!" Before I had a chance to explain he simply raise his hand and shut me up for a second.

"You must wake up now Sans, I have a feeling your new friends will need your help, as much as you need theirs," He said. And with that he simply snapped his fingers and instantly vanish. Me however; the last thing I remembered was falling on t eh ground and slamming my head onto the floor. I groaned as I got up steadily and scratched my head. I looked in my hands and soon found the three vials he gave me. What was I supposed to do with these I wondered. I stood up and looked around and saw I was still in the living room, but in the next room I smelled breakfast being made. I sighed and walked over. (turn Gaster theme off)

As I walked in I was soon met with three cheerful faces who were already trying out their abilities while making their breakfast.

"Oh, Sans...Good morning," Sonata said to me as I walked in. I smiled and waved my hand as I sat down next to Aria. I yawned as I saw the girls all excited about today.

"What's the smiles for?" I asked as I grabbed a bottle of ketchup and drank it. Adagio turned to me and placed a paper on the counter. I bend over and read the Colom. I swear this was stuff that Alphy's would read if she and Undyne were around.

"Did ya hear? Apparently there has been a new killer on the streets. The papers said it's already taken four captives already and seems to only appear at night on eerie roads," Adagio stated. I looked at the headline and sighed.



I observed the papers and saw that the three had been not just killed. They were diced up like tomato's on a plate of spaghetti sauce.

"What makes you think I'm interested?" I asked. I took another sip of ketchup. Sonata pointed at a certain detail that I over read.

"Hear this part. 'When authorities have arrived on the scene the bodies were examined closely and to a surprise the bodies out of the blue vanished into dust!,' Sonata read. I nearly spilled the sauce all over me as I heard the news.

"What....what did you say?" I asked her. Adagio looked at me in concern.

"Sans, how do you know of this?" She asked. I sighed and decided to let them in on another secret.

"When the kid was killing all of the monsters in the Underground, they weren't just creating a genocide, they were also gaining Lv. and Exp.," I said.

"Lv...and Exp... like in games?" Aria asked. I nodded.

"They're in fact acronyms...Lv.; stand for love, which means Level Of ViolencE, and Exp... stands for Execution points... The more they gained the more powerful they become. eventually they almost had me and they would be at lv. 20," I said. The girls looked at me with a bit of curiosity.

"So...what you're saying is...?" Sonata asked half way before I answered her question

"If these murders are indeed the kid; then they're going to start what they did in the Underground. Only this time, what you girls tell me is that this land has magic; they might as well become a god and erase everything here, and then the next," I said. The others stood up and looked determined.

"Alright, what do we do?" Adagio asked me. I looked at her with confusion.

"What do you mean 'we'?" I asked. They others laughed and smiled.

"You didn't think you would handle this by yourself? Besides, you're still healing are you not?" Sonata asked me. I actually rubbed my ribs a bit and noticed it was taking a bit long for me to heal up. I sighed and smiled.

"Alright, I'll let you help me, but you're only going to help me search for them, fighting is out of the question; got it?" I asked. the others nodded and clapped their hands.

"Where should we start?" Adagio asked. I l observed the papers and the news, if we want to catch a killer we have to go to the last place they were heard or seen.

"We'll split up: Adagio and Aria, you'll head to the scene of the first murder, Sonata you're with me. We'll head to the highest place here and see if we can do some reconnaissance,"I stated. Sonata looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Do what now?" She asked.

"He means to be on look out," Adagio stated.

"Any reason why?" Aria asked.

"Think about it...We go poking our heads around into something that doesn't concern normal people like you or things like me. Say if someone was to follow or catch wind of what we're doing they'll hit you hard," I said.

"I see...Be our eyes in the sky; less the murder child gets us," Adagio said.

Exactly, now c'mon...we got a murderer to chase," I said as i picked up my hoodie and headed for the door. Having friends like these are what Pap would want; too bad he's gone. As the girls exit out, i decided to stick to the shadows and observed from a inconspicuous. I had to find Chara. They caused so much pain, suffering...death. I can't let that happen to this world, but what i was really worried about was Frisk...Why kid..? Why did you reset and become a killer? But i also know that they were lost and i was going to find them and bring them back, even if i meant that i had to drag Chara to hell myself.

chapter 5: Sonata's Bravery

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I guess you can say it was nice having my friends along the ride....Problem is; we have to split up separately. I know what you readers are thinking; you're probably saying "what the f&ck man? Why are you splitting up at a event like this?" Whelp, here's an explanation for you. Supposed the kid catches wind of my presences and gets me and the girls at once, who's going to stop them? also, I can take a few more Z's after what happened last time I fought the kid. As Adagio and Aria walked and asked the people a few questions and observed the area, me and Sonata decided to find a high view of the place to see if we can observed the others and keep an eye out for them.

"So far, the only place that's high enough is the Canterlot High School building," Sonata stated.

"Alright, led me there," I said. Sonata hesitated and rubbed her arm.

"I don't think...that's a...good idea," She said. I sighed and gave her my hand.

"Grab on," I said. As she did my eye glowed and teleported us to the place where Sonata thought of. As we appeared on the roof, she was awestruck and....'dazzled' at the view.

"Wow; I only heard rumors that tis place was beautiful during the day but...," She overlooked the area and took in a deep breath. I walked up and overlooked the town. It was pretty big, yet easy to see everything from afar. I soon turned my head and saw a city.

"What's over there?" I asked.

"Don't know, I heard that place is where this schools arch-enemies are...Dystal Prop or something?" She said scratching her head. I sighed and stared out. It would be easy for the kid to hide here, big buildings, lots of corners and crannies to hide in. This was going to be a bit harder than I thought. As we continued to look out, I asked Sonata a question.

