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What a pleasure of reading of short, sad story. I do hope everything turned just right for him at end; although it is implied that he have died willingly by driving into a storm.



Thank you. :twilightsmile: This is the first one-shot I've ever written and the first fic of any kind that would be labelled as 'Sad', so it's nice to see some people enjoying it. I intentionally left the ending open for interpretations just like that, though (*spoiler alert*) the idea was that this unnamed pegasus simply left Equestria forever in hopes of a better life.

Honestly, one of the most depressing fics I've read in a while...:raritydespair:



Really? :derpyderp1: I didn't think it was that sad, and I've read some seriously depressing shit!


I don't generally read depressing fics, though usually they are the best written.



Well what did you think of this one?

I think it was well written, but I just generally dislike one-shots. That's more of a personal thing though.

I like it, short and sweet.

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