The Recluse

by Live Light

First published

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

Meet Lone Light, despite his wishes to meet nopony else. He is a pegasus hermit who doesn't want anything to do with any other ponies in Equestria. But when an animal appears in his home, the animal's caretaker Fluttershy then makes it a mission to help him become a citizen again.

Chapter 1: The Lonely Life of Lone Light

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It was a bright, sunny day in the town known as Ponyville. Everypony was happy that Princess Celestia was there to bring the sun around, and for her sister, Princess Luna, to bring the moon when it was night-time. Despite that time when Luna got jealous because everypony always slept in the night, leaving her night extremely lonely, causing her to turn into Nightmare Moon, then getting banished to the Moon. Everything was much better nowadays.

From the perspective of a regular pony, one would see all the ponies trotting around, minding their own business, giving
neigh-borly greetings to others, and walking to the markets. One sees Rainbow Dash, the self-proclaimed (Perhaps true) best athlete of them all, either resting on a cloud, which was somewhat frequent, or practicing one of the many tricks she always thought up. You can even catch the sight of a pink blur/cause for concern/party pony named Pinkie Pie bouncing around merrily. Most new ponies may find themselves admiring the architecture, and all its bright, cheerful colours... at least until the previously mentioned Pinkie Pie appears in front of them singing her welcome song, and later throwing a party for them.

But that doesn't suggest all the buildings there are colourful. In fact, there is a house that has seen better days indeed. It belongs to only one pony. A pegasus, to be precise. Nopony talks about him much. His name is Lone Light, and he is a hermit. Well, really, his name is Live Light, but he changed his name to Lone Light, whether for some unfathomable sudden dislike to his name, or as a joke at himself regarding his current situation. He used to be rather full of life. But he's become bitter, reclusive, and finds no joy in anything social. His reluctance to leave his home has caused rumours to be spread about him, mostly from foals. They said he was a sort of black mage who did all sorts of creepy magic that could mean no good. That is, until it was confirmed he had no unicorn's horn, and so wouldn't have an interest in that sort of thing. Other foals thought of him as a foal-snatcher, biding his time for when the parent's defenses are off and focused elsewhere. Eventually, the more mature sorts just assumed he was a lonely stallion who had experienced a tragedy in his life, and that wasn't really far off from the truth.

The only times he'd ever leave his home were to buy food and supplies from the market. He never seemed to have a problem when it came to bits. Nopony saw him out begging for money at all. But even then, they found it hard to get a good glimpse at his true appearance. He always wore a black cloak with a hood. The only things they could see under that hood were his eyes. Blue, desolate eyes. Currently, he is still in his house, watching outside the upstairs windows, seeing all the ponies outside. Citizens can usually see a sort of shadow figure by the windows of his dying home. He pays them no mind. He's lost any friends and family worth mourning for. And nopony would probably mourn for him.

As he watched them, for the first time in 5 months, he contemplated whether he should try to go outdoors.

Certainly not, he thought. It's not worth the trouble at all. They'll probably throw stuff at me anyway...

When have they ever thrown things at me when I had to find myself supplies?

Well, it's not like we can just go out and say, "Look at me, everypony! I'm that creepy hermit who lives in the equally creepy house, and I'm seizing the day!" That ought to get weird looks from them.

He let out a sigh. Oh, how things had changed. He used to love the outdoors... but, considering everything that happened, he's felt no need to leave his home for anything important. Hell, there'd been no point to even act like he was satisfied with his life, but that's the way it is. He's even surprised he hasn't tried self harming yet, or even suicide. Well, he's not sunk that low.


Light's eyes looked up from the windows. Seems something got in the house again. Probably some animal. He got the idea in his head that if an animal lived with him, they'd eventually commit suicide over how dull his life is. In his experience, animals were smarter than they looked. He was simply going to have to evict the animal. He closed the curtains for the windows, and went downstairs into the hall. True enough, an animal did get in. A grey rabbit.

Ugh. How many woodland creatures are going to get in here... that's the third one this week...

He went over to pick it up by the neck, when he heard his door creak. Hooves that made the littlest of sounds walked in. He heard a small gasp, but didn't bother to turn around. Then he heard a voice...

"Oh my... I-i'm sorry, sir, Mr. Whiskers, um, d-doesn't mean to... intrude... he l-likes to explore much of the p-place... I... I told him not to enter people's homes... but... please, don't be mad at him..."

His eyes widened. Is that really her voice? It... it sounds almost... heavenly. Not very confident, but meh. He turned around. The source of the voice was a butter-yellow pegasus mare with a long, pink mane that she seemed to be hiding behind. The sight of it was cute and adorable. Although, the sight of him was definitly not as good as her.

Lone Light was a slightly tall and thin pegasus who was coloured dark blue with a brown mane and tail, which could do with a brushing. He had a watch on his left front arm, and his hooves were coloured white. He wore a black shirt attached to a small, ragged cloak which covered his flanks, which was the main reason why no one has seen his cutie mark. He was frail, pale, and looked like he doesn't sleep as contently as he should. Light noticed the other mare's cutie mark was three butterflies, suggesting she was a sort of veterinarian, or at least someone good with animals. Makes sense if she has this bunny here.

After half a minute consisting of the two examining each other's appearance, Light finally spoke up.

"...Not a problem, miss..." His voice was less gravelly than ponies would imagine it would sound like, it seemed rather soft and quiet. "I was going to assume you were one of those ponies who like to invade my home and see if they can find anything of value from 'that hermit dude.'" The mare widened her eyes in surprise.

"Oh... well... I wasn't a-aware of the house's inhabitants... I wouldn't do such a thing..."

"You haven't heard of me then... that's new... nearly everypony in Ponyville is aware of my existance." Then he realized something. "...Don't pegasi usually live in the sky? And don't retaliate saying I should be as well, I get that too often."

She nodded her head, and suddenly became rather interested in the dusty ground. "W-well... I live in a cottage n-near the Everfree Forest..."

"And... why is that?"

"Well, it's the perfect place for my animal friends." Light notices she said that without faltering. Guess she likes her animals a lot.

"I see..." Not meaning to be rude, he tries offering his name. "I'm Lone Light." At this point, she starts speaking a lot quieter. What did I do?

"Hello, Light... m-my name is... Fluttershy..."

"I'm sorry?"

"M...m-my name is... Fluttershy..."

"...Huh?" His patience was faltering, so he walked a bit closer so he could hear a bit better.

"...I-i'm... Fluttershy."

"Oh. Nice to meet you, Fluttershy."


They both looked around for a while. Awkward silences... these never get old. Eventually, Fluttershy spoke.

"So... um... you l-live by yourself?"


"H-how is it?"

"It's... fine..." He's rather obviously getting mad just by the fact they're having a conversation. Fluttershy takes notice, and almost instantly looks away and mutters to herself. The only words Light could make out were 'Fluttershy' and 'Chatterbox.'

"...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad, Fluttershy... I just... get on better on my own..."

"O-oh... that's fine..."

"Anyway... I'll let you collect your bunny." Fluttershy nods.

"O-okay, come along now, Mr. Whiskers." Immediately after she was finished speaking, the bunny followed her out the door. Wow, she really is good with animals. He was on his way to his bed upstairs, when the door creaks once more. He calmly looked back. For a second, nopony was there. Then, Fluttershy timidly walked in, looked around, then up at the stairs.

"U-um... are you... satisfied with... um... s-solitude?"

Light blinked. "Yes."

"A-are you sure? ...I-it's just... this seems... a little... oh... I'm sorry... I-i'm going now..."


"... Tell you what, if I change my mind, I'll come over to this cottage of yours and ask for advice?"

She then seems less ashamed of her question, and smiles at him.

"Okay then... W-well... I'll see you soon."

"Yeah." And with that, she finally walked off. Light then managed to trot up to his bedroom. He went under the covers of his warm enough bed and thought about what happened. He was happy he was being left alone. Although, she is kinda nice... maybe I should take up her offer for sure. Well, technically, it was my offer, but meh. Maybe I can have the courage to do outdoor stuff again.




"...*sigh* Forget it..." He then closed his eyes, and dozed off to sleep. That lasted for 5 minutes.

*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* "Cutie Mark Crusader House Decorators!"

..............REALLY!? He'd heard of the Cutie Mark Crusaders before. Three young fillies actively searching for their cutie mark. They've obviously decided to try seeing if their talent is house decorating... Don't they have things they're good at instead of trying to learn things? Even if they don't like them. And also, why are they all trying to get the SAME cutie marks? It has to be different, not bucking- ...Calm down... He got out of bed, and trotted back downstairs. He opened the door to see those three fillies there. One was a cream coloured earth pony with red hair, with a southern accent. Another was a white coloured unicorn with multicoloured hair. The last one, an orange pegasus with purple hair. The cream coloured one spoke,

"Hi, mister. We were just wonderin' if you wanted yer house decorated, since it looks a tad bit run-down."

"Well then..." He was about to tell them all to leave him alone. Then he thought a bit further. ...The house does suck a lot right now...

"...Fine. Make it quick." It was the chicke- *AHEM* pegasus filly's turn to speak.

"Alright, girls, let's get to work! Inside first!" Light stood outside, letting them work on the inside, since he didn't want a makeover himself.

*5 minutes later*

Fluttershy was humming in her cottage, feeding all her cute woodland creatures the food they needed, nursing any of them who'd suffered injuries, and, as always, tending to the special needs of her
pet rabbit Angel Bunny, the stubborn bunny with a heart of gold. Her mind started getting drawn to the conversation with Light. He seems like a nice pony, although, I hope he accepts my offer.
Well, really, it was his offer but...

*Knock, knock*

"EEP!" She turned to the door. She looked at the windows around her. Nopony in sight. It's just one visitor... it won't be so bad. She trots over to the door, and opens it. She was surprised to see Lone Light, the pony hermit she met around 10 minutes ago, give or take.

"Hi, Fluttershy, great to see you, listen, can I stay at your house for a while, three demonspawns have destroyed my home trying to make it look good, and I trust nopony else, I've certainly spoken to you longer than anypony else in my hermitage, so.... can I stay?"

Author's Note

Well, hello there, readers. I'm gonna take the time to tell you, this was indeed my first fan-fic. Wasn't too sure what to do when I had this idea, I'm not even sure if The Recluse was a good name for it. Anyway, more chapters are gonna follow. The question is... did you enjoy it? If you did, then that's good. If you felt it could be a bit improved, I'll try and see what I can do for the next episode. See ya'll.

Chapter 2: Adjusting

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Fluttershy looked at him for a moment. It was a look of slight confusion and shock. Mostly because she was trying to figure out who the 'demonspawn' that destroyed his house was, and also how it happened that fast. He had quite a bit of grey dust on him, which stained his coat, mane and cloak. He was also carrying a sort of bag, probably with belongings he gathered before the nearly unspecified disaster he had mentioned. Like his cloak, it was also stained with dust. The examinations continued. It was all very awkward... ...Okay... err... what do I do... ...Hmm, well, now that I look around... the gardens were extremely vast.

The grass was preserved with extreme care, it looked as green as new. There were all sorts of woodland creatures walking and hopping, depending on the animal. There were rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, lemurs, foxes, and more animals you'd expect to see in a Colt Disney film. There was a nice current of water with fishes swimming peacefully in it, and even the trees looked good as new, not to mention the birdhouses attached to them, filled with what looked like extremely happy birds. There were so many words he could use to describe it, but he decided to use one word so he didn't seem like he loved it too much.

"Err... nice garden..." Said Light. "Hm... you're not a hermit too, are ya?" Fluttershy blinks twice.

"Hm? Oh... no, I wouldn't.... call myself one..." She replied, "I sometimes go out... whether for g-get-togethers with my friends, or, um... to buy food for the animals."

"Uh huh. I don't do get-togethers anymore. I do go out for supplies though. Starving sucks."

"W-well then... do you... want to come in?" It was here that Light decided to wait for a moment before answering... He still felt uncomfortable with sharing a house with another pony. He considered asking if he could live in the garden. Maybe there's a shed... ...No, why would she need a shed? *Mental Facehoof* I better go in... Light nodded, and walked into the cottage. After getting some of the dust off of him and his bag, he took a moment to examine his surroundings... it was... overwhelming, to say the least.

"Wow..." He began, "Your house is really nice..." This got a smile from Fluttershy.

"T-thank you, Light. Um... by the way... who destroyed your house?"

"Hm? Oh, those Cutie Mark Crusaders. I don't really blame them, I just wish they'd be careful."

"Oh... well, they're good kids, a-and they mean well. I s-sometimes get asked to look after them." Light raises an eyebrow.

"Really? By who?"

"Mainly the sisters of either A-applebloom or Sweetie Belle... I-i'm friends with their sisters."

"Hm. Convinient." He walks over to one of the couches, and, after setting his bag there, sits on it. This is the most comfortable couch I've ever sat on. Why can't my life be as good as this?

"So... do I HAVE to do this getting-a-life thing right now?" Asked Light. Fluttershy seemed to be in a bit of deep thought on this question.

"Hmmm.... not today. You've only just m-moved house, I don't wanna, um... overwhelm you." Too late, house has already done that.

"Right then..." He sighed, "Tomorrow?"

"Actually, perhaps you should m-meet my friends first. It's better you get to know the citizens better. Besides... they can probably teach you more of s-socializing than I can..." He considered this for a moment. Ugh... meeting people. Why did I even agree to this? ...Well, it was my idea. I was probably not gonna go with it, until the demonspawns and their chicken friend destroyed my already decrepit house... I'm stuck in this situation... and I want out. But I've been indoors for too long... is this too soon, or can I really find more in my life? ...At least knowing the names might put me at ease.

"...Fine. I'd like to know the names first, though."

"O-oh, um... okay..." She began, "Well... first, there's Twilight Sparkle... she is into books..." Someone I have something common with. "...Applejack, who works at her, um, family's farm, Sweet Apple Acres..." Certainly sounded familiar. "Rarity, she's one of my closer friends... she runs the Carousel Boutique." Never heard of it. "Rainbow Dash, she's been a friend since school, she loves to, um, fly around... really fast." Yeah... I bet she's crashed a lot. "And Pinkie Pie, who-" TOO FAMILIAR.

"Waitwaitwaitwait, I know Pinkie. She threw me a 'Welcome to Ponyville' party when I first came here. I liked that party, but now I'm not so sure I want to attend another one. Plus... she's a bit... hyper." Fluttershy just nods.

"Yes, I guess she is... do you still want to meet everypony?"





...Alright, fine. But only tomorrow, okay?" Fluttershy nods again. "Good..." He takes a moment to stretch. His bones crack a bit, although, when he stretches his wings, it sounds more unpleasant and painful... he's not stretched that in a long time. That's what he gets for not using them, though.


Fluttershy gasps as this happens, looking rather shocked. "O-oh my! A-are you okay?"

"Yeah... I haven't used the wings in a long time so... ow..."

"Oh... well, um... maybe a bath might help," She suggests.

"Might." Light says rather uncertainly.

"Oh, well, if you're sure you're okay..."

Light thinks about it for a bit... "Ugh... might as well. I'll start it myself."

Fluttershy nods. "Okay."


After stepping into the readied bath, which he carefully adjusted to stop himself from boiling/freezing, Light sighed relaxedly. This was actually alright... although, for some reason, he was getting a bit paranoid. He felt there was an animal watching him or something... Fluttershy wouldn't be watching surely. If he ever thought that, it'd surely be obvious paranoia. But he was just somewhat put off by the possibility that somewhere, somehow... a winged creature, maybe a duck, was watching him. When this thought came up to mind, he chuckled to himself. He couldn't possibly suffer from that fictional phobia that existed in a comic he used to read... what was it again... Anatidaephobia? Yeah. He smiled to himself, then looked up, then jumped slightly... there was... a rubber ducky... ...well, it seems a duck WAS watching him after all... Why is there a rubber ducky there anyway? ...Probably if the CMC Demonspawn were staying over and they were having a bath, against their will or not. ...It's rubber at least. Can't possibly harm him. ...Maybe his time spent alone has driven him mad, if he's becoming afraid of ducks, or the possibility of them watching him anyway. Just close your eyes, and think about other things. He was a bit tired anyway. He closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

In his small dreams, he usually dreams about slight delusions of grandeur. In reality, he is more of an eccentric colt. Right now, it's just overruled by how bitter he is. Should he be cheered up, he might start doing the unexpected. His weapon of choice in the playfights with his former friends was always a Mane-dryer. It took a while for him to get used to holding it with hooves at the time, but he managed. Right now, what he dreamt of was flying around some strange Equestria, there was no ground, until he hopped onto the Pie of Freedom. He'd hop from that pie to Pies of Lesser Freedom, until he found
his Mane-dryer of truth. He went to grab it, but as soon as he touched it, he was suddenly elsewhere, playing some sort of piano with the only audience being chairs with mouths, a floor with eyes, and some weird pony who balanced on his head as if nothing were wrong. After he finished playing his song (Which... he never really heard in the dream, he was really just playing a prop), he walked off. Only to fall down a trap-door and get eaten by a duck.

Almost immediately, he woke up. He blinked a bit. Still in the bath. He got out of the bath, and after putting it back on his hoof, he checked his watch... it's only been 15 minutes. He decided to give the duck the "I'm Watching You" motion, either because he really has gone mad, or just to boost his confidence. He dried himself with a green towel, then walked out. He wasn't wearing his shirt or his cloak, those were being washed. Fluttershy walked down from the staircase.

"Finished, Fluttershy," He said.

"O-okay. I'll go and have a shower, if that's fine..." She timidly replied.

"It's your house."

Fluttershy went to walk into the bathroom, then she stopped for a minute. She looked to Light's flank where his cutie mark was. He pretended not to notice, but was getting rather uncomfortable. Then he thought back a bit... Well, I did steal a look at her cutie mark. I probably deserved it. ...Stupid brain, that's not what I meant to think at all. In reality, she was looking at his cutie mark, as his cloak had hidden it before. His cutie mark was a notepad with a quill next to it.

"U-um... is your... talent in... writing?" She asks, followed up by... "...I-if you don't mind answering... anyway... I-it's okay if you don't want to." Someone takes an interest at least.

"As a matter of fact, yes it is. I might show you some of my works later." He replied.

"Yes, I'd definitly like to see them!" She notices her pick-up in enthusiasm, and blushes slightly. "U-um... I'll just... go in the shower now..."

"Okay then... See you in a moment, Fluttershy."

...Someone interested in my writing. Yay. He decided to take a stretch, which, this time, was only slightly painful. Then he went to the couch he was on before, and lied down on it. He was a bit tired, so decided he'd sleep to prepare for the day ahead. He wasn't ready for it, in his mind. He wanted to try though...

Hrm...Tomorrow's gonna suck...

Chapter 3: Introductions

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Lone Light, after dozing off (This time meaning to sleep through the whole night), began dreaming again. In ways, dreaming helped to change his views on life, usually depending on the dream, and if he can remember it. For example, the dream he had when he dozed off in the bath, that taught him about three things...

1. Ducks can be scary. This one, he's listing as irrational and unhelpful.

2. He has a weird imagination. Which he already knew.

3. He should embrace it only on the best of circumstances. This, he agreed with fully.

When he was younger, going to the school where you can nowadays find Miss Cherilee, he'd been no stranger to sharing his imagination with others. So now, he was treated as either a colt on his way to being a great comedian, a menace to the social integrity of the upper-class or well-learned, or a really big weirdo. The latter one happened the most, so he learned to stop, all the way through middle-school to high-school. In the process, however, he became a little too boring, as he'd always try to study. Once, he tried to learn absolutely everything there is to know about everything in one night... he was really tired in the morning. After graduating, he decided to keep to being average, but share the apparent brilliance of his imagination occasionally. He had a good life for it. He doesn't talk much about what happened to make him turn bitter, reclusive, and pretty much not who he used to be.

In this dream, things were a bit different... in this dream, he couldn't move his wings at all, and he was in some sort of desert. He walked through it for about an hour, until he found a lake of water. He went to hydrate himself, but as soon as he'd touched it, something pulled him in. It was a lot deeper than it looked. At this point, he was wondering what to do, since he couldn't find anything that would try to harm him. He decided to himself, I'll be okay... as long as any sea-ponies don't find me... yeesh. He looked around for a little bit. He didn't seem to be having any trouble breathing. He'd always wanted to try lucid dreaming. Oh well. He'll have to live with this one not being lucid, and not receive an explanation for breathable water. He was trying to think of ways on how this would be possible, and he would have figured it out it was a dream, if not for a sight he was suddenly intrigued by.

There was some sort of wall that was now in front of him. There was a clear tunnel on the surface of it. It couldn't hurt to have a look, but he still couldn't move his wings... he always swam using his wings to help. It proved to be an effective form of swimming for him. He could easily push forward in the water faster, and they even helped to serve as a form of brakes. *...sigh* Well, the traditional way will have to do... he moved all his legs alternatively, and to himself, he decided, Meh. Using wings is more fun.

