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Meet Lone Light, despite his wishes to meet nopony else. He is a pegasus hermit who doesn't want anything to do with any other ponies in Equestria. But when an animal appears in his home, the animal's caretaker Fluttershy then makes it a mission to help him become a citizen again.

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A bit of advice: GeneralZoi is not a good way to make a cover.
I'll add this to my list of fics I want to read. I'm going to do a fanfic marathon the day before Season Three. Over 80 fics now! :pinkiecrazy:


Thanks for the advice. I'll get it changed as soon as possible. And thanks, nice to know I'm on a list already. :yay:

it repeats the same line 3-4 times bro, just lettin ya know, otherwise, nice story :pinkiesmile:


Really? Oh... I'll get to it when I'm less shleepy. And thanks!


My Brain-Derp about a section being used three times is gone now. :derpytongue2:


Scratch that... NOW it's fixed... I forgot to save it when I last fixed it... oh, to be new. :facehoof:

FIRST, BIOTCHES!!! :flutterrage:
I like this chapter but one question... why is almost EVERYTHING in italics?:rainbowhuh:


Because, my laptop may suffer some form of split personality. It's helpful in someways, but SCREWS EVERYTHING UP!:flutterrage:

And I always notice when it's the early morning! Really sorry for all the stupidity going on, I'll try to do better with Chapter 4.:fluttershysad:

EDIT: And incidentally, also fix that problem when I can find the time without falling asleep in the middle of it.


Aaaaand FIXED. Now, to get to verk on ze fourth chapter. :pinkiehappy:

It's okay,bro, i was just shocked. Btw, awesome story bro, keep them coming:yay:

Oh, and FIRST BIOTCHES!!! :flutterrage:
I lurves your story, bro, and methinks you should continue with this:pinkiesmile:
Good work bro.:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::yay:


It's all going... according to PLAN! :pinkiecrazy:

And thank you, I shall continue for as much as possibleh. Expect moar.:pinkiehappy::yay:



And thank you for the positive comment.


okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay whats with the :moustache:

1358370 It's the mustache, mustaches make everything classier by 15% :moustache:

*POMF* No matter how many times i see that sound effect, it still makes me laugh


Well, more like flew ungracefully. But that's the basic-ness of it.


Indubitably. :moustache:

And that is perhaps, one of the strangely most amusing things I have encountered. Which is why I place it in the fic. Anyway... back to work on the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Even though it was short the quality was still there. Here have the applejack seal of approval:ajsmug:

Aww, i wanted to be first...:fluttercry:
Oh well :pinkiehappy: good story, as always, and continue it, you must, in yoda's speak :rainbowkiss:


Oh. Okay. I'm sorry. :fluttercry:

Although, I don't remember doing anything like that in the last episode, so I'll assume you mean in general, don't mention whatever it is, at all.

I'm still sorry. :fluttercry:

first bioches ha now :trollestia: go troll someone

this chapter alone was probably the funniest things I've ever read. it couldn't have been better. :pinkiehappy:


*Insert Pinkie-Pie Firework Explosion from Cranky-Doodle-Donkey episode here*:pinkiehappy:

I'm funneh!:yay:

wow that actually works perfectly.

it has come to my attention that this story has reached a awesome level of 69. therefor making it the best thing sense sliced bread. (enjoy the little things)


Well, now I'm happy, considering I wasn't able to make a chapter on the 5th, but meh. I'll get to work ASAP.

And I apprieciate the compliment I feel I don't deserve.:pinkiehappy:

Names... The Dark Stallion ... Fine Equine ... Holy Hooves ... The Night('s) Wing(s) ... Dark Wing(s)

Its cool man u update crazy often as it is
and this is my fav. Story of all time


As they say in the Island of Caspiar, "Tank you veddy much.":pinkiehappy:


It's great to know some people consider my story higher than 'okay.':yay:

well its pretty awsome

"She was sort of surprised to see him give a satisfied thumbs-up"
"a satisfied thumbs-up"
" thumbs-up"

Ponies don't have thumbs....

Otherwise, good chapter.
And Flutter-Cuddles FTW !




It's okay, we all make mistakes, even if we mistake someone for making a mistake. Mistakeception.

In case I made it look like Light was giving a thumbs-up, I might check that. And if it's good... then goode.:yay:

i think mare-do-well in bed is quie....... funny :moustache:


Exactly, I've made genius in the worst form of comedy ever. I'm so good at this, the delusions of grandeur that ultimately betray me are kicking in. IT'S GLORIOUS.:pinkiecrazy:

lol legend of zelda references make everything better.

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