• Published 22nd Apr 2016
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The Good, the Bad, and the Megalovaniac - Shy_Guy_Animat0r

Sans thought this was the end for him. However three unlikely characters will change the way Sans views of the world and fill him with the determination to keep going. So hold on to your seats Undertale/Mlp fans; its time to bring out DETERMINATION!!

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They said death is quick and painless. Well; they are right about one thing, it is. However one particular creature never thought it would come from a little runt who just took him out with his determination. In the Halls of Judgment two beings had finished their fight; one dying the other victorious.

I never thought it would end like this...I thought I could bring them down, that I could change the Underground for the better. Guess I was wrong about that, and now I'm paying for hat mistake with my life; literally. I placed my hand on my chest and formed a crooked smile.

“G…Guess this is it…huh kid…? Well, don’t say I warned ya…," I stated as I; Sans the Skeleton fell on my knees coughing up blood from my defeat. The kid laughs as they walked up to me grinning with success.

"Sooner or later we knew your guard would be dropped...but after 299 Resets? Man, you're one naïve skeleton," They replied to me. I chuckled and stared at them.

"What...happened...Kid, where did that loving....caring...*cough*...soul...go too...?" I grunted in pain. The child laughs maliciously.

"You mean Frisk? I took care of that pipsqueak from the get go, and now nothing can stop me from erasing both worlds," Chara said as they spun around with arms extended like it was raining money. I cough up more blood and manage to sit up a bit.

"You know...kid...I...I will stop you...no...someone else will," I said. Chara smiled and brushed their hand against my face.

“You were always a slacker…and too predictable in the end...Goodbye Sans,” Chara said as they walked off into the next part of the Judgment Hall. I got up and managing a grin as I steadily but wobbly walked out of the room. The kid finally got me; but then again that’s what happens when your attacks become predictable after a few Resets. As I walked out my vision began to blur, my hands shook with fear; blood and tears filled my eye sockets as I exit the building overlooking the rest of the Underworld.

“Whelp…I’m going to Grillbys…Papyrus…Do…you…want…anything?” I asked as I fell on the ground motionless and ready to accept my defeat…That was until I heard a voice coming from a nearby portal ahead of me. I looked up and saw an unusual figure walking into it. At first I thought it was Papyrus leading me, but turns out it was the kid. They didn't manage to see me yet they somehow saw the portal. Guess they got done fighting Asgor. Where ever that portal went to the kid seemed drawn to it, and I know it wasn't a good reason. using whatever strength I had left I got up and started to head off to the portal. The kid went through first with a devilish grin on their faces.

"Heh...sorry Papyrus...guess...I'll have...to meet up....with you...later," I said. As I reached my hand out I assume the portal would let me through; instead it sucked my arm in like it was drawn to me. The next thing I knew was my entire body was pulled in. The portal felt stinging, almost like a thousands bees jabbing me with their stingers all over my body, or the time Papyrus tried to get me to move my sock. Either way the pain was unbearable...But then again I had a gashed across my chest so it couldn't get any worse. I closed my eyes, curled up and braced for whatever the hell I was being dragged into.

********* ******** *********

"Adagio, do we have to eat here?" Aria asked as she covered her head with her hoodie.

"We don't have any choice...Since we lost our magic; we have to find a way to survive," Adagio said. The three stood in silence as the waiter brought out their food.

"Here is your order," The man said as he handed them three pancakes, two waffles and a side of...Tacos. The three grabbed their food and began to eat.

"Well just have to make do with what we got...Until then we must remain low," Adagio said. Aria grunted at that sentence.

"I'm just still upset that we lost to a bunch of losers," Aria stated as she filled her face. Sonata swallowed her Tacos and managed a smile.

"Well, it ain't all bad...I mean; we still have each other," She said. The three did smiled at that part. As long as they were together what could go wrong? Well; they wished that if it wasn't for the bright ray of light that shinned a couple blocks down from where the were at. The three ran out and observed the light as it began to fade.

"What...what was that?" Sonata asked worriedly as she bit another part of her taco.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling we should go to it," Adagio said as she started to run off.

"Adagio, wait!" Aria shouted as she ran after her. Sonata looked ta the waiter and chuckled as she three down some money and ran off to catch up with her friends. As they ran to the area they saw a shadow walking out of the alley way coming into view. IT was a short...skeleton with a blue hoodie black shorts and slippers; but the worst part was that he was injured!

"Hey, are you okay?" Sonata asked as she ran up and grabbed him.

"who the heck is he...what the heck is he?" Aria asked. Adagio took a closer look at him and noticed the scar.

"Whoever he is; he needs help. Lets bring him back to our place," She said. The others nodded and grabbed both ends of his arms. The creature groaned a bit, Sonata lowered her ear and asked.

"What was that>" She asked. The creature lean up to her ear and whispered.

"...The name...is...Sans...," He said. Sonata, Aria and Adagio all looked at him and decided to hold the formalities after he was patched up and well. What the three didn't know was that this time they were going to have to add another head into their little group. Only this head would be a bit strange...but he might be able to help them, and in return help him with his problem.

Author's Note:

know it may seem short but I needed a Prologue to the story before we can get into the main event.
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