• Published 22nd Apr 2016
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The Good, the Bad, and the Megalovaniac - Shy_Guy_Animat0r

Sans thought this was the end for him. However three unlikely characters will change the way Sans views of the world and fill him with the determination to keep going. So hold on to your seats Undertale/Mlp fans; its time to bring out DETERMINATION!!

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Chapter 4: The Hunt Begins!

Now that the girls can summon their magic again, I could focus on resting a bit. Been too long since I had a proper nap and that sofa remind me a lot of Snowdin. As my mind drifted through dream land I appeared in a dark room. It was a bit void, no signs of life, literally.

"Well, this is certainly a 'dark' moment," I said to myself. I couldn't but help laugh at my own joke and looked around. Wherever I was, it was worth taking a walk for. I moved a coupe of feet when all of a sudden I heard a faint voice call me out.

"Sans....," The voice calls. I turned around and saw nothing though. I rubbed my head and thought it was just my imagination. As I continued to walk I heard it again. This time it was more direct.

"Sans...can you not hear me? I've been trying to reach you...," The voice alleged. I soon realized who's voice I was hearing. I turned around and saw a tall dark figure, wearing a long shadow robe that was oozing a bit. He was a skeleton like me except he had lines coming up and down from his eye sockets and holes in his hands. I smile and extended my hand.

"Hey there Gaster, sorry if I was silent," I said. The old skeleton smiled and bean to static a bit but was able to walk beside me.

"Yes, it has been a long time hasn't it Sans," He said. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Whelp, some things happened and I kind of got mixed up in a lot of problems. One of them is that the human we found, turned out to be a massive genocidal monster," I said. Gasters eyes narrowed in confusion.

"The...Human...? Is that why I wasn't able to call on Papyrus or any other monsters around the underground?" He asked. I sighed.

"Yeah; sorry G....They're all gone. I tried my best but the human ended up getting me too...That was until I was saved by more humans," I said. His eyes opened up and was surprised.

"More humans?" He asked.

"Yeah, turns out there's another dimension where magic and humans exist as well and I'm currently having three help me find that kid," I said. Gaster walked ahead of me thinking about my situation.

"So what you're telling me is that you can still use magic?" He asked. I nodded a bit.

"Not that much, trying to focus healing my wounds," I said. Gaster then walked a bit and paced back and forth thinking about the situation before asking me another question.

"Can you still perform the Magma ray blast?" He asked me. I chuckled.

"No G...that's not what they're called, The called the...Gaster Blasters!" I said blissfully. He looked at me with a raise eye. I chuckled and placed my jazzed hands in my pockets. "i don't know; i haven't ever thought about it," I said. He scratched his smooth head and continued to talk.

"As I was saying; you seem to have gotten a bit stronger now, have you?" He asked me. I clenched my bone like fist and placed them back into my pockets.

"yeah; that kid really did me in good. It's a shame I didn't finish them off quicker," I said.

"It isn't your fault Sans...Their determination was strong. It was only a matter of time before they could hit you," He stated. I sighed and rubbed my neck.

"Why are you here Gaster...?" I asked as I saw him slowly walking towards his desk. He simply turned around and gave me three vials filled with a red like substance.

"I held onto these in case if I ever need to help you or Papyrus, but now it seems that you must takes these," He said. I took the vials and studied them closely. I suddenly realized what it was he gave me.

"Gaster...these are-!" Before I had a chance to explain he simply raise his hand and shut me up for a second.

"You must wake up now Sans, I have a feeling your new friends will need your help, as much as you need theirs," He said. And with that he simply snapped his fingers and instantly vanish. Me however; the last thing I remembered was falling on t eh ground and slamming my head onto the floor. I groaned as I got up steadily and scratched my head. I looked in my hands and soon found the three vials he gave me. What was I supposed to do with these I wondered. I stood up and looked around and saw I was still in the living room, but in the next room I smelled breakfast being made. I sighed and walked over. (turn Gaster theme off)

As I walked in I was soon met with three cheerful faces who were already trying out their abilities while making their breakfast.

