• Published 26th Jul 2023
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A Dance of Black and White - Eclipse-Blue Moonfrost

For the young unicorn stallion Hazel Moon, chess is the embodiment of life - a lonely mind searching for the perfect move, to overcome the opponent with strategy and foresight.

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Chapter 1: Belief

I awoke to the gentle caress of the sun's rays upon my face, which were streaming through the big windows of my luxurious suite.

I must have fallen asleep.

Rising from the chaotic bed, I surveyed my surroundings. The room captivated a perfect blend of elegance and purpose. Positioned beside the grand windowfront, a sturdy wooden office desk commanded my attention. It was adorned with my personal chess-set, the book Middlegame Theory: The Magic of Chess written by nopony else than the legendary Starswirl the bearded, and my own carefully crafted notes, a testament to the countless hours of preparation for the candidates’ tournament.

Disregarding the scattered chess pieces occupying the desk, I made my way towards the bathroom, my mind filled with unpleasant thoughts.

As I lazily removed my cloak, I turned my attention towards the mirror, dreading the reflection that stared back at me. Instead of beholding the image of a destined champion in the realm of the royal game on the sixty-four squares, I was confronted with the image of a fragile and weak unicorn, appearing as though tears had flowed endlessly from his verdant eyes. My gaze traversed over my creamy beige coat, tracing the path from my elegant spiral horn, through the tousled chaos of my brown striped mane, down over my chest and stopped at the sight of my front legs.

My pathetically short legs. Most mares are bigger than me. How is any mare supposed to fall in
love with this pathetic excuse of a stallion that i am?

Summoning all my strength, I banished the self-loathing thoughts that threatened to consume me, swiftly stepping into the refreshing embrace of the shower located to the right of the mirror. As the cold water cascaded over my weary form, a wave of recollection washed over me, bringing to the forefront of my mind the events that transpired on the fateful night before.

Frosty Sky! I have to know if he is ok!

Swiftly, I attended to my oral hygiene, diligently brushing my teeth until they gleamed with newfound radiance. After re-equipping myself with my black robe I gathered my belongings from the bathroom and put them into my hoofbag before quickly returning to the suite's main room.

Within the sanctuary of the suite, I quickly gathered my treasured possessions, meticulously arranging them within the confines of my saddlebag and my suitcase respectively. Of course the best spot was reserved for my beloved plushie, ensuring it nestled in a place of utmost comfort within the depths of my saddlebag as i prepared myself for the journey to the beautiful capital of Equestria: Canterlot.

With a determined gait, I quickly traversed the grand corridors of the hotel, my hooves’ clops echoing against the polished parquet. My destination was the reception desk located in the opulent foyer.

The foyer exuded an air of magnificence, its grandeur captivating all who entered its embrace. Opulent chandeliers, resplendent in their craftsmanship, cast a radiant glow that bathed the space in a warm, ethereal light. A captivating feature stood between the reception desk and the entrance—an ornate well, adorned with intricate sculptures, its depths teeming with a mesmerizing array of vibrant fish, their graceful movements adding an enchanting allure to the scene.

Approaching the reception desk with a mix of urgency and concern, I directed my gaze towards the figure at the other end of the counter. A middle aged earth pony mare with an exquisite all-purple coat.

"Pray tell, good madam, have you been enlightened as to the fate of the pegasus who suffered a sudden collapse within these very walls on the eve prior?" I questioned the mare with my words carefully chosen.

"Who are you?“ was all i got from her.

Summoning all the courage within me, I introduced myself to the elegant receptionist with my best linguistical prowess, yet my voice betrayed my vulnerability. "I am Hazel Moon," I spoke, "I implore you, kind mare, to enlighten me regarding the well-being of the pegasus who succumbed to a distressing medical episode within these very premises last night. You see, he is not merely a pegasus; he is my chess trainer. He is important to me." I put emphasis on the last sentence.

"The Equestrian Life Guard tried to reanimate him, unfortunately without success,“ the mare casually answered my question. "He passed away. The body is being transported to his relatives in cloudsdale. I am sorry for your loss.“

A whirlwind of emotions surged within me, rendering me speechless. In those agonizing moments of profound silence, I could only offer a slight nod, my heart heavy with unspoken words. With a flick of my telekinesis, I gently placed the keys to my suite and a tip of 5 bits upon the polished counter, silently conveying my gratitude and bidding farewell to the purple mare.