He'd eventually climbed out of the tunnel. He was in a sort of dark cave. Dark, save for a small dot of light. He moved into its vicinity. The light seemed to get bigger, until everything was just getting whiter throughout the entire cave, as if the cave were collapsing. Eventually, the ground had disappeared. Light was floating for a while. He looked down... it was entirely black down there. It was an interesting opposite to the environment he was in now. He was suddenly falling down onto the
blackness. He'd had his eyes tightly shut as this was happening. He wasn't really the sort of person to scream and call for help in a place without help. He landed. Didn't really hurt at all. He opened his eyes... at least, he thought he did. He couldn't really tell, because everything was entirely black.

He looked around to see if there was any way to get out, then noticed he was glowing like that light back at the cave. He stood up, and began trotting around to find a way out, and see if his apparently supernatural body can be useful. Then he stopped for a moment. Some sort of large light over could be seen... it was a golden light, though... sort of beautiful... then, he saw a shape. It looked like it was forming into a sort of mare. It was only a silhouette of a mare. Before he could pinpoint who it looked like...


One eye slowly opened up. He groaned. He got off the couch, and rubbed his eyes. He looked around. Fluttershy was nowhere to be seen yet. Probably still sleeping upstairs. He saw his shirt and cloak laid out neatly on the couch opposite of him, all good as new. He smiled to himself, and put them on. He decided to have a stretch. Not painful. Good. That's progress. He went over to one of the windows, and admired the view while thinking about his dream.

Okayyyy... this is weird, because this one sorta meant nothing... I was in a desert... what was that all about... then I was swimming? Hang on... He took a moment to move his wings about. Yeah, wings aren't limp anymore. Anyway, went to a cave, it disassembled into a really bright and blank background... then I fell into a not-so-bright background, turning into a Dr. Manehattan thingy... and there was that silhouette of a mare... what does that mean? Am I just not being analytical enough? He then remembered what happens today.

...Meeting other ponies... ugh... Hopefully my view on things will change for the better... although, that'll take time, for sure. I'm meeting Pinkie Pie again... I remember her as being funny, hyperactive, and the best party pony there is. That's... the problem... I'm not into parties or hectic things anymore. No doubt she's gonna try to throw a party. Well, surely even she can understand that, at the moment, I'm not ready for a party yet. I wonder what the other four are like...

He looked over to his bag. He went over to look at his works, then he heard creaking from upstairs. He rubbed his head. He notices that there are animals now entering the house, almost as if on cue. Do they always get here if she wakes up? Eh...

"Good morning, Light."

He was startled slightly at Fluttershy's sudden input. If she was any louder, he would have yelped. It wasn't too noticeable, at least.

"Morning, Fluttershy," He replied. "Sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you. Y-yourself?"

"Yeah, thanks."

Everyone (Even the animals) looked around the place silently. He checked his watch. Hrm. Around 6:45. As usual. He was impressed by the fact Fluttershy woke up at that time as well. She must be really dedicated to her animals. Fluttershy spoke next.

"So, um... are you ready to meet my friends?"

He'd considered running off, but decided that would be a bit too unfair. "I guess so..." He replied.

"O-okay. Should we... go in a few hours from now?"

"That would be fine."

Fluttershy nodded. Not much happened in the hours that followed. Fluttershy showed Light the rest of the garden. He was especially surprised by the fact there was an even larger part of land behind it, which she explained was last used for when Rainbow Dash wanted a pet. Which led to being told what happened after that, about how she arranged a contest with a bunch of animals, and how she soon settled for a tortoise because it caught up with her when she was stuck in a 127 hours situation. Light seemed rather interested at looking at some of the birds for a moment, then shrugged. After that, they had breakfast after Fluttershy realized they'd forgotten to have it before looking at the garden. At the end of it, Light was wondering only one thing...


After eating, they decided it was time to see Fluttershy's friends, and they walked out the door. Light decided to ask her something. If he was going to meet her friends, it's better to be honest.

"Fluttershy," He began, "Any chance you could call me by my birth-name? Which is Live Light, by the way."

"Oh? O-of course, but... if y-your name isn't Lone Light... why did you c-call yourself that?"

"It was fitting."

That provoked an eyebrow raise from Fluttershy, but she kept her opinion to herself.

They both walked into Ponyville. Looking bright and cheerful as always. When Light looked around, he saw vaguely familiar faces. He didn't recognize the stallion with the hourglass Cutie Mark, though... meh. He looked at the sky, and saw Ditzy Doo, The mailmare for Ponyville, flying about rather awkwardly, but effectively enough. He looked to his left and saw Lyra Heartstrings...sitting in that weird way she does. Eventually, he and Fluttershy arrived at Sugarcube Corner. That building Pinkie liked being around. Probably because it looked edible. They both walked in.

Looking around, the inside looked well-kept, colourful, and tasty. There were quite a few ponies eating around the place, but you see five ponies who seem to stand out. One of them was a lavender unicorn, who fit the bill for the name Twilight Sparkle. There was a light cyan pegasus with a rainbow coloured mane hovering around the group. Obviously Rainbow Dash. There was a white unicorn with an apparent fashion obsession, judging by the fact she looks like she's overdoing trying to look beautiful. Probably Rarity. Then, there was an orange Earth Pony with a blonde mane tied up in a braid, wearing a stetson, which he thought was cool. He assumed it was Applejack, since next to her was an all too familiar face. The Pink Menace herself, Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy spoke up loud enough for the group to hear her.

"Hello, girls."

Everyone looked at Fluttershy and Light. The one assumed to be Twilight was the first to speak.

"Hey, Fluttershy! Did you bring a friend with you?"

Fluttershy bowed her head a bit. "Well... kinda... I agreed to help him be a b-bit more... outgoing..."

Right on cue... Pinkie Pie gasped rather dramatically, and suddenly appeared in front of Light, as she does.

"HILIGHTIHAVEN'TSEENYOUINAAAAGES!" She pretty much said it as if she wanted the world to hear her over-rehearsed speech for seeing him again.

"...Likewise." He replied, his personality being the opposite of Pinkie's right now.

"We have a lot to catch up on! I know the perfect solution for finding out fast!"

This is it, he thought to himself. "I just came back into society. I'm not quite ready for a party."

"That's no problem, we'll just throw a 'Getting Ready to Get Ready' party!"

"No parties until I'm ready. Not even a party for waiting."

"Aww... I need to have a party for it though, it's a big deal!"

"Well... ... ..." A suggestion popped up. "Since I'm not much for parties right now, how about the next time I can attend a party, I'll attend?"

"Of course, Lighty-Wighty! That's perfectly fine!"

"Yeah... err... please don't call me that."

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow, then grinned somewhat smugly. "Lighty-Wighty?"

His eyes dimmed at Rainbow Dash. "Used to be social, ya know."

Pinkie took this as an opportunity to speak. "So how's hermitage treating ya?"

"Eh." He replied.

"Well, no problem then! We'll fix your problem no trouble!"

"Actually, I have no pr-"

"Now, hold on there," Began Applejack. "You're that hermit fella?"

"Yes. Yes I am." He replied. He noticed her accent. "You don't happen to know an Applebloom, do ya?"

"As a matter'a fact, Ah do. Why?"

"Cutie Mark Crusader House Decorators does not go so well. That's all I'll say."

Rarity took her opportunity to speak. "Did Sweetie Belle and her friends destroy your house? Well, I shall ask her ab- Oh, that will simply not do... Why are you wearing that sort of clothing!? It's not very fashionable at all!"

He blinked. Looked around the place, as if she couldn't possibly be serious... then he replied...

"...Really... you ask about how the Demonsp- ...Crusaders destroy my house, and then you move on to my clothing, as if it was the thing to bring about the end of the world?" Rarity opened her mouth to protest, but he interrupts, "No, don't answer that. For the record, this is a rather good look for a hermit." He got a bit of a glare back. He decided to talk to someone else.

"So then... you're Rainbow Dash then?" He said, looking to Rainbow.

"Yup! So you've heard of my awesomeness then?"

"Nope. I assumed from the hair." He replied.

"Oh, right..." She said, looking rather crestfallen, then picking herself up. "No big deal, I guess it's believable a hermit like you wouldn't hear about me anyway."

"Evidently." He looks over to Twilight. "So then, you're Twilight Sparkle?"

"Yes, I moved into the local library with my assistant Spike. Any books you need, we'll have a good look for them."

Really? She owns the library? ...Okay.

"I'll definitely remember that. And the other two, who I've already spoken to, Applejack and Rarity. Hi, nice to meet ya." He said that as if it wasn't that nice to meet them. Eyebrow raises from the entire group, including Fluttershy.

"Well, err..." Twilight began. "So, you're trying to be social then?" He nodded. "Right... well, how about the six of us try to help you with it?"

"Seems fair." He replied.

"Splendid! Now, first, you'll receive help from Fluttershy. Then you'll be with your old friend Pinkie here." Wait-no, stop, you... ...Okay then. "Then... hmm... Rarity." Ugh. "Applejack after that." ...Okay. "Then Rainbow Dash." Eh. "Then finally me." Seems okay.

"Alrighty then... I agree." Why, I'm not even sure...

"Excellent." She replied.

"So erm... I'll... just head back to the cottage... erm... Fluttershy, you want to speak with your friends?"

"Actually, I don't m-mind coming with you..." She says. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

He blinks a bit. "...Okay." So much for time to myself. How am I gonna get that novel finished?

"So then... bye." He waves his hoof at the group, and walks over to the door, while Fluttershy says bye to her friends.

"Bye everypony... see you soon."

"See ya, Fluttershy," Sums up what they all said back. Light waits at the door, and Pinkie calls to him.

"See ya, Lighty-Wighty!"

Everypony in the edible building looked over at him curiously. ...PINKIE.

"...Bye, Pinkie." And he and Fluttershy walk out the door.

Old Friend

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As Light and Fluttershy walked around Ponyville, looking around, Light saw a film store.

This was one of his obstacles in life.

He'd never tried a film.

If he was gonna be social, he had to have watched movies so he can talk about them. So he'd decided,

"Fluttershy, any chance I could go around shopping for a bit? If I'm staying in your cottage, I'd like some recent belongings of my own, if that's okay."

"O-oh, okay then. That's fine... I'll just go to the cottage... see you."

"See ya, Fluttershy."

Fluttershy nods, and walks off. Light walked into the shop. The shop looked like it could do with a bit of tuning up, despite the fact it's only recently been opened. He sees a few films that catch his eye... Doctor Whooves... is that the stallion I saw with the Hourglass Cutie Mark? ... No, that one's just a pony with a face like an actor's. It happens. What's this one... Ace Ventura, Pet Detective? ...Hm... Fluttershy might like this... I better ask her about it, though, not sure if she's tried that. And th- Agh.

What he wasn't so happy to see was a film he'd seen every time he'd been to a film store. This wasn't the first time he tried it, he just didn't see anything worth buying those last three times, which was before hermitage. It was a film adaption of a film, and it was released a good 52 years ago. It was Psycho, starring Anthony Percolts. He never was one for thrillers. Although, nowadays, it seemed hardly anything fazed him. Might as well scare myself and become a pony with feelings again...

He walked over to the counter. Nopony was at the counter. He had a bit of time to think about his decision. So, then, I'm gonna need to remember to watch this soon, or at least remember to place it somewhere I'll see it everyday. One of his problems was that he'd forget things that weren't significant in his mind. This means he only easily remembers big things happening, and sometimes forgets small things he wanted to do, or small things he HAD to do.

By now, he'd gotten a bit bored of waiting. "HELLO!?" He yelled, "Anypony home!?" Then came the sound of hoofsteps. FINALLY. The shopkeeper was on his way. The lights weren't on from his part of the shop, which meant he was probably sleeping on the job, and forget to indicate so. When he came to the lit part of the store, Light looked at him for a while, slowly narrowing his right eye in confusion.

"...Hm. Hi... Green Flare," Light said. "Long time, no see."

"Hey, Light... it really has been a long time. And remember, I like the name Greg." He'd heard it in a movie, and thought it was a better name that his real name.

Greg was one of Light's best friends. WAS. Until he fell out of contact with him. Greg was a green pony, as his birth name suggests, and he had a bright blonde mane and tail. He was wearing light blue overalls, green shades, and a... Fez...

"Where've ya been, buddy?" He inquired.

"Recovering..." replied Light. He was aware Greg would know what he was talking about.

"Oh... right."

"...So, how is she?"

"Fine, apparently, as far as I heard."

"That reminds me... why didn't you feel like going with her?"

"Well... I made a lot of friends here. I know a lot of things about the town, and I wanted to go with them, but, well... Manehattan's a bit big. This is nice and small." Makes sens- wait a minute... did he say he knows a lot about the town?

"If that's the case," Light begins, "You become aware of Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie yet?"

"I even heard you didn't just like Pinkie for the parties too." He teasingly replied.

"Really. Well, good thing it's a rumour."

"Sure. Anyway, what can I do ya for?"

Light holds up the box for Psycho.

"Ah-hah... so you're finally giving that one a try. Cool. That's 100 bits."

Light raised an eyebrow. Sure, he has enough bits to last him a few more years, but... 100? Seems a bit much for a film...

"...I see your sense of humour's died." Greg said.

"Can't be that funny if neither of us laughed." Light retorted.

"Eh, good point. You're a good friend, Light, so I'm gonna let you off with this for free." Before Light can say anything, he asks, "Do you have a Television Screen or the equipment necessary to play this?"

...Err... nope.

"... ... ... Okay, fine, you get them free as well, but the next time you're here, I'm tripling your prices." ...O...kaaaayyyy?

"Wait..." Light realizes... "How am I gonna carry all that?"

"Well, you're not, because..." Greg began...

"A, You have nowhere to put it besides your back, and it'll fall off still.

B, We don't actually have them yet, this is just newly opened..."

"......Why are you selling films if we can't watch them!?"

"Well, we had a few, but they got stolen on the first day, and we were hoping everyone would have their own film players by then..."

"...Fine. How soon can I get the thingy?"

"Just until morning, we filled out the forms for getting more a couple of days ago."


"Well, I think I'll be off then. See ya tomorrow morning." Said Light.

"Yeah... err, I get a free day off tomorrow, somepony else is doing the shift. If you want, I can write something down to remind the other guy."

"You do that." Light concluded, and went to walk off...

"Hey, before ya go..."

Light turned around again, "Huh?"

"Where ya living? Still your usual house?"

"Nope. I live with Fluttershy, the Cutie Mark Demonspawn are to blame."

"Oh, really..." Greg said, in a curious tone.

"Yeah, they wanted to decorate the house for their Cutie Mark, so they argued over who gets to p-"

"Nononono, not about that. You're living with Fluttershy?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"...No reason."




"Sure." Light concluded. "Okay, bye," And with that, he left. So, I'll have to wait before getting to experience this film... I should still ask Fluttershy about that Ace Ventura movie though, that looks good.


As he arrived at the cottage, he saw Fluttershy in the garden tending to all the animals there. She saw him, and gave him a timid wave. Light waved back, then proceeded to go to in the cottage. Now that I think of it, I've got more time to work on the nove- WHAT.

There was a rabbit looking through his bag. He narrowed one eye in confusion. What do rabbits want to do with works in progress? He walked over to it, and tried speaking with it.

"Hey... mutual acquaintance... Could you stop looking through my bag?"

The rabbit looked back at him as if it understood. In fact, it sorta stubbornly glared at him, and ran over to the kitchen... which... he's not noticed before. ...Huh. It ran back, holding a recipe book. It was pointing at blah, blah, blah, carrot, blah blah... He was never much for cooking/baking/making food in general. He decided the best way to stop it bothering him... and scaring him with its apparent plethora of IQ points... was to get Fluttershy to help. He went to the window, and opened it, he could see her just about finishing up with the animals outside and landing kinda... gracefully... *Ahem* Anyway, he called out to her.

"Fluttershy? A rabbit here wants a carrot... thing and he's kinda stubborn!"

Fluttershy looks back at Light, and instantly knows what he's talking about. "Oh, that'll be Angel Bunny... I'll be right in."

When she gets in the house, she goes over to the kitchen, saying hello to Angel Bunny, and starts making his carrot meal. Light takes the time to look at his bag and the contents to see if they're damaged... which they're not. He decides to look at the picture he'd drawn of the protagonist, while sitting down on the couch.

His protagonist was a jet-black Unicorn, wearing a red and black bodysuit, with mechanical wings attached. The tail looked razor sharp, almost metal, coloured red and black, with the mane, in the same style of Light's, only entirely black.
He was wearing a utility belt, and what looked like protective chest wear. From the looks of things, he was some sort of costumed superhero. Light began thinking of what would happen next in the novel.

"Hi, Light."

Fluttershy's sudden appearance behind him startled him. Considering he was engrossed in his own work, he yelped, and fell off the couch he was sitting on.


"O-oh, I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean to do that..." Fluttershy apologized fearfully.

Light got up. "No problem, Fluttershy. Anyway, I see you've seen the protagonist for my novel."

Fluttershy nodded. "Yes... his appearance, um, sort of reminds me... of Mare-Do-Well.

"Wasn't she the one who upstaged some hot-headed hero I heard about?"

"That was Rainbow Dash being upstaged... and I was Mare-Do-Well."





"Wait, what?" Light was just confused. Fluttershy didn't seem like the lying type.

"W-well... technically, it wasn't just me... it was me, and the other girls."

"...Really? ...Do tell."

Fluttershy explained about how Rainbow Dash had gained a reputation as a hero momentarily, only to let the popularity go to her head. Eventually, the other girls had decided to teach her a lesson about heroism. Rarity designed the costumes, and Twilight would save the day at moments where magic was needed, Applejack appeared once to stop a train using her hard-earned strength gained from the farm, Pinkie Pie used her Pinkie Sense to save anyone in unforeseeable peril, and Fluttershy's wings allowed her to do things Rainbow Dash could do. The conversation shifted onto how she isn't usually a good flier, prompting a question from Light,

"So if that's the case, how could you be as effective, if not more effective, at flying than Rainbow?

"Well... I thought to myself... if Mare-Do-Well could be anypony, I could be anypony too... so... I was able to gather my courage with this thought."

Hrm... It's... not that bad...

Light was starting to get a bit interested in Fluttershy, and he asked her a few things about her, like where she got her Cutie Mark, any special advantages she had, etc, etc. Fluttershy told him of how she was knocked off a cloud, and was saved by a cloud of butterflies (Probably made of dark matter, methinks), then calming the animals when a Rainbow Explosion (Caused by Dash) scared them away. She then shared that she has a special ability called the Stare, which apparently terrifies anypony. Light asked if she could demonstrate on him, but she refused, as she didn't wish for him to suffer nightmares.

More talking ensued. Light shared info about his novel, Fluttershy thought it was fine, but was curious as to why the protagonist was dressed like a superhero. His character was basically a unicorn who lived further back in the past. Thanks to his brother, who had dragged him with him to a sort of demonic method of immortality, the two became cursed by demons posing as ancestral souls, and they both follow their belief. The protagonist, named John, wishes to rid the world of any and all crime, and as a result, must now contribute to this happening until it happens, or else he will not ever die. Fluttershy was kind of shocked at this, but Light says that's what happens when ponies make mistakes. Because superheroes were the modern style of protectors at the present day, which John had eventually reached, he had to make himself look like a superhero.

Their speech session eventually went through until night-time. They both yawned.

"What time is it...?" Fluttershy asked.

Light checked his watch. "Just around... 9:15..."

"Oh... well, in that case, I'll be going to sleep then." She replied.

"Okay, me too." He walked over to the long couch, and lied down on it. Fluttershy spoke again.

"Um... you know... you don't have to take the couch... you can take the bed tonight."

"I wouldn't be a very good guest if I did, Fluttershy." He replied.

"...Oh, well, I... I don't mind."

"That's kind of you, but again, I'll take the couch. You deserve to sleep in your own bed."

"...Well... o-okay then..." She gave a sweet smile that Light found really cute. "Have a good night."

"You too."

Fluttershy nodded, then walked upstairs. Light watched, as if to make sure she wouldn't trip. He only just notices...

...She kinda has a nice plot.


...Did I-

Yes. I did.

He'd not gotten a wingboner in a long time. And this wasn't the best of times. Now all the animals who were leaving were staring at him. They seemed rather disturbed. Angel was just blinking. Then he just looked away, and pointed at the door, basically signalling all the other animals to leave. As they did, he just ran somewhere to sleep where he wouldn't see Light.

He had a rather shocked look on his face, his cheeks burning red.


He got off the couch, and thought about what he did.

