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Hello! I am an aspiring fanfiction author and have begun to start writing MLP fanfics. I am a fairly new writer so any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is helpful!


Hiatus · 10:18am January 3rd

Hello, my fellow writers and readers. If you are reading this, then that means I'm going on a short break. So much is getting in my way that I have neglected my two best crossover series and I apologize for that. I will get to adding new chapters and more content into my stories; but as you may guess, writers have blocks they need to break down. So, until then I may only ad a few words here and there and chapters there and yonder. I have many other great ideas for other stories, but I must find

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A message from our protagonist · 5:59am Nov 10th, 2015

Hey there, the names Sans...Sans the Skeleton. As you may know the infamous story "The Good, the Bad and the Megalomaniac" is currently in production and will be posting new chapters in the near future...However, my partner is having trouble with college and could really use your help.

Are you sure smiley trash bag? He seems to be doing great at failing...

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Going on Hiatus for a little While · 3:06pm Mar 14th, 2014

Hey guys, just letting you know that for a short while, I won't have access to my account. I've got some things I need to finish as far as school is concerned, but don't worry, I'll be working on all my stories. Also, for those of you that were planning stuff with me, just hold on please. I'll be back before you know it :pinkiehappy:

Thanks everypony! Alonsy!

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19 Followers in a month. · 1:55am Feb 28th, 2014

HOLY CELESTIA!!!!! I've only been on here for like what, only three months and i got 19 followers!?!?!!?I want to than each and every one of you, especially Black Rock Shooter who was my first, and Vengeful Spirit as my second!!! THANKS !!!!

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