As I made my way out of the grand hotel, tears drippled down my cheeks like shimmering crystal droplets, reflecting the weight of my emotions. Each step I took felt heavy with the burden of unspoken sorrow, as the world around me blurred in a haze of anguish and uncertainty.

With each slow step I took through the streets of Fillydelphia, my mind became the home of demons and doubts, tormenting me relentlessly. Despite being fully aware that I had missed the train that Frosty Sky and I had intended to board, I walked to the trainstation, my heart driven by an insatiable need to escape the suffocating weight of my thoughts.

Why did he had to die?

That question was a relentless presence in my mind. It haunted me, tugging at the corners of my thoughts, demanding an answer that seemed perpetually out of my reach.

I ventured deeper into the bustling heart of the old town of Fillydelphia. The vibrant market square unfolded before my eyes, a tapestry of colors and sounds that enraptured my senses. Traders displayed their wares, their voices intermingling with the melodic chimes of a street musician playing a wooden flute. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, tempting me to seek comfort in one of the quaint cafes that lined the cobblestone streets. And there, standing with an air of grandeur, stood the old theatre, its ornate façade telling tales of captivating performances and displays of wonderous art.

In an attempt to divert my attention from the tumultuous thoughts swirling within my mind, I found solace in the enchanting wares of a nearby jeweler's shop. Amongst the glittering treasures on display, my verdant eyes were drawn to a stunning silver necklace carrying a crescent moon crafted from exquisite sapphires displayed at a shop window. Instantly captivated by its celestial allure, I knew it was the perfect embellishment for my cherished Trixie plush.

Lowering my hood, I entered the shop with quiet grace, the ringing of the bell announcing my arrival. I made my way towards the elegant vitrine which also served as a counter, where a young citrine unicorn mare stood, her gaze silently judging me.

She won’t expect this.

"Hello, how can i help you?“

With the vast treasury of words at my disposal, I embarked upon the self-imposed task of crafting my request with eloquence, ensuring that each syllable resonated with brilliance and grace to aid at my newfound mission to impress the mare.

"Good day," I greeted the unicorn mare with a voice filled with timidity, directing her attention towards the exquisite necklace displayed at the shop window with my right front hoof. "I seek to acquire this enchanting piece of jewelry for my Trixie plushie," I explained, my words carrying a fragile tone. "If you would be so kind as to shorten it, allowing it to adorn her with absolute perfection please?"

My speech failed to impress her.

"Look mister pretentious, i don’t have time for this. The jewelry is not made for toys,“ she told me with an annoyed look on her face.


"I have emerged victorious in the candidates tournament," I confided the adorable mare, a sense of pride seeping into my voice, "this necklace shall serve as a decoration for the plushie, which I intend to gift my little sister."

I hoped that my lie worked as I carefully put a one hundred and forty bits on the glass using my telekinesis.

"Fine. Give me your plushie so I can fit the necklace.“

Having concluded my business at the ticket booth, I found myself within the grandeur of the classical train station, marveling at its exquisite architecture. Stationed at platform four, where my train was scheduled to depart in approximately three hours, I stood there with the hood over my head and pondered the consequenses of preparing myself for the championship match without a trainer, because the truth was that I could not build enough trust to somepony within a month which was required for the task of establishing a close enough relationship to train and prepare me.

I will have to stick with my old routines and training. I will continue to use the ponish game when I control the white pieces and further deepen my understanding of the possible lines which may occur from that opening. But what about my games wielding the black pieces? Luna does not stick to a single opening, and deeply preparing myself even for only 3 openings within a month is practically impossible.

While I successfully banished the haunting question of why the Reaperpony had claimed Frosty Sky, my mind remained consumed by thoughts of the forthcoming match. Desiring a respite from my ruminations, my eyes alighted upon a charming café nestled adjacent to platform one, conveniently accessible from the very platform itself.

A clever way to get customers is to lure in passangers who wait for their train. Well it worked for me i guess.

I gracefully stepped into the rustic café, finding a comfortable place upon a cozy couch placed besides a wooden table large enough for several ponies. As the warmth of the sun bathed the world outside, I ordered a refreshing glass of chilled water, craving its cool embrace to counter the balmy weather.

Gentle hoofsteps captured my attention as a tall pony drew near.

"Greetings Hazel, my name is Wild Strikes and i wanted to congratulate you on winning the candidates tournament,“ said the coral earthpony.

He donned a modest black shirt, complemented by the stylish addition of sunglasses. His vibrant canary mane harmoniously matched his coral fur. He wore leathery saddlebags to each of his sides.

