• Published 22nd Apr 2016
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The Good, the Bad, and the Megalovaniac - Shy_Guy_Animat0r

Sans thought this was the end for him. However three unlikely characters will change the way Sans views of the world and fill him with the determination to keep going. So hold on to your seats Undertale/Mlp fans; its time to bring out DETERMINATION!!

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Chapter 3: Magic 101

I know I said that I know a lot about magic...well; I don't. I never did pay attention in school or to Gasters classes. Anyways, if I can just teach them the basics and get them to try to grasp what they need to learn I can call myself a good teacher. As I walked down the hall I place a soda can on the kitchen counter and sat on the side lines. The other three looked at it then backed at me, a bit confused...scratch that, they were totally perplexed at the situation.

"Uh...Sans sir? I know you said you help us but...," Sonata nervously rubbed her arms. I sighed and pointed at the can.

"It's simple...levitate that can," I said to them. they looked at me with doubtful faces.

"You want us to levitate a can?" Aria asked. I scoffed.

"No, I expect you to hit it...what else do you think?" I said sarcastically. Sonata walked up first and stared at the can. Leaning forward she looked so focused and concentrated at the thing that her head literally started to sweat and her eyes began to widen and water up. I was trying my best not to laugh but this girl was killing me! I walked beside her and pushed her aside.

"I...I cant...*pant*...do it...," She said out of breath. I smiled and held out my hand. As I did my left eye, as usual, glowed and a blue mist formed around my hand. As I focused in the object I began spinning it around them and flying through the house. The others looked at me with awe as they saw me do something they could've done.

"But...How did you...how?" Sonata asked in shock.

"You have to concentrate...feel the channel of magic coming through your-!" Before I had a chance to explain I was interrupted by three answers.

"Mind?" Adagio started off

"Stomach?" Aria added.

"Fist?" Sonata said after....I just stared at them and my head dropped bit from their answers...They have a long way to go. I placed the can down and brushed off my sleeves. I then walked up to Sonata and placed her back in position

"It's the soul...you see; us monsters have the same magic properties as you. It's just our soul manifests that energy and helps us release it at whim. How our soul reflects on us inside the magic power is released outside. You just need to concentrate, but you also have to let go as well. Feel it coming from deep within your soul and then when you think it's at the right amount...unleashed it!" I exclaimed and out of no where threw a bone at the can causing it to flip and fall on the floor. Sonata began to squeal and jump up and down.

"Oh...oh...oh...Me next...me next!" She said as she stepped right up again. She held out her hand and refocused on the can. She began to sweat a bit and struggle again. I stepped up by her side and placed my hand on her shoulder.

"Remember...focus on your soul...your soul is the key to unlocking the power," I said. Sonata took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Placing her hand out once more she began to take more deep breaths...

"I need to concentrate...feel it in my soul...feel it...feel," She whispered to herself. I have to admit I didn't think this would work, until the girls began to stager in shock and scream

"SONATA, SONATA LOOK!" Adagio shouted. Sonata opened her eyes and looked behind her at her friends.

"What...what is it!?" She exclaimed. Aria placed her hand on her head and turned her to the counter. There Sonata was actually doing it! A dark blue color aura was levitating the can and her hand was the same color. She then was overflowed with joy and excitement as she jump up and down in place...I smiled and placed my hands in my pockets.

"See...what I tell you? It worked," I said. Sonata dropped the can and then hugged me tightly again. But
this time I felt something...something I haven't felt in a long time...I felt warm...comfortable....even happy. I couldn't resist and hugged back.

"Okay; stand aside boneheaded! It's my turn!" Aria said. I nodded and placed the can back on the counter and stepped back.

"Follow what Sonata did...concentrate and let it go," I said. Aria closed her eyes and held out her hand. She began to tremble and sweat too. She then collapsed and slammed her fist on the floor.

"Dammit!" She shouted. I walked up and helped her up.

"...Here's an idea, use your hatred. Sometimes some monsters; not that I'm calling you ones; have to use their emotions to fill their gauge with whatever they need to cast spells or stuff. Try that," I said. Aria looked back at the can and held her hand up. She began to concentrate again, that is until Sonata started to pester her.

"You can do it Aria! I did to, it's a bit hard so just-!"

"OMG Sonata, will you shut up! I'm trying to CONCENTRATE!" She shouted and with out warning the can was suddenly picked up and thrown across the room. Sonata ducked in time and so did Adagio. Aria was shocked and looked ta her hands.

'Whelp...That's one way of doing it," I said. Aria smiled and clenched her fist. Next up was their leader; Adagio. As she came forward she was a bit hesitate at first.