Today, he met Fluttershy's friends, met an old friend of his who not only found out about a crush he had for Pinkie for a while of going here, but he mentioned Fluttershy at the weirdest of times... whatever just happened... what that what he meant? That the kindest, shyest of all ponies is most possibly the most attractive and beautiful? ...No wonder, that always happens. And they both had a really, really long chat, and Light never got bored of it. ...




Do I... have a crush on her or something?

...This is not gonna work out well...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've been waiting to use that joke for a long time. Thought it would be funny. If you object to what's gonna happen in future chapters, you should've noticed the Romance Tag. If you don't object, then good. You've gone to the right place. Hopefully, this chapter goes well without any screw-ups like the previous chapters... anyway, it is time for me to shut my mouth. See ya'll.

Chapter 5: Unexpected Guest

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Tonight's dream schedule:

1. Dancing Draconequus... Maybe later.

2. Rollercoaster-into-water... perhaps...

3. Chased by a herd of roid-raged pegasi... nope, done that...

4. Cliché dream of sudden crush... don't mind if I do.

As the dream began to materialize, Light found himself walking on a beautiful green field. He looked around the place. It was like some sort of botanical garden planet. The surface was all grass, the trees were large and had plants growing out of them, some of them appearing around the grass itself, and not to mention, there were a lot of fireflies about the place. Fireflies are Light's favourite creatures. As everybody knows, they are winged beetles that fly around while glowing like an organic LED to attract mates or prey. They made a good atmosphere, especially for a night like this. He looked around some more, and found what he was looking for. Fluttershy, the most beautiful mare he'd ever met. He took a moment to check if her animals were around. Nope. They won't mind if they aren't here. He started to walk to where Fluttershy was.







Then suddenly, Pinkie Pie.



Light woke up rather suddenly, and fell off the couch. Again. He got up, and looked around frantically. What just happened!?

He sat on the couch, and began the recap of The Recluse, and the Pink Menace's Invasion of Neurological Space.

Okay then... a rather nice garden... the prettiest mare ever... Pinkie Pie. ...Nope, no connection. How'd she get in, though?

Then, there was a knocking on the window. Light looked to the window, and to his surprise, the party pony herself was standing outside. She gave an energetic wave, then happily bounced over to the door. He walked over to the door and opened it.

Nopony there...

He rubbed his eyes to see if he was just seeing things.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie.


At this point, Light released the only thing his brain was thinking at the time, after falling on his back.


Pinkie bounced into the cottage, next to Light. "Hi, Light, how ya doin?" She properly greeted.

"Err... do I need to answer that now, or can it wait until I've recovered from shock?" He replied.

"Good to see you're doing good! In fact, it's great!"

"Uh-huh. Err... so... any specific reason you're here?"

"Well, you had that really long chat with Fluttershy yesterday, so I thought of it as her part of getting you better was done, and since I'm helping next, Pinkie Pie's here to make ya feel better!"

"...Uhh... how do you know about that?"

"Know about what?"

"The long talk I had with Fl-

"HEY! I know what'll make ya feel better! A reminder of the good ol' times we used to have!" She brightly suggested.

Don't see how it makes me feel better, but... couldn't hurt.

"Okay then." He agreed. And now he was confused when Pinkie giggled at that. "What?"

"Tee-hee, sorry, it's just that's not how you used to say 'Okay.' You said it as, 'Akay,' remember?"

Well, he'd been to more than a few parties with Pinkie, but he wouldn't really admit to that, and would just say 'one.' He was NEARLY as energetic as Pinkie at the time, he just didn't bounce about, or do physically impossible things. He had his quirks, like saying Okay as Akay, zpeaking a bit like he vas from somevhere else, and had a few catchphrases, the one most remembered by Pinkie being, "Are you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure?" which he usually asked if somepony wasn't up to doing something fun... he later started using it if he was suspicious of anypony who seemed suspicious in their decisions/statements/etc.

"...Yes. Yes I did. Any more reminders?" He somewhat boredly said.

"I brought party films with me!" She happily replied.

"We don't have a film player. Or a television for that matter..."

"What about the ones there?" She pointed a hoof somewhere inside the cottage. He looked there and... there was indeed a television and a film player there...


Pinkie giggled, "A guy came over to deliver those! I decided to pretend I was part of the house and put them in myself!"

Now Light was just confused. "..Then... why were you outside when I woke up?"

"It's better to be welcomed in than me suddenly appearing in your face and waking you up, that would be awkward!"

"...Yes. Yes it would... where are the films?"

Pinkie then reached into her frizzy hair, and pulled out a few boxsets with the films inside. She took the time to make boxsets for them like official movies? ...She must've loved those days. Then she bounced over to the television, and went to plug everything in. After 30 seconds, however...

"Hey, Lighty! Does Fluttershy have any electrical sockets installed in her house?"

He hadn't thought to ask that... can't plug it in without an electrical socket. Oh well. No happy memories and no Psycho. This might be a slightly duller stay than he th-

"Found it!"

Oh. Okay.

After it was plugged in, Pinkie appeared next to Light, practically picked him up, and placed him (gently) on the sofa that was facing the TV. As the film started up, Pinkie appeared on the screen.

"Is this on? *Tapping on the camera* Yep! Hey, everypony! Welcome to my tribute to the best party pony I've met! Besides Vinyl Scratch. And me. But he was really memorable! I haven't seen him in a while, he likes to stay in that house of his nowadays!" The video Pinkie leaned closer to the camera, and whispered, "I personally think his house needs a bit of tuning up." She went back to speaking normally. "But he's probably not feeling too well! And if he wants to be alone, I'm gonna respect that, and just wait for the day he wants to have another PARTY!"

Light's eyes moved right in thought. He'd noticed Pinkie didn't jump over to his house and try to get him back into life again, like he'd expect her to. I know it's my fault for being hollow inside... but I still admire her understanding...

"Anyhoof!" The video Pinkie began, "This collection of videos with him in it is my tribute to a pony who's not afraid to be spontaneous! Ladies and gentlecolts, I present to you, the Party Life of LIVE LIGHT!"

Fluttershy walked down from the stairs, and saw the two of them on the sofa watching something... she investigated what was happening.

"Um... hello, Pinkie... and hi, Light..."

Light and Pinkie looked over to Fluttershy.

"Hey, Flutters." Light greeted.

"Hey, Fluttersh-" Pinkie awkwardly paused, her eyes looked from Light to Fluttershy. Light looked confused for a moment.

"Hey, Flutters!" Pinkie said, apparently liking the name Light thought up.

Fluttershy looked like she was thinking about something, maybe about whether or not she liked the name. Then, she remembered the video.

"Um... what are you watching?"

"It's my tribute video to Lighty-Wighty so he's happy enough to spend time with others!" Pinkie replied.

"O-oh. That's a good idea," Fluttershy said. "U-um... mind if I watch it with you?"

"Not at all! Sit here!"

Fluttershy nodded, and sat next to Light. He was now the middle pony on the couch, between Pinkie And Flutters.
The tribute began. Light remembered the moment that appeared here. He and Pinkie were pretending to be police officers, inspecting a party Pinkie had thrown. All the ponies that were partying there knew was that they'd both left the party at the same time. Looking back, you could tell it was a disguise, but to the ponies at that time, the disguise was so convincing.

The two had gone up to the stage, and the camera was pointed over there. Light put on a stereotypical bossy voice/accent, and said this.

"Alright, LISTEN UP, you young punks, the law have had it with your loud noise, your loud clothes, and your loud music! Now, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF!?" It was here, that Pinkie ran off screen, and hopped on-screen, looking relatively like Pinkie again. The crowd started cheering. And so she began the next song in the party with the following words.

"Sorry for Pony Rockin'."

And so the music began, the Light in the video, ran off-screen to look like himself again. It took about 10 seconds longer than Pinkie did, but it worked anyway. This was all Light's idea. After the song ended, the next clip started up. Some ponies were playing with a mane-dryer. Light ran into the screen, and saw what was happening. He was looking more eccentric than ever... and slightly twitchy. There wasn't really anything wrong with him, it's just how he is when he's having a really good time.

"STOP!" He proclaimed. "YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG! YOU SHOULDN'T BE DOING THAT! Mane-dryers are precious items, and they shouldn't be used for evil! GIVE ME THAT." The ponies blinked. They reluctantly hoofed him the mane-dryer. "Thank you. You will now be forgiven. Anyway... where were we... oh, right." He then ran off, laughing maniacally with the mane-dryer. The other ponies looked somewhat disturbed, and ran off in the opposite direction. In the cottage, Light had a sheepish smile on his face.

"Err... good times?" Pinkie giggled, and Fluttershy placed a hoof over her muzzle, trying to hide laughter.

In the next clip, Light was leading a session of dancing to Thriller, because, why not?

Another clip went on. Light and Pinkie were singing Karaoke to Fireflies, a song by Light's favourite artist, Owl Pony. This was a moment Light enjoyed, as made evident by the fact he was grinning a bit in the cottage.

In the next clip, he was trying to sing something from an sort of opera. The last time he heard this, he could have sworn it was a duck who sang it. It was called the Barber of Seville. As soon as he was almost finished, the source of the music apparently failed, and ended with an error sign. This prompted him to scream,


"Didn't a duck sing that once?" Pinkie asked in the cottage.

"Please... let's not talk about ducks for now..." I still think I have Anatidaephobia...

The next one, he was dressed as Spider-Colt, and was climbing all over the place with suction cups.

"EEK! SPIDER!" Yelled a grey pegasus mare wearing a paper bag costume. She immediately charged at the part of the wall he was on. Light yelped as he was tackled, and fell down to the ground. Thankfully, he wasn't too high, or he might've broken a bone or two. The mare said something about getting muffins, and flew elsewhere.

In the next, and final clip of the first party, Light was fiddling with his Mane-dryer, then he accidentally made it blow hot air into a ponies' neck. The reason this was Light's favourite clip was because the pony was from his high-school, and was one of the bothersome types who attempted to bully him at every turn. It's only because Light could stay positive at those times that he was okay nowadays, although there were parts that almost depressed him. The pony's name was Misideli Mussolinear. However, since that name was too long for most ponies in the school to say, they just referred to him as Big M. Light was now prepared against M, as he wasn't that much of an easy target as he was before.

"Well, well, if it isn't Live Light." M said.

"Yes, dear?" Replied Light.

"...Still as weird as ever."

"Nope! Weirder than before. Weirder also means braver, that means I don't act like a blank slate for you to write your poorly thought out insults on, because, really, that time where you place a winged beetle in my locker, you placed a firefly in there, and I like fireflies. Either you care so much about my health and well-being, or you're terrible at making people feel bad."

"And why would I care about your health and well-being? And that one was funny, for the record."

"That's another thing, you're still happy I'm happy. That wasn't the intention at all, was it? If you don't care about how my health and well-being is, you wouldn't be trying to make it lower. Where's the logic in that? If you don't care, don't do anything. There something that makes you take your anger out on other people? Because really, that's not necessary. Also, how'd you get in here again? I don't think you were on the invitation list at all. But no matter. Now we have a new person to play a tree! And another thing, you should lay off the 'roids, seriously, otherwise I have to make fun of you. I mean, do we have to think up a new name for you? Roid Rage, now that's a good name. You'd be on so many steroids, that all you'd be able to say is something like, 'YEEEAAAAAH!' I think we have a winner for involuntary back-ground character! Seriously, you should be in a cartoon, and that'd be your catchphrase, you'd jump in the middle of the screen and say, 'YYEEEAAAAH!" Except, not in serious scenes, just in scenes like people cheering. If you do that in a serious scene, it's out of place, and might even be scary. Also, have you seen my Starfish Collection!?"

M is obviously unsure of what's really going on... his overly perfect physical appearance just got exaggerated some more... that was what he was supposed to do with flawed physical appearances... and out-smarted by logic... and he was offered to be shown a collection of starfishes... he didn't really want to know what his mortal enemy could do next... so he ran off screen, and away from the party. By the end of the clip, Light had a grin on his face that would make Pinkie Pie proud... and did.

"WHOO! It worked!" Exclaimed Pinkie. She walked up to the film player, pressed the eject button, placed the disc back in the boxset, pressed the eject button again to close the disc player. Light wished to comment on this.

"No more?"

"Next time, Lighty-Wighty! I was gonna show you as much as I needed to until you had a big grin on your face, and since ya do, then we have to wait till next time! Well, that's my work done! See ya!"

"See ya, Pinks!" Light said rather happily.

"Bye, Pinkie." Fluttershy said.

After Pinkie Pie bounced back to Sugarcube Corner, Fluttershy looked to Light. "You alright?"

"Yup. I feel happy already! Now, I need to wait till tomorrow until the next of your friends can help. Who'm I seeing next?"

"Um, Rarity is next."

"Ah, right. Hope that goes well."

"I'm sure it will."

Light remembered something. "Anyway, I think I'll just watch a film I got from that film shop I went to."

"Oh, okay," Fluttershy said. She looked around, and spoke some more. "Um... can I watch it with you?"

"Err..." He began. "It's the film that got Anthony Percolts typecast repeatedly."

Fluttershy's eyes widened a bit. "O-oh... you mean..."

"Yeah... Psycho... been avoiding it for a while, then decided to get it to see if it'll help me have emotion again. So... if thrillers aren't your thing... don't watch it."

Fluttershy stood there, thinking intensely. Light patiently waited.

"U-um... ... ... I don't mind watching it still..."

Light was slightly surprised. "You sure?"

Fluttershy nodded. Light, thought for 5 seconds, then nodded back, got the boxset for Psycho, and placed it in the film player. They stood on the sofa. And as the film started up, Light, for the sense of drama, said,




AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yes. The next chapter is mostly going to be them watching an adaption of the movie that caused too many parodies of the shower scene, but somehow made it funny. I only recently gotten interested in it myself, but so far, I think it's my favourite black-and-white film. Even though I don't actually own it, and also remember another Black-and-white film being one of my favourites... unless I'm just thinking about Laurel and Hardy. Those were the good old days we never lived to see for ourselves. Well, maybe some of us, depending on the reader's age. To prevent rambling, I'm going to part ways with you now. But before I do, I'd just like to say two words. Two, very irrelevant words that you might not like, but must witness anyway...


Chapter 6: Psycho

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The film was beginning to start. Light and Fluttershy both swallowed hard, hoping this wouldn't be too terrifying. It began with the Paramount Pictures logo. After it had left, tense music suddenly appeared, making Fluttershy cringe, and Light curious as to what's to come. Horizontal lines began appearing on the otherwise blank screen, and uncovered the lettering: Alfred Hitchcock's... The lines appeared again, but at a faster pace, carrying the next lettering like a wave: Psycho. Bits of the lettering began to shift, making the title a bit obscure, then split in half, and both the pieces went opposite ways in a vertical fashion, as more lines, also vertical, appeared. The process continued as the names of the actors appeared in the following order: Anthony Percolts, Vera Mares, and John Gavin. Names of the co-stars appeared in the similar fashion, while the music's strings became tenser and more frightening. The final lettering with the actors came up: And Janet Neigh as Marerion Crane. As the titles continued, the music began to put Light off a bit. Eventually, they revealed who was behind the music.

"Curse you, Bernard Neighmann." Proclaimed Light.

As the movie continued, Marerion Crane was driving an auto-mobile, looking into the camera, as there were voices discussing the matter of her embezzling her employer's client. At the end of the car sequence, the rain was starting to hinder the car's windows, making it hard to see through them. Marerion had arrived at the Bates Motel.

"Uh oh..." Said Light.

"Is anything bad going to happen now?" Fluttershy asked, trying hard to keep her calm.

"I don't think they'll make it an immediate death-trap... we're okay for now."

Later on in the film, Marerion is speaking to the owner of the motel, Norman Bates, as played by Anthony Percolts. He seems like a charming stallion right now.

"Is your time so empty?" Marerion asked.

"No, uh..." Norman paused. "W-well, I run the office... and uh, tend the cabins and grounds and er... and do a little, er, errands for my mother..."

"Um... he seems kinda nice..." Fluttershy commented.

"Yeah... a bit like you. ...Er, well, if you lived in a suspicious hotel, and... err, well, if you were a stallion..." He rubs his mane, blushing a bit at how badly his comment was to him. Fluttershy blushed a little as well. The movie continued.

"Do you go out with friends?" Marerion inquired.

Norman was silent for a moment. He took a moment to clear his throat, then spoke. "W-well, a boy's best friend is his mother." After a moment, he said, smiling in a friendly way, "You've never had an empty moment in your entire life, have you?"

"Only my share," she replied.

"Where are you going?" After a moment of silence from Marerion, he timidly says, "I didn't mean to pry..."

"I'm looking for a private island." she eventually replied.

This prompted the following question from Norman. "What are you running away from?"

Marerion looked a little bit suspicious and curious. "Why do you ask that?"

"No... people never run away from anything." He replied.

Light looked a bit disturbed...

"Something wrong, Light?" Fluttershy asked.

"Okay, now I'm a bit creeped out by him.

Norman began talking about how he thought that everyone is in their own private metaphorical traps, and how he says he was born in his trap, and doesn't mind it.

"Oh, but you should. You should mind it." Marerion commented.

"Oh, I do, but I say I don't." He replied, chuckling. In the cottage, Light was looking around the place uncomfortably, before resuming his viewing of the film.

A few minutes later in the film, they're still talking, now about the matter of Norman's abusive mother. Marerion has suggested she be placed in an institution. Norman had rejected the idea, but considered it.

"Of course... I've considered it myself... but I hate to even think about it. She needs me. I-it's not as if she were a... a maniac... a raving thing... She just goes... a little mad sometimes." Marerion gave an uncertain look, but he continued, "We all go a little mad sometimes." He then gave a bit of a grin that made Light think he was hoping he was right, as he concluded, "Haven't you?"

"Yeah, now it's a bit obvious he's getting creepy..." Light said.

"I have to agree... but he still seems like he means well..." Fluttershy replied.

"That's why it's so creepy."

As the movie continued, Marerion went into the shower. Light and Fluttershy knew what was gonna happen already. They'd known about it enough to know this was the famous shower scene. Their fears were confirmed as the door opened, from the camera's viewpoint behind the curtains. The figure came closer, and pulled the curtains open, holding a knife. The mane looked a bit too grown to be Norman's. And so began the screaming from both Marerion and Fluttershy, who covered her eyes so she wouldn't have to see it. Light just watched with one eye barely open. The screams, and the all too familiar string music was very frightening. As the figure left, Light could see the mare was in a bun, like an old mare might have. Fluttershy opened her eyes, as the screaming had stopped, and apparently decided the remaining moments of the scene were just enough for her. The camera, at this point, was zooming out from Marerion's eye. Light and Flutters shared their thoughts at this sort of small intermission.

"...That was scary..." squeaked Fluttershy.

"It was... yeah." Light replied.

"D-did y-you see who i-it was?"

"Not exactly, but considering the mane looked like the sort an old mare might have... it might be safe to assume it's Norman's mother."

"W-why would she do such a thing?"

"...I guess that's why this film is called Psycho..."

A lot further into the film, Detective Arbogast is investigating the Motel, and sees that there is somepony at a window, with the light on. It looks like an old mare. Norman noticed his presence.

"O-oh, change your mind?" He said, as he walked over to Arbogast. Arbogast had previously said he was going to stay, as his story of how Marerion had apparently left two weeks earlier, which he had probably said to defend his mother, wasn't very convincing to him. "You know... I guess I have one of those faces you just can't help believing."

"You have no idea, Normy." Said Light.

They began to discuss the figure at the window, whom Norman insists is his mother. When Arbogast asks him, for the sake of argument, if Marerion had asked him to hide her, if he would know he was being fooled or not, to which he had replied he is incapable of being fooled. Arbogast had asked to see his mother about the matter, to which he refuses, and asks him to leave due to his persistence. However, he'd later gone into the house he saw the figure in. He began to slowly walk up the steps. The camera cuts to a door being quietly opened. Light and Fluttershy looked apprehensive about it. As Arbogast reached the top of the steps, the familiar screeching of the Psycho music came on, and the old mare suddenly appeared out the door that opened, getting a scream out of Fluttershy and a yelp from Light, as the mare slashes his face. This causes Arbogast to fall down the stairs in what looks like a perfectly balanced stairs tap-dance scene. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, the mare appeared, to stab him fatally. Light's reaction to this was the following:

"...That was an unfair scare..."

Fluttershy simply nodded, and whimpered.

"You okay? We can stop watching if you want." Light offered.

Fluttershy thought for a moment... "...U-um... let's watch a bit more..."

Light nodded, and the two continued to watch the film.

