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my little pony: tails of the devil fruit - negativezero

a one piece crossover, after a strange tree grows in sweet apple acres with devil fruit growing on i

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chapter 3: problems

As Twilight jabbed the metal pins into the fruits soft core and adjusted her goggles, the machines around her buzzed and hummed creating a rather unpleasant sounding melody throughout the basement of the library. It had been several days since the incident at sweet apple acres, and by this time, Twilight had managed (with the help of Apple jack and the others) to transfer the mysterious tree to a comically oversized plant pot and into her basements lab.

Twilight had been working for a ridiculous amount of time for the last few days in the lab, she hadn’t left once apart from the times she needed to get books from the library or for her other needs, but she couldn’t stop, this tree was amazing, the way it acted, the way it grew, just EVERYTHING about it fascinated her.

Twilight had been through many experiments on the tree and its fruit; she had dared not to eat any though.

“Twilight?” called Spike from upstairs
“How’s it going? Can I come in?”
“YES come in” she replied in a rather cranky tired voice.

Spike opened the door to the basement, letting the smell several days of hard work and insomnia make its way into his nostrils

“You’ve been at this for DAYS, aren’t you gonna take a break?”
Twilight continued her work completely oblivious to what Spike was saying, examining a slice of the fruit with a magnifying glass. This was a recurring thing with twilight, when she studied, she studied HARD, spending hours, sometimes even DAYS on what she was busy with (this being the case).

“A BREAK?” boasted twilight
“I can’t take a break NOW, these fruits are incredible! Do you have any idea what I’ve discovered?”
“Hopefully athing called REST....” Spike said to himself

Twilight went towards a filing cabinet crammed full of paper and files and flicked through them eagerly, she picked out a sheet of paper with writing on it.

“Using a number of spells and going through experiments, I’ve managed to discover all kinds of things about this tree and its fruit!” she said excitedly

“If a fruit is destroyed it’ll grow back on the tree in a matter of days!”
Spike stared at her; he was getting kind of scared of Twilight....
“All except the one Pinkie ate, but my theory is that once a pony’s eaten one, it can’t grow back! And another thing!” she said as her ear twitched uncontrollably.
“They’re all different from one another!”

For the last few days Twilight hadn’t been the ONLY busy pony, Pinkiepie had also been busy experimenting with her newly found abilities, she had learned many things about herself since the accident involving the fruit, not to say she HATED her new gift, far from it, yes whenever she fell into water (which had been more than once in the last few days, which usually ended with Rainbowdash having to fish her out) she would sink like a stone, but Pinkie couldn’t help but see the POSITIVE part of being pink rubber ball of hyperactivity.

“Ok, now watch THIS!” Pinkiepie cried swinging her front leg towards a pumpkin on top of a barrel.
Rainbowdash stood and watched as Pinkipies front leg shot towards the pumpkin like a bullet, reducing it to a pile of orange mush and seeds. The two had spent the entire morning in the park, experimenting with a box of vegetables using Pinkies powers.

“That was awesome!” cried Rainbowdash
“What should we do next?”
“Oooo! Well there was SOMETHING I wanted to try!”
Pinkiepie walked over to the box now containing another pumpkin, a tomato and a couple of eggplants, Pinkiepie reached for the tomato.
“I was thinking maybe I could get between two trees, and launch this tomato into the air!”
“What you mean like.... use you as a catapult?” said Rainbowdash eagerly
“Ye!” cried Pinkiepie
Pinkie pie got between two trees in the park and wrapped her legs around each tree, after which Rainbowdash pulled her back and placed the tomato in the middle of Pinkiepie.
“Ready?” asked Rainbowdash
“Ready!” cried Pinkie pie
Rainbowdash released Pinkie pie and the tomato went flying high into the sky, the two watching as it
flew away, eventually becoming nothing.

“That was awesome!” cried Rainbowdash as the two walked through Ponyville towards the library.
“Next time we gotta try it with a watermelon- WAIT....TWO watermelons!”
The two giggled and continued onwards.

The two eventually reached the library.
“So why did Twilight want us to come here again?” asked Pinkipie stretching her nose.
“She wanted us to come over to see if she could sort something out about your whole rubber thing, I don’t remember fully”
Rainbowdash knocked on the door.....no answer; she tried again...... once again, no answer. Rainbowdash was about to knock a third time when the door creaked open and out popped Twilight looking like something from a horror novel.

