• Published 22nd Apr 2016
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The Good, the Bad, and the Megalovaniac - Shy_Guy_Animat0r

Sans thought this was the end for him. However three unlikely characters will change the way Sans views of the world and fill him with the determination to keep going. So hold on to your seats Undertale/Mlp fans; its time to bring out DETERMINATION!!

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Chapter 9: The Dazzles Reunite

As Sonata was feeling all right, she sat up on her bed and sighed, looking at her wounds and scars, trembling as she gave a small sigh and took a deep breath in and out. Aria and Adagio sat next to her and comfort her.

" You had us worried Sonata...It looked like you weren't gone make it," Adagio said. Sonata smiled.

"Its..I'm sorry...you guy's had moved away form your position, i could reach you by cell, and Sans was heading off to you; but by that time that demon showed up and...i...i had to do something," Sonata said. Aria sighed and looked over at Frisk, who was hooked up to the machine, breathing lightly and faintly moaning.

"To think, this kid was forced to watch her friends, family, and innocents die in front of them...must've drove them mad," Aria said as she gently touched her cheek.

"I think it would make anyone mad hun...Even if they're just a kid. Remember what Flowey said; they made the choice themselves, and they were forced to see it to the end," Adagio stated. Aria sighed and looked at the necklace Frisk had over her neck.

"You know what was scary...Sans...i saw the look on his face when you two were fighting...i saw hatred, spite, cold blood instincts...He wanted to kill them," Aria said as she walked to the window. Sonata saw Frisk in the bed next to her and gasp.

"Is...is that?" Adagio nodded and calmed Sonata down.

"Yes Sonata...this is Frisk...The child who Chara possessed...They're badly injured like you, however the doctor says that she needs to be hooked up to that life support system in order to survive and doctors are uncertain when she will make a full recovery," Adagio stated.

"Who would have thought they were being forced into killing others. even worse was when that Flower said that they had to watch it all," Aria said. Sonata was shocked and continued to observed the fallen child.

" "But..then again, are we not to blame? I mean, ever since we had our power taken a lot of strange things have been happening around here lately, especially at that school," Sonata alleged. Aria and Adagio nodded.

"My only thought is what is going through Sans mind right now...Its been four hours since he left and he's not back," Adagio said.

"Do..do you think he gave up?" Sonata asked. Aria pat her friends shoulder.

"Nah, i'm sure he's just trying to find that Chara kid...which by the way we still need to pay back for what they had done to you," Aria said clenching her fist. Sonata smiled and was shocked.

"A...Aria...y..YOU DO CARE!" She said jumping and hugging her friend out of her bed. Aria, startled and blushing was trying to get her hospital ridden buddy to lay back dow.

"Sonata, rest and stay down...You're not fully healed," Adagio said. Sonata chuckled nervously. As she stepped off Aria a familiar skeleton pop out of thin air and walked beside the three girls.

"Hey there girls...how ya doing?" I said as i appeared next to Aria with my hoodie on. They had an expression where they were both happy and frightening at the same time.

"Sans...A...are you okay?" Adagio asked placing a hand on my shoulder. I sighed and walked up to Frisk; gently stroking her cheek and fixing her hair.

"To be honest with you...I'm still feeling a bit on edge. Chara is nowhere to be found and it seems that
their energy is being cloaked," I stated as I sat down next to Frisk. Aria came up beside and looked at them.

"So...this is the kid you meet huh?" She alleged. I nodded my head as I removed my hoodie and brought out a bottle of ketchup.

"Heh, you should have seen their faces when they came to the Undergound for the first time. Especially when i did my particle joke on them," I mentioned. Drinking the ketchup i sighed.

"So Sans...What were they like? Frisk?" Adagio asked.

*sigh*...They were scared, confused, lonely; what many would break down and cry they decided to face it head first. Flowey was the first to greet them in the Underground. They're greeting was...kill or be killed. The next one to meet them was Tori. She was kind, tender hearted, beautiful, amazing; everything a kid would see in a mother. She tried to keep Frisk in the Ruins to save them, only to be SPARED and let them go," I stated. The three gathered around me as i began explaining the stories of their adventure and their encounter with the other monsters in the Undergound.

"So wait...What happened after they freed all the monsters from the Underground?" Aria asked.

"They decided to RESET...Do the run again, but this time, did the run known as Genocide...A route that only a sick freak would do," I stated.

"So the run that they decided to do...that was the one that sent you here to us?" Sonata asked sitting up slowly. Nodding my head and agreeing with her, i drink the last of my ketchup and threw it away sighing as i leaned against the chair.

"Even so; i haven't given up on the kid. I know they're heart is still innocent...Now seeing them in that bed, hooked up to a life support; I should have kept my promise to Tori more seriously...I should have protected them," I stated clenching my fist as my eye glowed a bright blue. Adagio and Aria stood a bit ways away from me as i tried to calm down for a moment and catch my breath.

"...So....What do we do?" Adagio asked. I looked at her with a raised eye socket.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"If they...Chara is still out there we need to stop them fast. Since they do not have Frisk they should be venerable right?" Adagio asked me standing up pointing out a window into some random reaction. I looked at the floor for a bit and sighed standing up and looking at the girls.

"Even if you are correct; they are still more experienced in combat and deadlier than any creature you may have or known in your existence. Trust me, you do not want to underestimate the little devil," I added. Adagio and Aria grinned at me and chuckled.

