• Published 11th Jan 2012
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my little pony: tails of the devil fruit - negativezero

a one piece crossover, after a strange tree grows in sweet apple acres with devil fruit growing on i

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chapter 2: explanations

“WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR NECK!??” cried Twilight.
Pinkie pie peeled her face from the wall and looked at her friends.
“What going on?” she asked, not in the slightest way worried.
Rainbowdash stopped gawking and spoke up.
“Your neck! Look at it!” she replied pointing her hoof towards Pinkie pies long floppy neck. (Which was now partly lying across the ground like an unwanted piece of taffy) Pinkie looked around, taking in the faces of the many confused and scared looking ponies and filly’s, then at her own neck.

“Oooooo! Look at my neck!” said Pinkie.
Pinkie began to poke it.
“It’s so stretchy and rubbery! Like bubblegum!” she cried excitedly.
Suddenly Pinkies neck shrank back to its original length causing a few of the ponies to shudder and gasp in fright.

Fluttershy (who was at that moment cowering behind Applejack) slowly poked her head out from behind her friend.
“Um, I think it may have something to do with that fruit you just ate!” she said quietly.
“I agree!” said Rarity, who couldn’t stop staring at Pinkies neck awkwardly.
“Whatever that thing was, it did something to you!”
Pinkie pie began twisting her head round and around and let go, causing her head to spin out of control.

“Pinkie pie we need to be serious about this!” said Twilight
Pinkie pressed her hooves against her head stopping the spinning, making her pupils bounce around like yarn balls in a tumble dryer.

“First of I think I should take a look at that tree” continued Twilight.
“Ah agree with ya’ll” replied Applejack as Pinkie pie attempted to stretch her nose over her head.

As soon as the seven got to sweet apple acres (after a quick stop to Rarity’s to drop of her things) the questions instantly began.

“Is THAT the tree?” asked Rainbowdash
“It looks like some kind of strange enormous weed!” cried Rarity in shock and disappointed, she had always loved amazing beautiful things.... but this tree was well....strange.

“Has anyone else eaten any more of the fruit?” asked Twilight studying the tree
“Not that a know of” said Applejack
“But it’ll be best to make sure it’s kept somewhere safe”
“That’s a goo- er.... where’s Pinkie pie?
“Ooooo! Is THIS the tree?” cried Pinkie pie appearing out of nowhere
“It’s so silly!”
“Er....ye...” replied Applejack
“Anyway...” continued Twilight
“Have you told your family yet?”
“A haven’t seen Apple bloom and big Mac all mornin, an Granny Smith’s inside”
“So you’re sure NOPONYS touched the tree?” asked twilight
“I can’t promise anything Twie”
Applejack stared at the tree, it didn’t SEEM to have changed since she last saw it, but something still worried her about its presence, where did it come from? Why was it here?

“Do you think I could have it?” asked
Applejack broke out of her trance.
“If you don’t mind I’d like to study it, if I take it to the library maybe I can figure out what this tree and it’s fruit can do”
“Sure a guess” replied Applejack
“A guess it’d be best ta-
Applejack and Twilight turned in shock, to find Pinkie Pie on the floor unconscious.

The hospital bed squeaked as Pinkie fidgeted below her bed sheets. After finding Pinkie on the floor, there had been a bit of a commotion over what had happened, after calming down and getting her to Ponyville hospital, Fluttershy told them the full story, it turned out that while they were talking, Pinkie had wondered off and had started to test out her new body, after managing to get on to the roof of sweet apple acres barn using her now elastic like arms she’d fell into a barrel of water below.

“So she didn’t even come up?” asked Rainbowdash starring at Pinkie pie.
“Yes!” said Fluttershy
“She’s usually a good swimmer to”
“Pinkie why didn’t you get out of the barrel?” asked Rarity
“I tried to” replied Pinkie coughing up water
“But I couldn’t move! It was like a rock!”
Just at that moment a young looking unicorn walked into the room wearing a green pair of scrubs with a black spiked Maine and stethoscope cutie mark.
“Doctor Sugardew!” said Twilight
“Is she going to be ok?”
A small clipboard floated in front of him surrounded by a magical blue glow.
“She’s fine, she gave us quite a shock at first, the poor thing was shivering and crying”
The five looked at Pinkie Pie, the poor girl, she was so scared, she had NO idea what to do in a situation like that.
“But while we were giving her a check up we discovered something VERY strange about her condition!” the dr. Sugardew continued.
“Really?” asked Twilight
“Well” continued the unicorn, flipping through the clipboard with his magic.
“Her entire body, hair, even her insides are all rubber!”
“WHAT!?” the ponies and dragon cried
“Rubber?” said Pinkie
“Yes rubber” replied the doctor
Pinkie Pie stretched her nose an extreme length then let go, causing it to splat against the rest of her face, there was a long pause.
“Anyway...” continued the doctor
“I’ve never seen anything like this before! This has me completely baffled!”