“Whoa Twie what happened to YOU? Are you ok?” asked Rainbowdash
“You seem to be re-
“I’ve done something I REALLLLLLLY shouldn’t have” Twilight interrupted
Rainbowdash stopped; her and Pinkiepie stared at Twilight with panicked looks on their faces. (Well not Pinkiepie, she was still busy stretching her nose and letting it snap back)
“What?” asked Rainbowdash.

Twilight sighed and raised a hoof into the air, and at the same time, so did another hoof the same colour as hers, but this was not attached to Twilight, it was sticking out of the ground flopping left to right like some kind of freakishly mutated weed.

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anybody know what's going on? the word pinkie keeps on getting replaced with the word surprised


392808 April fools day gag by fimfiction. Main background thing is different and the mane six have their names changed to their first generation counterparts (except applejack and twilight cuz that is what they were back then i guess)

soo, twilight ate Robins devil fruit?

ye it suits Twilight the most out of all the mane cast


Have to agree with you there. Though I wonder, will all of the mane cast get a Paramecia fruit or will some acquire Zoan and/or Logia fruits?:rainbowhuh: Are you taking suggestions?:rainbowhuh: If so, must they be canon or can they be OC fruits?:rainbowhuh:

Fluttershy gets to have the tremor tremor fruit

416321 I call Fluttershy getting a zoan class

She must have the power to destroy the world!!! Irony is funny!! XD

419051 But cuteness and suitabilty reign supreme.

Imagine Fluttershy part dragon. Or lion. Or bear. Or pig. Or rhino. Or cat. Fluttershy is cute because she is a poofy pink maned yellow Pegasi. You cant pull off that same look as a bear. As a creature of the moon, I stand for power. Umbreon!!!419168

419232 Chopper made dear and humans cuter so clearly Fluttershy would become so adorable the world would collapse

393489 I feel Twilight is more suited to the Mera mera fruit since she is know to burst into flames

If you tell me Chopper is cute in his human form, you're lying. He was often mistaken for a gorilla. And the Mera Mera no mi? She burst into flames and looked like a Rapidash once...
The Hana Hana No mi suits her fine. Robin and Twilight are both very book/logic oriented.
(why do I feel like I just stumbled into a one piece/mlp:fim similarity and difference battle?)

419339 I meant the mixed species chopper.
Also I don't like the idea of basing the fruit on similar characteristics

I would say Applejacks m ore suited for the flare flare fruit:ajsmug:

But a lot of the Guys in one piece IS related to thier fruit personality.
Luffy is a rubber headed idiot(a wonderful idiot)
Ace is really fiery spirited, he tried so many times to fight Whitebeard.
Whitebeard is a uber powerhouse. Like his power.
Mr. 3 is an oily weirdo. Waxy.
Buggy is always in pieces. Literally.
Mr. 2 is a cross dresser. And is the perfect impersonator.

True, not all of them fit. But many of them do.
A couple more...Foxy...never mind, I don't know what to think of foxy except split-head.
Mr. 1 is cold hard, like his blades.
Hmm, this all the personality/fruit stuff I can think of off the top of my head.
H, and is suppose tht one supernova, Al Capone. His mafia style and his Military Body kinda matched up.

And yes. Chopper is adorable in his 'in-between form' absolutely adorable.

Fluttershy has Haki right, I think thats cannon?

Oh god don't even get me started. Even though you just did.
People overuse the Haki idea. To say Zoro or Sanji has the King's Disposition pisses me of like Tartarus. No, Zoro just has major Intimidation, and Sanji? He's an Ero-cook.
Fluttershy's stare, I am sorry, cannot compete with Luffy's "stare".
Fluttershy's Stare is just her personal ability to assert, for a lack of better words. Luffy's disposition can knock out thousands of grown men/Stallions effortlessly. Honestly, I think Luffy would be able to take Celestia in Combat. Yes, I am aware of the heat problem. And I still think he's that strong. Not win maybe, due to the whole magic deal, but put up a good fight. I think only Zoro my be able to learn a little bit of Busoshoku Haki, so he can hit Logia people. But I hate the idea of Haki being Overused.

