• Published 24th Sep 2012
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The Recluse - Live Light

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

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Chapter 9: Being Honest... eh. Part 1

After resting his head in his hooves after a few hours of working on the novel, he's made a character that's probably gonna be really annoying, the main villain of the novel. He's not particularly intending to sell it anywhere, although, he'd see if there was anyone with an honest opinion about it later, to see if it's good and whether he should publish it or not. In the meantime he was resting on the couch, thinking of what's to come.

Alrighty... so then... meeting Applejack... I hear she's the Element of Honesty. Either I'm getting a lesson in honesty, or I'm doing slave labour for the Apple family. Yay.

He feels he's made significant progress on this thing. Although, now he's losing focus. He finds himself thinking mostly about Fluttershy. The first time we met, she would normally be considered an intruder in his home. Although, due to her cuteness and adorableness, I tried taking it calmly. The next thing I know, the Cutie Mark Demonspawn have destroyed my house. And Fluttershy was kind enough to let me stay in her home. She's certainly been kinder than I have. Kind enough to witness my wingboner without hurting me terribly. In fact, I'm kind of ashamed that the sign I have a crush on her was a wingboner in the first place. That sorta could mean anything. ...Whatever. I wonder when Hearts and Hooves day is coming up. Need to get something for her. ...Now I'm nervous, damn it.

...I'm tired... ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........


An Intermission for you. Beginning POV switch.

Point of View: Fluttershy

Okay... all the animals are fed... I wonder how Light's doing.

Fluttershy had finished with the animals, and walked from the garden to the house's door. She opened the door, and found Light sleeping on the couch. I wonder if he's prepared for tomorrow... Oh, I always wonder that... and he pulls through fine. Still...

Fluttershy was wondering what he was dreaming of. He looks so peaceful... About 25 seconds after that, her opinion changed, as he looked somewhat sad. He even turned around so he was facing the back-rest of the couch. She frowned, wondering what could be the matter. It's not my presence here, is it? Oh... I'm being a bother... No, he never minded me... he's too kind for that... he might not think that, but it's true. I was a little startled when he walked in on the shower but... that was an accident. He's not that kind of pony...

She looked at him for a bit, then smiled sadly. Then she seemed thoughtful for a moment, and looked around the cottage. No animals were watching. She then decided to quietly walk over to him. Then she nuzzled his ear. Almost immediately, he sighed contently, and felt around for the nearest pillow, and started hugging it. She giggled lightly to herself. That's the cutest she's seen him at. If only he knew how I felt...


Point of View: Live Light

At the beginning of his dream, he found emptiness. This was a rather chilling emptiness, which he didn't like. There was literally nothing there. Everything was black. He wasn't even glowing like that last time it happened. There wasn't even a white background that he could see by looking upwards. Nothingness. That was all.

Then he saw her. She was a light-ish red mare, with a red and golden mane and tail. Her name was Bright Flare, the sister of his friend Green Flare/Greg. And she used to be his girlfriend.

For reasons understandable, he keeps the reason why they aren't together anymore to himself, as does Greg. To put it simply, she contributed to the reason he had dropped into hermitage. Any reminding of her, or the sight of her, is enough to depress him. As soon as he saw her, he found the world changed to fit his mood. Everything became a night-blue sky, and rain was falling down hard on him. He stood there, staring at the ground, too depressed to care what was going on around him...

He noticed something eventually, however. The world then changed back into emptiness, and Bright Flare was gone. Light was confused for a moment, then he felt something on his ear... a nuzzle. He looked behind him, and there stood the new mare of his dreams, Fluttershy. The world changed into a large forest rather quickly, as he smiled happily, and embraced Fluttershy.


Hrmm... Gotta wake up... no, gonna cuddle Flutters s'more. He smiled to himself as he cuddled Flutterpillow.


He opened his eyes fully. ...Oh. I've been cuddling a pillow. ...Yep. I'm in love.

He got off the couch, and rubbed his eyes. He looked around, and found there had been some breakfast left for him already. Fluttershy walked out of the kitchen.

"Oh... hi, Light. How are you this morning?" She asked.

"Pretty good," He replied. "You?"

"Same for me."

They both ate their breakfast, and headed over to Sweet Apple Acres. Fluttershy explained that at times, she can be stubborn, but she's the most honest out of all of her friends. They found her bucking a tree, and watched the apples drop from it. Hm. She's strong apparently. They both walked over to Applejack.

"Hi, Applejack."

Applejack turned around and looked to the both of them. "Well, howdy there, Fluttersh'ah, and Light." I still want that stetson. Stetsons are cool.

"So then, what'm I gonna learn in this place?" Light asked.

"How t'be honest. Now, Ah need Fluttersh'ah to go elsewhere for this thing. Would ya mind tendin' ta Applebloom, Fluttersh'ah?" She asked.

"O-oh, okay. No problem. Where is she?" She asked.

"In the barn."

Fluttershy nods, and walks to the barn.

"Alright... I wasn't much one fer tests... but you ready to start this test, pardner?" Applejack asked.




The reason it's to be continued is because I'm starting to run out of ideas. I'll explain more about this in my blog, which will hopefully be up by the time you see this. If not, then wait for about half an hour... or maybe just 15 minutes. Plus, I got to use a YouTube Link. I might be doing that a lot more, instead of links. Anyway, bye.