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The Good, the Bad, and the Megalovaniac - Shy_Guy_Animat0r

Sans thought this was the end for him. However three unlikely characters will change the way Sans views of the world and fill him with the determination to keep going. So hold on to your seats Undertale/Mlp fans; its time to bring out DETERMINATION!!

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Chapter 8: A Flowers Redemption

"SHIT!SHIT!SHIT!" Chara shouted, slamming some bins and glass bottles in an abandon warehouse on the docks of the city district of the world. Flowey silently stood behind some brick pillars, observing Chara going through their breakdown. The demon child soon looked into the cracked mirror and took a few deep breathes. Looking at her soul she still had part of Frisk's determination, so that was good at least.

"Ch...Chara?" Flowey calmly asked his over-depressed child. Chara sighed and turned to Flowey with the look of death itself.

"What.Do.You.Want.Flowey?" They asked as they fixed themselves up. Flowey hesitantly moved a few more steps to Chara .

"You know...you can always reset...make it brand new," He replied. Chara laugh and looked at him.

"Flowey...in case you forgot...I DON'T HAVE A SOUL!" She shouted, sending Flowey a few steps back away from them. Flowey quickly stood up and fixed himself, shaking in fear for a bit.

"But...Sans...He still has some of his determination powers with him...And he was even wounded the last time we saw him. So it could be possible," Flowey said nervously chuckling. Chara thought for a bit, running her knife against the wall, and heading to some unlucky victims who were tied up and chained to a wall.

"You could be right Flowey...the magic her is that much the same back in the Underground...Maybe...there is a way...Wait here...and don't screw up!" They stated as they opened a portal with a stroke of their weapon and jumped through leaving Flowey alone. As Flowey looked left and right he sighed and decided to do something. Chara was talking about reseting the world to make it better for them; they did not say anything about fusing two different dimensions together. Even Smily Trash Bag knew what Flowey was thinking. He sighed and decided it was time to pay some people a visit.

*** **** ***
[Canterlot Hospital, May 12, 2:00 a.m.]

As Adagio, and Aria stood by Sonata and Frisk so many questions ran through their minds. So many unanswered problems ever since Sans had come into their life. Aria looked at Sonata and Frisk and sighed.

"Adagio...Can i talk to you?" Aria asked. Adagio looked up, her eyes still red from the tears she shed moments ago.

"What is it Aria darling?" She asked.

"Do you think this is us? I mean, we've never stuck our necks for anyone let alone ourselves; yet When Sonata was hurt and injured I...I felt...weird...Like someone ram my chest with a spear," She alleged sitting down next to the fallen in their bed.

"I know Aria...I felt it too...Ever since Sans came into our life it has been...wild," She said gently rubbing Sonatas hand as the machine beep showing her pulses. Aria sat down next to Frisk, observing the little tramp that got caught into the crossfire.

"You sure we can trust this one? I'm not even sure if she is the reason why Sonata is like this," Aria stated looking at the defenseless child. Adagio sighed.

"It's not up for debate Aria...Sans told us to watch after them and that is what we will do," Adagio said as she fixed her hair.

"But we don't even know much about Sans or this kid for that matter really well! Why should we stick our neck out for either of them?" She alleged.

"It's because Sans and Frisk are the last," a voice called out to the two girls. They moved and scattered around, looking for where that voice came from. They looked and saw a flower, a living talking, breathing flower standing next to Frisk.

"Who are you? More importantly, what do you mean she and Sans are the last?" Adagio asked walking up. Flowey sighed and touched Frisk with his leaf, touching her soft skin.

"Sans already told you...Chara was about to reset our world, and then cleanse it of all humans...That's why they came to this world. It reminded of our so much that they felt they needed to erase this one too...Much blood and dust was shed in the Underground, and Frisk was held captive throughout the genocide run. Chara forced her to see and look at all of the friends Frisk made and killed them in front of her eyes, dust falling onto the ground and destruction in their wake," Flowey said. Adagio and Aria looked at each other.

