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Long time brony


I'm not a particularly special dude. Just a musician trying to make ends meet. But one evening I wind up meeting someone whom I thought was totally fictional. That character is Vinyl Scratch, but guess what? She's not a pony, but somehow had been turned into a human! She tells me her tale and I make it my job to help her regain her confidence as a musician.

(Marked 'teen' for language and some adult themes. I've seen plenty of 'pony becomes human'-style stories but I haven't really found any that involves everyone's favorite DJ, so I thought I'd try my hand at it. Also: A big thanks to bats for the cover art!)

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Longmont may be a small or mid-sized city

It should be maybe.

“Okay, well until I can sort things out I like to take you to my place

It should be 'would like'.

there aren’t many out there that any of us know of what want to be a part of a committed project

It should 'that want'.

Loving the story, by the way. Are you describing where you actually live? I've only passed through central Longmont before, and it sounds like I need to stop by sometime to see the epic landscapes.



Thanks for catching the second and third ones, but why do you think 'may be' should be changed to 'maybe'? The word 'maybe' refers to a possibility and I don't think it would make sense in that context.

Also, yes I am describing where I actually live and I'm glad you like the story! Sandstone Ranch is a legit place just off Highway 119 near the new WalMart. I might have altered the description of the actual landscape a tad bit for better mental scenery, but it's more or less how I described it. You totally should stop by sometime! I'd love to show you the hidden sights of Longmont.

Ah, my mistake with the maybe. I don't see or use 'may be' very often, so 'maybe' has become my go-to word.

There's too many things keeping me from visiting on my own, but if you tell me when somepony else is heading up that way from the Springs I'll see if I can hitch a ride with them.

Looking forward to the next chapter, too.



No worries dude. :twilightsmile:

Yeah I recall you mentioning them on the forums. If I find out that someone's heading up this way from C Springs then I'll let you know!

I might actually go out and take some photos of the landscape sometime and throw them up on dA too.



That first one got a laugh outta me. :rainbowlaugh:

The yard side of the yard


It was sight

It was a sight



Fix'd. Thought I took care of those...

faving... *Hits fav button numerous times*

Well... she could just say she's a hardcore Pegasister... :scootangel:

"So let me get this straight…humans don’t go into heat but instead reproduce all year long, but once a month a female’s nethers just decides to give us these nasty cramps and then bleeds for days on end?”

And that's why being a girl totally sucks ass!

This is really well written and interesting. Why is this not more well known?

A follow form me, good person.



Thank you so much! :twilightsmile: Heh, I've been told before that my writing is really good (not trying to sound conceited) but I suppose there's a reason why my work isn't very well known. /shrug This fic's only been up for less than a week and I'm really happy with how well it's been received, but if it (or any of my other work) never gets featured...meh. I'm not going to send in anything of mine to EQD, though if someone else wants to then they're more than welcome to.

Okay, this was great but i noticed something:

"How she managed to tie her shoes I wasn’t sure, but I figured if she could manage then kudos to her."

But was followed later by:

“Tie them up first.” I said, pointing to the laces. Vinyl looked down and took a lace from one shoe in each hand.
“How do I do that?” She asked.




It's supposed to be implied that she never actually untied them in the first place. >.>

Well, don't I feel stupid. Btw keep up the good work.

Yay, new chapter. Great as usual and something good to read before I left for school.

:fluttershysad: i wish there was more because this is pretty good



I'm glad you like it, and trust me I'll do my best to update this fic as often as I can! :rainbowdetermined2:

More ? Just please. More ? :) <3
Realy nice story and you are not that bad at writing :D
Keep up the good work mate :)



I will certainly continue writing as soon as I can fix my broken keyboard issue!

1878945 broken keyboard well fuck xD
and dude nice idea im liking this clicks follow with avengence



Yeah I'm using a USB keyboard as a substitute, but it's kind of a pain to use compared to my laptop keyboard, which is why I haven't been writing lately. :c

xD Thanks!

1880838 im the opsiit way xD looking for a usb keyboard so i can jurry rig my laptop to my 32" TV and not writing xD (have word open right now with story open) i really should get back to both of my stories but my editor is MIA lol and not many people can put up with my bad grammar -.- FML
if anyone wants to pre read my story as im writing it there welcome to just message me ^^


The two dollar bill is also officially out of print

No it isn't.



Remember that this isn't exactly the reality that we know it to be. :rainbowwild:



Yeah..actually I had this chapter finished awhile ago but just didn't upload it. >.>

.Looks at email.
"A Musician Reborn" has been updated......

in all seriousness though, are you planning to continue this story?:rainbowhuh:
This is a really good story, and ill like to see more of it.
But if you don't, i totally understand.



I'm planning on continuing all three unfinished fics...it just may take awhile to get around to it.

no worries, take your time.:pinkiesmile: I did wait half a year for an update after all:rainbowlaugh:

another good chapter. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


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