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Long time brony


After taking a year off from formal education, I decide to return and finish off my general education. I end up getting a pony for a roommate. I wonder just how well things will turn out?

(Fic inspired by totallynotabrony's "The Roommate".)

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"Why not just say its name? I assume Denver?"
"There’s a city about one hundred and twenty miles south of here called Colorado Springs"

I also assume that MLP doesn't really exist in this story, guess I should have made that clear. I also don't have cover art lined up, but I'm not terribly worried about it.

I honestly did not expect it to be Shining Armor.
When he came in, I thought it was going to be Sorin. :facehoof: I forgot it was a unicorn.
Can't wait to see where this goes and everything that can go wrong. :pinkiehappy:



Haha. xD Don't see too much with Shining Armor anyways, or at least I don't. But I'm glad you like it! :pinkiehappy:

I did not expect to but i actually like this story.
The idea of Shining running around on earth is pretty interesting. I look forward to reading more. :pinkiehappy:



Thanks, glad you like it! :twilightsmile:



This pleases me.

I'm really getting into this story , please do keep writing chapters of ths standard :raritywink:



If you really like what I have written here then I please ask you to read my other two fics. I wrote those to a higher standard than this one.

Can't wait for more, and why I can't I sleep. Its 2:07 in the morning

.... Wouldn't Princess Celestia have some deal or agreement or plan or something aside from 'send royal guard captain to America to join the air force'? Some provision, something with the government? A grand tour and interdimensional info packet?

It feels like Army Special Forces (ranger maby heavy infantry) would be a better fit for Shining than Air Force but i know very little about the USAF :scootangel:

Maybe the real training is problem solving and Celestia wants Shining to work out military enlistment on his own.

Then celestia comes along and threatens to send every one to the moon!:trollestia:

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