“So why do you feel nervous here?” I asked. Sonata tilts her head down as if she was ashamed of even remembering.

“Last time we were here; he had a magical power…We were manipulating the entire school and gathering it’s negative energy to make us powerful. We turned friends and loved ones against one another in a event called The Battle of The Bands. We had the whole school at our finger tips,” She said. I stared at her and couldn’t help but think that they were no different from the kid.

“Well, what happened? You had all that power, where did it go?” I asked her as I took a bottle of ketchup out and took a sip.

“We were defeated…By a group of seven friends. Even as we tried to tear them apart they stood up and fought for their friends will and saved the school; and they also got rid of our magic. It was humiliating, yet depressing. We had all this power and yet we…we…,” She began shivering.

“Do you know why you were defeated?” I asked. She sighed.

“We lost because we were weak?” She stated. I shook my head.

“Sure you had all that power; and it almost got you victory. But in the end; you girls lost because you only looked after your own skin; when these other girls came together and fought for those they cared and loved. Magic alone can be powerful; but only having the power to fight for something you love or believe in can grant you your wishes and your desires,” I said. Sonata looked at her palms and clenched a fist.

“How can you be so sure?” She asked. I made a slight narrow grin and chuckled.

“Because I know what it feels like to have everything you have taken away from you,” I stated. As we continued to look out she looked at me and remember saying I had a family.

“Did you lose something precious to you?” She asked. I looked at her and stared at the horizon. Of course I did; I lost everything I loved: Undyne, Alphys, Toriel, Asgor…and Papyrus. I lost my friends, my family. The kid was alright I thought; but then their attitude changed, their motions changed and before I realized it, it was too late. I clenched my bone like fist and my eye began to glow again. Sonata saw and placed a hand on my shoulder.
Sans…Sans…SANS!” She shouted. I realized I was dazing off ad saw her concerned.

“You alright there buddy?” She asked. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

“Eh, all this watching is making…’bone’ tired,” I said. Sonata couldn’t help but laugh at my pun. I smiled.

“For a skeleton guy we met not too long ago, you sure are ‘hummers’!” She said. I chuckled and fell on the floor. We both needed up staring over the area and noticed Adagio and Aria were given a note.

“Looks like your friends found something. I’ll go check it out, stay here and contact us if you find anything,” I said. I then snap my fingers and teleported to Adagio and Aria. The looks on their faces when I appeared out of nowhere was priceless.

“Holy-! What the hell Sans?!” Aria shouted. I shrugged.

“What, I thought I told you I do this all the time,” I said.

“You didn’t,” Adagio said. I shrugged.

“What did you find?” I asked. Adagio held up a map and placed it down on the table.

“The man at Sugar Cube Corners said they heard reports of a kid wandering the outskirts of the town. Normally it’s just a dank neighborhood that’s filled with abandoned houses and a junkyard. Not even the Diamond Boys go there,” She said.

“Whelp; we better go there,” I said. The others looked at me with shock.

“What are you insane? No one that has ever ventured into that place has ever returned,” Aria said.

“Well I am not just anyone…Besides; you girls did enough and I don’t want you to get caught up anymore,” I said. The others were confused at this. As I explained to them my problem and how it no longer needs them a certain creature decided to make their appearance.

**** ****** *****

""Chara, are you sure its alright for us to keep doing this?". Flowey asked as he followed them. Chara spun around and smiled as she felt the cool breeze hit their face.

"You just don't get it do ya Flowey? This world is just begging me to erase them. How can I ignore their request of doing so?" They said as they walked and put on their green hoodie. Sonata was looking out from her post and saw that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly the phone rings and she sees the caller ID; It was Adagio.

"What's up?" She asked.

"Sonata, we're heading back, met us back at the house ASAP," She said.

"Okay boss! See ya later," She said as she hung up the phone. As Sonata was about to pack it up, she noticed a little kid wandering the streets; dancing? It also looked like they were having a good time, too good. She made her way to the ladder and climb down from the building. As she touched ground, she quietly followed and observed the kid. She heard them humming some sort of tune and to be frank t was kinda creepy. As she continued to watch he saw an officer walked up to the child.

"Little kid. You shouldn't e out here," He replied. The kids head tilt puzzled.

""How come mister?" The child asked.

"There's a murder about and the mayor is calling a martial law. All civilians must go back to their homes," He stated. Sonata knew she uno around long enough. But as she was about to leave the child began to giggle and sigh.

""Really... A killer...? Now thats more...LIKE IT!" The child shouted. Sonata then heard a blood curdling scream that forced her to turn and look. The officer was on the floor bedding out as he had received a gashed across his arm. The man feel and began to panicky crawl away. The kid then laugh as if they had just taken drugs.

"Who....Who are you..? What the hell are you" The officer began to cry in fear as he was holding his wound. The kid walked towards him and began to hum again.

"Gee sir...Don't you know I thought you said it yourself," Chara sated. The Officer began to crawl away again and cry out like a wounded puppy.

"HELP! SOME BODY HELP ME!" The officer shouted and pleaded. Then next thing that happened...But nobody came. The officer stats to cry again and tremble fearfully.

...Looks like no one came...," Chara said laughing.

"What the hell are you? ANSWER ME DAMMIT!" The Officer shouted. Chara smiled widely and made a devilish look in her eyes and deformed her face.

""It's like you said, sir...I'M A MURDERER," Chara stated as her face started to melt and charged the down man. As Sonata continued to watch she saw the officer then pinned to the ground and repeatedly being stab over, and over and over; blood filling the street as the mans screaming and wails soon turned into faint coughs, gags, and moans as he fell and died. Chara then stood up and extend their arms and hand out. The officer was then turning into a light spectrum and was entering Charas body. Sonata witnessed and nearly threw up as she know know what Snas' was warning and up against. A SAVE file then appeared and Chara touched the CONTINUE button, as she gained more Lv.