"Sans I...I don' know...We kind of gambled that we can use magic again but...," She tilt her head down. I placed my hand on her and picked her face up.

"I know how you feel...Papyrus was like this too," I said. They looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"Papyrus...?" Sonata asked. I sighed and looked out the window.

"...My little brother. He was the second to fall to the humans hand...I never understand why they did it but...," I stopped mid sentence.

"How could they what...?" Aria asked. I walked up to the window and sighed as my hand was against my face.

"How could they...how could they take him from me," I said clenching my hand. The three looked at me and saw that they weren't the only ones suffering.

"We...we're sorry for asking," Adagio said. I lowered my shoulders and sighed again.

"Adagio; when you and your friends think you have it worse...just know as long as you guys have each other, it's you against the world...<" I said. Hearing what I said made the girls think and looked at each other. They may have lost their magic; but in the end they wee still together. Adagio looked back at the can and focused her mind onto it. Surprisingly she didn't sweat, but as she held out her hand I sensed a strange presence coming form her soul.

"He's right; I may have lost my magic, and so have the others; but we're still together and as long as they are with me I will protect them!" Adagio thought to herself. As she did she not only lifted the can but summoned a...some sort of fish horse head skull that began to lit up the room. Aria and Sonata both ducked down not knowing what was going to happen. Adagio then threw the can out the window, followed by a charging up sound and a blaster fire aimed at that direction. As she feel on the ground she rubbed her head and looked. The girls eyes widened as they saw what their leader had done. I was able to open the window before anything else happened.

"...I...I guess that concludes the tutorial lesson," I said.

***** ****** ******

"And I said, screw that! I'm a gonna get drunk when I want; whenever I want," A random diamond thug announced at a dim lit park bench with his pals.

"Those uptight civilians think they're so better than us," Another stated. As they began to smoke one of them called out to the others.

"Hey; are they're supposed to be any kids here?" He asked. The others looked at him with confused faces.

"No way dude...this park is scary at night. Reason why we are here, and no kid ain't," The other laugh.

"Well who the heck its that kid then?" The others tuned their heads and saw what looked like a small child standing in the spot light of the lamp post. the three were a bit hesitated at first until the kid spoke.

"Excuse me sirs...can you tell me where the city is? I lost my way," the child asked. one of the thugs walked up and placed his hand on their head.

"Why certainly; who are you anyways kid?" The man asked. The child was then silent . The othes walked up and stood around the child.

"Hey are you deaf? WHO ARE YOU KI-!" Suddenly a swift blade was delivered to all three of them. As the blood gushed out and poured onto the ground the kid then absorbed some kind of essences and sighed. Flowey came up behind them and smiled.

"I told you...these beings are filled with magic," He said. Chara sipped the blood off and brushed off his jacket.

"Not exactly Flowey; these beings are filled with not just magic, but with souls as well...The more I feed the more stronger I become...How are you holding up Frisk?" They asked. Frisk was still silent in the dark part of Chara's mind and still chained up. Chara smiled and turned to Flowey.

"By the way, I found something quite interesting. I learned that a certain group of 'friends' have magic abilities that are powerful enough to erase darkness," He said. Chara stared at him and smiled devilishly.

"Well then by all means...Tell me about these friends," Chara said as the moonlight soon faded away into darkness by the clouds. Chara knew that Sans was getting strong by the minute and he needed to get stronger than him.

[Meanwhile back at the house]....

Adagio was jumping up and down with the others as they soon discovered that their magic was back. I smiled and walked into the living room to sleep. As I exit the kitchen though Sonata grabbed me by the arms and hugged me again, this time the others did as well. I would be lying if I didn't said this was nice....but it was. I decided to let them embrace me again as they let me go steadily.

"Now that was awesome!" Aria stated.

"We have our magic back!" Sonata said with glee.

"We have you to thank for that Sans. You really helped us," She said. I chuckled and shrugged my shoulders.

"It was nothing...but...*yawn*...I think I'm gonna sleep," I said. The others were upset.

"You're going to sleep? We should celebrate!" Sonata said I shook my head.

"Nah; you guy's have fun, I'm going to fall," I said. The girls nodded and went to the other room to celebrate. I feel onto the couch and got comfortable. Sonata looked at me weirdly as she exited the room.

"Don't you want to sleep on a bed?" She asked me. I waved my hand in a polite negative gesture and let sleep overtake me. Laying on the couch reminded me of Snowdin, how I would read Papyrus a bedtime story and fall asleep on the couch afterwards. I smiled and slowly closed my eyes as sleep overtook me and plunged me into dream land. I knew that Chara was still alive and I needed to find them before they hurt anyone else in this world.