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Spike's Teacher - Richer19

A Spyro/MLP crossover where Spike learns how to be a dragon under the teachings of the famed hero.

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Chapter 2: The Call of Adventure

Enjoyed the good reviews I have gotten so far.

Chapter 2: The Call of Adventure

“I believe I understand,” Ignitus mused after he had finished listening to what Celestia had said. In truth, he wasn't sure what to make of it, considering that assuming what she said was true, then there was still a threat to the Dragon race. Of course, he didn't mention it to the white ruler, since it was a matter that was reserved for his world.

Still, Celestia did give the former Fire Guardian much to think about; Ignitus felt like she was being honest, but there was still that one part of him that urged caution, convincing him not to give out any sensitive information unless he was asked directly. Above all else, he wanted to get a full understanding of what she was proposing; his mind began to work on sorting out all the information that was available.

From the surface, Celestia was merely asking for a dragon to act as an instructor for a dragon in her world that was under her care. Careful questioning had lead to her reason for asking Malefor specifically, the dragon in question was purple, and Celestia assumed that the best teacher for a purple dragon would be another purple dragon. Of course the first thought that came to Ignitus was Spyro, but Ignitus was reluctant to just send him off on an assignment without at least giving him a choice.

With that in mind, Ignitus told the two sisters about how Malefor had fallen from grace and attempted to destroy the world. He then went on to say that Malefor was now long gone, and how the world was saved. Celestia looked somewhat disappointed by the news, but Ignitus was quick to inform her that he might be able to offer a replacement. She tried to press for more details, but Ignitus was firm, stating, “The dragon in question should at least be given the choice, correct?” Based on that logic, Celestia agreed.

As far as Ignitus understood, the assignment didn't seem to be very dangerous or taxing. However, he couldn't help but shake the feeling that there was more to this assignment then he knew. Still, he had the advantage in terms of diplomacy, considering that it was Celestia asking him for assistance.

He looked back at the horse and said, “If who I am thinking of accepts your offer, how would they get there in the first place?”

Celestia gave a small smile and replied, “This mirror also functions as a kind of portal. However, it doesn't have enough power for the teacher to get to her. Instead…” Celestia’s horn started to glow, surprising Ignitus, though he hid it well. He watched as she lifted up two scrolls and tossed them at him. At first, he thought that they were just going to hit the mirror, but instead they passed through it and landed in front of him. Celestia added, “Before you ask, scrolls are much easier to teleport then creatures, and don’t use a lot of energy.” She cleared her throat and continued, “These two scrolls should be able to get whoever you send an audience with me. By my estimations, the portal should put them close to a town. Once the teacher is there, he or she should find someone by the name of Twilight Sparkle and give her that scroll that has the moon wax on it. The other one is to get him or her into the castle to meet with me.”

Ignitus nodded and watched as the mirror started to fog over before clearing up to show an image of a forest. Ignitus assumed that was the location that to portal was going to end. Ignitus made his way over to his reflection pool to contact Spyro.
Several weeks later

“What do you suppose the Chronicler wanted to ask you?” Cynder asked as they approached the entrance to the main chamber.

“It must be something big if he asked for the hero of Avalar,” Sparx remarked while lying on top of his adopted brother’s head.

“Well…whatever it is, it sounded important.” Spyro stated, still trying to figure out what exactly was the problem.

Still, Spyro was at least glad to be reunited with his foster brother after all this time. They had met while he and Cynder were traveling to The White Isle after Spyro got a strange dream from the Chronicler asking him to come to his home. When Spyro asked what the problem was, The Chronicler merely stated that it would be better to talk to him in person.

Sparx also said that the reason he was here was because he had a similar dream about Spyro needing him on some big adventure. Though there was still a bit of tension between Sparx and Cynder, the overall hatred was nonexistent. It got to the point where they would tolerate each other, though they still on occasion makes jokes at the other’s expense.

Though it had only been a year since the war, that year had been kind to the two dragons. Spyro’s overall muscular build was becoming more dominant and his wing spam had gain another few inches in order to compensate for the new weight. Cynder, on the other claw, had grow slimmer and more aerodynamic in build while still maintain her female qualities. The one major difference was that she had finally replaced her old silver choker and braces with a set of gold and ivory braces and choker with the choker having a ruby, diamond, an amethyst, and a emerald gem cut into the metal. In Spyro opinion, it truly brought out her eyes and captured her image perfectly.