"Oh, Sans...Good morning," Sonata said to me as I walked in. I smiled and waved my hand as I sat down next to Aria. I yawned as I saw the girls all excited about today.

"What's the smiles for?" I asked as I grabbed a bottle of ketchup and drank it. Adagio turned to me and placed a paper on the counter. I bend over and read the Colom. I swear this was stuff that Alphy's would read if she and Undyne were around.

"Did ya hear? Apparently there has been a new killer on the streets. The papers said it's already taken four captives already and seems to only appear at night on eerie roads," Adagio stated. I looked at the headline and sighed.



I observed the papers and saw that the three had been not just killed. They were diced up like tomato's on a plate of spaghetti sauce.

"What makes you think I'm interested?" I asked. I took another sip of ketchup. Sonata pointed at a certain detail that I over read.

"Hear this part. 'When authorities have arrived on the scene the bodies were examined closely and to a surprise the bodies out of the blue vanished into dust!,' Sonata read. I nearly spilled the sauce all over me as I heard the news.

"What....what did you say?" I asked her. Adagio looked at me in concern.

"Sans, how do you know of this?" She asked. I sighed and decided to let them in on another secret.

"When the kid was killing all of the monsters in the Underground, they weren't just creating a genocide, they were also gaining Lv. and Exp.," I said.

"Lv...and Exp... like in games?" Aria asked. I nodded.

"They're in fact acronyms...Lv.; stand for love, which means Level Of ViolencE, and Exp... stands for Execution points... The more they gained the more powerful they become. eventually they almost had me and they would be at lv. 20," I said. The girls looked at me with a bit of curiosity.

"So...what you're saying is...?" Sonata asked half way before I answered her question

"If these murders are indeed the kid; then they're going to start what they did in the Underground. Only this time, what you girls tell me is that this land has magic; they might as well become a god and erase everything here, and then the next," I said. The others stood up and looked determined.

"Alright, what do we do?" Adagio asked me. I looked at her with confusion.

"What do you mean 'we'?" I asked. They others laughed and smiled.

"You didn't think you would handle this by yourself? Besides, you're still healing are you not?" Sonata asked me. I actually rubbed my ribs a bit and noticed it was taking a bit long for me to heal up. I sighed and smiled.

"Alright, I'll let you help me, but you're only going to help me search for them, fighting is out of the question; got it?" I asked. the others nodded and clapped their hands.

"Where should we start?" Adagio asked. I l observed the papers and the news, if we want to catch a killer we have to go to the last place they were heard or seen.

"We'll split up: Adagio and Aria, you'll head to the scene of the first murder, Sonata you're with me. We'll head to the highest place here and see if we can do some reconnaissance,"I stated. Sonata looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Do what now?" She asked.

"He means to be on look out," Adagio stated.

"Any reason why?" Aria asked.

"Think about it...We go poking our heads around into something that doesn't concern normal people like you or things like me. Say if someone was to follow or catch wind of what we're doing they'll hit you hard," I said.

"I see...Be our eyes in the sky; less the murder child gets us," Adagio said.

Exactly, now c'mon...we got a murderer to chase," I said as i picked up my hoodie and headed for the door. Having friends like these are what Pap would want; too bad he's gone. As the girls exit out, i decided to stick to the shadows and observed from a inconspicuous. I had to find Chara. They caused so much pain, suffering...death. I can't let that happen to this world, but what i was really worried about was Frisk...Why kid..? Why did you reset and become a killer? But i also know that they were lost and i was going to find them and bring them back, even if i meant that i had to drag Chara to hell myself.

Author's Note:

"Hey, sorry this was so long to publish yet somewhat short...College and work have been a pain in the ass...But i would like it if you can help me out. If you can give me some story ideas or some interesting scenes to make, i'll add teem and see if i could use them in this story. sorry for the wait again...But this time i'll stay DETERMINED to finish this story even if it takes me forever. Thanks to those who are supporting this and followers i would like to thank you as well for your help in making my stories; have a nice day and as always; stay DETERMINED!!!