• Published 11th Nov 2012
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Spike's Teacher - Richer19

A Spyro/MLP crossover where Spike learns how to be a dragon under the teachings of the famed hero.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Funny thing I've notice is that there haven’t really been a lot of Spyro/MLP crossover on this site; as far as I know. So I decided to try my hand at it. I've decided to start this story now as a way to keep myself busy while waiting for ideas to be submitted for Lake of Reflection. As before, I would like to have an editor to assist me in this story; specifically one who has experience editing crossover. Send me a P.M if you are interested. On that note, here is the first chapter.

Chapter One: The Beginning

Celestia was reading the latest friendship report when she heard a knock on her door. Curious as to whom it might be, she said in her regal voice “Come in.” She watched as the door opened to reveal her sister Luna. Celestia couldn't resist the warm smile that was showing on her face and said “Luna, it’s lovely to see you. How are you doing today?”

Luna returned the warm gestured and replied “Fine as always dear sister.” Luna then notice the scroll that was floating in her sister’s magical aura and asked “Is that the newest friendship report?”

Celestia nodded her head in agreement and motion for Luna to join her. Celestia knew that her younger sister had developed a sort of fascination with reading the reports her faithful student sends. Of course her sister always did have a curious side to her and it was something that Celestia encourage as long as it wasn't anything too dangerous.

Luna got herself comfortable and started reading the report. Unlike her sister, Luna was more prone to skimming text then actually reading them. It was mostly due to the fact that she wasn't as use to the real technical details of ruling yet but she was improving at a well enough pace.

When Luna was finished, she looked at her sister and said “We are surprised that Twilight’s assistant was able to cause such a commotion.”

Celestia nodded her head in agreement and added “He is growing faster than I had thought.” Celestia grew quiet as she started to ponder this rather strange situation. She didn't expect to have to deal with this problem so soon but fate seems to think otherwise. Thinking out loud, she added “He will need a teacher…”

Luna interjected by saying “What do you mean sister? Twilight has shown to be a rather good role model for her assistant and you told me of your time taking care of him while he was a hatchling.”

Celestia shook her head and replied “You are right dear sister. However, What Spike really needs now is…a role model.” Luna looked at her sister with a confused expression before Celestia added “A dragon who can teach him what it means to be a dragon and help him control his…unique powers.”

Luna asked in a quiet tone “Unique powers?” However, before she had a chance to elaborate, Celestia rose up from her spot on the rug and started walking out of her room. Luna was surprised by the sudden action and said in a slightly louder voice “Wait sister; where are you going?”

Celestia looked back at her sister and said “I need to speak with someone.” She looked at her sister and her expression grew softer before adding “You can come if you like.”

Luna nodded her head and started to follow her older sister. Although the two princesses were silent; Luna couldn't help but think about who her sister wanted to contact. The question was already forming in her mouth but before she had a chance to speak; her older sister chimed in “We’re going to see the Chronicler.” Luna tried to get more details from her older sister but Celestia remained silent; her thoughts already creating scenarios about the future.
Chamber of History: White Isle

“I’m glad that repairs are coming along” Ignitus mused as he gazed into his reflection pool. He watched as moles, cheetahs, and dragons were working together to finish restoring Warfang back to its original glory. Once again, Ignitus felt a sense of longing worm in his heart. Ever since his sacrifice and eventual restoration as the new Chronicler; he would often feel the need to be able to leave his sanctuary and stretch his wings as it were. However, the few times he tried; he would always feel a sudden loss of strength that would force him to return back to his chamber.

Ignitus couldn't help but give off a depress sigh. He knew that being the Chronicler was one of the highest honors a dragon could receive. However, spending the rest of your existence almost stuck in a kind of partial life where you no longer need to eat, drink, or sleep but still feel the existence of body does take some time to get use to.

Still, Ignitus did enjoy having the ability to watch over all of his friends and allies. Often he would pull out that familiar purple book and turn to either the last entry and see if anything interesting happened or an older entry. Of course, that also applied to the smaller black book that represented the life of the one dragon he was unable to protect from the darkness.

His mind once again started to remember those moments that seemed so long ago. He remembers the hours teaching Spyro, the purple dragon who was destined to save the world and who Ignitus thought of as a son, what it truly meant to be a dragon; and Cynder, the dragoness who managed to find redemption after being free from her darkness. Ignitus was deeply proud of their accomplishments and knew that they both deserved the peace that they had fought so hard to achieve.