Spyro was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a familiar voice say, “Welcome young dragon. It’s good to see you again.” Spyro looked over at his friends and saw their shocked expressions before looking at the source of the voice and was shocked himself.

What Spyro saw was the Chronicler in all of his glory. However, there was something off about him. For starters, when Spyro first heard the Chronicler speak during the Night of Eternal Darkness, his voice had an air of wisdom and seniority to it. This voice also had that air of wisdom but there was a fatherly tone to it as well. Also, the overall physical appearance was completely different then what Spyro remembered. In fact, the more he looked at the Chronicler; the more he looked like…

Spyro took a hesitant step forward and asked in a hushed tone, “Ignitus?” The Chronicler looked at the purple dragon for a moment before softening his expression and giving a small nod. Spyro entire body surged with joy and relief before shouting, “Ignitus!” Ignitus didn't have a moment to flinch before he felt Spyro rushing up to him and hugging one of his legs. He could feel the tears of joy on his scales and he couldn't help but start to feel his eyes watering up a bit. He looked back at Cynder and Sparx and saw that they both had an expression of disbelief and shock, but they soon got over it and made their way closer.

After a few moments, Ignitus gently lifted his leg out of Spyro’s grasp and said, “I know how happy you must feel young dragon; however, I didn't call you here just for a reunion.”

Spyro wiped the reaming tears he had and asked, “But…how?” He felt a comforting paw on his shoulder and turned his head to see Cynder offering to help support him, which Spyro was glad for but respectfully declined.

Ignitus started to make his way back to the room with the mirror as Spyro, Cynder and Sparx following behind him. As they were walking, Ignitus told the story how after Spyro and Cynder saved the world, he was chosen to become the new Chronicler for this age of peace. Since then, he had been watching over the two dragons in addition to his guardian brothers and the city he fought hard to protect. Cynder and Sparx were asking questions on how some of their friends were doing, but Spyro kept his peace, basking in the relief and joy of seeing the dragon that he looked up to like a father. Eventually, they made their way to the mirror, Sparx asking, “So what’s with the funky mirror?”

Ignitus slightly rolled his eyes before replying, “Supposedly, this mirror is actually a portal that connects our world to another.”

Cynder looked up at him with a curious expression and asked, “Another world?” It was then that her tactical mind registered a possible thought and she asked, “Does this have something to do with why you summoned Spyro?”

Ignitus looked at Cynder with a sense of pride in his eyes. He knew that she always did have a keen mind for these kinds of things; it was one of the few reasons she was so successful back when she was a general for the Dark Master. Ignitus nodded his head and replied, “You guessed correctly, Cynder. Earlier, someone from that world contacted me and asked for something rather…strange.”

“What do you mean by strange?” Cynder questioned.

Ignitus looked back at the mirror and answered, “She asked for a teacher to train a dragon that was under her care.”

Sparx interjected at that moment by saying “So…what’s so strange about asking something like that, that doesn't sound too bad.”

Ignitus looked at the dragonfly and explained, “Because of the fact that she knew the Dark Master by name and asked if I would send him to be the teacher.”

The room was silent as the two younger dragons and dragonfly absorbed that information. Ignitus could see the cold terror in Cynder face, no doubt recalling her nightmares when she was corrupted by the Dark Master. Spyro and Sparx both appeared to be recalling all the struggles they had to go through because of Malefor. They could at least see why Ignitus was so concerned about this.

Spyro looked up at Ignitus and asked, “So what do you want us to do?”

Ignitus gave a small smile, but Spyro noticed that the smile didn't quite make it to his eyes. Ignitus looked at the mirror and said, “As much as I want to decline this offer, I cannot, in good consciousness, ignore a plea for help.” He looked at Spyro and said, “Spyro, I need you to go into this world and train that dragon.”

Spyro was slightly surprised and objected, “But what if it’s some kind of trap or something!”