"Holy...I have to get out of here," Sonata whispered silently as she began to crawl away. However that was thwarted by a certain face popping in the bushes with a dark, dripping melted face dripping in blood.

"Where do you think you're going blue?" Chara asked. Sonata jump and moved quickly away from Chara as they stood up and held their blood soaked knife.

"You...You just straight murdered that man!" Sonata shouted, trembling in her shoes.

""What can i say; I love to murder those who get in my way. Then again; i don''t really care. As long as i gain more Lv, i'll be unstoppable," Chara said. Sonata stood firm, yet sweat was dripping form her head down; her legs shivering and unable to move, her arms and fist clenched yet terrified to call or do anything. Not only that; she sensed this kids arua. It was so much darkness, so much hatred, and death.

"You...You're the one San's been looking for," She stated. Charas ears flinched as she heard that lazy bones name.

""So...You know smiley trash bag?" They stated. Sonata gulped and began to take a few steps back slowly.

"What did you to do him? He was badly hurt; yet a better question, why are you doing this?" She asked. Chara began to laugh.

""I don't have to tell you that," They stated and pointed their knife at her. Sonata wanted to make a break for it, all she ever wanted was to make friends, or better yet, be with hers. Suddenly, she remembered what Sans was telling her a moment ago.

""Magic alone can be powerful; but only having the power to fight for something you love or believe in can grant you your wishes and your desires,"/color]. Sonata looked around and saw a metal pipe. She grabbed it and took stance. Chara chuckled and looked at Sonatas stats.

""Sonata Dusk...


Defense:11; Nothing special," Chara stated and began to walk towards her prey. Sonata took in a deep breath and sighed. She then glared her eyes and charged the demon child head on.

"You really think you can defeat me?!" Chara shouted. She blocked Sonatas attack and laugh. Sonata knew this was hopeless, if Snas couldn't defeat this kid was makes her any different? But she shook her head and focused on the battle; and a good thing to because Chara was moving and sliced at Sonata, who manage to doge and get back up to her feet.

"I will stop you; you devil!" She shouted and charged again. Chara smirked and teleported; then reappeared behind Sonata. Chara then land a strike on her. Sonata screamed and fell as she felt the pain surging through her. However; she wasn't out yet.

"Hmm...Interesting. Your Def. is only 11; yet you stood against my attack. This may be interesting after all," Chara said licking her lips. Sonata stood up and remembered that her main was working as well. As she saw the pole she concentrated on what Sans told her and did something Chara least expected. Sonata raised her weapon in the sky and pointed at her foe as the ordinary metal pipe, turned into a glowing blue spear. Ciara's mind went through a flash back and shook hr head in dismay.

"It...It actually work!" Sonata squealed happily, yet focusing on the fight. Chara made a few slashes and set a wave of red attacks at Sonata. However, Sonatas magic and her weapon blocked every attack as she defended herself. She then channel her magic spear to multiply and sent a barrage of spear attacks at Chara. Chara dodged almost all of them, except when the last one passed them, Sonata ran up and was able to deliver a blow to Chara's face. The child feel and stood, as Sonata stood up and smiled at them. Chara touched her face and licked the blood that was coming from her cheek. She then smiled and her grin got even bigger with anticipation and excitement.

"NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT! I HAVEN'T HAD A SCRATCH ON ME SINCE THE BATTLE WITH SAN'S!" Chara exclaimed. Sonata knew she could keep like this forever; this was the kid who committed Genocide and defeated all of San's strongest warriors, including himself almost. She had to find a way to escape while making sure this kid was't gonna to hurt anyone. Just then Chara's attacks became quicker and she even became more faster. Sonata took a few dashes back, yet Chara was already in her face. Sonata blocked every attack Chara threw at her, yet she knew something was up. She soon felt tired and panted heavily while Chara stood in place barley breaking a sweat.

"*Pant*...*pant*...Th...this isn't where...*pant*...I'll fall," Sonata exclaimed as she raised her spear. Chara smiled and charged her again, this time she was moving even faster than before and managed to bang up Sonata a bit, throw her into a wall, slice her arm, scratched her face and punched her stomach. Sonata fell on the ground, yet she was't gonna let it end here. However, she can barley stand up and her magic began to fade, soon her awesome spear turned back into a pipe, and blood was dripping from her head, eyes, arm, everywhere. Sonata fell on her knees and struggled to stay focused and up.

"Guess the fun needed too early. Too bad, i wanted to have more fun. Now you die," Chara said. Just then a blue ray of magic shot through the room, separating Chara from Sonata. As Sonata looked up she saw a familiar figure standing in front of her, arm extend as the hero blocked her. Sonata then saw her friends Adagio and Aria running and helping her up, shouting her name.

"," Sonata fainted in her friend arms. Snap looked back and placed her hand on Sonata's face.

"You did good kid; you did really good. Adagio and Aria will help you...Leave this to the big kids now," Sans said as he clinched his fist and turned around to see his enemy again.

"Hey Sansy...I missed you," Chara stated. I made a grin and placed his hands in his pockets and his eye began to form a blue power as he was now ready for round two.

"I missed you too...Chara Dreemurr!" I shouted as I formed my Gaster blasters and my bones.

Chapter 6: Monsters vs Demon

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"How nice of you to show yourself kid. Saves me the trouble of hunting you down," I said. Chara smiled and licked the blood from her blade.

"What can i say; i missed you Smiley Trash Bag," Chara said. Flowey hid behind a trash can observing the fight; making sure he doesn't get in Chara's way.

