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Just your average Scootadash enjoyer. Or Sweetie Bot. Or exciting adventures with all the Crusaders. Honestly they're just the best three characters in the show. I will die on this hill


Scootaloo's lived her whole life with a secret. A secret that could change the way everypony looks at her. One day she decides to tell Rainbow Dash about it on a whim.

I don't really have a plan for this fic, It's just gonna be my pet project. I'll update each chapter whenever I figure out what I want it to be and write it out.
(Cover picture is just a quick modification I did of a changeling png. I know the wings look weird, transparent things are hard.)

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Interesting variation on the X is a changeling trope. I wonder what Scootaloo's backstory will be.

What is that I detect?
Could it be... More Scootadash content?
I wonder if Scootaling here is able to fly while in changeling form... Or if not, if she can transform into a flying animal and fly that way...

I suppose only time will tell, won't it?

VERY interesting, I REALLY hope Twi and the Princesses are just as accepting!

not a new idea, but a very nicely executed iteration of it just the same, well done.

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