It was much later in the film, and the two were shocked to hear that, apparently, Norman's mother has been dead for 10 years. Marerion's sister Lila, and Marerion's boyfriend Sam arrived to investigate. At this point of the film, Norman has arrived at the house, while Lila is hiding under the stairway from him. After he goes upstairs, Lila decides to investigate the fruit cellar, and finds Mrs. Bates... or what's left of her preserved corpse, anyway. This gets a genuine scream from Lila, Fluttershy and Light, and to make matters worse, Norman just appeared, dressed in his mother's clothing, with a wig, a manic look on his face, and also holding a knife. Fluttershy, at this point, was really scared, and buried her face in Light's coat for protection. Light was momentarily distracted from the fear, and looked at Fluttershy for a moment, who was whimpering. He decided to let her cling to him, and viewed the disturbing scene. As Norman ran to stab at Lila, while yelling something that sounded a bit like, "I'm Norma Bates," Sam appeared, and subdued him. Eventually, the scene was over, and the two breathed a sigh of relief.

They eventually find out that Norman Bates, 10 years ago, had grown jealous of his mother and a new lover of hers, and had killed them both. Because he couldn't take the guilt, he stole his mother's corpse and preserved it, and developed another personality, the new one based around his mother. Whenever Norman showed any signs of attraction to any mare, Mother would take over, and murder them.

Norman now sits in a cell, his personality no longer exists... Mother has taken over. Mother goes about the events of what got 'her' arrested.

"It's sad when a mother has to say the words that condemn her own son, but I couldn't allow them to believe I would commit murder. They'll put him away now, as I should have. Years ago. He was always bad, and in the end, he intended to tell them I killed those mares and that stallion, as if I could do anything except just sit and stare, like one of his stuffed birds. They know I can't move a hoof. And I won't. I'll just sit here and be quiet, just in case they do suspect me. They're probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of a pony I am. I'm not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching... they'll see and they'll know, and they'll say... 'Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly...'" Norman Bates gave a dark, malicious smile to the camera, making it even more disturbing. Before the film ends, the camera transitions to the auto-mobile Marerion had been driving in, and which Norman had sunk, being pulled back to land by a chain, and the words 'THE END' accompanied the scene. As the credits rolled, Light walked over to the player, and pressed the eject button, place the disc into the box-set, and pressed the eject button to close the player. He walked over to Fluttershy.

"You alright, Flutters?"

She nodded. "I'm okay."

"You sure?"

"W-well... it was... very scary..."

"It was. And that's okay, I feel like I've accomplished someth-" He's cut off as he's suddenly hugged by Fluttershy. Oh, wow what's happening this feels really good yet really sudden what do I do!? He stands in surprise for a bit, then returns the embrace. He catches sight of his watch... Still have a few hours until night-time... After they pull back from the hug, Light has a think about what he'd like to do.

"I might work on my novel now. What about you?"

"I'm going to go care for the animals outside." She replied.

Light nods. "Sounds good. See you in a moment, then?"

"Yeah... see you soon, Light."

And with that, Fluttershy walked to the door and left. Well, not before looking back and giving Light a D'AWWWWorthy smile. As she leaves to go to the garden, Light walks over to his bag, takes some things out of it until he finds a notepad. He looks around to make sure no animals are around to interrupt him. He nods, satisfied, and begins work.


Well, now, that took longer than I thought... glad I got that over with. I wonder if I should do a spin-off some time by re-imagining the film/novel, only with Poniez. ...Maybe when I feel I've done enough with this to take a break. Anyway, this chapter is over and done with. More will be coming. See ya'll.

Chapter 7: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

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It was a dark night in Manehattan. Nearly all the ponies who inhabited it were fast asleep, dreaming pleasant dreams. This was usually around the time in which most criminals decided to make their mark. They would go around wreaking havoc, stealing from stores, and from sleeping citizens. But there were none. No criminal dared to leave their house/hole/lair/whatever, from fear of the Unavenged Stallion.


"No... too convenient..."

Back at the cottage, Light was working on the part of the novel he'd left off at, which was where he was having problems.

"Err... all the criminals? ...Nope. Now I'm just not thinking professionally... Hrm..."


However, only nearly a quarter of them dared to try, apparently. Most of the criminals were still affected by the Deterrence. As the Unavenged Stallion watched the city from a rooftop, he found a mob of apparent criminals raiding the town. He immediately spread his mechanical wings, and glided to the scene. As he got closer, he saw that it would be difficult to fight them all at once. His horn glowed momentarily, before his cloaking spell activated. He landed in the middle of the crime scene. As he looked around, however, it seemed as if time had stopped - The law-breaking ponies were completely suspended. He was going to take this as an opportunity to quickly get rid of them, but then, he noticed them de-materialise into small, visible particles, almost like fireflies, and all join together to form a tall, black/red Alicorn. He had black bat-wings, demonic looking horns, and was wearing an attire one might see a gentlecolt wear.

The Unavenged Stallion narrowed his eyes. "Who are you?" He spoke in his dark, monotonous voice.

"We- ...Hold on, wait what, hold off, what wait, where am I?" The mysterious (and already annoying) pony looked around rather quickly.

"AGH! I wasn't meant to be here! NOW I'M UGLY! I'M SOME SORT OF-oh, I'm some sort of pony, that's just weird, and you're a pony who reminds me of someone I know, my name is Leeroy Leonard, A.K.A a demonic Lord of Madness, although that's a title, and I hate titles, and that doesn't mean to say I'm the entire lord of all things insane, because if I was, you wouldn't exist, no, that's just a title made to make me sound powerful, WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE!?"

"... ... ... Thank you for your display of both stupidity and hostility. But now, I must end you." The Stallion replied.

"No you don't." 'Leeroy' insisted.

"Yes, I do." Unavenged replied.

"No you don't..."

"Yes I do."

"No you don't...!"

"Yes I do."

"No you don't!"

"Yes I do."

"Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope."


...This is really hard to do without making it ridiculous now...

Light had created Leonard, a mad demon, for the sake of a nemesis who contrasted with John/Unavenged Stallion. That, unfortunately, is making him worry that Leeroy will be considered annoying. Also, he got the idea for the name when the name 'Jenkins' rang up in his mind... how does that work?

Light sighed, and continued on with his work. Or at least, would have, had the notepad not been snatched by Angel Bunny. ...Waitwh-

"...What do you want?"

Angel hopped over to a cookbook, where he pointed at a carrot related... thingy in a picture. Mental Facehoof.

"If I was good at making food, I'd help. Can't you get Fluttershy to help?"

Angel just shot him an unimpressed glare, which made Light think for a moment.

"Well, she IS just outside, you know. ...Whaddya mean 'No?'"

The stubborn bunny was just shaking his head as if he'd said something that was stupid.

"She said it herself, you know, that she was going to take care of the other animals."

Stubborn Stan facehoofed (Or palmed, as he doesn't have hooves), and hopped off with Light's notepad.

"Angel, give that back, if you wouldn't mind."

The Inconvenience looked at him for a moment, looked as if he was considering, then just shakes his head and hops around. See, now I think he just doesn't like me. Light stretched his wings, and hovered in the air, ready to pursue Angel. He flew at Angel to grab him. Angel hopped out of the way, and Light was barely able to stop himself from flying through the wall. Okay... no flying for now...

Light resorted to an attempt at stealth. He hid behind the couch for a while, peeking from the sides. He saw Angel, and tried to sneak behind him, but he slipped, and fell, with Angel moving away before he got squashed. Light got up, and cracked his neck. He looked to where Angel was now. Standing in front of the bathroom door. He looked there for a moment, and was now looking nervous just by looking at it. Light charged at him while flying, Angel dropped the notepad, and ran out of the way. Light flew into the bathroom, effectively knocking it open, while managing to pick up the notepad mid-air. He manages to land on his back, clinging onto his notepad. And then he notices something. ...There's steam all over the room...

He slowly turns around, and is now aware of the reason why Angel didn't want to get Fluttershy to help with the food, and why he was nervous about the bathroom door. There were a few things going about in Light's mind.

1. I thought Fluttershy said she was taking care of the animals.


3. ...That's... kinda hot...

4. Wh- I- She- Th- It- ... AEONFAERMACKANDA

5. That's... kinda hot...

6. Err... get out now.

Fluttershy was in the shower, staring at him with shocked, widened eyes. Light was staring at her, mostly with an unresponsively shocked expression himself. Partly because he's not exactly sure if this is happening or not, and mostly because he couldn't look away from her wet mane, glistening coat, and attractive figure.

Awkward silences occur. Just as Light was going to say something to break the tension...


At the immediate moment this happened, he ran out of the door, closing it behind him, to avoid Fluttershy's reaction. He was blinking rapidly after what just happened. He looked around frantically for a place to hide in. He ran outside momentarily, then ran back in as soon as an angry mob of animals gathered outside came into view, which made Light mutter something like, "Faust help me." As he ran back in, Fluttershy was just opening the door, so he ran outside again, and flew over the angry mob again, now hiding inside what he thought of as the cottage's hairdo. Then he flew out, mostly because nopony can be too sure of what hides in there. He looked for other places to hide when...

"Light?" Fluttershy was calling to Light as loud as she was willing, which was loud enough for him to hear, despite not being that loud. As Light heard her, he yelped.


Fluttershy blinked, not quite catching what he said, besides words related to apologies, and Angel's name coming up.

"Look, Light... it's okay. I know you didn't mean it... it was just a bit shocking, that's all..." Light was now in a floating foetal position, trying to hide his face. "It's okay, Light. You can come down now. I'm not mad." Light looked down at Fluttershy, who was still a bit wet, but was more dry than before. Light slowly descended before landing on his hooves.

"I'm sorry, Fluttershy..." Light said.

"No, it's my fault..." Fluttershy began. "I managed to take care of the animals a bit earlier than expected so... while you were busy with your novel, I took the time to have a shower before I went to sleep."

"Ah. Right... still, I shouldn't have burst in like that."

"No, it's honestly fine, Angel was probably hungry."

"He was. He wanted me to make him another carrot thing because you weren't there to do so."

"O-oh. Well... I'll get to that."

"Alright th-" He paused, as he just noticed the angry mob of animals were back, staring daggers at him.

Frowning, Fluttershy tried to assure the mob. "It's okay, everyone... it was all a misunderstanding, that's all."

None of them budged. "... U-um... he didn't mean to..."

They were still staring daggers at Light.

Fluttershy gave them a terrifying glare. Light looked from Fluttershy, to the animals, who looked absolutely mortified for a moment, then went to their homes rather quickly. Even though he didn't get stared at, he was afraid just watching what happened. After they all left, Fluttershy turned to look at Light. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah... I just feel really... ashamed right now." Light replied.

"Don't be. Um... well, if it's okay with you, anyway..."


"Okay then."

Fluttershy smiled, and gave him a hug. "Should we get some sleep now?"

"Yeah. Meeting your friend Rarity tomorrow, so I wish to be prepared for any criticism on my cloak."

Fluttershy giggled. "Well, she likes fashion, I guess."

"Alrighty then." He yawned. "Well, good night..."

"Good night."

They both walked back into the cottage. Light walked to his couch, and lied down on it. Fluttershy walked up to him for a moment.

"Are you sure you're comfortable there? You can have the bed if you want."

"I'll be okay, Flutters."

Fluttershy nods, then walks upstairs to her bedroom.

Light went to sleep.


After waking up, he tried to assess what happened in his dream.

A swirling miasma of thoughts... Okay.

Fluttershy came downstairs. They both greeted each other, had breakfast, and then headed out to go to the Carousel Boutique. Along the way, Light took the time to ask her if she's helped her with any of her fashion designs. Fluttershy talked about the time Rarity asked Fluttershy to be a model for her works, which led to Fluttershy becoming the primary model for Photo Finish's work, which brought about attention Fluttershy hated, but couldn't bring herself to stop, seeing how she thought it was what Rarity wanted, but in reality, she was getting jealous of the attention, but wanted Fluttershy to have a good life, so let her continue, and how it eventually all worked out. Light blinked at the weirdness of the situation, but thought it was good they weren't torn apart. He didn't really mention that he could see why Fluttershy was asked to be a model, given how beautiful she is.

Come to think about it, now that I notice, Rarity seems like she's trying too hard to be beautiful. Fluttershy pulls it off without even trying. And she's SOOOO CUTE all the time!

They soon made it to Rarity's. Fluttershy knocked on the door gingerly. Rarity appeared after about 10 seconds.

"Ah, hello, Fluttershy. I see you've brought Light with you. Is my session of teaching him how to socialize at hand, then?"

"Yes, it is, Rarity... um... you don't mind, do you?" Fluttershy asked.

"Darling, I agreed to it, remember?" She looked to Light. "Still wearing that awful cloak, I see?"

"Yes. That awful, awful cloak. What method of friendship am I re-learning now then?" It was at that moment he realized he was being magically levitated inside the Boutique.

"You're going to learn patience, Mr. Light."

I'm getting used as a model stand-in for a mannequin, aren't I... it'll last hours. Ah, that's why it's patience I'm learning. ...And that's why I'm scared right now.

Light held on to the sides of the door opening, giving his best to have a bored look to hide his fear, but inevitably gave in, and let go, to have his appearance inspected on by the mad scientist of fashion, with Fluttershy walking in to see how he gets on, closing the door behind her.


Insert the following moment:

Or for the one we'll probably prefer, this one.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Goodbye.

...Okay, maybe not that extreme, maybe like this.

Much better. Bye.

Note to self: Get over addiction to links.

Chapter 8: Doom and Despair, Yadda Yadda.

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This... is... really infuriating.

Light was being used as a stand-in model for Rarity. He always believed in the power of mannequins. Ever since he watched an episode from a science fiction show where a weird pony from another planet takes a young teenage mare with him on an adventure because she was almost killed by alien plastic mannequins. He couldn't remember the name of it though... Doctor Whatves or something... that's not even a word. Although, I might be thinking of Doctor Whooves, but that Doctor looked entirely different from the Doctor I saw in the film store. Egh... Maybe it's some sort of actor change thing... maybe even a plot point. Whatever helps take my mind off of this boredom.

Light was watching the clock intensely, as if it seemed like the most interesting thing he could look at that wouldn't get uncomfortable when he looked at her for too long. Since Fluttershy was obviously the most interesting thi- no, not a thing, pony. Thing, while being used in a term to describe a presence in the room, sounds like I take her for granted. I mean, sure, I've developed a crush on her, but, I have to think about that less. I'll say something really stupid otherwise. Although, I'm thinking about it now. This isn't very good... again, whatever gets my mind off this boredom. ... Can't show my admiration yet, though. She's kinda delicate, and really shy. But that's what makes her cute. Although, now I wish she had a shed, I need to sleep somewhere besides a couch. Maybe I should buy either another bed or a sleeping bag. Now that I think about it, a shed wouldn't be very comfortable. Besides, it could be filled with anything. ...Why am I obsessed with sheds...

Boy, this is really boring... I'd rather be at one of Pinkie's parties now. I'm now comfortable with attending a party. All those good memories... I was a REALLY good party pony. Although, not as good as Pinkie. I couldn't, for the life of me, organize a party. I seriously couldn't. Help plan, maybe, not by myself. But Pinkie's able to think up parties, just by any good happening, heck, even a moderate happening. And she has that positive attitude, all that Giggle At The Ghostlies jazz. Although, I kinda wonder how she gets that way, and how she finds it funny. Is it she the most fearless pony in Equestria? Or is it like one of those codes, and it's her way of saying, 'OHGODWHATINTARTARUSHELPMEIWANNAGOHOMENOWAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!' Hmm... probably the former... I don't know her to be the sort who's actually scared of things.

And that personality can get contagious. I like to think I have a bit of a similar personality to her. We used to organize a bunch of party gimmicks. Although, I mostly drew inspiration from bits of my imagination and her variety of fun stuff. Not complete rip-offs. I loved that moment where we started singing the "Sorry For Pony Rocking" song... although, it's a good thing nopony from the police saw us... we could have gotten arrested for police officer impersonation. Probably the BIGGEST risk I ever took. But it paid off, it was all worth it. Everyone had a good time.

Hm... Good Time... I have an idea for the next party already! Pinkie will probably throw me a party when I say I've gotten a life again. And I'll even get to eat all those cake-y stuff. ...Wow, I suddenly want to try a stunt like eating Sugarcube Corner. ...No, I'll get arrested. Damn it all to Tartarus. At least all the cakes Pinkie and the Cakes make taste good. I wonder what Pinkie makes the cupcakes from. I really do. ...Why do I feel like I'm now treading ground best not spoken of... is this some sort of other talent I have? Or maybe it's just my weirdness.

...Opinions of Rarity... she seems okay. But her obsession of fashion is annoying. I mean, SERIOUSLY. My cloak is fine. It's probably only temporary as well. My fashion sense isn't silly. She's silly. That silly, silly Rarity. Now I'm just complaining about life, that's real petty of me. This isn't the worst thing to happen to me. The worst time was... ... ... ...I'm really sad now...

Quick, look at something to cheer myself u- Awww, She's so CUTE. Now stop staring quick. Fluttershy is best cheer-up mechanism.

...Well, now I have to think of some sort of music in my brain. Well, there's always Fireflies, that never gets old.

I'd like to make myself beliiiiieeeeve

Equestriaaaaaa turns slowwwwlyyyyy,

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep,

'Cause everything is never as it seems...

Owl Pony is best music artist.

And now... to think up some other music while I blather on about things to keep myself entertained.

And so, one day, I went for a walk. I eventually ended up in a farm, and swallowed a coin along the way. The farmer shoved a coin down my throat, and introduced me psychically to his coin eating chicken coin chicken, named Tonto. I was told never to make eye-contact with it, or to say anything to it. I eventually swallowed a coin, and said the following word to Tonto, "Flying," to make him an inadequate coin eater compared to me adequate coin swallowing technical finesse. It made eye contact with me while it was eating a coin. I thought I was knocked out and dragged into a basement, but it was obvious I swallowed another coin, this one having happy gas painted on it, somehow, and I walked down the stairs to the basement, making all exits disappear. It was obviously a dream, so I guess, in retrospectfulness, it was understandable. I survived for a few weeks which were really milliseconds by eating, in total, 30 coins. I then made an exit in the ceiling, and walked through that, and walked through a door attached to a wall, seems legit. I looked in the eye of Tonto, and it regurgitated all the coins it ate. I then proceeded to swallow my last coin of the day, then swallowed those coins too. Then one more from my hammerspace collection of coins I always wanted. I managed to survive my fatal heart attack, but now I was changed. And now, whenever a foal asks me why in Tartarus I won't get out of their way, I say, 'Don't know, kid. Ever since I swallowed that coin, things have been different.

...I'm so obsessed with coins right now, I've probably filled my brain with unnecessary information... I should really apologize to my braincells... and the ducks/aliens listening to what's going on in my brain... ...Now I'm really paranoid.

I mean, seriously, where did my fear of ducks come from? Was I a fragile stallion back then, and so my mind was playing tricks on me? Either it's an actual fear, or I'm still fragile, so my mind is still playing tricks on me... that's really bad... I'd rather have my sanity be up for debate instead of definitely shattered, thank you very much. I wonder if I'm still good on accents. Hmm.. Tank you veddy much. ...I always seem do have a lot of trouble impersonating Latka Gravas... I can only do his thanking catchphrase. That kinda sucks. And now, Rarity seems to be speaking, but I can't hear her. She's probably talking about all the fashion stuff ag- OW!

Light blinked repeatedly. He was back to reality, looking at Rarity, who had slapped him across the face rather painfully.

"I said I'm finished," Rarity said.

"Really? Oh. ...Well, I was thinking of things... that's all," Light replied.

"U-um... what things?" Fluttershy asked.

"Err... chickens and coins."

Rarity raised an eyebrow. Fluttershy looked mildly confused for a moment. Rarity spoke again, "Would you like to see the outfit I've devised for you?"

Light blinked. His imagination really drags his brain out of Equestria, apparently, he had no idea a new outfit was on him.

"...Okay." He replied.

He was directed to the mirror. He was dressed in a white tuxedo, a rather dashing one at that. It made him feel important, and like he owned the place. He narrowed his right eye in an examining manner. Then he spoke,

"I like it."

Rarity smiled, "Happy it's to your taste. And that you were patient enough to go through it." Well, not really, but... eh.

"Yes... yes I was," he began. "You definitely know what you're doing when it comes to fashion."

"Naturally." She responded in her rather British accent. Yes, don't get full of yourself. Even vaguely, that's too much.

"Well! I'll be off," Light said. "It was nice meeting you, Rarity. Like the tux."

"Alright then, darling. Au revoir, Fluttershy, and bye, Light." Fluttershy got out of her seat, and the two left the room, and then the Boutique itself.

The two managed to get home. Fluttershy tended to the animals, while Light went to work on his novel, and see where he's going wrong with the introduction of Leeroy Leonard. He sat down on the couch, and took his notepad out of his bag, and looked at the page with the background information of the characters. He then he noted next to Leeroy, 'Obvious Troll is Obvious.'

He takes a minute to get ready to use his brain, and thinks for a moment... ...That must be the most thinking I've done all day.


A short one, because I was getting tired. Hmeh. See ya.

