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I love reading almost as much as I love spreadsheets. Maybe I'll write something. That would be cool.


Quick Sort is out of bits, out of time, and out of town to get his life turned around. A streak of bad luck is broken, for a moment, by the offering of a job.

"Help Wanted: Pony (EUP)--Young, wanted to file papers, general assistant; trot in interview Trottsville, Mule PI; 3 bits; immediately; NO POST"

Quick will find that there's a lot more to the detective life than filing papers, and a lot more bits to be made.

Note for the purposes of rating:
Sex will not be featured in the text. I may imply sex and comedy that is sexual in nature.
Violence may be featured in the text. I may display or imply the use of violence.
Note that death is NOT in the warnings.

Note for interaction with cannon characters: I have no intention of introducing any cannon character as more than a cameo.

This is a pilot for an episodic series of mystery stories. If I like how this one turns out, I'll see about making some more.

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If you put corrections in the comments, I’ll see about changes when I post the next chapter.

I look forward to more.

I also think you ended the chapter at the right place. Looking forward to more.

Don’t mix your money and your morals. You’ll be saving your self on both ends.”

Good quote.

I’ve got to analyze some lab grown rocks and stones tomorrow

Remember to ask Maud for help.

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