• Published 22nd Apr 2016
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The Good, the Bad, and the Megalovaniac - Shy_Guy_Animat0r

Sans thought this was the end for him. However three unlikely characters will change the way Sans views of the world and fill him with the determination to keep going. So hold on to your seats Undertale/Mlp fans; its time to bring out DETERMINATION!!

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Chapter 6: Monsters vs Demon

"How nice of you to show yourself kid. Saves me the trouble of hunting you down," I said. Chara smiled and licked the blood from her blade.

"What can i say; i missed you Smiley Trash Bag," Chara said. Flowey hid behind a trash can observing the fight; making sure he doesn't get in Chara's way.

"Sans, we have to get Sonata out of here," Adagio said to me as she held her friend close. Aria placed her hand on Sonatas chest.

"Her heart's failing fast; she needs medical attention now!" Aria said ripping her shirt and whipping the blood off of her pal.

"Chara...You're DEAD!" I shouted. I shifted my hand and ordered my blaster to fire at their position. However, they simply blocked it with a slash of their blade.

"Really San's...That attack is getting too old," They stated.

"SANS!" Adagio came and ran up to me. I slowly looked at my hands and saw my wound had reopened.

"How pathetic! All that and you're already on the floor?" Chara asked as she laugh.

"Gah...Sans, get up. I'll help out! Aria, get Sonata to a hospital," Adagio ordered. Aria nodded and picked the wounded Sonata up and left the field. After they were out of view, Adagio stood up and faced Chara next.

"Adagio Dazzle: Atk[34] Def[33]...Not even close" Chara stated.

"What the hell is it doing?" She asked. I steadily got up and ready my attack walking up to her side.

"Their checking your status...A thing they do, and it really cheats," I added.

"Heh, it can look at them all it want's; rule one of a fight...NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT!" Adagio said and shouted a very high note at the kid. Surprisingly enough the note was actually harmonic, yet deadly as it carried the kid half way down the street and slammed them into a shop. The kids health bar went down at least 5 points.

"Not...Bad," I added. But i wasn't enough i thought to myself. The kids survived worse. As they got up they simply cracked their neck and sighed as if they were getting bored.

"I think its time i got down to business," They stated. Soon as i blinked they were already behind me and Adagio. I pushed her out of the way and blocked Chara's attack with my bone wall.

"Sans, hold on!" Adagio then stood up and shouted an even longer yet louder note that shattered almost every shops window. The glass breaking mixing with the high pitched sound of her screams was enough to paralyze the kid. I used this as my advantage and threw my attack with a mix of blaster power. It made impact and shattered the kids Hp down 20 points. i smiled and cough up blood again. The next thing i knew my knees were shaking and i fell on the floor.

"*cough*....Dammit!....Haven't...*cough*...properly...*gack*...healed," I uttered. Adagio ran up and placed her hand on my back easing me up. Chara however took a cinnamon roll and ate it, restoring their Hp up.

"Oh now that's cheating!" Adagio stand. Get in line, i said to myself in thought. Chara then stretched their arms and chuckled as if they were now amused.

"Adagio...We need to get out of here," I stated as i glared up and saw the kid walking towards us.

"I've got us covered," She whispered. I looked at her and wondered what she meant by that. Chara pointed out her blade and sent out another wave of knife strikes. I quickly brought up my Gaster head and blocked the attack, however it didn't block the last blade and sliced threw my jacket, barley missing me, but fazing my face.

"Adagio...i have an idea. Sing a song for me," I stated . She looked at me with a confused face seeing as our current situation is dire.

"San's i think right now is hardly the time to-!"

"Just do it!" I shouted. Adagio stood back and sung a harmonic tune that resembled one she and her friends first sang when arriving to the school. As the song began it's melody, it sort of reminded me of when Napstablook and his friends would make mixtapes fro the underground. My heart began to hard and strong as I stood up feeling more energetic and filled with more than DETERMINATION...I was filled with...Friendship...? The song seemed to work because as I was standing I looked over at Chara and they had their ears covered and kneeling on the floor.

"Sans, my song seems to be weakening them! Whatever you have up your sleeve, DO IT NOW!" Adagio shouted. I mounted up on my Gaster Blaster and charged at Chara who looked up and failed to dodge my attack. As I slammed into her I levitated the little devils body up, chucked them across the lot and lighted them up like Samuel L. Jackson on the toilet grenade scene. As the smoke began to clear, Chara wobbled up slightly weak and cough up their own blood for the first time. As I walked over to them and pointed my bone attack to finish them off a faint voice takes over.

"...S...an...Sa...ns...Sans...?" The small faint voice called out. I halted my attack and tremble in place as I recognized that faint innocent voice.

"...Uh...I...It can't...Frisk...?" I asked slowly as I moved them over and saw the cute fragile look of the kid who entered the Underground. As I picked them up I felt their small heart beat and the warmth of their skin.

"Sans...W...why is it so dark...? Is it night?" They asked. I began to cry and hold them tight, trembling as my cries echoed throughout the area.

"San's, we have to...Who...Who is that?" Adagio asked as she walked up cautiously. I turned to her and gave them Frisk as quickly as possible.

"Adagio, take them and head to where Aria is at...I have a feeling things are gonna get...deadly," I said. Adagio hesitated but nodded as she took the kid in her arms. However Frisk's hand grabs my coat and begins to act.

"Sans...Please...be...*cough*...Be careful...*sob*...*cough*...Please...Promise me Sans," Frisk said. My eyes shot wide open as I was reminded of another promise I failed to keep. The promise that I made with Troiel...I clenched my fist and took their hand. I placed my bonny head and bop them on their forehead as I brushed their hair back.

"Don't you worry bout me baby bones...You're Dunkle San's has a bone to pick with someone," I said. I nudged Adagio to go as quickly as possible . Once they were out of sight I sighed and turned around to face the monstrosity known as Chara, who appeared as a specter form.

"Well, well, well...Looks like it's just you and me Sansy," They said as the hovered down and formed their knife, or should I say knives as a wall of different lades appeared right behind them. I dug into my pocket and took out a piece of clothing that I had saved at this point. I took Papy's scarf wrapped it around my faced and my coat as I formed more Gaster blasters and bone wall attacks to my aid.

"Whelp...guess I should say it...It's a beautiful night out tonight. The moon is shining...Owls are howling...On nights like this, kids like you...Should be burning in hell ...," I stated as Chara and I charged head front into each other to continue the long battle that we had not finished.

Author's Note:

"Hey there everyone and everypony! It's Duncle Sans here; letting you know that our story creator is having some trouble with college, but he promises that he will post more chapters soon. Now with that being said, hey Adagio! Is there a place where I could take a break?"

"Well, there is the Sugar Cue Corners..."

*You ask Adagio if she can take you there*

"Where there's is a candy store; THERE'S CHOCOLATE!"

"Hey, get back here you devil!"

"Wait for us Adagio!

"Yeah, I want the taco flavored jelly beans!

"Hold it guy's! I'm a flower! I can't move this fast!"

*You tell Sans that you're going with them*

"Heh, sure kid...Don't let your teeth get...'sweet' now kay?"

*Runs off*.....

"Heh...Whelp, I'm going to...Sugar Cube Corners...? Anyways I'll see ya'll in the next chapter. Stay DETERMINED..." *Teleports away*...