• Published 24th Sep 2012
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The Recluse - Live Light

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

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Chapter 3: Introductions

Lone Light, after dozing off (This time meaning to sleep through the whole night), began dreaming again. In ways, dreaming helped to change his views on life, usually depending on the dream, and if he can remember it. For example, the dream he had when he dozed off in the bath, that taught him about three things...

1. Ducks can be scary. This one, he's listing as irrational and unhelpful.

2. He has a weird imagination. Which he already knew.

3. He should embrace it only on the best of circumstances. This, he agreed with fully.

When he was younger, going to the school where you can nowadays find Miss Cherilee, he'd been no stranger to sharing his imagination with others. So now, he was treated as either a colt on his way to being a great comedian, a menace to the social integrity of the upper-class or well-learned, or a really big weirdo. The latter one happened the most, so he learned to stop, all the way through middle-school to high-school. In the process, however, he became a little too boring, as he'd always try to study. Once, he tried to learn absolutely everything there is to know about everything in one night... he was really tired in the morning. After graduating, he decided to keep to being average, but share the apparent brilliance of his imagination occasionally. He had a good life for it. He doesn't talk much about what happened to make him turn bitter, reclusive, and pretty much not who he used to be.

In this dream, things were a bit different... in this dream, he couldn't move his wings at all, and he was in some sort of desert. He walked through it for about an hour, until he found a lake of water. He went to hydrate himself, but as soon as he'd touched it, something pulled him in. It was a lot deeper than it looked. At this point, he was wondering what to do, since he couldn't find anything that would try to harm him. He decided to himself, I'll be okay... as long as any sea-ponies don't find me... yeesh. He looked around for a little bit. He didn't seem to be having any trouble breathing. He'd always wanted to try lucid dreaming. Oh well. He'll have to live with this one not being lucid, and not receive an explanation for breathable water. He was trying to think of ways on how this would be possible, and he would have figured it out it was a dream, if not for a sight he was suddenly intrigued by.

There was some sort of wall that was now in front of him. There was a clear tunnel on the surface of it. It couldn't hurt to have a look, but he still couldn't move his wings... he always swam using his wings to help. It proved to be an effective form of swimming for him. He could easily push forward in the water faster, and they even helped to serve as a form of brakes. *...sigh* Well, the traditional way will have to do... he moved all his legs alternatively, and to himself, he decided, Meh. Using wings is more fun.

He'd eventually climbed out of the tunnel. He was in a sort of dark cave. Dark, save for a small dot of light. He moved into its vicinity. The light seemed to get bigger, until everything was just getting whiter throughout the entire cave, as if the cave were collapsing. Eventually, the ground had disappeared. Light was floating for a while. He looked down... it was entirely black down there. It was an interesting opposite to the environment he was in now. He was suddenly falling down onto the
blackness. He'd had his eyes tightly shut as this was happening. He wasn't really the sort of person to scream and call for help in a place without help. He landed. Didn't really hurt at all. He opened his eyes... at least, he thought he did. He couldn't really tell, because everything was entirely black.

He looked around to see if there was any way to get out, then noticed he was glowing like that light back at the cave. He stood up, and began trotting around to find a way out, and see if his apparently supernatural body can be useful. Then he stopped for a moment. Some sort of large light over could be seen... it was a golden light, though... sort of beautiful... then, he saw a shape. It looked like it was forming into a sort of mare. It was only a silhouette of a mare. Before he could pinpoint who it looked like...


One eye slowly opened up. He groaned. He got off the couch, and rubbed his eyes. He looked around. Fluttershy was nowhere to be seen yet. Probably still sleeping upstairs. He saw his shirt and cloak laid out neatly on the couch opposite of him, all good as new. He smiled to himself, and put them on. He decided to have a stretch. Not painful. Good. That's progress. He went over to one of the windows, and admired the view while thinking about his dream.

Okayyyy... this is weird, because this one sorta meant nothing... I was in a desert... what was that all about... then I was swimming? Hang on... He took a moment to move his wings about. Yeah, wings aren't limp anymore. Anyway, went to a cave, it disassembled into a really bright and blank background... then I fell into a not-so-bright background, turning into a Dr. Manehattan thingy... and there was that silhouette of a mare... what does that mean? Am I just not being analytical enough? He then remembered what happens today.