Hmm "devilish smirk" you know choppers fruit, the humanhuman fruit? well who do you we know that is a pony, whose always going on about humans, and would love to be one. i think that would be a gag.

never thought of that good idea

I need to know, is this story good or not? (PLEASE be honest)

483411 its pretty good, too short in ma opinion, but i,m used to long chapters, its an interesting read, also you need conflict, maybe trixie with black beard fruit, now that would be awesome, or maybe Gilda with smokers fruit, or to be fun a group of diamond dogs with different powers. i'm just saying need conflict, all in all its a great read.

decent. its a good concept but too short

self esteam issues, plus whenever I look over my chapters all I see is crap

I like this story. :pinkiehappy:
an if you want a idea for conflict you could say Discord plated the seed when he busted out of the stone statue to spread chaos... just a idea. :pinkiesad2:
:pinkiegasp: an then news sped an then pony come and try to get some of the fruit.
like Trixie or Gilda or just some bad O.C. tries to steal 1.
then bad thing and chaos and disharmony.

It would funny if Applebloom were to eat the Chop-chop fruit:ajsmug:

Well I don't see crap.It is a great idea and there are no obvious grammatical errors.
So I have one thing to say.

then you are lying to yourself! you have a very inventive idea! you just need some help, maybe get an editor or something! :pinkiehappy:

Flutter shy gets chopper's fruit. She gets the human human fruit! And can turn into a human! Lets see how that works out!

Then she could have a knife Cutey Mark.:twilightoops:

2682656 either that or a cutie mark of chopped forelegs and back legs

Wel shoot, any new plans for this now that it's been explained how DF's are actually made?

Let the CMC get devil fruits powers! They could try to get their CM's in being super heroes! :rainbowlaugh:

Good story, simple but good.
Only one thing:applejackunsure:…If am correct only the sea water paralyze fruit users. In normal water they still cant swim but they will not be demobilize.

Wing point and Stare point much

Pinkie with Luffy's fruit, and Twilight with Robin's fruit.
Both are absolutely perfect fits imo :pinkiehappy:
Who gets which fruit is all up to you of course, but I honestly hope you give Spike the Pony-Pony fruit.

A baby dragon with the pony zoan fruit would be the perfect counterpart of the little reindeer with the human fruit, don't you think? :raritywink:

-His dragon form would be the normal one (no changes there, and the equivalent to Chopper's hybrid form in terms of size/appereance).
-His pony form would be a strong stallion (since Chopper's human form did make him grow to adult size despite being young in his standard form)...maybe with a few dragon traits leftover such as fangs/slitted eyes (just how Chopper's human form still has a reindeer nose).
-Finally, his hybrid form would be...well...pretty much it'd be like a Kirin, right? :twilightblush: A pony/dragon hybrid with claws from his hooves, fangs, a mane, a dragon's tail, and a unicorn's horn.

And later on, Twilight could help him develop "Rumble Gems" (:trollestia:) which grant him additional forms such as:

-Magic point (gets a unicorn's horn/magic)
-Wing point (gets pegasus wings/cloud-walking)
-Bucking point (extra power to his legs to get an Earth pony's full running speed/power)
-And who knows....maybe even his own uncontrollable Monster point (similar to the hybrid/kirin form, but gigantic, with dragon wings along the unicornhorn, and much more monstrous-looking).

Wow...ehm, sorry for the long post, I just feel there's too much potential with Spike and a pony devil fruit :pinkiecrazy: I just hope you don't discard the idea just because Im mentioning it though :fluttershysad:

uh oh look like twilight ate the flower-flower fruit

I think rainbow should get the sand sand fruit that way she could create sandstorms(instead of tornadoes ) and getting into crashes would just turn her into sand,
Rarity getting the clone clone fruit, that way she could do her own modeling for the dresses she makes or Kalifas soap soap fruit (since she likes how clean things are) and spike will obviously get the human human fruit ( or pony pony if you want)
And I think applejack should get whitebeards quake quake fruit so her bucking will literally crack the air and would buck so many more trees a lot faster than usual
And idk what fluttershy will get probably a zoan maybe one of the cp9 fruits

Finish This or else!

In this tone of voice

Just kidding.

But 3 years old and not finished.? Please finish it.

I think Rainbow would do better with Kizaru's fruit rather than Crocodile's. Being a rainbow pony obsessed with speed, Light seems like a better element for her than Sand.

Fluttershy's Fruit should definitely be a Zoan-Type. But sticking her with any old Zoan just doesn't do her justice. So I elect to give her a Mythical Zoan. Specifically, Marco's Bird-Bird Fruit Model: Phoenix because of it's healing powers.