"I am a chess player myself, and i wanted to ask you if we might play a game and if i may get an autograph“

My cheeks erupted in flames from the inside.

"Yes, we can indulge in a classical game of chess to pass the time while I await my train which arrives in approximately three hours," I replied, "you may have the honor of starting our match with the white pieces."

His genuine smile was like a flare, bringing light into the darkness of my mind.

Wild Strike’s chessboard stood between us like a battlefield, the black pieces awaiting my command. It was once again time to show off my strategic brilliance.

My beloved Trixie plushie, now carrying her beautiful moon-necklace watched silently with her
periwinkle eyes and her sly smirk over the chessboard.

Using my telekinesis, I started the clock. My opponent opened the game with the king’s pawn and placed it on e4. My response followed without wasting any time as i played e5.

After Knight f3 and Knight c6, Wild Strike chose to play the Ruy Ponez game, Bishop to b5.

Interesting to choose an opening which will result in a closed position against a much stronger

He did not stood a chance against me, but I must admit, Wild Strikes played with incredible skill and determination. The chessboard became our battleground, where strategic moves and tactical maneuvers unfolded with each passing moment. As the match reached its climax, it became evident that victory was within my grasp.

The tension between us was palpable as we navigated through the complexities of the game. Piece by piece, I skillfully outmaneuvered his defenses, my every move guided by years of study and countless hours of practice. Wild Strikes fought valiantly, his determination shining through each calculated response.

But as the game progressed, my advantage became insurmountable. The position on the board tilted in my favor, and I seized the opportunity with precision and grace. With each move, my pieces harmonized in a symphony of strategic and tactical brilliance.

As we entered the endgame, a king and pawn battle, the outcome was clear as my opponent could do nothing to stop my remaining pawn due to the opposition of our kings, eventually allowing my pawn to become a queen.

Recognizing the futility of his position, Wild Strikes made the noble decision to resign. It was a
moment of mutual respect, for even in defeat, he acknowledged the great game both of us played.
As we shook hooves, a sense of camaraderie formed between us, born from our shared passion for
the royal game.

After talking about our legendary battle and discussing different lines, I signed his hoofmade chessboard.

"Thank you and good luck against the princess!“ said Wild Strikes as he left.

With a soft rustle of the plush seat, I settled myself comfortably, the Trixie plushie nestled snugly by my side. As the train's engine roared to life, a sense of anticipation filled the air. The rhythmic chugging of the wheels mirrored the beating of my heart, both eager to embark on this new journey.

Glancing out of the window, I watched as the familiar scenery of Fillydelphia gradually faded away, replaced by rolling hills and vibrant meadows. The world outside seemed to transform, as if in sync with the adventure that awaited me. The train's steady motion lulled me into a state of tranquility, allowing my thoughts to wander and dreams to take flight.

In the plush comfort of the first-class cabin, I found solace and respite. The soft lighting cast a warm glow, illuminating the pages of the book I had brought along, "Chess Mastery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Mind." With each turn of the page, I delved deeper into the intricacies of the royal game, eager to expand my knowledge and refine my skills.

But amidst the captivating words and the immersive world of chess theory, my gaze would often drift to the Trixie plushie by my side. She sat there, her mischievous grin frozen in place, as if ready to embark on her own grand adventure. The sparkling moon necklace adorned her, a symbol of the dreams we shared and the victories we had conquered together.

As the train trundled along, passing through quaint towns and bustling cities, I couldn't help but reflect on the path that had led me here. The countless hours spent studying and practicing, the sacrifices made, and the unwavering passion that fueled my pursuit of excellence. Each step, each move, had brought me closer to this moment.

Lost in my musings, I could almost hear the cheers of the crowd, the applause that echoed through the grand halls of the royal chess tournament. The thought of sitting before princess Luna herself, locked in a battle of wits and strategy, sent a thrill down my spine. It was a chance to prove my mettle, to showcase the culmination of years of dedication and hard work.

Do i even stand a chance against her?

But amidst the excitement, a tinge of nervousness crept in. Doubt whispered its cruel words, questioning my abilities and tempting me to falter. It was in these moments that I would turn to Trixie, her unwavering gaze and stitched smile reminding me of the strength that resided within.

With a reassuring pat on her plush head, I vowed to remain steadfast, to push past any self-doubt that threatened to overshadow my spirit. Trixie, my ever-present companion, was more than just a toy; she symbolized resilience, the embodiment of unwavering belief in oneself.

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