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A short dialogue for a specific style contest, where two royal mares with opposing positions debate each other. (And with short I mean 851 words, not 1022.)

The only rule for this contest is to use nothing but spoken words (and no formatting) to tell the story. It was a fun endeavor so I decided to give it a try.

Here is the description of the contest:

And this is the group for the contest:

Note: The archaic English chosen is a middle-path between readability and accuracy. Skipping hath and a myriad of changes in verbs and constructs. Hopefully the switch from Royal Canterlot voice to more modern Luna will still be noticed.
2024 June 12: Made it slightly more archaic, replacing a few more pronouns in Luna's speech. The inconsistent replacement bothered me.

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“You should know that we fulfill many dreams in ours line of work, but this type of fantasy is not healthy.”

Apparently Luna doesn't believe "There is no wrong way to fantasize" as Celestia does.

Theone23 #2 · Monday · · ·

It's easy for Celly TO say that. SHE'S not the one dealing with everyone's dreams every single night. That's one of the reasons why I love the episode where Starlight swapped their cutie marks and, thus, their roles as princesses, in turn.

If the show wasn't catered to a younger audience, we both know what kind of dreams we'd see in episodes starring Luna.

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