"So what happened after they...killed everyone?" Adagio asked.

"Chara's run was almost complete; they had all the power...They just needed to kill one more monster in order to achieve perfection," He said.

"Sans," Adagio added in the end. Flowey nodded his petal head.

"But no matter how bad, how difficult, or how impossible it was; Sans stood in their way. Fighting back even though there was no hope of winning; he stood up and stayed determined and strong not just for his friends, but for another he loved as well," Flowey told them as they sat down, listening to Sans heroic story.

"But what happened?" Aria asked. Flowey's face turned pale and grey.

"Chara used San's strength as his weakness, reminding him of the lost ones he will never save, never see again...never love...even Frisk. Eventually, San's soon ran out of fighting spirit after a few reset and runs...Chara knew his every move with each save and load; coming back over, and over, and over again until...they dealt the final blow. After that we were about to head to the kings room, when a portal opened and showed more magic and power was coming form this place," Flowey said.

"So...Magic portal opened here in our world, you and Chara come through, Sans follows suit, and now they are trying to destroy everything we know?" Adagio summed up. Flowey nodded.

"Listen...I know...that Sans doesn't trust me. I wouldn't blame him if he did. I've done things to him that are unforgivable and will forever haunt and scar him; but you girls...You can help him ease his mind and help him," Flowey said. Adagio and Aria both looked at each other and then to the two wounded humans.

"One thing still perplexes me; why would Chara need Frisk to do their work if they're all ready up and about?" Adagio asked.

"Before Chara took physical form, they were a spectrum form...They observed and watched as Frisk ran the Genocide run and was filled with satisfaction. So much that they needed up taking control at the last minuet when Frisk wanted to end it all," Flowey alleged.

"So Frisk here...she...she started the run, and Chara just enforced it when it became too late," She priced the puzzle up.

"Flowey; how do we kill Chara? We need to give them a piece of their own medicine and teach them a lesson," Adagio stated. Flowers eyes widened and was in shocked, his face turning into a devilish smile.

"You idiot, even if you could find a way they are too powerful for you. They already beaten both Sans and your blue friend here, while holding back Frisk for so long and absorbing and killing the people here in this realm; they are too much for just you three, let alone Sans and Frisk, to defeat Chara," Flowey exclaimed. Adagio and Aria both looked at each other and grinned. They turned to Flowey and stood up, staring at Sonata and Frisk. They had a lot thrown at them, being banished, having their magic taken away, taking over half a school for their magic; they smiled.

"Flowey, you obviously don't know about us do you?" She asked. Flowey was a bit confused.

"We are sirens; ancient beings who can whoo anyone with our songs to their doom; and thanks to Sans we have new magic. This time, we won't have to fight alone; we have each other," Aria stated.

"I...i agree with you...all the way...Aria," a small voice broke out. Aria and Adagio looked and saw Sonata waking up, smiling as she slowly opened her eyes and moved bit, her smile giving Aria and Adagio hope and a warm feeling as they ran and embraced their friend.

"Sonata you ass! DOn't...d..don't scare us like that...i..i..," Aria begin to cry.

"Welcome back Sonata dear," Adagio said. Sonata smiled and raised a thumbs up in the air.

"Good....to be back," she said. Flowey observed and tilted his head down, staring at Frisk who was still unconscious. He sighed and turned away.

"If you want to know how to beat them; ask Sans, he knowns how to get rid of Chara. You should also ask W.D. Gaster; he's not around, but when he shows himself ask him all you can," He said as he disappeared into the floor, leaving the three girls alone to collect their thoughts and sighing relief that Sonata was awake.

Author's Note:

"Sorry this is so late; College is such a b*tch and f*ck it all! Anyway's i'll try to upload new chapters a sit comes and goes, and sorry if this is too short; i'm lacking ideas and may need some help; give me some props on what to make the next chapters about on; thanks and see ya dudes next time!"

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