...Meeting other ponies... ugh... Hopefully my view on things will change for the better... although, that'll take time, for sure. I'm meeting Pinkie Pie again... I remember her as being funny, hyperactive, and the best party pony there is. That's... the problem... I'm not into parties or hectic things anymore. No doubt she's gonna try to throw a party. Well, surely even she can understand that, at the moment, I'm not ready for a party yet. I wonder what the other four are like...

He looked over to his bag. He went over to look at his works, then he heard creaking from upstairs. He rubbed his head. He notices that there are animals now entering the house, almost as if on cue. Do they always get here if she wakes up? Eh...

"Good morning, Light."

He was startled slightly at Fluttershy's sudden input. If she was any louder, he would have yelped. It wasn't too noticeable, at least.

"Morning, Fluttershy," He replied. "Sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you. Y-yourself?"

"Yeah, thanks."

Everyone (Even the animals) looked around the place silently. He checked his watch. Hrm. Around 6:45. As usual. He was impressed by the fact Fluttershy woke up at that time as well. She must be really dedicated to her animals. Fluttershy spoke next.

"So, um... are you ready to meet my friends?"

He'd considered running off, but decided that would be a bit too unfair. "I guess so..." He replied.

"O-okay. Should we... go in a few hours from now?"

"That would be fine."

Fluttershy nodded. Not much happened in the hours that followed. Fluttershy showed Light the rest of the garden. He was especially surprised by the fact there was an even larger part of land behind it, which she explained was last used for when Rainbow Dash wanted a pet. Which led to being told what happened after that, about how she arranged a contest with a bunch of animals, and how she soon settled for a tortoise because it caught up with her when she was stuck in a 127 hours situation. Light seemed rather interested at looking at some of the birds for a moment, then shrugged. After that, they had breakfast after Fluttershy realized they'd forgotten to have it before looking at the garden. At the end of it, Light was wondering only one thing...


After eating, they decided it was time to see Fluttershy's friends, and they walked out the door. Light decided to ask her something. If he was going to meet her friends, it's better to be honest.

"Fluttershy," He began, "Any chance you could call me by my birth-name? Which is Live Light, by the way."

"Oh? O-of course, but... if y-your name isn't Lone Light... why did you c-call yourself that?"

"It was fitting."

That provoked an eyebrow raise from Fluttershy, but she kept her opinion to herself.

They both walked into Ponyville. Looking bright and cheerful as always. When Light looked around, he saw vaguely familiar faces. He didn't recognize the stallion with the hourglass Cutie Mark, though... meh. He looked at the sky, and saw Ditzy Doo, The mailmare for Ponyville, flying about rather awkwardly, but effectively enough. He looked to his left and saw Lyra Heartstrings...sitting in that weird way she does. Eventually, he and Fluttershy arrived at Sugarcube Corner. That building Pinkie liked being around. Probably because it looked edible. They both walked in.

Looking around, the inside looked well-kept, colourful, and tasty. There were quite a few ponies eating around the place, but you see five ponies who seem to stand out. One of them was a lavender unicorn, who fit the bill for the name Twilight Sparkle. There was a light cyan pegasus with a rainbow coloured mane hovering around the group. Obviously Rainbow Dash. There was a white unicorn with an apparent fashion obsession, judging by the fact she looks like she's overdoing trying to look beautiful. Probably Rarity. Then, there was an orange Earth Pony with a blonde mane tied up in a braid, wearing a stetson, which he thought was cool. He assumed it was Applejack, since next to her was an all too familiar face. The Pink Menace herself, Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy spoke up loud enough for the group to hear her.

"Hello, girls."

Everyone looked at Fluttershy and Light. The one assumed to be Twilight was the first to speak.

"Hey, Fluttershy! Did you bring a friend with you?"

Fluttershy bowed her head a bit. "Well... kinda... I agreed to help him be a b-bit more... outgoing..."

Right on cue... Pinkie Pie gasped rather dramatically, and suddenly appeared in front of Light, as she does.