Chapter 9: Being Honest... eh. Part 1

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After resting his head in his hooves after a few hours of working on the novel, he's made a character that's probably gonna be really annoying, the main villain of the novel. He's not particularly intending to sell it anywhere, although, he'd see if there was anyone with an honest opinion about it later, to see if it's good and whether he should publish it or not. In the meantime he was resting on the couch, thinking of what's to come.

Alrighty... so then... meeting Applejack... I hear she's the Element of Honesty. Either I'm getting a lesson in honesty, or I'm doing slave labour for the Apple family. Yay.

He feels he's made significant progress on this thing. Although, now he's losing focus. He finds himself thinking mostly about Fluttershy. The first time we met, she would normally be considered an intruder in his home. Although, due to her cuteness and adorableness, I tried taking it calmly. The next thing I know, the Cutie Mark Demonspawn have destroyed my house. And Fluttershy was kind enough to let me stay in her home. She's certainly been kinder than I have. Kind enough to witness my wingboner without hurting me terribly. In fact, I'm kind of ashamed that the sign I have a crush on her was a wingboner in the first place. That sorta could mean anything. ...Whatever. I wonder when Hearts and Hooves day is coming up. Need to get something for her. ...Now I'm nervous, damn it.

...I'm tired... ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........


An Intermission for you. Beginning POV switch.

Point of View: Fluttershy

Okay... all the animals are fed... I wonder how Light's doing.

Fluttershy had finished with the animals, and walked from the garden to the house's door. She opened the door, and found Light sleeping on the couch. I wonder if he's prepared for tomorrow... Oh, I always wonder that... and he pulls through fine. Still...

Fluttershy was wondering what he was dreaming of. He looks so peaceful... About 25 seconds after that, her opinion changed, as he looked somewhat sad. He even turned around so he was facing the back-rest of the couch. She frowned, wondering what could be the matter. It's not my presence here, is it? Oh... I'm being a bother... No, he never minded me... he's too kind for that... he might not think that, but it's true. I was a little startled when he walked in on the shower but... that was an accident. He's not that kind of pony...

She looked at him for a bit, then smiled sadly. Then she seemed thoughtful for a moment, and looked around the cottage. No animals were watching. She then decided to quietly walk over to him. Then she nuzzled his ear. Almost immediately, he sighed contently, and felt around for the nearest pillow, and started hugging it. She giggled lightly to herself. That's the cutest she's seen him at. If only he knew how I felt...


Point of View: Live Light

At the beginning of his dream, he found emptiness. This was a rather chilling emptiness, which he didn't like. There was literally nothing there. Everything was black. He wasn't even glowing like that last time it happened. There wasn't even a white background that he could see by looking upwards. Nothingness. That was all.

Then he saw her. She was a light-ish red mare, with a red and golden mane and tail. Her name was Bright Flare, the sister of his friend Green Flare/Greg. And she used to be his girlfriend.

For reasons understandable, he keeps the reason why they aren't together anymore to himself, as does Greg. To put it simply, she contributed to the reason he had dropped into hermitage. Any reminding of her, or the sight of her, is enough to depress him. As soon as he saw her, he found the world changed to fit his mood. Everything became a night-blue sky, and rain was falling down hard on him. He stood there, staring at the ground, too depressed to care what was going on around him...

He noticed something eventually, however. The world then changed back into emptiness, and Bright Flare was gone. Light was confused for a moment, then he felt something on his ear... a nuzzle. He looked behind him, and there stood the new mare of his dreams, Fluttershy. The world changed into a large forest rather quickly, as he smiled happily, and embraced Fluttershy.


Hrmm... Gotta wake up... no, gonna cuddle Flutters s'more. He smiled to himself as he cuddled Flutterpillow.


He opened his eyes fully. ...Oh. I've been cuddling a pillow. ...Yep. I'm in love.

He got off the couch, and rubbed his eyes. He looked around, and found there had been some breakfast left for him already. Fluttershy walked out of the kitchen.

"Oh... hi, Light. How are you this morning?" She asked.

"Pretty good," He replied. "You?"

"Same for me."

They both ate their breakfast, and headed over to Sweet Apple Acres. Fluttershy explained that at times, she can be stubborn, but she's the most honest out of all of her friends. They found her bucking a tree, and watched the apples drop from it. Hm. She's strong apparently. They both walked over to Applejack.

"Hi, Applejack."

Applejack turned around and looked to the both of them. "Well, howdy there, Fluttersh'ah, and Light." I still want that stetson. Stetsons are cool.

"So then, what'm I gonna learn in this place?" Light asked.

"How t'be honest. Now, Ah need Fluttersh'ah to go elsewhere for this thing. Would ya mind tendin' ta Applebloom, Fluttersh'ah?" She asked.

"O-oh, okay. No problem. Where is she?" She asked.

"In the barn."

Fluttershy nods, and walks to the barn.

"Alright... I wasn't much one fer tests... but you ready to start this test, pardner?" Applejack asked.




The reason it's to be continued is because I'm starting to run out of ideas. I'll explain more about this in my blog, which will hopefully be up by the time you see this. If not, then wait for about half an hour... or maybe just 15 minutes. Plus, I got to use a YouTube Link. I might be doing that a lot more, instead of links. Anyway, bye.

Chapter 10: Being Honest... eh. Part 2

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Light blinked. "Err... what test, and why does Fluttershy need to leave?" He asked.

"'Cause Ah'm testin' yer honesty, that's why." Replied Applejack.

"Ah. Right. Because this is the second test I've had that's had to do with an element, and so far, you're the fourth one I've been tested on. Well, technically third, because the first one was really me speaking to Fluttershy. But anywa-2

"Can we jest get on with the test?"


And so began Applejack's barrage of questions.

"Are you, or are ya not happy with bein' a hermit?"

"If you asked me that before this happened, I would have said yes. So right now... No."

"Ah see." I should say 'I see' like that. "Have you ever dreamed of bein' somepony important?"

"Even without being a hermit, I think attention like that is a bit much, so no."

"'kay. How're ya findin' this social restart thing so far?"

"I'm willing to continue, as I've relived great memories of being a party pony."

"Ya were?"

"Yeah, I was good friends with Pinkie, mostly because I got welcomed into Ponyville by her, which I hear she always does for everypony, and as a result, I helped plan parties with her."

"Ah see..." Stop that, it makes me wanna use that more... "Were th' two of you... close?"

...Now I'm a bit uncomfortable. Still, answer honestly. "...Not really."

"Did ya 'like' her?" ...Shush you.

"I...did... But don't tell anypony that, since I don't anymore, just as a friend." He replied with dim, unimpressed eyes.

"I won't, Light." Yay, honesty.

"Now... what's yer opinion of Rarity, seein' how you've yet t' meet th' others?"

"Well... Rarity seems okay, but her obsession with fashion and cleanliness-is-next-to-godliness is off-putting, and rather annoying."

"Have t' agree with ya there. We've had our differences, but things aren't as bad now. Anyway... what's yer opinion of Fluttershy?"


"Well," Light calmly began, "She's very kind, nice, and is very good with the animals."

"See, that's not so much opinion, it's more fact. What's yer opinion?


"...Well... She -is- very kind and nice. I think she's probably the kindest anypony will find."

"Y'might be right. Anything else."


"Also the nicest anypony will find?"


...I bet she's thinking, 'U MAD?'

"Don't see why there'd be another answer."

Applejack's eyebrow raised. "Don't see why not."

Light's eye narrowed. "Why is that?"

"...No reason..." Worst. Liar. Ever.

"Just answer my question."

Applejack rolled her eyes. "Next question's th' best answer ya'll gonna get."

Light shrugged. "So let it be said... so let it be done." ...I should make that a catchphrase.

"Alright, here's the question... have y'had a Special Somepony before?"

"Next question." Light said immediately.

"We ain't doin' the next question 'till one'a my questions get answered." Applejack insisted.

"I'd like to." Light resisted.

"Well, too bad, answer th' question."



"Nope, nope, nope."

"Consarn it, don't avoid th' question!"

"I'm happy enough doing that, thank you very much."

"Well, Ah'm not happy with it!"

"I'm not happy with the question."

"Why not?"

"It saddens me..."

"How can it sadden ya, it's just a mare, there's plenty ponies out there."

"That's what they all say, that she's just a mare. She was the world to me, alright?"

"So that's a yes to my question?"

"Pretty much. now stop BOTHERING me about it." Light almost yelled, putting emphasis on Bothering, almost violently.

"No need t'get hostile about i-"



"Sssshhhh. It's a more polite term for when one wants someone to shut up."

"You've done it n-"


After that, Applejack was speechless, and just looking at the ground. Light, after seeing this, immediately felt like he'd done the stupidest thing in his life so far. He'd just yelled at the pony who was trying to help him (Rather intrusive about his bad memories, but surely there's a good reason), and that pony happened to be a friend of Fluttershy's. What would she think? You... bucking disgrace... Light put his hoof to his mouth, trying to think of the best thing to say... Say something besides 'I'm sorry.' That's not much to say after you've probably broken somepony's spirit. THINK.

"I-i'm sorry."


"'s okay..." Came Applejack's reply.

Now I'm just surprised.

"I-i know I might've been intrudin' on personal memories... 's just, I need t'know I can trust ya. Only just met you, and, let's just say, between you'n me... Rarity and Rainbow don' really trust ya yet."

"Oh okay." Light simply said.

"Err... d'you think y'could answer one more question? This one'll be taken off th' record."

"...Sure?" If off the record means she isn't mentioning it... sure. ...Well, already agreed to it anyway so... let's hope it is.

Applejack walked a bit closer, and whispered, "D'you 'like' Fluttersh'ah?"


Light sighed in defeat. "...Most likely..."

Applejack's eyes looked left and right, checking if anypony was listening. To be honest, she probably should've checked before asking, but to be fair, she did just recover from being yelled at. Applejack seems satisfied nopony's around.

"Alright... I won' tell nopony about it..."

"Thank you... why'd you want to know, though?"

"She's real delicate, y'know that, right? If you two're gonna end up t'gether, I jus' wanna know she'll be safe, 'kay?"

"Well... sure... but how do you know if we'll end up together or not? I don't know if she likes me back, or not."

"Ah don't. Ah just think you'd be right for'er."

"Really?" Light was somewhat confused, yet seemed almost happy.


Light smiled. "Thanks, Applejack. Lesson over?"

Applejack nodded. "Less'n over. Fluttersh'ah! You c'n come back now!"

Fluttershy came out of the barn about 10 seconds later.

"I-is everything alright? I-i heard y-yelling. Where did i-it come from?

There was a moment of awkward silence. Then Light spoke,

"Well... I have no idea. But I wish to forget that happened."

"Me too." Applejack agreed.

"O-okay... umm... so are you finished?"

"Ah huh." Light responded. I think I used to respond like that before. I dunno. "Shall we go back then?"

Fluttershy nodded. "O-okay. Bye, Applejack."

"See ya, Fluttersh'ah."

Fluttershy and Light made their way to Flutters' cottage. Apple Bloom came out of the barn to speak to Applejack.

"AJ, what was that yellin' all about?" She asked.

"Ah'll tell ya later, Sugarcube." Applejack responded.

"Okay." She said, apparently dropping the issue.

"What's a 'demonspawn'?"


Hm. I think that went well. As said before, I'm running out of ideas. Please let me know what Rainbow Dash should do for the upcoming test. Otherwise, I might give you something that you don't want, or something you do want, but was done wrong. Until next time, meanwhile, I'm gonna take this kebab, and walk into a bathroom for old time's sake.

...Okay, maybe not. I'm just gonna run now after clarifying a few things...

1. I do not look like that.

2. I do not eat kebabs, nor do I take them into toilets.

3. The Howie Scream, as presented here, is my favourite recycled cinematic scream. I call it recycled because it means it's been used in other movies sounding the same. Like the Wilhelm scream. But anyway.

Bye bye.

Chapter 11: The Race

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Author's Note

I got bored, and wanted to get the RD Test over and done with. I'm relying on my own observations of RD, which means I may or may not make the decision she makes for what the test includes as accurately as the character. Finger- err... Hooves crossed... ...No, it doesn't work that well... Blarg.


Okey Dokey Lokey.


Light and Fluttershy were both on their way home. Light's opinion of today's ponies has certainly changed more than slightly. He certainly feels that he's learnt how to hold a conversation, how to be spontaneous and fun, how to be patient... sorta, and the perks of honesty. Hopefully, tomorrow was when he'd learn something about loyalty. Although, he wasn't too sure about who he was learning it from. There's something that puts him off about her. Is it the tomboy-ism? Or the fact that her mane and tail are both rainbow coloured? Either she's too unique for my taste, or she's an extreme mane-dyer. If she's had it since being a filly, I'm gonna be really surprised.

"Flutters, how long has Rainbow Dash's mane and tail been coloured the way it is?" Light asked curiously.

"Um... probably since birth," Fluttershy replied, "At least, it's been that way the first time I saw her, when we were fillies."

Well, I'll be damned. She may have a degree of awesomeness after all.

Celestia save us all.

That's another issue I haven't thought about... how the Princess doing? I haven't heard about her in a while. Wonder if Luna's alright. And I hear Princess Mi Amore Cadenza got married too... Many things I've missed. Has Royalty gone to Tartarus at all? ...Well, obviously not, otherwise, we'd probably have bears riding motorcycles. ...Now that, I want to see.

And the Mayor, I wonder how she's doing. In fact, how long has she been Mare for? ...Agh, brain-slip. Mayor, I meant. ...Wait, why is her surname Mare? She's a Mare, and she gets called Mare? And it sounds like Mayor... Mayor Mayor... Mare Mare... Mare Mayor... ...Agh, this sounds more like a cruel joke foisted on us the more I think about it...

I have yet to see a bear riding a motorcycle...

Fluttershy looked at him for a moment, wondering what he was thinking, before almost bumping into somepony.

"Oh... Hi, Rainbow Dash."

Wait what

"Huh?" Light said. He looked in front of him, and saw Rainbow Dash in front of them.

"Hey, Fluttershy," Rainbow said. She looked to Light. "And you, have you had your test with Applejack yet?"

"...Yes. Yes I have." Light replied.

"Great, then. You're gonna have your next test with me now."

Light blinked. "This soon?" He asked.

"Hey, I wanna get this over and done with, okay? Now, let's get you up to the clouds."

"Let's not." Light said.

"Why, you scared of heights or somethin'?" Rainbow said, challengingly. Fluttershy bowed her head in embarrassment on the subject, which Rainbow noticed. "No offence, Fluttershy."

"Um... none taken, Rainbow." She replied.

"I'm not afraid of heights, I'm skeptical over why I have to go up to the sky for a test." Light explained.

"Well, I need -some-pony to race."

"What." Light said in disbelief. Was he honestly challenged to a race?

"I said I need somepony to race. That's your test."

"Yeah, No." Light refused.

"What are ya, chicken?"

Why is the animal known as a chicken used for cowardice? ...Well, I guess they run off over disturbances, but that's because they can't defend themselves.

"Actually, I am a pegasus, a winged pony, as is Fluttershy, as are you. I am blue, not white or brown, and my mane isn't red, I do not had a beak, and not some weird skin-beard that chickens seem to have. I do not look like a chicken at all. Therefore, I am no chicken."

Rainbow Dash glared at Light. "Don't get technical with me, Lamp."

"His name is Light, Rainbow." Fluttershy spoke up rather confidently.

"Whatever," Rainbow replied. "Are we gonna race or what?"

"I think our test is over, actually," Light said. "Y'know why? Because first, I had a chat with Fluttershy, then I got reminded of the good times of being a spontaneous balloon of spontaneity by Pinkie Pie, then I got a rather terrible but effective demonstration of patience by Rarity, and then a lesson of honesty by Applejack. All these accomplish something, but what you wish for is a race, therefore, neither of us learn anything, and as I've apparently learnt how loyal you can be about this sort of thing, the lesson is over before it began. Good day, Miss."

Light went to walk past Rainbow, but she extended a foreleg to stop him from getting through.

"A race is the best I can give you, because the best example of Loyalty you can give is being good to Fluttershy here. But you already do that, as made obvious because Fluttershy is okay with you. The second best example would put you in danger, and being the loyal soul that I am, I promised I wouldn't do anything to put you in danger. So, the best way to pay off the test is by having a race."

There probably is another way, she just hasn't figured it out yet. Oh well.

"Fine..." Light accepts defeat.

"Oh... are you sure about this, Light?" Asked Fluttershy.

"Nope. I'm gonna have to gear up for it first. Then I'll be sure."

"What gear?" Fluttershy asked.

"You'll see. You'll all see." Light said mysteriously.

*10 minutes later*

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were waiting on a cloud racing course, which was perfect for Pegasus racing. The flapping of wings could be heard descending upon them. Rainbow Dash looked confused when the figure landed, while Fluttershy looked thoughtful.

Live Light had arrived, dressed as the Unavenged Stallion from his novel. It looked almost identical to the character, except the bare muzzle was blue, seeing how that's the colour of Light's coat, as were the wings, which were natural, not mechanical. Additionally, he had no unicorn horn. Because he's a pegasus, not a unicorn, or an alicorn. He also wore his watch over his costume. It's a nice watch.

"...What... are you wearing?" Rainbow reluctantly asked.

"It is called a costume, Rainbow Dash." Replied Light... in a creepy, dark monotonous tone that he thought up for the character.

"Why are you wearing it?" Fluttershy asked? "I mean... of course, there's no problem with it..." Fluttershy, while confused with why he chose to dress as that, thought he looked cool. Rainbow probably thought he looked cool as well, just not as cool as her.

"Because I could be anypony behind the suit. It helps with confidence." The Unavenged Stallion replied, as a meaningful reference to why Fluttershy kept her Mare-Do-Well costume, which made her smile a little.

"Sure. If you say so. Anyway, let's race." Said Rainbow.

"It is on."

"Stop that."

"Stop what?"

"Stop doing that creepy voice."

"If it is beneficial for my unlikely victory, then no, I will not."

"Fine... we start in five seconds..."


-----Point of View: Fluttershy-----

Rainbow Dash and the Unavenged Stallion took off at lightning speed. Fluttershy watched them as they raced against each other. Part of her had a feeling Rainbow would win. However, she also wished for Light to win, whether to keep his dignity or because he seemed like he prepared for this, and it would be a shame for him to lose as his own protagonist... and he listened to her about how she could be concerned with her bravery. If his crime-fighting antics were real, I'd love to be a part of it somehow... oh, if only I could be as brave as that... but... maybe I can... he's writing his novel about the character, isn't he? I should ask him to include Mare-Do-Well... ...Oh, maybe I shouldn't, he'll ask why... I don't want to bother him about it if he doesn't feel the way I feel of him... but maybe he does... ...Oh, maybe he won't mind it... just... say it would be interesting... ...Yes, exactly! It even sounds like a likely pairing, too!

As she was caught up in her thoughts, she heard something rather strange, like a lot of small blades chopping at the air. She turned to the right.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie, on one of her weird and wonderful contraptions that was like a mini-helicopter.

"Hey, Flutters! What'cha doin'?" Pinkie energetically asked.

"Oh... I'm watching Light race Rainbow Dash..." She replied.

"Huh? That's who that badflank-costumed guy was? Wow, that gives me an idea for a party! COSTUME PARTY!




So why's he racing Dashie?"

"Well, Rainbow challenged him, since, the test apparently couldn't work either way..."

"Y'know, if this was some sort of story or novel, I'd suggest the writer just ran out of ideas."

... <.< >.>

"I was only explaining it in a 'What-If' perspective, of course!" Pinkie re-assured either Fluttershy or an imaginary friend.

Fluttershy wasn't really listening to Pinkie that much. All she got was 'badflank' and 'party.' Although she wouldn't use that word, she did think Light looked pretty badflank in that suit. She was more concerned with what was going on in the race, thought. Pinkie just shrugged, hovered closer to the course, to get a better view of what was happening.

-----Point of View: Live Lig- The Unavenged Stallion-----

Analysis of Rainbow Dash: Superior flier... hard-headed... probably not trying... must go faster. Stretches at the cottage had better pay off here.

Unavenged attempted to gain momentum by nosediving downwards for about 10 seconds, then darting forwards. He'd managed to get a little bit closer to Rainbow, but was losing her, due to her speed. He tried reaching out one of his hooves to throw a tenebral tentacle to throw Rainbow back... unsuccessfully... I'm not my character... No, it's a power suppressed race... He had himself convinced if he reminds himself of his mortality, his itsy-bitsy chance will be gone.

He pushed himself further to try to catch up with Rainbow. He'd only managed to get beside her. He couldn't go any further than that. He suddenly felt that using his awesome voice will unnerve her and make her lose her concentration.

"Good afternoon, mutual acquaintance." For some reason, he never got tired of calling people that... it made him feel trollerific. Lulz.

Rainbow shuddered, but continued on with her path.