"Sans, we have to get Sonata out of here," Adagio said to me as she held her friend close. Aria placed her hand on Sonatas chest.

"Her heart's failing fast; she needs medical attention now!" Aria said ripping her shirt and whipping the blood off of her pal.

"Chara...You're DEAD!" I shouted. I shifted my hand and ordered my blaster to fire at their position. However, they simply blocked it with a slash of their blade.

"Really San's...That attack is getting too old," They stated.

"SANS!" Adagio came and ran up to me. I slowly looked at my hands and saw my wound had reopened.

"How pathetic! All that and you're already on the floor?" Chara asked as she laugh.

"Gah...Sans, get up. I'll help out! Aria, get Sonata to a hospital," Adagio ordered. Aria nodded and picked the wounded Sonata up and left the field. After they were out of view, Adagio stood up and faced Chara next.

"Adagio Dazzle: Atk[34] Def[33]...Not even close" Chara stated.

"What the hell is it doing?" She asked. I steadily got up and ready my attack walking up to her side.

"Their checking your status...A thing they do, and it really cheats," I added.

"Heh, it can look at them all it want's; rule one of a fight...NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT!" Adagio said and shouted a very high note at the kid. Surprisingly enough the note was actually harmonic, yet deadly as it carried the kid half way down the street and slammed them into a shop. The kids health bar went down at least 5 points.

"Not...Bad," I added. But i wasn't enough i thought to myself. The kids survived worse. As they got up they simply cracked their neck and sighed as if they were getting bored.

"I think its time i got down to business," They stated. Soon as i blinked they were already behind me and Adagio. I pushed her out of the way and blocked Chara's attack with my bone wall.

"Sans, hold on!" Adagio then stood up and shouted an even longer yet louder note that shattered almost every shops window. The glass breaking mixing with the high pitched sound of her screams was enough to paralyze the kid. I used this as my advantage and threw my attack with a mix of blaster power. It made impact and shattered the kids Hp down 20 points. i smiled and cough up blood again. The next thing i knew my knees were shaking and i fell on the floor.

"*cough*....Dammit!....Haven't...*cough*...properly...*gack*...healed," I uttered. Adagio ran up and placed her hand on my back easing me up. Chara however took a cinnamon roll and ate it, restoring their Hp up.

"Oh now that's cheating!" Adagio stand. Get in line, i said to myself in thought. Chara then stretched their arms and chuckled as if they were now amused.

"Adagio...We need to get out of here," I stated as i glared up and saw the kid walking towards us.

"I've got us covered," She whispered. I looked at her and wondered what she meant by that. Chara pointed out her blade and sent out another wave of knife strikes. I quickly brought up my Gaster head and blocked the attack, however it didn't block the last blade and sliced threw my jacket, barley missing me, but fazing my face.

"Adagio...i have an idea. Sing a song for me," I stated . She looked at me with a confused face seeing as our current situation is dire.

"San's i think right now is hardly the time to-!"

"Just do it!" I shouted. Adagio stood back and sung a harmonic tune that resembled one she and her friends first sang when arriving to the school. As the song began it's melody, it sort of reminded me of when Napstablook and his friends would make mixtapes fro the underground. My heart began to hard and strong as I stood up feeling more energetic and filled with more than DETERMINATION...I was filled with...Friendship...? The song seemed to work because as I was standing I looked over at Chara and they had their ears covered and kneeling on the floor.

"Sans, my song seems to be weakening them! Whatever you have up your sleeve, DO IT NOW!" Adagio shouted. I mounted up on my Gaster Blaster and charged at Chara who looked up and failed to dodge my attack. As I slammed into her I levitated the little devils body up, chucked them across the lot and lighted them up like Samuel L. Jackson on the toilet grenade scene. As the smoke began to clear, Chara wobbled up slightly weak and cough up their own blood for the first time. As I walked over to them and pointed my bone attack to finish them off a faint voice takes over.

"" The small faint voice called out. I halted my attack and tremble in place as I recognized that faint innocent voice.

"...Uh...I...It can't...Frisk...?" I asked slowly as I moved them over and saw the cute fragile look of the kid who entered the Underground. As I picked them up I felt their small heart beat and the warmth of their skin.

"Sans...W...why is it so dark...? Is it night?" They asked. I began to cry and hold them tight, trembling as my cries echoed throughout the area.

"San's, we have to...Who...Who is that?" Adagio asked as she walked up cautiously. I turned to her and gave them Frisk as quickly as possible.

"Adagio, take them and head to where Aria is at...I have a feeling things are gonna get...deadly," I said. Adagio hesitated but nodded as she took the kid in her arms. However Frisk's hand grabs my coat and begins to act.

"*cough*...Be careful...*sob*...*cough*...Please...Promise me Sans," Frisk said. My eyes shot wide open as I was reminded of another promise I failed to keep. The promise that I made with Troiel...I clenched my fist and took their hand. I placed my bonny head and bop them on their forehead as I brushed their hair back.

"Don't you worry bout me baby bones...You're Dunkle San's has a bone to pick with someone," I said. I nudged Adagio to go as quickly as possible . Once they were out of sight I sighed and turned around to face the monstrosity known as Chara, who appeared as a specter form.

"Well, well, well...Looks like it's just you and me Sansy," They said as the hovered down and formed their knife, or should I say knives as a wall of different lades appeared right behind them. I dug into my pocket and took out a piece of clothing that I had saved at this point. I took Papy's scarf wrapped it around my faced and my coat as I formed more Gaster blasters and bone wall attacks to my aid.

"Whelp...guess I should say it...It's a beautiful night out tonight. The moon is shining...Owls are howling...On nights like this, kids like you...Should be burning in hell ...," I stated as Chara and I charged head front into each other to continue the long battle that we had not finished.

