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Allen H

I am still a newbie to to FIM world, but slowly learning about the world of FIM. Currently i am slowly writing an Non-MIP story, but considering to give one a try.


Silver Tongue, a mare Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle found unconscious in their clubhouse during a weekiy CMC meeting, has no clue were she is. In fact the Equestria she woke up in doesn't even seem like the one she was born in. Though helpful advice, and caring words, she tries putting her past behind her as she learns to accept her new life... but she hopes her "Secret" will not be exposed to those she just became friends with. As well as a shadow that threatens her new found home.

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interesting first chapter.
I now await for more. :twilightsmile:


Thanks, I should be able to get the next chapter up within a week or two. Really pushing myself for it, due to that this story is the first story of my Silver Rune Tongue :pinkiehappy:

sorry I didn't keep up to my promise. I have been distracted. I did work on the new chapter...just need to write the rest..

Yo, Allen, what ever happened to this story?:fluttershysad:

Basicly I saw that my Alicorn was a big no no. Though I should re write this and make it better, but I seem to work better with things not trapped in lines of what i'm allowed to do.

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