"Lovely weather today, is it not? I could most definitely go for a good walk. Although, that is hardly necessary, as I am in a race. A rather unnecessary race. But it is a race, nonetheless... "

"Shut up and fly, Light." Rainbow said through gritted teeth.

"I happen to be doing both rather well. I was never the best multi-tasker, but look at me now... this feels very empowering."

"Good for you."

"Yes... very... good."

Rainbow rubbed her face with her hooves, not noticing she was slowing down. Unavenged smiled grimly, unsettlingly, and took the advantage to push himself a little, and get ahead of her, and getting near the mark. Rainbow notices this, looking genuinely surprised, and practically throws herself at Unavenged. He see's her, and, while momentarily wearing an expression of shock, manages to pass the mark at the end of the course, then duck down, and she practically flies past him like a bullet. She manages to stop herself, but finds he's already on his way back to the beginning. They've both passed the mark. Whoever arrives at the beginning first is the winner. She was not going to let him win that easy.

She flies after him with all her might, and starts catching up to him. Unavenged took a look back, and seeing this, tries to push himself further. Then he feels a yanking at his back right hoof. I'm being grabbed... hrm... Rainbow tries to throw him back, but he manages to grab on to her, and so the two of them are now darting towards the finish line. They try to get off each other, but they don't notice they're about to crash into Pinkie's flying contraption. Buck.

"ABANDON SHIP!" Pinkie says, pressing the eject button on her mini-chopper. Her seats disengages from the chopper, and she falls down from it, while the racers crash into it. As Pinkie falls, she attempts to activate the parachutes. But as sad cartoons go, which is as far as she's willing to look at it, she'd apparently forgotten to pack a parachute into this model of her chopper. She swallows hard. "Uh oh."

Rainbow and Unavenged are also falling, although they're both unconscious. That soon changes, however, when Unavenged wakes up, and slaps Rainbow awake. They're about to continue the race, when Rainbow notices Pinkie.

"Pinkie! We gotta go help her!" Rainbow exclaimed.

Without a word, Unavenged flew after Pinkie, with Rainbow not far behind. Seems it's falling a bit faster than they're flying, however.

"Throw me." Unavenged suggested. Rainbow complied without question, picked him up, went as fast as she could, to the point of being able to be only near Pinkie, still seated on the useless ejection seat. Rainbow then throws him, allowing him to use the momentum to his advantage. He manages to reach Pinkie, and picks her up.

"Got you." He said. He then used his wings to try and carry himself back up, as the momentum was still dragging him downwards. He was starting to get near the ground now... Pinkie pulled a pink umbrella out of... ... ...Not sure, it's Pinkie. The umbrella seems to slow them down, enough for him to stop descending... he is now hovering. Rainbow catches up to them.

"You did it! Nice going, Light!" Rainbow said.

"Err...I guess I did..." Light said, speaking normally. "Why don't you go get Fluttershy and bring her down here? Safer than carrying Pinkie up to a ground that isn't tangible to Earth Ponies. Rainbow nodded, and flew back up. Light descended safely to the ground, let Pinkie go, now that they were near enough to the ground to safely do that... and then collapsed from exhaustion. Pinkie helped him up, and gave him a really big hug.

"Thanks for saving me, Light." She said, gratefully.

"No problem... you're a great friend," Light replied. "Besides, we can't get by without your parties."

She breaks the hug, to talk about an idea. "That reminds me! I had an idea for a PARTY! I suggest we do... A COSTUME PARTY!"

No doubt because I look like a badflank. ...Well, I think I look awesome anyway. No matter. PARTY.

"I'm up for it!" Light said, reverting into his Superfundiferous mood.

"WHOOO! I'll get to organizing! I'll see ya soon!" Pinkie said, giving him one more big hug, and then bouncing off merrily. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy descended to them. Fluttershy immediately ran over to him.

"Oh, are you okay? That looked dangerous, you and Pinkie could have been hurt! I hope you're okay..." She asked. Aaaand now she's really concerned... I like this.

"I'm okay, Fluttershy, and so's Pinkie. As for you..." He looks to Rainbow. "We'll call it a draw."

"Fine. I guess that means you passed the test. You're an okay flier, but you wouldn't have come close to beating me if you hadn't been creeping me out with that voice of yours." She complained.

"Eh-he-heh... Yeah, um... sorry about that, I've not done something competitive in a long time." He admitted.

"No problem. You're okay, Light. Anyway, if anypony needs me, I'll be having a nap." She flew off to a cloud to rest on it.

"So then..." Light began, looking to Fluttershy. "Shall we head home?"

She nodded. The two continued their path home, happy the tiring day is over.


So yes. I was bored. If this wasn't to you're liking, I'm very sorry. But I wanted to get this over and done with. I got to use Unavenged Stallion in the actual story, which is weird. And Pinkie broke the forth wall, almost exposing my presence. This scares me. Anyway, again... I'M RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS. Any suggestions would be nice. Akay, to the fans of FIM reading this, sorry this probably didn't turn out the way you like it. Bye to you people, and to the ones who happen to actually be anthropomorphic ponies looking at this, I give this message...

Awesome song. Bye.

Chapter 12: The Idea

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Light's thoughts were based mostly on what just transpired. So, I got challenged into a rather pointless race by Rainbow Dash, then, I practically cosplayed as my main character, which was BUCKING AWESOME, and, to add emphasis to the fact he's a hero (Well, vigilante, but let's not go there), I saved fellow party pony/former crush/Pink Menace, Pinkie Pie, from probable splatterage... ...I'M AWESOME.

As soon as they went onto the path leading to the cottage,

Suddenly, Greg. ...Nope, doesn't work that well... Anyway, he trotted over beside them.

"Hey, Ligh- err, what are you wearing?" Greg asked.

"It is a costume, Gregory," Light began in his Unavenged voice, "I did awesome stuff in it today. I got challenged to a race by Rainbow, and, while we got into a draw, I was able to rescue Pinkie Pie when her flight contraption failed. I am, therefore, feeling rather good about myself."

"...Why are you doing that creepy voice?" Greg apprehensively inquired.

"Why not. It is the voice of the character after all. I am an amateur novelist, if you remember."

"Ah... cool. So... up in the sky... that was you?"


"Niiiiiice. Anyway, awesome things aside, just checking up on you, did you get your film equipment?"

"Yes. Pinkie delivered them and also reminded me of good things."

"What good things?"

Unavenged took his mask off, 'revealing' Light, who had a big grin on his face. "The awesomeness of PARTYING!"

Greg blinked a bit at the outburst. "So... what you're saying is... you're back?"

Light, still in his party pony mood, replied energetically, "NOPE! I still have one more test to do, then I'm legally and officially, and glad to be back!"

"Cool! Any part-ays planned?"

"I'm glad you asked! We're having a costume party very soon! Marking the grand return of Live Light! Which... I don't see why people would be interested in... but they'll attend anyway, who can miss up a party?"

"Uhm... Light," Fluttershy began, "You're.. a b-bit loud..."

Light blinked a bit. "Err... sorry, Flutters, got a bit carried away... uh... well, it was nice seeing you Greg. We'll be going now."

"See ya." Said Greg, as the two walked to the cottage.


Light and Fluttershy arrived at the cottage. Light was a bit tired for the day, but he was dedicated to the novel, so he decided to go work on it, while Fluttershy stood for a moment to think... ... Then she decided that, for now, she'd help the animals. They need her after all.

Light walked into the cottage, opened the bag, and pulled his notepad out of it, and got to work.

So... Leeroy Leonard, being the demon, might have a sort of off-spring... ...I've been professional for too long, it's time to be ludicrous. ...Now, he's a Lord of Madness, not THE lord, mind you, so he must've done something to someone... ...Nope, don't want another minion... another protagonist? ...A Deuteragonist... I've got it...

A pony driven mad by Leeroy Leonard somehow... ...what's his special talent... ...Hmmmmm..... Err... Let's go with... music. What does he play? Sax? Violin? ... ...Something modern... he could always play the electric guitar. What mental instabilities will he have? Well, let's see... he imagines blargasaurs like Leeroy does? ...No, too much for a victim... Mane-dryers and starfishes... ...Yes. He wears a suit that covers all of his coat, and he's not comfortable with taking his mask off... he's a mercenary, and despite his insanity, maybe even the kindest one there is and his name is...


...AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Time to get to strange names... vaguely threatening... Cheap Shot? ...Maybe. ...Mengay-gengay... no, that's mock baby talk... Unavenged Stal- Are you for real, brain? Deathlock... Nope... Deathelocke... ...That's basically it, with some e's added there, and Death is said as Dayth... ...That's... weird... DEATHELOCKE IT IS.

Light literally jumped off the couch, and did some sort of victory dance, that, while well performed, was strange, considering the peacefulness surrounding the cottage. Most of the animals were staring at him... as was Fluttershy, who was standing at the door.

"Eh-he-heh... err..." Light awkwardly began. "Sorry, I managed to think up a Deuteragonist, after a pain-staking thought session."

"Um... What's a Deuteragonist?" Fluttershy asked.

"The second most important character. You see, the Antagonist, that's the villain, is a demon of madness, so, must have driven someone mad to the point of doing something about it. So I created Deathelocke, who's going to be a sort of occasional contact to the Unavenged Stallion. And he's gonna be mad as well... but not too annoying, hopefully. So... I have a semi-sidekick."

Light was kind of surprised when Fluttershy looked crestfallen for a few seconds, then tried to recover. "O-oh... t-thats... great..." Fluttershy said.

Light raised an eyebrow. "Something on your mind?"

"U-uhm... no, not at all..."

Light was now extremely concerned. He walked over to Fluttershy. "I can tell there's something wrong, Flutters. What is it?"

"Nothing..." She insisted. Light didn't avert his gaze. Fluttershy sighed.

"Oh... I had a suggestion I was hoping you'd accept... but it's a bit late now..."

"Actually, it's not, I still have loads of space for ideas. In fact, I welcome any ideas from anypony."

Fluttershy perked up a bit. "Oh, well, in that case, you wanna hear my idea?"

"I'm all ears, Flutters." He replied.

"Well... here goes... Is it possible that... you could... um... include... Mare-Do-Well?"

My brain is full of buck. Why didn't I think of that. I love you.

"That... is the best idea ever..." He said, before giving her a big hug, "Thank you, Fluttershy."

Fluttershy was surprised at first, but welcomed the hug, returning the embrace. After a couple of minutes, they broke the hug, both proceeded to blush a bit, and Fluttershy was left feeling happy he loved her idea.

"No problem, Light... but err... what about your original... Deuteragonist?" She said, trying to remember how he said Deuteragonist.

"Oh, he can still be in, he'll just be a Tritagonist."

"Um... does that mean... third most important?"

"Yep. But, I'm including Mare-Do-Well. However, I don't want to include a Mare-Do-Well you're unfamiliar with. So... you describe to me what she's like, and I'll do my best to fit that in."

Fluttershy smiled. It sounded like she was helping with a big bit of the story. Scratch that... she IS.

"I'll do my best, Light." She said.

They both sat down, and discussed the matter of Mare-Do-Well being in Light's novel. As per Fluttershy's specifications, Mare-Do-Well is introduced as a member of a bloodline of heroes who have all worn the mantle of Mare-Do-Well. Occasionally, a stallion would dress up as Mare-Do-Well, but Light didn't want to mention this until he could think up a gender-bender name for Mare-Do-Well.

Anyway, the latest Mare-Do-Well is usually a shy pegasus pony, who would like to be surrounded by her animal friends. She lives in a penthouse, which she has decorated into being nearly a botanical garden. It's her ideal home. But, when night comes around, she becomes Mare-Do-Well, a confident protector of justice, the hero everypony looks up to. She becomes an associate of the Unavenged Stallion, and doesn't look too kindly on his extreme ways of stopping crime, and makes it her mission to have him accepted by everypony in Manehattan, a mission of which, he finds only morally difficult.

Fluttershy would have wished to have her as a love interest for Light's character... but that's asking too much, in her opinion. Light was quite satisfied with this idea, then his tiredness kicked in. They bid each other goodnight, and Light went to sleep.


Light, being an amateur novelist, had his weird ways of character building. Sometimes, he imagined he was his own character, usually in his dreams. Just letting you know.


The Unavenged Stallion finished his patrol of Manehattan. He needed his rest. But first, he had to speak with one of his contacts first. He was given co-ordinates on where to find her, whenever it was required. He flew over to her penthouse to find it was surrounded by a glass cube, almost in the style of a greenhouse. She is one with nature, it would seem.

He hovered around to find some sort of door. He managed to find one, and opened it quietly. He looked around for anypony. I do not see her... perhaps she is busy with other criminals...

"Welcome, Unavenged Stallion." Came a dark, confident, feminine voice.

Unavenged looked behind him to find who he was looking for. Mare-Do-Well.

"I must say, you really should have thought of another name," Mare-Do-Well continued. "It doesn't quite sound right your full name, it sounds like I'm describing somepony, not speaking to you."

He let out a slightly irritated sigh. "Unavenged will do, in that case."

"Oh, no first-name basis? Surely, if we're partners, we should be able to trust each with our own names." She replied, a near playful smirk forming behind the mask, which Unavenged could see.

"Those relationships hardly matter to me now." He coolly replied.

"Why not?"

"Nothing lasts. You should know by now, considering how long you have been at this occupation for. Surely others have not survived in your line of work?"

"If you must know, I'm not the first Mare-Do-Well. Just the newest. Like my mother, and hers before me."

"Hrm... interesting... I have been at this a lot longer at you in that case..."

"How? You're only a recent addition to the heroes here. Care to share your secret?"

...She is my partner, after all...

"I am more on the supernatural side. The spirit in me re-incarnates me, should I be ended. In other words, I do not die permanently." He explained.

Mare-Do-Well stared at him with a look of... pity?

"Isn't that... lonely, in any way?" She inquired.

"Extremely." He admitted as if this was a natural occurrence for everypony.

Mare-Do-Well walked over to him to look him in the eyes, prompting him to look in another direction.

"Doesn't that make you sad? People dying around you?"

This is getting irritating... is she playing therapist on me? I do not need this...

"Of course. Why would it not?" He replied.

"...I'm sorry... It's just... I don't see how you can go on like this... is there a way to reverse being practically immortal?"

"If I finish my duty, I may have my rest."

"Which is?"

"Ending all sin in this world."

"And how is that going?"

... ... Why is she so interested in me?

"...It seems impossible, so far... I wish I could stop. But I cannot."

Mare-Do-Well wondered what could possibly keep him going.

"Why not?"

"Because... I do not want anypony to die on me anymore..." His voice became less creepy, more Equestrian, and sad too.

Mare-Do-Well placed a hoof to the side of his face, and turned it in her direction.

"Neither do I... but... I just don't see how you can rid all of Equestria of sin... I'm not going against your beliefs, it's just... why should one do what his dead ancestors want of him? You never had to do any of this... but... I admire that you want the world to be peaceful, all the same..."

"... I don't have anything to live for that will last. That is why I must try..." He sadly replied.

She smiled to him in an assuring manner. "Why live for what's to come, when you can live for what's happening now? There must be a way to end this cycle without having to accomplish the impossible, and if that's the case... don't try this all the time... just when you're needed. You can still do all the things you want to do. Like start a family."

He didn't answer. She was definitely trying to help him... but he isn't sure how to fit in with modern society... although, he admires that she's trying to help... she may be the kindest pony he's ever met.

"I'm going to trust you with something..." She began. "But I need you to tell no-one of this..."

"You have my word, Mare-Do-Well."

She smiled under her mask. She took her pointed hat off first, and pulled her mask off. She revealed her face, and she was a beautiful mare, with a butter-yellow coat and a long, pink mane. As soon as she took her mask off, however, she started shaking... she seems to have lost her confidence all of a sudden.

"U-um... my real name is... Fluttershy..."

Unavenged was surprised. The great Mare-Do-Well, under the mask, was a pony who was extremely shy of others... ...and... undeniably adorable and pretty... It couldn't hurt...

He took his mask off, revealing a blue stallion with a brown, spiky mane. "And my name is Live Light."

They both smiled at each other, and looked into each other's eyes. To Light, those teal eyes were the purest one would ever find. They both looked around the penthouse. When they were confident nopony was watching, they walked a bit closer to each other.

And after a brief staring session, they leaned a little closer to each other.

And then their lips met.



Although I have technically waited for this moment for a while... this is all a dream.

If it makes you feel better, Light sleep-acts. It's like Sleep-walking, except he's in character.

It certainly makes me feel better.

If my upload time is a bit late, it's because I was sleeping most of the day. I felt unwell, but I don't think it's as bad now. The need to upload every day makes me think I'm working too hard, which leads me to ask you two questions...

1. Am I truly working too hard?

2. I need a gender-bender name for Mare-Do-Well. A male one. I have no ideas for that. GIMMEEEEEE


Chapter 13: The Ultimatum

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Mmmhhh... Best... dream... ever.

It was now morning. Light was lying down in the bed, still with his eyes shut, thinking back to the dream he'd had last night. Undoubtedly, it was his favourite so far. Apparently, unbeknownst to Fluttershy, her idea to include Mare-Do-Well works more wonders than either of them could imagine. Fluttershy makes for a hot Mare-Do-Well, no question... I really shouldn't think like that, though... it's true, though. That dream was so surreal, yet... ...

... ...A bit... too realistic...

There were two thoughts circulating in his mind right now...

1) My dreams usually aren't this realistically pleasurable... or generally realistic, for that matter...

2) It's only just become clear that I'm on a bed right now...

He opens his eyes, to the sight of the ceiling. His hooves feel around the surface in which he's lying on. Yep, definitely a bed. Which means it's Fluttershy's bed. He brings his forelegs out of the bed covers wrapped over him, and notices he's wearing his Unavenged Stallion costume, with the mask down. He doesn't remember taking the suit off, so he feels it makes sense.


If I was my character in my dream...

...And I'm currently dressed as my character...


He blinked slightly, then summoned the courage to look to his right, seeing how he was on the left side of the bed.

Not-as-Suddenly, Sleeping Fluttershy Mare-Do-Well, without the mask on.

...If she was in my dream... And we...





Did I do that Sleep-acting thing again? This is the only logical explanation.

I certainly hope not, though...

-----Point of View: Fluttershy-----

Oh... my... that was a wonderful dream...

It was now morning. Fluttershy was lying down in her bed, still with her eyes shut, thinking back to the dream she'd had last night. Undoubtedly, it was her favourite so far. Apparently her idea to include Mare-Do-Well works more wonders than either of them could imagine. He's kind of attractive in that costume... oh, well, in general as well... ...oh, I don't usually think like this... it's true though... the dream was so surreal...

... ...yet... a little too realistic...

Fluttershy opened her eyes. She seemed to be wearing her Mare-Do-Well costume, only she wasn't wearing the mask. Oh... was I sleep walking again? This would be the only explanation for this... that hasn't happened in a long time, though... She looked around, and was surprised to see Light, next to her in the bed. And he's only just noticed she's now awake.

----Point of View: Live Light-----

Ohhhhh...kaaaayyyyy.... this is probably the most awkward moment of my life... and of Fluttershy's life too... Err... let's just get some clarification, then it'll all be better...

"Err... I'm gonna ask you some questions, and we'll see where that takes us, okay?" He apprehensively asked.

"Okay." Fluttershy squeaked.

"Alrighty then... in your dream, were you Mare-Do-Well?" He asked.

"Yes." She quietly responded.

"Was I my character?"


"Was I depressed?"


"Did you take pity?"


"...Did we take our masks off?"


"... Did we... ...kiss?"

Fluttershy hesitated... then nodded. Ohhh yikes... I don't know anymore... we've essentially dreamt the same dream, and yet, nearly all the things that happened in it, actually happened, due to my sleep-acting. But... if we dreamt the same dream... and in hers and mine, we were our respective characters... and her character willingly kissed me... does that mean... Fluttershy likes me too?

"Umm... Last question..." Light began. "...How do you feel about me?"

Fluttershy looked as if she was trying to think of an answer. She started to shift a bit closer to him every five seconds, and Light found himself doing the same. They were now completely next to each other. Their hearts were beating rapidly in the tension.

Do something. Anything. Besides running off. Or anything untoward. Something that helps the situat- oh, no need.

Light was tackled by Fluttershy, and was now locked into a deep, passionate kiss with her. At this point, his brain had turned to mush, and he was just going with it. His brain sort of caught up in time for him to feel Fluttershy's tongue extending into his mouth. Trying not to have this be an awkward moment, he attempted to imitate this, which got a pleasured moan from Fluttershy.

*POMF* *POMF* Err... two? ...Oh, she has one too... only now, it's appropriate. Aweso- whoa. Before he knew it, he was now lying on his back, with the most beautiful mare he's ever met on top of him, smothering him with kisses.

