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Spike turned 17 years old and to celebrate he decided to spend all his money confessing to the girl of his dreams, Rarity, but his dream fell apart when Rarity said a simple phrase to him.

"Sorry, darling, I have a boyfriend."

Now Spike has to work as a bodyguard to get some money back.

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Excellent work my friend. I don't see any errors or problems man you ready to go job.

Thanks, friend I finally managed to pass the moderation :pinkiehappy:

I keep telling you there will be times with people who criticize your work and they'll be times they will be amazed. It's just how life is. Like I said don't listen to the words of others who thinks that your work is lacking inspiration or it's missing something. It matters that it's from your heart it matters it's from your own words. Also I kind of know this is similar to a good manga only read like three chapters of it.

Great chapter.

I really like how you always make Spike always care about others than himself. Great job on this chapter.

Rcmc #6 · 2 weeks ago · · · 2.5 ·

Thanks, knife :twilightsmile:

Ryshinki #7 · 2 weeks ago · · · 2.5 ·

Very nice story, love it.

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