• Published 11th Jan 2012
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my little pony: tails of the devil fruit - negativezero

a one piece crossover, after a strange tree grows in sweet apple acres with devil fruit growing on i

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chapter 1: true power

Ponyville town centre was quite lively, which was perfectly normal with it being such a pleasant day, ponies were in their stalls selling their merchandise and busy chatting away with their customers, and others were walking (or flying) along minding their own business and getting on with what they were currently doing, it was a pleasant atmosphere that was one of the many things that made it worth living in Ponyville.

“But you said it would be ok!” cried Pinkie trotting across the town square with her five friends, Pinkie pie was in a small group of six consisting of two Pegasus’s (Rainbowdash and Fluttershy), two unicorns(Twilight Sparkle and Rarity), herself and a rather small purple dragon (Spike) struggling with a large amount of baggage strolling behind them.

“When I said it would be ok” said one of the unicorns
“I was being sarcastic!” she snapped, furiously.
Earlier on that day, the friends had gathered at Rarity’s carousel boutique, where she had been working all morning on a magnificent dress made up of many bright colours and gem stones studded across the sleeves, Pinkie pie had commented saying that it looked like candy, which Rarity then answered ‘it is dear’ sarcastically, which then lead to Pinkie pie attempting to chew through the dresses sleeves.

“Sarcastic or not that didn’t taste ANYTHING like candy!” replied Pinkie pie, followed by her hacking up a blue gem stone.

Just then the five heard a voice coming from behind them, it was Applejacks.
“Hey Twilight!”
The five turned around to see Applejack running towards them with a bag strapped around her neck, and for some reason unknown to them, a worried look on her face.

“What seems to be the problem?” Twilight asked smiling

Applejack, who at this moment was panting heavily and sweating, looked up at the four ponies and dragon. (Who for some reason STILL had a hold of the heavy pile of baggage)

“I have a BIG problem back at Sweet apple acres!” she said, now full of breathe.
The five looked at her puzzled.
“What kind of problem?” asked Rainbowdash curiously.
“Well” Applejack continued
“A was busy applebuckin when a came across some kind of tree in ma orchard!”
“Hee hee of COURSE you saw a tree there!” said Pinkie giggling
“There are a bajilion trees at Sweet apple acres!”
“A know that!” said Applejack reaching into her bag
“But not ONE of them has something like THIS growing on it!”
Applejack pulled a surreal looking fruit out of her bag. The five stood there starring at the fruit, it was like no fruit they’d ever seen before, it was round and violet with strange looking marking all over it that resembled swirly s’s. The five couldn’t stop looking at it; Spike had even put down the baggage he had been holding to get a closer look at the mysterious fruit.

“My my it certainly IS a strange fruit isn’t it?” said Rarity hoof under chin, studying it.
“It most certainly IS!” cried Twilight
“I’ve never seen THIS kind of fruit before! this is entirely new to me”
“Really?” asked Applejack rather down like.
“A was hopin ya’ll know what it WAS bein how smart ya’ll are”
“Oh you don’t have to be so kind Applejack!” Twilight replied smiling.
“But whatever this things origin is” she continued as she examined the fruit closer.
“I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later” she shrugged

Suddenly there was a huge echoing growl, it was Pinkie.
“What was THAT?” asked Fluttershy rather worryingly
“My tummy!” cried Pinkie
“I haven’t eaten for all day! Or has it only been for a few minutes? Or hours? Or DAYS!? Nah hee hee that would be silly! Can I eat that please?” She said pointing at the fruit now in Twilights hoof.
“Pinkie pie” said Twilight raising an eye brow at her
“We have no idea what this fruit is! It could be poison”
“Aw I wanted to taste it! It looks so yummy! Like sherbet, or candy canes, or lollipops!”
“Calm down sugar” said Applejack laughing
“We need ta- CHOMP!
Applejack and the others stared in shock; Pinkie pie had took a huge bite out of the fruit and swallowed it .
“PINKIE WE TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT IT!” cried Twilight, attracting the attention of a few ponies around them. Pinkie pie coughed up a few bits of the fruit out of her mouth.
“PTOO! PTOO! It doesn’t taste ANYTHING like candy!”
Without hesitation, Applejack grabbed Pinkie by the back, in an attempt to give her the Heimlich maneuver.
“Spit it out!” cried Applejack panicking. Even more ponies had now gathered around the seen of them, to see what had been going on, when suddenly, after a hard smack to the back, Pinkie pie’s neck stretched and her head went flying into a wall, everypony stared in complete silence.