Then, awkwardly violent coughing happened at the door. This caused the pair to stop what they were doing, getting off of each other. Angel Bunny was standing at the door, apparently trying to ignore the fact they were realising their love for each other, and pointed in the direction of what sounded like knocking at the entrance door. At this indication, the two seemed sort of reluctant to leave the bed.

"...I'll get it..." Light said, getting off the bed, then looking back to Fluttershy. "Be right back, Flutters." He gave a wink, before leaving the room. Angel remained in the room, staring daggers at Fluttershy. Fluttershy awkwardly shrugged, smiling sheepishly. She was sort of surprised to see him give a satisfied thumbs-up.


Light went downstairs, neglecting the fact he was still wearing his character's costume. He walked over to the door, and opened it. He honestly thought he walked into a Stallions In Black scenario. There were stallions. Wearing suits. One of them was rather large, and somewhat intimidating. Cliché. The other was a smaller, and skinnier pony, about as tall as Light, maybe a tad taller. Also cliché.

"If my dad's dead, it's really not the best time to tell me right now." Said Light. I want to get back to cuddling.

"Are you Live Light, former party pony?" Asked the skinny one, in a cold manner.

Oookaaayyy... now I REALLY wish I was cuddling.

"Nope. I'm Lone Light, his brother. I'd like to be left alone, thanks." He responded coolly.

"Live Light and Lone Light are one and the the same, we're quite aware."

"Obviously not, if you still think that."

"Do you remember when you were an active party pony, and you were in Las Pegasus, at the same time receiving a large amount of bits, from our client, whom you may know as Ruthless Rufus?"

Oh, him. Light has indeed been to Las Pegasus, and most of his large supply of bits came from him. He never really drew attention to his gained wealth, though. As for Rufus, he would usually be ridiculed, because of the fact that he has been a blank-flank all his life. He hides this fact by wearing a large amount of clothing, which usually ends up in making him look a bit flamboyant. Anyway, ever since Light became a hermit, he fell out of the radar, and so, Rufus lost track of him. Although, the fact he's made a comeback would explain why he's sent two stereotypes after him.

"It's all coming back to me." Light replied in a bored tone.

"You owe him. A lot." Skinny told him.

That might've been something to consider before getting a life.

"Ah, right. How much is a lot?" He asked.

"42,000,000,000,000 bits." Came the reply.

Let's not bother looking at what Light's thinking, his brain is mush, at this moment. He's pretty sure he can't owe that much money. In fact, Ponyville probably can't afford this much. Canterlot, maybe, but... really? Light responded in the only way his brain could comprehend.

"....My name is Lamp."

"You have 2 weeks to pay up, or we'll drag your flank to Las Pegasus so you can pay the debt personally." The large thug's neck cracked with a sickening sound at this. In Light's opinion, the moment was so cliché he had to do something about it.

So he laughed hysterically at it all, with the two of them confused momentarily, then looking all serious again when they realized he thought it was some sort of prank. After the laughter ended, Light looked at them both for a moment.

"You serious?" They nodded. "Oh. Okay. I'll get back to you on that. See ya."

They nodded, and walked off. Light blinked at this happening. 42,000,000,000,000 bits. 2 weeks. What. An. Ultimatum. ...I WANT THOSE FLUTTER-CUDDLES! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-


Light ran back in, and back up to Fluttershy's room. Fluttershy was still in the bed, still in her Mare-Do-Well in bed, I'm sure. STUPID BRAIN. *AHEM* Mare-Do-Well costume, with a look of concern.

"What's wrong, Light?" She asked.

"Well, being a party pony, I've been to Las Pegasus before, I'm sure Pinkie has. Anyway, because of past happenings there, I now have 2 weeks to pay 42,000,000,000,000 bits.

Fluttershy's eyes widened. "B-but... nopony in Ponyville has that amount of bits..."

"It's okay. I have a plan. It involves upping their fun-meter so they're more negotiable, since they'll obviously be staying here to keep an eye on me."

"You mean... a party?"

"Yes. But first... may we resume cuddling?"

Fluttershy looked at him for a moment, then giggled. "Okay."

And many cuddlings ensued.



I've finally updated this! Aaaaand my stomach has elevated the pain-meter again. Buck you, fate/karma/life/whatever's pointing and laughing at me as if they were a time traveller and I was an archaeologist.

Anyway, I'm really glad to have gotten this over and done with... And while they got into a relationship sooner than I intended, FlutterLight has begun. Anyway, I'm sorry I wasn't able to update yesterday, again, stomach. Anyway, a few announcements, while I have your attention please.

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Bye all.

P.S: I think ButterShy (Butterscotch x Fluttershy) is best pairing.

P.S.S: Although I hate puns, you gotta give me credit... the Mare-Do-Well-in-bed part was funneh. ... Nope, me neither. *Insert Sad Face* At least the picture's become one of my favourites.

Chapter 14: The First Hour

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"Hey, Lighty! How ya doin' today!?" Pinkie greeted.

"I'm so conflicted right now, thank you! How's your day?" Light responded. Fluttershy was standing a bit closer to Light than usual. Pinkie ignored this for now.

"Still as great as ever!" Came the reply. About 5 seconds later... "And conflicted how?"

"I've been to Las Pegasus before. And a guy there is now asking me to turn over 42,000,000,000,000 bits in two weeks. Can we get our party going really soon? As in, earlier than planned?"

"Sure, we can definitely do that! But we should understand the thugs first, soooo.... informate me, please!"

The correct word is 'inform,' but meh.

"One's the strong silent type, a really big one. And likes to crack his neck. The other guys a creepy guy, acting all cold, and slimy, and gooey, and liquidized, and weird, like that movie where there were cannibal goblins who turned ponies into vegetables so they could eat them, despite the fact we're all vegetarians." Ah yes. That movie. Some sequel. THERE WEREN'T EVEN ANY TROLLS.

"You just gave me an idea!" Pinkie exclaimed.

...Is it me, or did she wait until -after- I finished thinking to say that? Now I don't know whether it was my description of the thugs or my mind reference to that Celestiawful film.

"Both." What? "Anyway, here's the idea... they want you to give them 42,000,000,000,000 bits, right?"


"And you don't have that much?"


"So... convince them!"


"Come on, you're a party pony, you know how to me spontaneous! They seem like the unpleasant types, you need to get them to lighten up, and the only way we can do that is with a party, like you suggested, but! It'll be hard, unless we get them psyched up for it, so go hang around with them, make 'em laugh, and then they'll be so happy at the end of the party that they'll think you're okay, and you don't need to pay up!"

Ah huh... that's a good idea, actually... but we don't know how it'll work. I need a guarantee. How do I know you can deliver?

"It's seems fine... but how can I guarantee victory here?"

"Oh, it's quite simple, Lighty-Wighty..." Pinkie appeared next to him, and whispered in his ear, "Hold nothing back, and unleash your inner party pony." Did that give me chills? Never mind. LET'S PREPARE.

"So let it be said... so let it be done." He catchphrased. "I will begin preparations. By the way, what are you going as in the costume party?"

"It's a surprise." She simply said. Oh, yay.

"Ah huh. Well, we'll be going then. See ya, Pinks." Light and Fluttershy begin to walk off.

Suddenly, Briefcase-Pinkie Pie.

"IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE." She energetically reminded, holding a highly and somewhat irregularly decorated briefcase. "Take this with you." She offers it to Light.

"Err... what's in it?"

"Everything you need to put a smile on those thugs' faces!"

Light took the briefcase. He read some lettering on it, which was coloured deep red. "Why so serious? Sounds pleas-"

"Whoops!" Pinkie snatched the briefcase. Light couldn't really tell, but she seemed almost frantic. "Wrong one. Be right back!"

Light and Fluttershy stood there as she disappeared.

"U-um... what just happened?" Fluttershy asked.

"Not s-" Suddenly, Pinkie Pie.

"Here it is!" She offers him a briefcase nearly identical, only the lettering, now in rainbow lettering, read 'Make 'Em Laugh.'

"Thanks." Light said, taking the briefcase. "We'll be going now. Bye, Pinks."

"See ya, Lighty-Wighty!" My toleration for that name keeps increasing. Why?


Light and Fluttershy arrive at the cottage. Light places the briefcase on the couch, next to his bag, and opens it. There was a bunch of costumes, accessories, and props in it. PERFECT.

With these weapons of mass laughter, I can begin a trolling spree on Rufus' thugs. Since Pinkie obviously meant stuff like that. I do need to be entertaining to them... but I can laugh at them at the same time.

However, when he looked over to Fluttershy, she was going up the stairs. Half-way, she stopped, though, to look back at Light with a sultry look in her eyes... Oh. Cuddling. Yay.

I still have to do one or the other... and I should think fast...

What do I do now... be trollerific, or get Flutter-cuddles?

I think you know the answer, ducks. Since you're obviously reading my thoughts.


Light closed the briefcase, and went upstairs with Fluttershy to begin Flutter-cuddles(TM).

When they reached the bed, she hopped gracefully onto the bed, with a beckoning look to Light. He was just about to join her when...


Light's eyes widened with surprise, and Fluttershy jumped out of the bed in fright. It sounded like it came outside. They both looked out the window, and at the ground, they saw the large thug standing at the ground, and the skinny thug half-way up a ladder they'd placed on the wall. They're watching me like THAT? I'm really creeped out, now. The thugs noticed they were spotted, and, after Skinny quickly descended from the ladder, both ran off, leaving the ladder.

So... I can't get Flutter-cuddles until I get rid of them? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

"Of course you realise, this means WAR." Light growled, then ran downstairs, and opened the briefcase. He looked for the best revenge method. He found it in a matter of seconds.

"I'll be back in half an hour, Flutters!" He called.

"Be safe, Light." She managed to audibly call out.

Light smiled to himself at the innocence of Fluttershy, then walked out to begin his thug-trolling spree, dressed as the degenerate himself, Pony Wiseau. Lulz.


Presumably short one today. This seemed like a good cliffhanger, and I needed to think up ideas for awkwardness, and being that creepy guy in the subway who looks at you funny, only in pony form.

Before I go, I'll just warn you to never to something I did on October 7th (The day this was updated).

Never listen to ChaoticMonki (A.K.A, Cry, the guy with the awesome voice) reading creepypastas and nosleeps. I did it during the day, and I'm still a bit freaked. The scariest one by far was when he read 'My Immortal.' Lulz.

Okay. Bye.

P.S: Yes, I referenced Troll 2. 'Nuff said.

Chapter 15: The Second Hour

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The two suited thugs were walking around Ponyville, walking as if they could fit in. In reality, they really couldn't, their intimidating appearances always got looks from other ponies. They didn't mind it, they were really only there to keep an eye on Light. Their names are Fluorescent Kane (Skinny) and Able Sunshine (Large). Able had expressed embarrassment on what was almost an act of voyeurism on Light and Fluttershy, but Kane assured him it wouldn't happen again. Able is somewhat nervous about these sorts of things. Although, he did feel partly offended by the fact Light laughed at his stiff neck... it's a medical condition... he does use it to help with the intimidation, but it's still a medical condition.

"We won't be here for long, Able, don't worry." Kane assured. "I hate this job as much as you do, remember."

Able nodded.

"I don't see why he'd have that much bits, though... 42,000,000,000,000? We could try to convince him to pay a bit less?" He continued.

Able shook his head.

"Right... by the book... okay. Thanks for keeping me steady."

Able nodded.


What appeared in front of them was a stallion... his mane was stringy and black, he was wearing sunglasses that covered all his eyes, and a black blazer with a blue business shirt under it, complete with tie. His cutie mark was a spoon, despite the fact it was obvious make-up. He reminded the two thugs of some degenerate who made a movie called The Room. It was hailed as the best and funniest worst movie, because it had many inconsistencies in plot, sub-plots, characters, had a ton of continuity errors, so much to the point that any little thing introduced pretty much had a chance of being entirely forgotten. And this stallion... he played the protagonist of the film... and... he... just listen to the following, you'll see what I mean.

"Oh, hai guys." Came a familiar voice, in a distinctly Europonyean accent of doom.

"...Live Light," Kane began... "Why are you dressed as Pony Wiseau?"

"Whai nnnat? I'm a good ecktar, and I can play a bad ecktar, huuuuh?" Came the reply of Light, who will be referred to as 'Johnny' for whenever he does this voice.

"Look... We're sorry about invading your priva-"

"Flutter-cuddles." Light responded, going out of character to signal he was being serious this once.

"...about invading your Flutter-cuddles... we're doing our job."

Johnny gave that awkward laugh he gave when he found something that isn't funny, absolutely hilarious.

"So am I. We can do our job togethere. How does that sound, Skinn-ee?"

"My name is Kane. And that's Able."

"Kaaayyne. How does that sound?"

"...I do not wish to discuss this..."

"Whai won't you answer me, Kayne?"

"That's en-"

"You're tareing me apaht, Kayne!"

"What do you want!?" Kane tried to get to the point.

"I wahnt to play hoofball." He replied innocently.

"There is not a hoofball anywhere." Kane replied monotonously.

A hoofball fell on Johnny's head as soon as that was said, which caused his sunglasses to fall off. Light even managed to get the half-blinked eye right. Pinkie's mini-chopper (Which had been repaired... somehow) could be seen flying from the scene, as if on cue.

"...Now we do." Kane miserably noted.

Johnny picked up the hoofball, and threw it to Kane. Kane caught it, and threw it back a bit violently. Johnny caught it, and it continued for a long while. I should've brought the tuxedo.

"Can we stop now... I get the feeling you're doing this because you hate me." Kane said.

"But I respect you, Kane. As an equine bean." Johnny honestly replied.

"No you don't. I don't wish to continue." Kane said, taking a hoofball to the face, grateful his own sunglasses hadn't fallen off.

"Come ahn, you're a little chicken. Cherp-cherp-cherp-cherp-cherp." He made in the worst chicken imitation ever. I just realized, I'm doing what Rainbow did. ... ... ... I should stop now, it's only funny with Scootaloo, and I don't know why.

"ALRIGHT, YOU WANT THE PRICE DOWN!? FINE!" Kane yelled. Light went out of character for a moment, and looked at Kane for a moment. That was... strangely easy. Able, however, shook his head. Buck.

"...Okay, apparently no, you don't get it." Kane simply said.

"Err... why is it 42,000,000,000,000 bits again?" Light asked as himself momentarily.

"Because... I don't know, that's just the price he requested."

"You need a better employer," Johnny began. "He is yoosing you, and he doesn't cahre about it."

"Just drop the act, you're scaring everypony."

"That's the idea." Johnny said, before realizing this is what the character said as he left. Light then spoke in a strange accent with a weird, deep voice. "Un momento, por favor." The accent was not Sponyish. Light ran off else-where, and about 30 seconds later, arrived nearly as his usual self, only he was wearing a hoodie, and weird glasses that were possibly too large for him.

"What are you doing dressed as a hipster, Light?"

"I don't pay irregular debts. Irregular debts are too mainstream."

Surprisingly, Able, after suppressing laughter, spoke up in a way that was extremely cultured and intelligent.

"You do not seem to realize, Live Light, that the reason there are no more hipsters in Equestria is because being a hipster has become too mainstream, as everypony has been trying to do it."

"Well, buck." Light said. ... ... ...Wait, what?" "Did you just speak?"

"No, no he didn't." Kane suddenly said.

"Yes. Yes he did." Light replied.

"No, he didn't." Kane insisted.

"Yes, he did."

"No he didn't."

"Yes, he did."



"He didn't."

"Shut up, we're in a vicious cycle. He did speak, and that is that."

"FINE. He spoke." Kane admitted.

"Why is that a big deal? He sounds respectable."

"He doesn't like to."

"Why not?"

"Never mind why not."

"I'll mind it until the day I die, unless you tell me."

".... ... ... It's to help with the intimidation."

"...Ah huh... and... the neck cracking."

"Intimi-" Kane began, before Able explained his stiff neck.

I laughed at a medical condition? ... well, now I feel bucking terrible.

"...Err... sorry about laughing... I wouldn't have if I was aware it was a condition...

"...It's fine." Able replied.

Awkward silences occured.

"So err... can I... get a discount?" Light asked hopefully.

"No, you can't. No you shouldn't. Don't even try." Kane replied.

"At least attend the costume party that's happening."


"Tomorrow." Light said. ...That isn't the time... damnit.

"... ... ...Okay. No Wiseau." Kane soon said.

"I Pinkie promise."


"You know. Cross my heard, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my-" He didn't close his eye soon enough, and so his hoof poked his bare eye. "AAGH! MY EYES, MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!" He said. The intense drama in his voice would lead one to assume he was doing that to make them laugh. They just shrugged.

"Err... I promise." Light said.

"Okay. Bye." Kane said, while he and Able walked off.

...I've got to use something like that... Okaybye.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie... dressed in a red-and-black spandex suit. It looked a bit like his Deathelocke concept... except... he based the design of Deathelocke off this suit. Now, this isn't hard to imagine, so just think of it... Pinkie Pie dressed up as Deadpony. Got it? Knew you would.

"You know everything." Pinkie said to nopony in particular, which caused Light to notice her.

"Oh, hai Pinkie." He said as Johnny, for the last time today, despite not wearing anything resembling Pony Wiseau anymore. He still looked like a hipster.

"Was I late?" Pinkiepool said.

"Depends on what was late. The hoofball thing was right on time. I don't think I was expecting you to turn up looking like Deadpony, so I will not criticize."

"Oh, darn, I WAS late... we can do this next time, right?"

"Next time... that'll have to be today, I just told them the party was tomorrow... not sure why."

"If this was a novel, or some work by somepony, it'd be the author's fault." Stop that... "But since it's not... well, still don't blame yourself, being faced with paying 42,000,000,000,000 bits can be distracting." Pinkie philosophised.

"Okay... by the way, do you have a version of that suit that comes in blue?"


I ran out of ideas, hmeh.

But out of that loss of idealistic thought...

I had an idea for another possible story.

Hoping it hasn't been done before though...

I present to you....


What? You were expecting that image out of all the other possible ones? Fine... how's this?

Is that better? Akay.

Although, I wonder... do I make him keep his form, or ponify him... ... ...

Back to the story that presently exists... yes. I will be making one that's back to the usual length. Sowwy for the short ones. There'll be more once my brain gets ideas from others ending... or something...

Bye then.

P.S: Yes, I am a huge fan of Deadpool. And 4th wall breaking in general. You'd think Pinkie would be my favourite for this fact... but she's my second favourite. Flutters is just too damn cute.


Chapter 16: The Third Hour

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Light arrives in Fluttershy's cottage. He was still wearing his hoodie and oversized glasses. Fluttershy was making a few sandwiches for lunch, which they both contently ate. As always, Fluttershy's food tasted bucking awesome. After lunch, Fluttershy went outside to tend to the woodland creatures outside. Light walked over to the party briefcase, and placed his hipster costume back in. He had left his Pony Wiseau costume in a trash can, because the thought of masquerading as a degenerate director, writer, producer, executive producer and actor continually was, for some reason, unsettling. He accepted that circumstance, and blamed either common sense, or ducks. Curse you, ducks.

After fitting the hipster costume in, he suddenly thought of how many costumes could be stuck in there. This is probably bottomless, considering this belongs to Pinkie. It's a Pinkie thing, only her friends would understand. He dismissed the thought, as this was practically a briefcase which should only be used in emergencies such as this, or parties. He was feeling nostalgic for a moment, and so, he pulled a picture out of his back. It was a picture of him, wearing a black spandex suit with blue stripes on the back and the hooves, blue bands around the legs, a smart looking open business jacket, and DJ shades over his eyes, wearing a grin on his face, stood next to Pinkie. The background suggested this photo was taken during a party.

I've only just realized how cool that looked... I need a good hat, though... At this train of thought, he heard what seemed to be another pony walking to the cottage. It's not them again, is it? He walked to a window, and looked into it. Oh, it's just Pinkie Pie, still dressed as Deadpony... and with a saddlebag as well. What does she need it for? She's walking to Fluttershy. They're saying hi... and Pinkie's now opening the bag... is that a Bob costume? Not sure if Fluttershy wants that... ... ...and she's insisting... better intervene.

Light walks out of the door, and over to where Pinkie and Fluttershy are talking. "Hey, Pinks!" He said, effectively saving Fluttershy's life.

Pinkie turned around. "Did someone say chimi-cherri-changas?"

"Not yet. Anyway, you ready for the next moment of debt paying?" He asked.

"I sure am! And I brought that costume you wanted, too!"

"Awesome. I'll suit up, and we'll go do things two unstable people do."

"Okie-dokie-lokie! Should warn ya though, I included some other things in there so it would look cool, like you wanted, so it might take a bit longer, as you might wanna take a while to consider your options!" She tells him.


"Cool." He finally said, before looking to Fluttershy. "You alright Flutters?"

"Yes, Light. Are you?"

"I am, for the most part."

"That's good."

One awkward silence later...