"Sans; we Sirens have a voice that can literally swoop men and women off their feet and do anything for us. Since you taught us new magic; we can now amplify your powers and help you become stronger as well," She stated.

"Not to mention; we also seem to recall you owing us a favor for helping you and saving your boney ass from the streets," Aria mentioned gloatingly. Sonata smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

"Not to mention you saved us and others from that kid so the least we can do is pay them back dearly," She added as well. Adagio grinned and placed her hands on her hips, leaning one way and looking at me.

"Well Sans...looks like the votes are in and your vote is invalid to object against," She stated. i sighed and glommed my head down.

*"I never said they couldn't help me, nor am i against them,"* I thought to myself before folding my arms and thinking about the possibilities.

"Sans...Let us help you this time. You don't have to do it alone anymore; we got your back!" Adagio stated as she, Aria, and Sonata (for some reason) all posed and looked at their bone head of a friend which is me. I placed my hand over my head scratching it and thinking it over. Adagio is right to begin with. Now that Chara has no control over Frisk; they do not have a hostage to wave around freely like. I turned to Frisk looking at their condition then turned back to the Dazzles and sighed a long deep sigh.

"You may be right Adagio...Now that Frisk is free; they shouldn't be able to SAVE or RESET anymore. Which means we can attack them and take them on differently than before," I stated.

"Sweet...Now we just need to find them. Where are they?" Aria asked. Before I had a chance to speak a familiar face pops out from the wall startling the girls a bit sending them flying to Sonata's positions.

"They are not here anymore," The tall figure stated as he stepped out and manifested himself in front of me. I chuckled and put my hands in my hoodies pocket.

"Gaster...nice to see a face that isn't evil and wants to kill me...again," Gaster turned to me and smiled his devilish grin like he always did. He moved to Frisks position and observed the fallen child.

"Such a fragile creature...You hardly think of them posing a threat," He stated. I manifested a gaster blaster at his back as my eye glowed once more, flickering brighter.

"Why don't ya step away from them and explain why you are here...dad," I added. The other girls looked at him then back to me, seeing something of a resemblance between the both of us, but not really sure where or what is was.

"Wait...Dad...who is this guy...or thing Sans?" Adagio asked walking behind me. Gaster turned to Adagio and teleported; disappearing and reappearing right in front of them stroking their cheek with his boney hands.

"Oh, you must be the three girls who have taken care of my son...My name is Wing Dings Gaster. Ex-Head Royal Scientists of the Underground. But please....call me W.D. Gaster or Gaster for short," Gaster stated as he then moved away from the girls, evaporating and appearing in front of me.

"Alright Gaster...want to explain why you are here? I'm too smart to know that when you are around some bad shit is gonna happen or is already happening," I stated, smiling nervously. Gaster knew i was still recovering; he could hit me the others and take Frisk within a heartbeat. Gaster pulled up a chair and sat down, taking his form down a notch to where he had his legs again and looked like one of those monster professors you see in an anime.

" I wanted to tell you that The being called Chara is no longer here in this dimension," Gaster stated. Adagio and Aria walked up next to me, cautiously being on their guard.

"W...what do you mean...They are not here?" Adagio asked. Gaster sighed and rearranged his glasses.

"What I mean is; is that Chara has vanish from this world and has returned to the Underground," He added. The girls seemed relieved and sighed.

"Then..T..thats good right? They can't hurt us or anyone else. Right Sans?" She asked me reassuringly. I sighed and shook my head.

"Nope...its not that easy. Why would they head back to the Underground? THere's enough magic and souls here to level them up even stronger and ten times as powerful than before. Why leave now?" I asked curiously.

" I over-heard the flower one speaking to them...It seems they are heading back to the Laboratory," Gaster added. i took me a while to add the pieces together before realizing what they were about to do.

"No...it can't be...they couldn't have!" I exclaimed. The other girls were a bit confused.

"Sans, if Chara is gone then that means we're safe right?" She asked me. I shook my head and began to hyperventilate.

"That...*pant*..Damned brat! How...why...How much is he gonna take until he is satisfied!?" I shouted, slamming my fist against the wall; which took zero damage. The others looked at me with concern.

"It seems so Sans...They seem to know about the souls and are intent on recovering them," Gaster stated.

"W...what souls...what's going on? SANS, better explain NOW!" Aria exclaimed at me.

"Chara didn't head back to the Underground to retreat...they went to go pick up some stuff," I alleged. the others were still a bit confused.

"What do you mean Sans? Pick up what?" Sonata asked trying to sit up straight. I turned to them with dark blank eye-sockets and a frustrated and scared tone in my voice.

"They went to get the souls of the six. The original Six humans who fell in the Underground before Frisk. The First Humans!" I stated.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! Sorry this took so long to publish. Im hitting writers block and college is being a pain. Also, I'm thinking of starting a Animation channel on Youtube so i may have less time writing stories like this but i will put in the effort to add more chapters in them. I just also want to give a huge shout out to my 39 Followers! It may not seem enough for others but it is to me. I love and cherish all the support, criticism, and kindness from all of you guys!

Well; like i said...I will try to upload more chapters in the near future and try to put in some effort into making this story happening. Leave a 👍or a 👎below. Any one helps support my work, leave a comment down below or on any of the chapters so i may know what to edit or what to do in the next one i make. Hope ya'll have a great year and i will see ya guys later!

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