Suddenly, Ignitus felt a sharp pain in his head which caused him to break his train of thought. He was unsure as to what might have caused it and fearing the worst; started pulling books out to find the source. However, it was then that he felt a kind strange energy moving throughout the chamber. However, that strange energy appeared to be coming from a door that Ignitus didn't even realize was there.

With slight caution, Ignitus made his way over to the door and opened it to find himself staring at what appeared to be a full body mirror. The mirror, despite it looking like it hadn't moved in a long time, looked clean and new. Patterns danced around the edge of the glass which appeared to be images of dragons and horses.

Ignitus decided to take a closer look and his eyes widen in surprise as the glass started to glow a faint yellowish color. The glow flashed a brief moment, blinding his eyes under the intense glow. Ignitus quickly covered his eyes with both a paw and a wing as he waited for the glow to die down. Eventually, when he felt the glow start to receded; he heard a voice say “Chronicler? It’s been a while.” Ignitus noticed that the voice had a very light, motherly tone to it which almost caused the former fire guardian to lower his guard. Still, whoever it was hadn't attacked him yet so there was a chance that diplomacy could be used. Ignitus slowly lowered his paw and wing only to have his eyes widen in surprise.

Appearing as a reflection in the mirror were two horses that didn't look like any horses Ignitus had ever seen before. Both of them had a dominant looking horn that appeared to be attached to their heads and they also looked to have a pair of wings as well; but they were folded to their body at the moment so it was hard to tell what they looked like in detail. However, that was where the similarity ended. One of the horses was larger in size compared to the other one and had a snow white coat. Its crest appeared to be dyed to give the appearance of a rainbow and also gave the allusion that it was flowing in the breeze. The smaller horse had a coat of midnight blue with a crest that looked liked it belonged on a clear night sky. Each of the horses were wearing what appeared to be a type of chest plate and a crown, though the white one’s appeared to be made of gold and the blue one’s a lighter blue color to contrast with its coat. While the older horse had a rather calm expression on its face; the younger one was standing in awe.

Ignitus was curious as to where the voice had come from and said “Whose there?”

The older horse tilted its head in confusion before saying “You don’t remember me Chronicler?” Ignitus was of course surprised by the fact that the horse was able to talk and speak in a language that he was able to understand; he tried to not let it show on his face. At this point, he was willing to bet on anything happening. Still he decided to play along and replied “I assume you are referring to the last Chronicler.”

The white horse looked confused and asked “last Chronicler?”

At this point, Ignitus guessed from the tone of its voice that the horse was a female. Taking a quick glance at the younger horse; he noticed slight similarities between it and the older mare. If he had to take a guess, he would say that the younger horse was female as well. Looking back at the white mare, he said “When was the last time you spoke with the Chronicler?”

The mare briefly pondered the question for a moment before saying “The last time I spoke with the Chronicler was during the Year of the Dragon. I remember that there was much talk over some kind of special dragon.”

That didn't help Ignitus much but he didn't let his frustration show. He guessed that these horses weren't from around here so it wouldn't be too hopeful that they would be able to give any details. Pushing that thought aside for the moment; Ignitus decided to try a new line of questioning in order to get some answers. Looking back at the white mare, he said “What is your reason for contacting me?”

The white mare looked back at him and replied “I require the service of the purple dragon. The one you refer to as ‘Malefor’.”

Shocked dominated the dragon’s body upon mention of that name and his mind had almost frozen in fear. Trying to regain control of himself, he asked in a rushed tone “How do you know that name?”

The white mare, much to Ignitus continued surprised, looked confused as she replied “ Isn't that the name of the purple dragon that was born when I last contacted the Chronicler?”

Realization hit Ignitus’ mind as he tried to process this new information. He took a few calming breaths to relax his body and mind as well as to regain his sense of composure. Looking back at the white mare, he said in his best speaking voice “Much has happened since you last contacted, white mare. I feel that it is in our mutual interest to get us on the same page.”

The white mare looked at Ignitus with a strange expression and asked “What do you mean?” Her eyes widen in what appeared to be fear before adding “Has something happened to Malefor?”

Ignitus looked at the white mare and said “As I said, it would be best if I inform you of events that have happened since your last contact.” Ignitus got himself settled down before adding “Before we do; might I be blunt here for a moment in asking for your name.”

The white horse gave a gentile smile and replied “You may call me Celestia.” She gestured towards the younger mare before adding “and this is my younger sister Luna.”

Ignitus nodded his head to each of the horses before saying “Before I was named Chronicler, I was known as Ignitus.”
Really hope you all enjoy this story.

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