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Sombra may have had a point. I do live in my sister's shadow. Does she deserve such praise. It was I after all who defeated Sombra, and she could not have possibly defeated Discord on her own. I am her equal if nothing else. So why does she recieve praise and adoration, and I neglect?

Make sure you see Fall of the Crystal Empire before reading.

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The Frontier was a dangerous place. The Militia had the hearts and minds of the citizenry, and we were outsiders. I wanted to help keep them safe from what would harm them. As a pilot, I was in the best possible position to do just that. I could never have imagined where that threat would come from.
Crossover with Titanfall.

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Thestrals, known colloquially as 'Bat Ponies', have deep roots in Equestria. However, before they became fully integrated into our own society, they dwelled in a mysterious land, not known to normal ponies, known as Nocturna. Though it's history is brief, and often tumultuous, knowing the history of this lost land it is nonetheless vital to understanding our current state of affairs.
Before Reading, I ask that you first go back to Legacy and Nocturna Eternal. These are essential to understanding where this history ultimately leads.

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It takes determination, heart and dedication in order to ascend to Nighthawk Captain. Despite my love for my country, I see it crumbling before my very eyes, and the Princess simply can't make the decisions she needs to. I will not see my nation die. I'll do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of our race, of our nation.

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I didn't know much of the world outside my hometown. Why would I? We in Trottsdam took care of each other. At Canterlot Magic Academy, I learned about more than just magic and lore. I pushed the boundaries of pony magic, and now I need to be responsible for it.

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Memories are precious. A portal to the past where we can relive moments of joy, and learn from our mistakes. Now imagine they're gone. You've lost your home, your knowledge, yourself. This is what happened to Starry Night, who awoke in a cave with no recollection of who she was or how she got there. She needs to find a way to answer her questions, and reclaim her identity.

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