Applejack was tricky, but instead of giving her the power to cause almost uncontrollable earthquakes, I decided to give her Bellamy's Spring-Spring Fruit, so she can Rapid Buck each Apple Tree in quick succession.

Rarity was the hardest, but I did eventually decide to give her Inazuma's Snip-Snip Fruit. Because scissors and fashion work hand in hand.

I love this Idea for Spike.

And now, a list of characters and what their fruits should be:

Trixie: Chop-Chop Fruit (Buggy)
-Flashy Magician gets Flashy Clown Pirate's Flashy Fruit.

Gilda: Barrier-Barrier Fruit (Bartolomeo)
-Unlike most others, Gilda has fingers to cross.

Zecora: Glare-Glare Fruit (Viola/Violet)
-Now she can see the whole forest from her house.

Big Macintosh: Ox-Ox Fruit Model: Bison (Dalton)
Apple Bloom: Mole-Mole Fruit (Miss Merry Christmas/Drophy)
-These fruits will be very helpful with farmwork.

Scootaloo: Spin-Spin Fruit (Buffalo)
-Just let her fly.

Sweetie Belle: Clear-Clear Fruit (Absalom/Shiryu)
Babs Seed: Dog-Dog Fruit Model: Jackal (Chaka)
Silver Spoon: Slow-Slow Fruit (Foxy)
-No real reason, just thought they were cool.

Diamond Tiara: Sparkle-Sparkle Fruit (Diamond Jozu)
-For obvious reasons, Diamond Tiara gets the Diamond Fruit.

Derpy Hooves: Bubble-Bubble Fruit (Kalifa)
-Cutie Mark matchup.

Octavia: Wax-Wax Fruit (Mr. 3/Galdino)
-Because she's artsy.

Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3: Music-Music Fruit? (Scratchmen Apoo)
-Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me

Lyra: Human-Human Fruit (Tony Tony Chopper)
-Let her live her dream

Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops: Door-Door Fruit (Blueno)
-Spy Pony gets spy's fruit.

Maud Pie: Stone-Stone Fruit (Pica),
-It's a Rock.

Shining Armor: Dice-Dice Fruit (Mr. 1/Daz Bones)
-He already has great defense, now he gets great Offense.

Cadence: Heal-Heal Fruit (Mansherry)
-She's a healer, what else do you want?

Flash Sentry: Cage-Cage Fruit (Hina)
-Suits a royal guard/military pony well.

Flurry Heart: Snow-Snow Fruit (Monet)
Spitfire: Flame-Flame Fruit (Portgas D. Ace/Sabo)
Lightning Dust: Rumble-Rumble Fruit (Eneru)
-The names just lined up really well.

Suri Polomare: Stitch-Stitch Fruit (Leo)
-Rarity gets cutting, Rarity's rival gets stitching.

Flim: Snake-Snake Fruit Model: Anaconda (Boa Sandersonia)
Flam: Snake-Snake Fruit Model: King Cobra (Boa Marigold)
-They're twins, they're snakes, it couldn't have lined up better.

Daring Do: Calm-Calm Fruit (Donquixote Rosinante/Corazon)
Dr. Cabelleron: Dino-Dino Fruit Model: Allosaur (X.Drake)
Ahuizotl: Venom-Venom Fruit (Warden Magellan)
-I just thought they fit with these three.

Starlight Glimmer: Op-Op Fruit (Trafalgar Law)
-No real reason, just thought she could use it well.

Sunburst: Book-Book Fruit (Charlotte Mont-d'or)
-Book Horse 2.0 gets book related Devil Fruit

Queen Chrysalis: Love-Love Fruit (Boa Hancock)
-What other power could fit so well?

Lord Tirek: Tremor-Tremor Fruit (Edward Newgate/Whitebeard)
-Extremly destructive creature gets extremely destructive fruit

Cozy Glow: Hollow-Hollow Fruit (Perona)
-Making others feel bad about themselves is Cozy Glow's speciality.

Tempest Shadow: Straw-Straw Fruit (Basil Hawkins)
Grubber: Castle-Castle Fruit (Capone Bege)
-I just really wanted someone to use these two fruits.

Grogar: Magma-Magma Fruit (Akainu/Sakazuki)
-Same reason as Tirek

I know this story 7 years old, and likely won't be updated any time soon, but should this story ever come back in any way, (please come back, this is great) I think it is imperative that Twilight is immediately informed what happens if someone eats more than one Devil Fruit before anypony explodes because of greed. *cough* Rainbow *cough*

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