Chapter 7: Clash of Bones and Steel

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Adagio ran as fast as her legs could take her until she reached the hospital. As she entered the front doors, Aria was sitting down holding a hot cup of chocolate. She looked up and saw Adagio with Frisk. Arai bolted up and dropped her cup on the floor as she ran and hugged her.

"What's the news Aria?" Adagio asked as she placed an arm on her shoulder. Aria whipped her tears.

"The...The doctors are undetermined...they just got Sonata into E.R. and it's been quite," Aria said. She looked at Frisk and was shocked as she recognized the face. Before she could say anything, Adagio clap her hand over Arai's mouth to silent her voice.

"I know Aria...But this isn't them. This was the kid that Chara was possessing while they were fighting. We need to check them in," Adagio said. Arai nodded and led them to receptionist, who checked them in and sent Frisk into the E.R. as well. Meanwhile somewhere else a battle rages on in the midst of the night.

*** ***** ****

As me and Chara charged and butted attacks at each other, we always found a way to either increase or predict each others next move. Guess t hat's what happens when you've been fighting over, and over, and over, and over and over and over again....As Chara broke away, we both stood silently breathing heavily, sweating, trembling, and nervously smiling at one another.

"Whelp Chara...Guess this is not gonna get us anywhere. Just give up," I stated. Chara smiled and levitated themselves up from the ground and landed a few feet away from me.

"Oh Sans...When will you learn that the gap of our power-that I exceed you above all else?" They questioned. I flicked my finger and fired a barrage of beams at them. Chara dodged every one and landed on their feet and delivered a volley of knife slashes. I jump on top of one of my Gaster blaster heads and charged again at Chara. This time however I formed a bone wall and blocked their rote and generated a wave of blaster energy towards their position. As I saw an apportion fade from the blue wave of magic I placed my hands in my pockets and sighed. However I guess I shouldn't rest too easily because just when I tried to catch a breather the kid shows up right behind me and slashes Papy's scarf while missing my head. My eye flashes blue as I levitated the punk from mid air and slammed them head first down into the floor.

"CHARA YOU'VE DONE IT NOW!" I shouted as I charged head on and slammed about a dozen bone attacks into the kids body to make sure I didn't miss or leave anything left of that retched soul of a child. But from the sounds of bones and rubble flying everywhere, I heard a faint soft scream as I let up my attack. I turned over and saw to what looked like a yellow girl standing behind the side of the wall observing the fight. I could feel her soul, and just seeing this scene was giving her a bad time.

"Oh my...goodness....wh...what is happening?' The yellow girl scarcely said shivering with fear in her boots as she observed the horror. My guard was cut off as Chara came up and sliced a part of my hoodie. I dogged and backflip-well, more like cartwheel my self back and stood away from them.

"This has been fun Sans, but this ends now," Chara stated as she lifted her ams up and what my eye sockets saw was unbelievable. Somehow or some way, the kid had mustered enough magic to open a portal to the Underground, showing the Judgement hall.

"What the...What are you planing Chara?" I shouted. They simply smiled and laugh maniacally as the image began to widen and get bigger.

"This world seems so i thought why not bring this world into ours," They stated.

"You...can't mean...DO you know what wold happen if you mix parallel dimensions with other universe? The damage could be catastrophic, not to mention everything could be erased through the void!" I shouted.

"Well then Sans...By all means; Come and stop me," They said. I hopped up on another Gaster Blaster and charged right at them. Chara unleashed her attack once again, but this time aimed directly at the little girl. I quickly raised up a bone wall and blocked the attack before it could make impact. The girl fainted from the shock falling on ethics's cold cement floor. I used one of my gaster blasters to mover her away form the battle. As I turned around I saw that Chara had disappeared. Dammit, the attack was a diversion fro them to get a way. At least this ones safe and sound I spoke to myself. I sighed and left the field of battle before the police had arrived at the scene. Adagio and Aria stood outside; one sitting down, the other paling back and forth. I showed up with my hoodie over my face, concealing my freakish nature.

"How are they?" I asked as i sat down quietly next to Adagio. She tuned to me and placed her hands on her head as if dress was overcoming her.

"They got Sonata into the E.R in time...Frisk; suffered more wounds than she did, and is undergoing surgery. We've been waiting for about thirty minutes now," Adagio said to me. I sighed and pulled a ketchup bottle from my jacket and drank.

"Chara escaped...She'll need to hide in order to recharge her powers," I stated as i looked up at the ceiling. Aria slammed her fist against the board.

"WHY!? ALL OF THIS WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU HADN'T SHOWN UP!" Aria shouted at me. "Sonata...she would be all right...smiling away, laughing at what we would do...I..I...," She then began to tear up, falling down with her back against the wall. I sighed and placed my hand on her, while holding my brothers scarf.

"Aria, that's not fair...That Chara kid would've come to this place even if he did beat them. Right Sans?" Adagio asked me. I folded my hands and sighed.

"Even if i did manage to kill the kid, there was a chance that they would've find a way to come back...They always do," I alleged as I fell on the wall. The doctor came out and approached us, with arms folded.

"I checked them both...Sonata will be okay. Minor factors in her body, bruises and cuts, but all I all she will be all right. As for the kid...," The doctor lowered his head down and sighed. I got up and walked towards the man grabbing him by the collar and pulled him down to my level.

"What. About. Frisk?" I asked glaring at him. The doctor broke sweat and gulp.

"The kid is attached to a life support. Seems like she had her life drained and...her heart is barley beating. If we had gotten to her in time like Sonata we would have been able to do the best but...She can't move without that life support system. Im sorry," The doctor said as he grew quiet. I pulled away from him and walked off.

