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Big Imagination E

For those who wants to get to know me i may be 21 years old and feel like a teenage boy who may feel small but i got a BIG imagination inside me


Spike and Inferno Sparkle wished that they could see what the universe has to offer. As in seeing different galaxies and planets. Suddenly when Spike made a wish on a star then embark on an incredible adventure through outer space!! Join them as they journey through the cosmos and meet new friends.

P.S: Be on the lookout for any references I will put in.

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Do you think Rarity and Sunset or Applejack could be in this story at some point?

Here’s an idea for a few worlds you could include:
Darwin IV from Discovery Channel’s Alien Planet and Wayne Barlowe’s Expedition
Aurelia and the Blue Moon from this show: Extraterrestrial
And maybe a few from Star Trek as well

Maybe the rocket could have a warp drive like the Enterprise does, since it can take a huge number of Earth years to explore the whole Milky Way and return to Earth.

Dude I don't watch Discovery Channel or Star Trek. Can we try and think of different planets from different kid shows?

Alright. Here’s some information on Darwin IV in case you want to include it.

How about Pandora from Avatar?

Now I have seen one or two Avatar movies so maybe.

Maybe a few worlds in the Star Wars galaxy as well, such as Tatooine, Endor, Naboo, Dagobah, and Dathomir.

I don't really watch Star Wars either

Alright. About the rocket, maybe it could have a hyperdrive or a warp drive considering how many light years away certain places in space are.

Good job, even though I never really watched Roly Poly Olly

Good job. Looking forward to seeing the bros explore Jupiter and Saturn’s moons near the end, and Earth’s moon too.

Something tells me that Twilight’s space pod will have the same hyperdrive tech as her brothers’ rocket.

Yep. And her brothers will need to help her get home later on.

Weren’t they gonna explore the subsurface ocean of Europa as well?

They were but Twilight was unconscious and the brothers did not want to leave their sister behind. That would not be good if they did.

Maybe the three of them could explore Europa in the next chapter.

They're heading home now. But maybe the next time they're on a space adventure.

Maybe in the next space adventure, they could also visit Titan and Enceladus.

Sure. Who knows what could happen? And I hope your enjoying this space story.

I like it just fine. Particularly the chapter where the bros are on Pandora.

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