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The Cutie Mark Crusaders have just about had it. They’re dying for adventure; thirsty for a little action that will spice up the mundaneness of their ordinary Ponyville lives. So when an interdimensional rift unexpectedly opens to another world inhabited by alien beings who share their feelings (and look suspiciously similar to ducks), their wishes might just be coming true. Both parties eagerly agree to switch places for a day to get a taste of what the others’ world is like. From barbaric Beagle Boys to truculent timberwolves, what could possibly go wrong?

This wacky tale is a crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the highly popular DuckTales 2017 reboot. Both being beloved reboots based on classic 80’s TV series, this hilarious story is an adventure for all to enjoy. Loaded with the humor and streak of heart both shows are known for, it is sure to entertain readers of all ages and leave them singing Woo-oo!

Note: This story takes place between “Brotherhooves Social” and “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and “The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!” and “The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!” of DuckTales. Includes minor spoilers from all previous episodes. You have been warned.

Cover art by dstears & EMositeCC

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Love the premise so far, kinda surprised no one else have done a crossover story here with the 2017 Ducktales crew! (not that I have seen at least)

Will a certain young purple dragon be joining the Crusaders later during this adventure? At the very least it would round up the Equestrian crew against the Duckburg one (3 boys/1 girl VS 3 girls/1 boy) just a thought after seeing the story cover pic! :moustache:

Anyway looking forward to see what the next chapter brings! :twilightsmile:

Woo-oh! I think I'll stick around for this one!

Tysm!:twilightblush: Yeah, that kinda surprised me too. When I searched up if anyone on this site had already done a similar story, there were a couple with DuckTales 2017, but none with the CMCs. I already have the entire story outlined in my head, but I decided to publish just the prologue for now in case someone else beat me to the punch. Anywho, after seeing "The Missing Links of Moorshire!" and it being a DuckTales episode featuring characters who were obviously from MLP, I knew I had to write this story, only this time, MLP:FiM is the host show.

I was thinking of adding Spike in as a quick cameo, but he's probs not gonna play a major role in this story just cuz he's not being species-swapped (though that's subject to change). While I do love mah boy Spike, I don't want to make it feel forced.

Glad you liked it! I probably won't update for at least another week cuz I'm busy with school, but I can guarantee you'll love what's coming next!:raritywink:

Thank you! I promise you'll love the next chapter when it releases!:pinkiehappy:

Pony Tales whoo-hoo I think this has a lot of potential and I like it, I wonder how'll you'll prosed with this but 10/10 writing

Thank you, that means so much!:twilightsmile: I'll keep you updated on the blog when the next chapter releases!

I bet I will keep them coming and don't give up, take your time don't rush

I am watching.

Glad to hear that my boy Spike won't be tossed to the side (like S1 - S5 loved to do) & will still have a minor role to play in this story!:moustache:

Like others have said take your time with it cause I love what I've seen so far! :twilightsmile:

Noice!!! I'll keep you in the know for chapter updates on the blog!

Thanks for understanding! It'll be worth the wait!!:twilightsmile:

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