"Im going somewhere...Don't follow me,"I said as i teleported off. The doctor's eyes widened as he rearranged his glasses. Adagio and Aria both looked at each other and walked to the room where Frisk was. Something told the that this was just the start and the that the real fight was about to happen soon.

Chapter 8: A Flowers Redemption

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"SHIT!SHIT!SHIT!" Chara shouted, slamming some bins and glass bottles in an abandon warehouse on the docks of the city district of the world. Flowey silently stood behind some brick pillars, observing Chara going through their breakdown. The demon child soon looked into the cracked mirror and took a few deep breathes. Looking at her soul she still had part of Frisk's determination, so that was good at least.

"Ch...Chara?" Flowey calmly asked his over-depressed child. Chara sighed and turned to Flowey with the look of death itself.

"What.Do.You.Want.Flowey?" They asked as they fixed themselves up. Flowey hesitantly moved a few more steps to Chara .

"You can always reset...make it brand new," He replied. Chara laugh and looked at him.

" case you forgot...I DON'T HAVE A SOUL!" She shouted, sending Flowey a few steps back away from them. Flowey quickly stood up and fixed himself, shaking in fear for a bit.

"But...Sans...He still has some of his determination powers with him...And he was even wounded the last time we saw him. So it could be possible," Flowey said nervously chuckling. Chara thought for a bit, running her knife against the wall, and heading to some unlucky victims who were tied up and chained to a wall.

"You could be right Flowey...the magic her is that much the same back in the Underground...Maybe...there is a way...Wait here...and don't screw up!" They stated as they opened a portal with a stroke of their weapon and jumped through leaving Flowey alone. As Flowey looked left and right he sighed and decided to do something. Chara was talking about reseting the world to make it better for them; they did not say anything about fusing two different dimensions together. Even Smily Trash Bag knew what Flowey was thinking. He sighed and decided it was time to pay some people a visit.

*** **** ***
[Canterlot Hospital, May 12, 2:00 a.m.]

As Adagio, and Aria stood by Sonata and Frisk so many questions ran through their minds. So many unanswered problems ever since Sans had come into their life. Aria looked at Sonata and Frisk and sighed.

"Adagio...Can i talk to you?" Aria asked. Adagio looked up, her eyes still red from the tears she shed moments ago.

"What is it Aria darling?" She asked.

"Do you think this is us? I mean, we've never stuck our necks for anyone let alone ourselves; yet When Sonata was hurt and injured I...I felt...weird...Like someone ram my chest with a spear," She alleged sitting down next to the fallen in their bed.

"I know Aria...I felt it too...Ever since Sans came into our life it has been...wild," She said gently rubbing Sonatas hand as the machine beep showing her pulses. Aria sat down next to Frisk, observing the little tramp that got caught into the crossfire.

"You sure we can trust this one? I'm not even sure if she is the reason why Sonata is like this," Aria stated looking at the defenseless child. Adagio sighed.

"It's not up for debate Aria...Sans told us to watch after them and that is what we will do," Adagio said as she fixed her hair.

"But we don't even know much about Sans or this kid for that matter really well! Why should we stick our neck out for either of them?" She alleged.

"It's because Sans and Frisk are the last," a voice called out to the two girls. They moved and scattered around, looking for where that voice came from. They looked and saw a flower, a living talking, breathing flower standing next to Frisk.

"Who are you? More importantly, what do you mean she and Sans are the last?" Adagio asked walking up. Flowey sighed and touched Frisk with his leaf, touching her soft skin.

"Sans already told you...Chara was about to reset our world, and then cleanse it of all humans...That's why they came to this world. It reminded of our so much that they felt they needed to erase this one too...Much blood and dust was shed in the Underground, and Frisk was held captive throughout the genocide run. Chara forced her to see and look at all of the friends Frisk made and killed them in front of her eyes, dust falling onto the ground and destruction in their wake," Flowey said. Adagio and Aria looked at each other.

"So what happened after they...killed everyone?" Adagio asked.

"Chara's run was almost complete; they had all the power...They just needed to kill one more monster in order to achieve perfection," He said.

"Sans," Adagio added in the end. Flowey nodded his petal head.

"But no matter how bad, how difficult, or how impossible it was; Sans stood in their way. Fighting back even though there was no hope of winning; he stood up and stayed determined and strong not just for his friends, but for another he loved as well," Flowey told them as they sat down, listening to Sans heroic story.

"But what happened?" Aria asked. Flowey's face turned pale and grey.

"Chara used San's strength as his weakness, reminding him of the lost ones he will never save, never see again...never love...even Frisk. Eventually, San's soon ran out of fighting spirit after a few reset and runs...Chara knew his every move with each save and load; coming back over, and over, and over again until...they dealt the final blow. After that we were about to head to the kings room, when a portal opened and showed more magic and power was coming form this place," Flowey said.

"So...Magic portal opened here in our world, you and Chara come through, Sans follows suit, and now they are trying to destroy everything we know?" Adagio summed up. Flowey nodded.

"Listen...I know...that Sans doesn't trust me. I wouldn't blame him if he did. I've done things to him that are unforgivable and will forever haunt and scar him; but you girls...You can help him ease his mind and help him," Flowey said. Adagio and Aria both looked at each other and then to the two wounded humans.

"One thing still perplexes me; why would Chara need Frisk to do their work if they're all ready up and about?" Adagio asked.

"Before Chara took physical form, they were a spectrum form...They observed and watched as Frisk ran the Genocide run and was filled with satisfaction. So much that they needed up taking control at the last minuet when Frisk wanted to end it all," Flowey alleged.

"So Frisk here...she...she started the run, and Chara just enforced it when it became too late," She priced the puzzle up.

