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"It has been one week since it happened...

One week since my life changed forever...

The nightmares haunt me every night...

I need to get away...

I need to escape...

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Seems a bit rushed, especially in the exposition of what Scootaloo is seeing as she wakes up and starts moving around outside. But you've definitely captured my interest. I'll keep an eye on this one.

I like it. Carry on.

Too rushed, but I'm going to thumbs up and favorite.
P.S. Maybe you can read my story, "My Day In Ponyville"

Like others have said, it was a bit quick, but I wont fault you for that, it's your first fic. So far you have my attention, I'll toss this in my favs so I can see what develops. Keep up the good work!

I guess you already know who I am :rainbowwild:
Anyways, I liked the story so far, keep it up... You just won a like good sir :moustache:

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