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[Wonderful cover by the amazingly talented Dapperlilarts! Check her out on tumblr: https://dapper-lil-arts.tumblr.com/?source=share ]

It's the wedding of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor!
Sometime into it, Applejack plays a little too rough with Rainbowdash and ends up taking a tumble right into a fountain. She won't let that ruin her night though, electing to turn to some hard cider to warm her right up as she waits to dry off.
Of all ponies to keep her company as she drinks, it turns out to be Rarity. The two enjoy one another's company, until the conversation turns to Applejack's own romantic infatuations. What ensues is a discussion probably best left for when they're both sober again.

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AAAAAAA, I loved this story a lot, I love any rarijack stuff, welcome to fim fiction!! and the brony community at large :3, thank you so much for this, I really did love it so much, you got the chemistry of the both of them so well, and I liked the nod to her and rainbow dash's rivalry too, and the finale sentences, the "sugercube" and "darling" sent tingles down my spine, I loved this story so much, I see its chapter 1 aswell? well there perhaps be more?

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Thank you very much! I grew up being a little intimidated by this fandom ngl but everyone I've met since coming into it has been so nice. Very glad you enjoyed the read, and yeah I love their dynamic so much in show, I just really wanted to capture that since it reminds me of my partner and me.
As for more, I had some ideas cooked up for a second chapter just as I was finishing this one so perhaps we'll see a bit further (maybe that sober talk they gotta have...)

"Now." She quickly finished the contents of her glass. "Once upon a time is now."

I imagined Applejack doing that "JAW DROPPED" meme when Rarity said this, certainly popping bottles myself!

Seriously though, this is a lovely little story about two characters getting some liquid courage, and Rarijack continues to be the hydrogen bomb of MLP ships, im very glad more people are writing about them nowdays! And well. I would lovoooe to see how that very akward hungover talk in the morning goes 👀

This needs a sequel. I NEED A SEQUEL.

For your first story, this is pretty good. Hey by the way I got this story suggestion if you’d like to hear it

FANTASTIC prose on those inner thoughts, specialy on that kiss. absotutely wonderful👍

Such a shame nice fics have to end 😩

Wasn't expecting to take so long writing a second chapter for this

Better to take your time and do it right than to try and rush it out unfinished.
Very well written story.

Couldn't agree any more than I already do on taking your time, definitely helped it so much to really think and go through this one pretty thoroughly.
Thank you for the kind words!

I really wanted to nail all that especially with this chapter because Rarity probably thinks more unlike me out of the two of them. And that kiss! I think it might be my absolute favorite out of all that I have *ever* written for fanfic, so incredibly glad it landed with you.

Thank you so much, very glad you enjoyed. And we'll at least with this one over I can start to think about whatever comes next!

I also agree, so I went ahead and made that happen!

(Chapter 2 be up rn!!)


When finally satisfied she hovered over her 'Friend,' and took in the very amusing sight of a flustered Applejack below. "I don't want to be something, Darling. I want to be your everything."

Aaaaaaa the feelies!! They're consuming meeee!

"Shoot." The pony above her intently watched her mouth form the words. "Whatever it is, consider it done." Then the eyes came back up, locking their gaze together.

"Kiss me then."

Consider me dead and gone.

YEESS these two passages in particular I think might me some of my favorite things I've written in a long while ngl!
Thank you for reading!

aaaaaaaa I loved the original so much and I’m so glad you wrote this 2nd chapter, it’s perfect, it’s everything I wanted, I also agree about taking your time, always better to take your time to create something how you want it to be and it shows here,

I loved the tension and un ease created with rarity forgetting so much I think it was so brilliant, sorry I’m rambling, AH, I just love rarijack so much thank you so much for writing

Rambling is perfectly fine, so don't you worry one bit there! And ngl a lot of the initial hurdle of writing it became that conflict and what got in the way of what they both wanted or thought they wants. Real happy with how it ended up and how that tension was something you enjoyed too

I'm real glad the second chapter was a good read for you!!!

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