"HILIGHTIHAVEN'TSEENYOUINAAAAGES!" She pretty much said it as if she wanted the world to hear her over-rehearsed speech for seeing him again.

"...Likewise." He replied, his personality being the opposite of Pinkie's right now.

"We have a lot to catch up on! I know the perfect solution for finding out fast!"

This is it, he thought to himself. "I just came back into society. I'm not quite ready for a party."

"That's no problem, we'll just throw a 'Getting Ready to Get Ready' party!"

"No parties until I'm ready. Not even a party for waiting."

"Aww... I need to have a party for it though, it's a big deal!"

"Well... ... ..." A suggestion popped up. "Since I'm not much for parties right now, how about the next time I can attend a party, I'll attend?"

"Of course, Lighty-Wighty! That's perfectly fine!"

"Yeah... err... please don't call me that."

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow, then grinned somewhat smugly. "Lighty-Wighty?"

His eyes dimmed at Rainbow Dash. "Used to be social, ya know."

Pinkie took this as an opportunity to speak. "So how's hermitage treating ya?"

"Eh." He replied.

"Well, no problem then! We'll fix your problem no trouble!"

"Actually, I have no pr-"

"Now, hold on there," Began Applejack. "You're that hermit fella?"

"Yes. Yes I am." He replied. He noticed her accent. "You don't happen to know an Applebloom, do ya?"

"As a matter'a fact, Ah do. Why?"

"Cutie Mark Crusader House Decorators does not go so well. That's all I'll say."

Rarity took her opportunity to speak. "Did Sweetie Belle and her friends destroy your house? Well, I shall ask her ab- Oh, that will simply not do... Why are you wearing that sort of clothing!? It's not very fashionable at all!"

He blinked. Looked around the place, as if she couldn't possibly be serious... then he replied...

"...Really... you ask about how the Demonsp- ...Crusaders destroy my house, and then you move on to my clothing, as if it was the thing to bring about the end of the world?" Rarity opened her mouth to protest, but he interrupts, "No, don't answer that. For the record, this is a rather good look for a hermit." He got a bit of a glare back. He decided to talk to someone else.

"So then... you're Rainbow Dash then?" He said, looking to Rainbow.

"Yup! So you've heard of my awesomeness then?"

"Nope. I assumed from the hair." He replied.

"Oh, right..." She said, looking rather crestfallen, then picking herself up. "No big deal, I guess it's believable a hermit like you wouldn't hear about me anyway."

"Evidently." He looks over to Twilight. "So then, you're Twilight Sparkle?"

"Yes, I moved into the local library with my assistant Spike. Any books you need, we'll have a good look for them."

Really? She owns the library? ...Okay.

"I'll definitely remember that. And the other two, who I've already spoken to, Applejack and Rarity. Hi, nice to meet ya." He said that as if it wasn't that nice to meet them. Eyebrow raises from the entire group, including Fluttershy.

"Well, err..." Twilight began. "So, you're trying to be social then?" He nodded. "Right... well, how about the six of us try to help you with it?"

"Seems fair." He replied.

"Splendid! Now, first, you'll receive help from Fluttershy. Then you'll be with your old friend Pinkie here." Wait-no, stop, you... ...Okay then. "Then... hmm... Rarity." Ugh. "Applejack after that." ...Okay. "Then Rainbow Dash." Eh. "Then finally me." Seems okay.

"Alrighty then... I agree." Why, I'm not even sure...

"Excellent." She replied.

"So erm... I'll... just head back to the cottage... erm... Fluttershy, you want to speak with your friends?"

"Actually, I don't m-mind coming with you..." She says. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

He blinks a bit. "...Okay." So much for time to myself. How am I gonna get that novel finished?

"So then... bye." He waves his hoof at the group, and walks over to the door, while Fluttershy says bye to her friends.

"Bye everypony... see you soon."

"See ya, Fluttershy," Sums up what they all said back. Light waits at the door, and Pinkie calls to him.

"See ya, Lighty-Wighty!"

Everypony in the edible building looked over at him curiously. ...PINKIE.

"...Bye, Pinkie." And he and Fluttershy walk out the door.