Ignitus nodded his head and answered, “I’m fully aware of this. However, from what this lady has told me, the dragon in question is of a good heart. The reason she asked for the Dark Master was not because of the fact that he was the Dark Master, but rather because he was a purple dragon. That gives me the impression that this dragon is also a purple dragon.”

Cynder spoke up by saying “So she believes that the best teacher for a purple dragon is another purple dragon?” Ignitus nodded his head in agreement.

Sparx gave a short laughter before commenting “This is going to be so funny seeing Spyro trying to teach this dragon when he doesn't even know the first thing about teaching.”

Though Sparx was acting somewhat immature at the moment, he unwittingly brought up a valid point, one that caused Spyro to looked at Ignitus. Ignitus saw the question in his eyes and reassured Spyro, “Teaching a young one can be challenging, but I know you will do a fantastic job.”

Feeling better from Ignitus’ compliment, Spyro said, “I guess I can give it a try.”

Ignitus felt a sense of pride inside of him as well, this situation reminding him of the past. He pushed those thoughts out of his head and said, “Do not worry too much, young dragon. You will have Cynder and Sparx there to assist you, and I don’t plan on sending you off without some supplies.”

Spyro and Cynder watched with curious eyes as Ignitus made his way over to one side of the room and lift up two sets of saddle bags. One of them was colored purple and had an ‘S’ stitched on the side. The other was black in color and had a ‘C’ stitched on it. Ignitus placed the two saddlebags in front of their respective dragons and explained, “They’re packed with various essential items you might need. There are also red and green crystals in case you get injured or need to need to regain your energy. Also...” he added opening the saddlebags with his telekinesis, pulling out two similar blue, smooth stones. “These are stones that I have managed to enchant so that you will be able to contact each other or myself. That should allow us to remain in touch with each other. Lastly,” Ignitus continued, placing the stones back into the bags, before he pulled out a set of ordinary, dull brown capes. “ I've managed to place a charm on these capes that should allow you to blend in when you are there. They won’t make you invisible, but will make others see what they perceive as normal. However, this will only work so long as you have the cape on and the hood up.”

Spyro and Cynder nodded before Ignitus gave them the capes to put on. Once they were all in place, they helped each other with getting their bags secured to their bodies. Sparx helped with that part the most, since his smaller body was able to weave through the loops and make sure that everything was secure. Once everything was in place, Ignitus lifted the two scrolls and handed them to Spyro. Spyro looked up at Ignitus, waiting to hear the explanation for the scrolls. “I was told that before you are to begin teaching, you are supposed to meet someone by the name of ‘Twilight Sparkle’ and give her that scroll with the moon wax seal. The other one is used to meet with Celestia, the one who asked me for a teacher.”

Spyro nodded and placed the two scrolls in his bag. As he finished, Ignitus continued, “Once you all are in that other world, it will be hard for me to send anyone else. I trust you all to make the best decisions that are available. Remember that you can always contact me if you need any guidance.”

“I understand Ignitus. I promise to my very best,” Spyro promised, his eyes burning with conviction. If he was truthful to himself at this point, he was glad to be starting a new adventure. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the peace that he helped to bring about, but there was always some small part of him that was eager for excitement and adventure. Cynder was also feeling the same way, but she was also enjoying the idea of imagining what her life would be like without her past haunting her. Sparx, of course, was glad to have another adventure with his brother; even if Cynder had to tag along.

Ignitus looked at their faces and saw the determination in their eyes, which caused some of the doubts that had been plaguing him to come to rest. Ignitus knew that he could trust them to handle whatever came their way. Rising up to his maximum height, he said in a commanding tone, “Good luck, young ones. May the Ancestors look after you on your quest.”

Spyro, Cynder and Sparx nodded their heads at Ignitus before turning to face the mirror. They each took a glance at the others and saw the same thing: the rekindled excitement of a new adventure with new discoveries awaiting them. A silent agreement passed between them, and a moment passed before all of them raced to the mirror. It was fortunate that the mirror was wide enough so that Spyro and Cynder were able to pass through with Sparx passing above them. The mirror shimmered when the two dragons and dragonfly passed through it, like the glass was made of water, before settling down to its normal clear state. Ignitus continued to watch the mirror even after that, his mind giving silent prayers to the Ancestors for their safety.
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