"Flowey; how do we kill Chara? We need to give them a piece of their own medicine and teach them a lesson," Adagio stated. Flowers eyes widened and was in shocked, his face turning into a devilish smile.

"You idiot, even if you could find a way they are too powerful for you. They already beaten both Sans and your blue friend here, while holding back Frisk for so long and absorbing and killing the people here in this realm; they are too much for just you three, let alone Sans and Frisk, to defeat Chara," Flowey exclaimed. Adagio and Aria both looked at each other and grinned. They turned to Flowey and stood up, staring at Sonata and Frisk. They had a lot thrown at them, being banished, having their magic taken away, taking over half a school for their magic; they smiled.

"Flowey, you obviously don't know about us do you?" She asked. Flowey was a bit confused.

"We are sirens; ancient beings who can whoo anyone with our songs to their doom; and thanks to Sans we have new magic. This time, we won't have to fight alone; we have each other," Aria stated.

"I...i agree with you...all the way...Aria," a small voice broke out. Aria and Adagio looked and saw Sonata waking up, smiling as she slowly opened her eyes and moved bit, her smile giving Aria and Adagio hope and a warm feeling as they ran and embraced their friend.

"Sonata you ass! DOn't...d..don't scare us like that...i..i..," Aria begin to cry.

"Welcome back Sonata dear," Adagio said. Sonata smiled and raised a thumbs up in the air.

" be back," she said. Flowey observed and tilted his head down, staring at Frisk who was still unconscious. He sighed and turned away.

"If you want to know how to beat them; ask Sans, he knowns how to get rid of Chara. You should also ask W.D. Gaster; he's not around, but when he shows himself ask him all you can," He said as he disappeared into the floor, leaving the three girls alone to collect their thoughts and sighing relief that Sonata was awake.

Chapter 9: The Dazzles Reunite

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As Sonata was feeling all right, she sat up on her bed and sighed, looking at her wounds and scars, trembling as she gave a small sigh and took a deep breath in and out. Aria and Adagio sat next to her and comfort her.

" You had us worried Sonata...It looked like you weren't gone make it," Adagio said. Sonata smiled.

"Its..I'm guy's had moved away form your position, i could reach you by cell, and Sans was heading off to you; but by that time that demon showed up and...i...i had to do something," Sonata said. Aria sighed and looked over at Frisk, who was hooked up to the machine, breathing lightly and faintly moaning.

"To think, this kid was forced to watch her friends, family, and innocents die in front of them...must've drove them mad," Aria said as she gently touched her cheek.

"I think it would make anyone mad hun...Even if they're just a kid. Remember what Flowey said; they made the choice themselves, and they were forced to see it to the end," Adagio stated. Aria sighed and looked at the necklace Frisk had over her neck.

"You know what was scary...Sans...i saw the look on his face when you two were fighting...i saw hatred, spite, cold blood instincts...He wanted to kill them," Aria said as she walked to the window. Sonata saw Frisk in the bed next to her and gasp.

" that?" Adagio nodded and calmed Sonata down.

"Yes Sonata...this is Frisk...The child who Chara possessed...They're badly injured like you, however the doctor says that she needs to be hooked up to that life support system in order to survive and doctors are uncertain when she will make a full recovery," Adagio stated.

"Who would have thought they were being forced into killing others. even worse was when that Flower said that they had to watch it all," Aria said. Sonata was shocked and continued to observed the fallen child.

" "But..then again, are we not to blame? I mean, ever since we had our power taken a lot of strange things have been happening around here lately, especially at that school," Sonata alleged. Aria and Adagio nodded.

"My only thought is what is going through Sans mind right now...Its been four hours since he left and he's not back," Adagio said.

" you think he gave up?" Sonata asked. Aria pat her friends shoulder.

"Nah, i'm sure he's just trying to find that Chara kid...which by the way we still need to pay back for what they had done to you," Aria said clenching her fist. Sonata smiled and was shocked.

"A...Aria...y..YOU DO CARE!" She said jumping and hugging her friend out of her bed. Aria, startled and blushing was trying to get her hospital ridden buddy to lay back dow.

"Sonata, rest and stay down...You're not fully healed," Adagio said. Sonata chuckled nervously. As she stepped off Aria a familiar skeleton pop out of thin air and walked beside the three girls.

"Hey there ya doing?" I said as i appeared next to Aria with my hoodie on. They had an expression where they were both happy and frightening at the same time.

"Sans...A...are you okay?" Adagio asked placing a hand on my shoulder. I sighed and walked up to Frisk; gently stroking her cheek and fixing her hair.

"To be honest with you...I'm still feeling a bit on edge. Chara is nowhere to be found and it seems that
their energy is being cloaked," I stated as I sat down next to Frisk. Aria came up beside and looked at them.

"So...this is the kid you meet huh?" She alleged. I nodded my head as I removed my hoodie and brought out a bottle of ketchup.

"Heh, you should have seen their faces when they came to the Undergound for the first time. Especially when i did my particle joke on them," I mentioned. Drinking the ketchup i sighed.

"So Sans...What were they like? Frisk?" Adagio asked.

*sigh*...They were scared, confused, lonely; what many would break down and cry they decided to face it head first. Flowey was the first to greet them in the Underground. They're greeting was...kill or be killed. The next one to meet them was Tori. She was kind, tender hearted, beautiful, amazing; everything a kid would see in a mother. She tried to keep Frisk in the Ruins to save them, only to be SPARED and let them go," I stated. The three gathered around me as i began explaining the stories of their adventure and their encounter with the other monsters in the Undergound.

"So wait...What happened after they freed all the monsters from the Underground?" Aria asked.

"They decided to RESET...Do the run again, but this time, did the run known as Genocide...A route that only a sick freak would do," I stated.

