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Spike's Teacher - Richer19

A Spyro/MLP crossover where Spike learns how to be a dragon under the teachings of the famed hero.

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Chapter 3: Contact

Here is the next chapter for you all to enjoy.

Chapter 3: Contact

Twilight’s Library

Spike watched the rising of the sun with a sense of contentment. He wasn't a dragon to ask for much, especially after what happened on his last birthday, and reflected on the things that he did have. For starters, he was kept well-fed, and the work he did as Twilight’s assistant has kept him in decent shape. He was surrounded by such good friends that understood him and treated him as if he was a pony. He was the only dragon that he knew of that knew Celestia on a rather special level, having spent his youngling years being care by her.

And yet, the drake felt as if there was something missing in his life. He wasn't sure what it was, but despite all that he had, there was still a sense of longing that he couldn't quite make out. Sure, he hadn't had much interaction with his own species, but from what experience he had was enough to make him feel like an outcast.

There was also the fact that after the whole birthday thing, he started to experience a kind of hunger inside that appeared never-ending, no matter how many gems he consumed. Twilight tried her best, but books relating to raising dragons or their growing cycles were few and full of contradictions. They tried contacting the Princess, but she only replied that she would send something soon to ease the problem.

The young dragon sighed and was about to start his morning choirs when a sudden flash of pain hit him. He quickly hissed out in discomfort as he started to rub his forehead in an effort to relieve the tension. Strange enough, the pain was gone just as fast as it had appeared, leaving Spike to look back at the sun, thinking “I wonder what that was about?”

Whitetail Forest

The portal wasn't as bad as Spyro had originally thought. Compared to the time he escaped from Convexity, carrying Cynder with the effects of the battle starting to take their toll, this journey was as calm as a gentle breeze.

Eventually, the portal dropped them off in a forested area. However, the forest had a peaceful aura around it which put the purple dragon slightly off edge. He had been used to going through forests where there was a hint of danger hidden in the air; this one didn't. Curious, Spyro took a slight whiff of air while his sensitive tongue darted out to taste it. It was hard to understand; Spyro was still unsure as to why he had such a natural response to unfamiliar patterns. Whatever the case may be, Spyro didn't ‘taste’ anything wrong. Still, it didn't hurt to get a second opinion.

Turning his head to look at Cynder, he asked, “Do you smell anything?” He watched as Cynder repeated the same muscle motion that he did and waited for her response. One thing that Spyro has learned over time was that Cynder wasn't one to give out an immediate answer. She preferred to take her time with a problem so she could find the best solution to whatever came her way. It was one of the few reasons that she was so effective when she was previously corrupted.

Cynder looked back at Spyro and answered, “I don’t smell or taste anything strange.”

Spyro nodded and replied, “That’s the problem.” He noticed the confused look on Cynder and continued, “ Shouldn't there be the subtle taste of uncertainty and fear? Or even being able to smell the scent of a successful hunt?” Spyro noticed how Cynder’s eyes grew in realization and he knew that she was on the same mindset as he was.

Sparx interjected, “Sounds like to me that we’re in a forest that isn't trying to kill us, which is okay in my book.” He landed on top of Spyro and gave him a playful slap on the skull before adding, “You need to stop worrying so much there big guy.”

Spyro and Cynder gave a small chuckle before Spyro replied, “I guess you're right, Sparx.” His eyes narrowed and a smirk formed on his mouth before adding, “For once in your life.” Sparx looked shocked from his brother’s comment and felt a little annoyed for leaving such an opening for his brother to take advantage. Sparx wasn't mad at him, in all honesty, but it was a rare moment when Spyro was able to get in the last word. Cynder was delighted with herself as she watched the playful banter between the dragon and dragonfly brothers.

It was at that moment that Cynder realized that, despite all that she has seen and done, she never really had much of a chance to make any female friends. She had noticed them during the war, tending to the wounded or helping with repairs, but she was never given the chance to actually talk to them. Of course that was most likely due to the fact that she was magically chained to Spyro at the time, and her mind was more focused on the possibility of confronting the dragon she once called master. Even when the war was over, she and Spyro felt that it wouldn't be such a good idea to return to Warfang. They didn't want to have to deal with all the headaches and stress of being war heroes, and felt that their peace was best spent with each other and the freedom that they had fought so hard to achieve.

Thinking back on those days, though short as they were, she reflected that they were some of her best memories. Though like most joyful memories, they were left with a slightly darker tone under them. In her case, it was a feeling the likes of which she had never felt before. Cynder knew where this feeling had come from, during the final moments where she thought that the world was dead and the last thing she was going to see was the dragon who gave so much to save her. However, she now wondered if she had really meant what she had said back then. It could have been a spur of the moment feeling, the sense that you were at the end and knew that whatever you said, it wouldn't have any kind of consequences? Or did the vision of Spyro glowing with the power of Convexity paint such a heroic image to her that it caused the feeling of love to flare and give her the courage to speak three words that have such depth and power behind them?

“Hey, Cynder, are you okay?” Spyro asked, causing the black dragoness to snap out of her silent monologue. Cynder nodded before looking around and saw to her surprise that Sparx was currently missing. She looked back at Spyro and was about to voice her question before he interjected, “He’s off trying to find some kind of village or settlement that is nearby.” He paused for a moment before asking, “Are you sure you're okay, Cynder? It looks like you were lost in your thoughts.”

“Only when it comes to you.” Her mind noted but refrained from voicing. Instead, it was now realizing that she was, once again, in a moment where it was just she and Spyro, alone. Free from dangers of having Sparx making the situation unbearable, her tactical mind started to figure out if this was a good time to ask Spyro the question that would either cause her heart to soar in the heavens or fall to the ground. They were alone at the moment, and the spring-time feeling of the forest had the scent of new life and discovery about it. It was at the forefront of her thoughts, and Spyro had already broken the ice and given her starting ground.

Bracing herself for the answer she both hoped and feared, she looked at Spyro and asked, “Spyro, do you remem…”

However the Ancestors were not in Cynder’s favor, because before she had a chance to finish her question, a blood curtailing scream destroyed the calm atmosphere of the forest, startling the local wildlife and breaking both Cynder and Spyro’s train of thoughts as they tried to identified the source of such a scream. Spyro was the first, recognizing it from a childhood memory, saying in a worried tone, “It’s Sparx! He must be in trouble.” He turned and looked at Cynder and added, “Come on, Cynder!”

Cynder nodded and the two dragons raced off towards the source of Sparx’s wail. While thoughts of dread and worry filled Spyro's mind, Cynder was feeling equal parts relief for the distraction and annoyance that even with him gone he was able to find a way to make her miss her chance. “Whatever it is Sparx”, she thought while running alongside Spyro, since their cloaecks limited their wings, “it better be something I can take my frustration out on or it will be on your head.”
So finals are a few weeks away, which is partially the reason why I’m late with finishing this chapter. I do hope that this chapter is worth the wait. On an unrelated note, I may be holding off on updates until after I've finished with my final. Ponies are distracting me from my studies and it is not the best time to be having that.

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