"So the run that they decided to do...that was the one that sent you here to us?" Sonata asked sitting up slowly. Nodding my head and agreeing with her, i drink the last of my ketchup and threw it away sighing as i leaned against the chair.

"Even so; i haven't given up on the kid. I know they're heart is still innocent...Now seeing them in that bed, hooked up to a life support; I should have kept my promise to Tori more seriously...I should have protected them," I stated clenching my fist as my eye glowed a bright blue. Adagio and Aria stood a bit ways away from me as i tried to calm down for a moment and catch my breath.

"...So....What do we do?" Adagio asked. I looked at her with a raised eye socket.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"If they...Chara is still out there we need to stop them fast. Since they do not have Frisk they should be venerable right?" Adagio asked me standing up pointing out a window into some random reaction. I looked at the floor for a bit and sighed standing up and looking at the girls.

"Even if you are correct; they are still more experienced in combat and deadlier than any creature you may have or known in your existence. Trust me, you do not want to underestimate the little devil," I added. Adagio and Aria grinned at me and chuckled.

"Sans; we Sirens have a voice that can literally swoop men and women off their feet and do anything for us. Since you taught us new magic; we can now amplify your powers and help you become stronger as well," She stated.

"Not to mention; we also seem to recall you owing us a favor for helping you and saving your boney ass from the streets," Aria mentioned gloatingly. Sonata smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

"Not to mention you saved us and others from that kid so the least we can do is pay them back dearly," She added as well. Adagio grinned and placed her hands on her hips, leaning one way and looking at me.

"Well Sans...looks like the votes are in and your vote is invalid to object against," She stated. i sighed and glommed my head down.

*"I never said they couldn't help me, nor am i against them,"* I thought to myself before folding my arms and thinking about the possibilities.

"Sans...Let us help you this time. You don't have to do it alone anymore; we got your back!" Adagio stated as she, Aria, and Sonata (for some reason) all posed and looked at their bone head of a friend which is me. I placed my hand over my head scratching it and thinking it over. Adagio is right to begin with. Now that Chara has no control over Frisk; they do not have a hostage to wave around freely like. I turned to Frisk looking at their condition then turned back to the Dazzles and sighed a long deep sigh.

"You may be right Adagio...Now that Frisk is free; they shouldn't be able to SAVE or RESET anymore. Which means we can attack them and take them on differently than before," I stated.

"Sweet...Now we just need to find them. Where are they?" Aria asked. Before I had a chance to speak a familiar face pops out from the wall startling the girls a bit sending them flying to Sonata's positions.

"They are not here anymore," The tall figure stated as he stepped out and manifested himself in front of me. I chuckled and put my hands in my hoodies pocket.

"Gaster...nice to see a face that isn't evil and wants to kill me...again," Gaster turned to me and smiled his devilish grin like he always did. He moved to Frisks position and observed the fallen child.

"Such a fragile creature...You hardly think of them posing a threat," He stated. I manifested a gaster blaster at his back as my eye glowed once more, flickering brighter.

"Why don't ya step away from them and explain why you are," I added. The other girls looked at him then back to me, seeing something of a resemblance between the both of us, but not really sure where or what is was.

"Wait...Dad...who is this guy...or thing Sans?" Adagio asked walking behind me. Gaster turned to Adagio and teleported; disappearing and reappearing right in front of them stroking their cheek with his boney hands.

"Oh, you must be the three girls who have taken care of my son...My name is Wing Dings Gaster. Ex-Head Royal Scientists of the Underground. But me W.D. Gaster or Gaster for short," Gaster stated as he then moved away from the girls, evaporating and appearing in front of me.

"Alright Gaster...want to explain why you are here? I'm too smart to know that when you are around some bad shit is gonna happen or is already happening," I stated, smiling nervously. Gaster knew i was still recovering; he could hit me the others and take Frisk within a heartbeat. Gaster pulled up a chair and sat down, taking his form down a notch to where he had his legs again and looked like one of those monster professors you see in an anime.

" I wanted to tell you that The being called Chara is no longer here in this dimension," Gaster stated. Adagio and Aria walked up next to me, cautiously being on their guard.

"W...what do you mean...They are not here?" Adagio asked. Gaster sighed and rearranged his glasses.

"What I mean is; is that Chara has vanish from this world and has returned to the Underground," He added. The girls seemed relieved and sighed.

"Then..T..thats good right? They can't hurt us or anyone else. Right Sans?" She asked me reassuringly. I sighed and shook my head.

"Nope...its not that easy. Why would they head back to the Underground? THere's enough magic and souls here to level them up even stronger and ten times as powerful than before. Why leave now?" I asked curiously.

" I over-heard the flower one speaking to them...It seems they are heading back to the Laboratory," Gaster added. i took me a while to add the pieces together before realizing what they were about to do.

" can't be...they couldn't have!" I exclaimed. The other girls were a bit confused.

"Sans, if Chara is gone then that means we're safe right?" She asked me. I shook my head and began to hyperventilate.

"That...*pant*..Damned brat! How...why...How much is he gonna take until he is satisfied!?" I shouted, slamming my fist against the wall; which took zero damage. The others looked at me with concern.

"It seems so Sans...They seem to know about the souls and are intent on recovering them," Gaster stated.

"W...what souls...what's going on? SANS, better explain NOW!" Aria exclaimed at me.

"Chara didn't head back to the Underground to retreat...they went to go pick up some stuff," I alleged. the others were still a bit confused.

"What do you mean Sans? Pick up what?" Sonata asked trying to sit up straight. I turned to them with dark blank eye-sockets and a frustrated and scared tone in my voice.

"They went to get the souls of the six. The original Six humans who fell in the Underground before Frisk. The First Humans!" I stated.