"Well, I'll go change." Light said. "See you two soon."

He goes in, and lays the costume and the accessories on a table. This is a blue version of Deadpony's suit, except customized. He intends to use this as the design for the tritagonist of his story, Deathelocke. After picking what he would keep, he started to put the costume on. By the end of suiting up, he was wearing a blue and black spandex suit that went from top to bottom, giving him a masked visage. He was also wearing DJ shades, a black tactical vest with a cape attached to it, blue bands on the legs, and black boots. Additionally, he put on a tail accessory that made it look like three thin, sharp scythe blades joined together... except it wasn't terrifying to look at.

He walked outside, and joined the girls again. They seemed to be speaking of how Fluttershy's animals were doing. Of course. Best awkward topic for waiting awkwardly for an awkward friend. Awkward. They both looked at him, Pinkie with a look of satisfaction, Fluttershy looked at it for a moment, and decided it was okay.

"Well, then, Lady Deadpony... shall we go and harass those harassing... harassers?" Light said in his party pony mood, feeling that was the best mood to fit Deathelocke.

"I sure am! Oh, Flutters, you wanna come? It'll give you a reason to put on that costume I showed ya!"

"O-oh, no thank you... I'm not much for excitement... you know me..." She replied.

"Okay! See ya soon!" Pinkiepool happily hopped away. Light blew Fluttershy a kiss when Pinkie wasn't looking (They decided to tell the other girls about the relationship after the test with Twilight), which made Fluttershy giggle and blush. Nonetheless, she blew a kiss back, and winked for good measure, making Light's heart skip a beat for a second. He had to run to catch up to Pinkie, and he did, after waving once more to Fluttershy.


The two thugs walked out of a cafeteria, after having some coffee to calm themselves down, after that dreadful encounter with Light...

Suddenly, Deathelocke and Pinkiepool.

"Good evenin', lower-rate thugs who probably think themselves higher rate! My name is Deathelocke, and this is Pinkiepool. We're definitely not here to get on your nerves, we're just speaking to ya!"

"Let me guess... Live Light and Pinkie Pie?" Kane 'guessed.'

"Would you like to sign our petition for the Fundamentally-Understudied-Starfish-Insert Space here-Resuscitating-Overtly- Insert Space Here-Daring-Arbitral-Hummingbirds?"

The two thugs lost train of thought... "... Is there a short version for that?"

"Oh, yes there is. We call it..." Light and Pinkie both inhaled deeply, as if to say something that would take the air out of their lungs in one go. They finally spoke the words...


Nothing happened. Kane and Able looked around, in confusion. Nothing had happened. Well, besides a bunch of ponies around them snickering, for a reason the thugs couldn't comprehend.

"...Huh... I thought they'd have gone flying..." Pinkie said, somewhat sadly.

"They can alwa-" When Deathelocke looked, he only noticed just now they were both Earth Ponies. He never thought to check if they were Pegasi or not... Huh.

"Look, if this is still about the bits, We canno-" Kane began.

"Nope, nope, nope, nope. You're doing it all WRONG! This is how you refuse something because it's not possible..." He took a deep breath, as if it was going to be a flurry of pointless words that had to do with refusing. "No." He said, matter-of-factly.

"You know, we were told if you caused us a large amount of trouble, we had permission to use excessive force." But I didn't bring my excessive force thingies! ...Wow, now I'm starting to think like my character without trying... YAY.

"Is that so..." Pinkie Pie began... "LOOK OUT, FORTH WALL!"

WHERE!? Oh... back to the story.

"Where?" Deathelocke said, before being dragged away.

"What?" Kane looked to where Pinkie Pie pointed. Able looked confused.

The two thugs looked back to where the two party ponies had been. ...Gone...

"We still have to go to the party, to keep an eye on him." Kane reminded Able. "I'll try not to violently attack him..." The thugs almost immediately got looks from the ponies walking around the place.

"...Move along. Move along." Was all that Kane could say to everypony.



I feels enlightened. Okay, not really.

It turns out, there are two Deadpool In Equestria stories, which is good, because it means I'm not hatching up original ideas, which also means we're all bucked, but they kinda had grammar problems... I get some from time to time, I think... but I don't think it's hard to read. They were still funny, and they're worth checking out. The only time I've seen Deadpool here with okay grammar was in a story... Wishbone Equestria or something... A skull that granted wishes, as seen in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, apparently. He appeared in chapter 5 of that. All I'll say is... curse you, Doctor Strange.

Nonetheless, I feel like making a Deadpool fanfic here. ...Now I feel improper, because I'm talking about something that's only been related from a costume in this fic... I really need to get to work on it soon, to make me feel better. Anyway, it was good seeing you. Thank you for viewing, look, even Norman Bates is happy you viewed.


In other news, this, for the moment, is a meme I don't seem to get tired of, but might not consider my favourite.

...This Author's Notes thing where I try to make everyone laugh, when that time is only during the chapter itself, is getting old. I'm sorry.


P.S: I'm sorry.

Chapter 17: The End Of The Day

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Deathelocke and Pinkiepool ran from the thugs, successfully losing them with that distraction that made sense only to me and Pinkie Pie, and vague sense to Light. Anyway, they stopped running at the pathway to the cottage.

"Quick! Hide in Fluttershy's shed!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Err... she doesn't have a shed... as least, as far as I've checked..." Even she agrees to the possibility of Flutters using a shed... good Celestia, what is wrong with us...

"Oh, darn. No hiding place, and no way to get back at Rainbow." Pinkie said sadly.


"What I meant to say was, I'm thinking about the wrong series and continuity."

"Again... what?"

"What I meant to say was, we have no hiding place."

"Right. Okay."

When they looked around, it was only then they both noticed they weren't followed. They both shrugged, continued to the cottage door, and went inside. Fluttershy was making yet another carrot recipe food for Angel. Happy I wasn't around when he wanted carrot sundaes or something. Last time that happened, I ended up walking into a cliché anime Accidentally-walking-in-when-a-mare-is-having-a-shower scene...

"Hey, Flutters, we're back." Said Light.

"Hi, Light... and so soon? You were gone only 5 minutes..." She replied. Well, it -was- a brief encounter. ...A close encounter of the freak kind... I get the feeling my mind is wandering a lot nowadays.

"Hey, Light, can I show ya something?" Pinkie enquired.

"Sure." Light turned to face Pinkie, and found she was holding a briefcase that looked familiar. Hold on... I know where I've seen that before. Light looked at it for a moment... Pinkie opened it. Light thought correctly... it was his party pony costume.

"If the party's getting shifted to happen tomorrow, I thought I should give this gift as soon as I can. Good times, huh?" Pinkie said.

Light smiled to himself. "Good times indeed. Although, I think it's missing something..."

"A hat?" Pinkie asked. How does she know everything... "Lucky guess." She continued. AUOFBAWIUBFAWIUFAWIOFHAWF "I'll make arrangements to find you a cowpony hat." She finished.

"That'd certainly make it better. Thanks, Pinks." And with that, he was hugged for whatever reason.

"No problem, Lighty-wighty! I'll be preparing the party tomorrow! Bring your best costume!" She replied, before letting go, and hopping off. I wonder if she hugs everypony who's thankful to her.

Fluttershy was finished making food for Angel, and so walked over to Light, and placed a kiss on his cheek, which made him blush slightly. "You okay?" She asked.

"I'm okay. Feeling nostalgic. Hope this debt thing blows over soon, though..." Not just for the benefit of safety, but for un-interrupted Flutter-cuddles.

"Me too..." Fluttershy said. Light felt this was the best time to discuss their relationship.

"So, Flutters... err... when's the best time we should tell your friends about the relationship? I was thinking after the day with Twilight." That just reminds me, I'm still to have that.

"I think that's a good idea..." She replied.

Light stared into her eyes. Eyes that could, in his opinion, pull him into another world with no return. And he'd be glad staying there. She truly was the most beautiful mare he'd met. And he really likes her mane. He's suddenly prompted to ask something his brain cells tell him to say without telling his brain... whatever that means.

"Date?" He blinked after realizing he'd just suggested a date. STUPID BRAIN, I SHOULD BE WAITING.

Fluttershy looked surprised for a moment, then smiled, "Sure, I-i'd like to." THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTELLIGENCE, BRAIN.

"Cool... err... how about after we tell your friends? I still don't like being watched." Not just by ducks, but the thugs as well.

"Okay." She replied, before shifting her eyes left and right, wrapping her forelegs around Light, then passionately kissing him. Light was surprised for a moment, then settled into it, doing his best to return it. Let the Flutter-cuddles begin. He wrapped his own forelegs around her, stroking her mane with a hoof, enjoying the moment. At least until somepony knocked on the door. Fluttershy 'eeped' at the sudden happening, Light fell out of her hooves, and, out of nerve, played dead on the floor, for five seconds, while Fluttershy looked at him worriedly and curiously. Light then got up, ran to the door, and opened it to see Twilight Sparkle.

"Oh, hello, Light. I have a few questions to ask." Nothing gives you the right to ask me a question after interrupting my Flutter-cuddles!

"Okay." He simply responded, and walked back in the cottage, sitting on a couch, motioning Fluttershy to walk over. She did so, and sat next to him on the couch, while Twilight sat on the couch opposite to them, levitating a notepad and a book with her magic.

"Alright... now... I've noticed two strange suited ponies, who have each been seen getting harassed by Pony Wiseau, which I doubt was possible, a hipster, and Pinkie Pie wearing a suit based on this superhero she likes, along with a stallion wearing a blue version of that costume, only decorated differently. Now, everypony who's heard of you are aware you know Pinkie so, they're starting to believe you know things about this. Could you care to explain?" Twilight asked.

Deadpony is not a superhero. He's an Anti-Hero. THERE'S A DIFFERENCE.

"I was all of those strange stallions. The suits are thugs who want 42,000,000,000,000 bits from me because I owe somepony in Las Pegasus. Party Pony stuff." He explained.

"Oh... sorry, I wasn't aware you were into organizing parties as well." Twilight replied.

"I have never organized one, not one of my preferences. I just attend them, and go with the flow."

"Never took you for that type of pony."

"I stopped being miserable some days ago, you know. By the way, did you hear, Pinkie's organizing a costume party for tomorrow. You attending?"

Twilight looked up from her notepad, and looked thoughtful for a moment. "You know what... yes, I think I will. Anyway, I think that's answered enough questions... despite this being the fewest amount of questions I've asked to find the meaning of something... I'll be going now, then."

"Okaybye." Light responded, while deepening his voice a bit. Twilight raised a brow at this, while Fluttershy giggled Lightly, causing Twilight to raise the other brow. Then she shrugged.

"Bye, Fluttershy, bye Light." She got off the couch, and walked out the door. Light looked outside the window. The sky was darkening. He yawned, as if to give him more reason to believe it had started to become darker.

"I'm sleepy... I think I'll call it a night." Light said, walking to the couch, until he noticed he was being dragged by Fluttershy.

"You know, you don't have to take the couch anymore. We can share the bed."

Oh, right. More Flutter-cuddles. Awesome.



Hi. Thanks for attending. This is the best I have.


I'm planning on introducing Lyra. And she's going to be obsessive about humans.

I will introduce Photo Finish very soon. I think you are goink to apprhoove of my decision.

I will have fixed an error where I called the previous chapters different days, when they all technically happened on the same day... I have no brain. If you didn't mind it, I will feel more stupid, and as punishment, have to find the funniest image I can find and present it to you.

In Deadpool news, I need a name for the Deadpool fanfic, since both Deadpool In Equestria and Deadpool Meets Equestria are taken. It's like a reluctant character from another franchise who isn't sure about being assimilated into the herd yet.

"He'll never find me in here. Unless he tries looking."

Have you seen him? ...Didn't think so... thank you for your time...

Chapter 18: A friendly visit

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It's a new day in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash is flying in that cloud race course progressively. She probably wants to challenge Light one more time. It was a draw after all. Pinkie Pie is now baking the cakes to be used in the party tonight. When she told Light her costume was a surprise, she really hadn't figured it out yet. Whichever one he'd like best, most likely. Rarity, already informed about the upcoming party, was wondering, whether she should work first and organize her dress later, or vice versa. Applejack, usually an early bird, has already been apple-bucking for a while now. Twilight is studying, 'nuff said.

As for Light and Fluttershy, they were laying in the bed, cuddled up to each other. Light was enjoying the smell of Fluttershy's mane. It smelt like nature, which certainly helped his imagination, leading to a nice dream featuring the two of them in a forest. Fluttershy's dreams through the night started off a bit rough... there was a terrifying moment concerning Kane and Able, the debt thugs chasing her, but Light, dressed as the Unavenged Stallion, diverted them from Fluttershy. The two would watch as they ran out of Ponyville, and share a rather romantic kiss.

Light woke up first, and could feel Fluttershy's quiet, rhythimic breathing to the side of his chest. Something he'd never get tired of. He looked around. So... great day outside, no signs of the thugs, and the most beautiful mare snuggled up to me in the bed. PERFECT START TO THE DAY. Fluttershy stirred, and looked up at him with half opened eyes.

"Good morning, Light." She said.

"Morning, Flutters." He replied. "You alright?"

"Mm hm. You?"

"With you next to me, why wouldn't I be feeling good?"

Fluttershy giggled. "Ditto. Wanna get some breakfast?"

He nodded. "Surely." They both got out of bed, and walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

-----Point of View: Twilight Sparkle-----

In the library, Twilight was studying, as usual. Well... by studying, I mean, reading a comic book. She'd been trying to understand something about Pinkie, and her hobby of dressing as a raving lunatic mercenary from a comic book. Yes, she was reading Deadpony, to see what was so entertaining. At the time, she didn't understand how

was appealing to others. It was like someone had opened her brain with a really sharp katana, and let all the air and knowledge get sucked into it... Although, the fact she chose that metaphor over a less violent one says a lot about the comic. Unnecessarily violent, has really creepy mood-swings, and utterly hilarious. Deadpony in a nutshell. She decided to stop reading, before she obtained an addiction to this. She's become aware of how creepy she can be when stressed out. They still haven't found her doll.

*Knock Knock*

Twilight thought about calling Spike to get the door, but remembered he was still sleeping. Besides, she'd already finished 'studying,' so what's the point in getting somepony else to get the door, and then just walk downstairs to greet them? She teleported downstairs so the guest wouldn't have to wait too long. She turned the doorknob, and was unpleasantly surprised to see Kane and Able appear at the door after she opened it.

"Oh. Hello. Did you come here for some books?" She asked.

"Actually, we were wondering a few things," Kane said. "First off, do you have a telescope we could borrow?"

Twilight did have a telescope, but she didn't quite trust these two ponies with that, mostly because all they'd have a use for it would be to spy on Light. Which would mean spying on Fluttershy as well.

"Somepony else is borrowing it right now, sorry. Anything else I can do for you?" She asked.

"Oh. Okay. Anyway, do you know what time the party's going to be?"

Grr... they still want to know the best way to watch them... at least I can honestly reply to this one.

"I don't know the answer to that, sorry. Ask Pinkie." She honestly replied.

"Right then... bye." He said, before the two thugs nodded politely, and walked off. Ponies today...

A moment after that, a pale yellow Earth-Pony mare with a pink and cobalt mane peeked in through the door.

"Oh, hi, Bon Bon, did you come here for any books?" Twilight asked.

"Hi, Twilight, and err... any psychology books? It's getting hard to put up with my room-mate." Bon Bon replied.

"You sound as if you've only just met Lyra. You've been living with her for a few years now."

"I know, but there's a bit of a problem... you know how she's been sitting weird?"

"Err... yes, why?" Twilight could only guess Lyra Heartstrings had been doing that because she felt it was a bit comfortable... She must be in bed, asking a lot of Bon Bon... why else would she be here? Although, she did ask for a psychology book...

"Yeah... it's nothing too serious at the moment, though I'm afraid of what will happen... she things there're creatures known as... hyuumanes?"

Twilight knew what she meant, but was quite puzzled herself. "You mean humans?"

"Yeah... that."

Humans were creatures from fairytales. Basically, they were thought up as ways to make monkeys more appealing, as they were typically based off of them. They stood on hind-legs, and could speak Equestrian quite well. They even became popular with cartoons that were based on toys. My Little Primate. The first three versions, known as generations, were designed for foals. Except, Twilight never found it entertaining. She was also a bit confused, because the latest iteration has become strangely popular, even with stallions around their late teens to 30's, in short, spawned 'Bromans.' She's not against any of this, but she's staying away from it, as getting hooked on a show can be dangerous for her studies.

"So she's trying to prove a theory about a fictional animal?"

"Well, yes... that's the gist of it."

Twilight thought for a moment... Well, let's see... I don't know that much about humans... and there's something I don't like about Lyra... it's like I've seen her everywhere I've gone... in fact, I remember when me and my friends went to cheer Rainbow Dash on in the Best Young Flyer's competition... I thought I saw her there, but she's a Unicorn... unless she really really really really really wanted to watch it, and did the same thing I did, I would almost think she was stalking me... And this theory is a bit crazy for my taste... Pinkie Pie is busy with the party so... I guess I need to get her partner-in-crime to come out of hiding momentarily, and talk to her about it...

"You know, Bon Bon... I might have somepony more useful than a psychology book."

-----Point of View: Live Light-----

Light was trying on his old party pony suit. Just like old times... I can't wait for the party. What should I go as... Hm, maybe my character, it's pretty obvious it's badflank. Which means, I must convince Flutters to wear her Mare-Do-Well suit. Like a couple going on a date! Except... there are other people invited... why the hay did you ruin my happiness, common sense?

*Knock Knock*

Light walked over to the door and went to open it. Fluttershy appeared behind him to see who it was. When Light opened it, he saw Twilight Sparkle, this time, without a notepad.

"Hey, Twilight. How ya doin'?"

"I'm good. By the way, I think I know what I can do for your test. Now, I'm aware my friends have helped you with understanding friendship. However, my element is magic and... well... you don't have a horn. So, I've decided... is it okay if you help with a problem somepony has?" Twilight said almost immediately... without stopping to breathe until the very end of it.

Light blinked. "Er. Cool. Yeah. ...What sort of help?"

"Well, you're gonna find out what it's like to be a therapist. And this is going to be an interesting moment, as the unicorn in question believes in humans."



In case you're wondering, this is how I got the idea for the Lyra/Human moment.

I made a promise to a fan of this that I would try not to go overboard with this overdone thing... and I'm gonna try not to fail... I might, though... But I'll try not to. If I fail, I have to find you another funny picture. Speaking of, here's a funny picture I had planned from last time I said I'd bring one, because we love to see funny pictures anyway.

Why n- oh, that's why.

I'm sorry.

Might as well go now... bye.

Chapter 19: Unorthodox

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Light and Twilight (I just noticed, her first name is my surname with a Twi at the start. Hah) were trotting over to Bon-Bon's house. Light had agreed to help Lyra with her slight obsession. Although, he's a bit confused why he was asked to. Twilight's the expert on brainy things. I am the expert on being a sidekick. Pinkie's the real expert on parties. She's awesome.

He took the time to look at his watch, which is something he hadn't done in a while. Although it seemed uninteresting to others, he rather liked the watch. It's a good watch. A really good watch. It has hands... technically. It ticks. It's saved his life more times than others can imagine. He fought a floating eyeball with it once. In a dream. And the Bunny Stallion, who he'd imagine was Patrick Batemane in real life. Also, in a dream. ...Is there anything it's done to save my life in real life? ...Well... ...It stopped me from being late... and helped me be late to a psychotic killer dentist... no wait, that's also a dream...

"We're here." Twilight said.

"Ah. Well then... let's not waste time, let's get this over and done with." Light replied enthusiastically.

Twilight nodded, and knocked on the door. In a matter of seconds, Bon Bon answered the door.

"Oh, hello, Twilight and-" Bon Bon looked to Light, who she hasn't been told the name of, but her real reason for pausing was being a bit surprised. She wasn't really expecting a stallion wearing a black hooded cloak. Nopony noticed that surprise.

"Err, my name is Live Light. Just... call me Light."

"Oh. Sure. Hi, Light. Err... you may both come in." And they did so.

Light looked around the house. It was well taken care of. On the wall, there were a few pictures of Bon Bon and a mint green unicorn. Some of them, both of them were smiling, others, one of them, the other had either an annoyed expression or a forced grin.

"You have a nice house, miss Bon Bon." Light remarked..

"Thank you. And call me Bon." She said with a smile.

Twilight raised an eyebrow, because with others, she'd usually be called Bon Bon, rather than nicknames. Maybe Lyra's softened her a bit, Twilight guessed.

They walked upstairs, to the floor Lyra spends most of her time in. The door was wooden, but had been painted mint green and white, a bit like her colour scheme. There was a sign on the door which read, 'Testing conspiracies. Knock, please,' also in mint green handwriting, in a white background.

"Okay then," Bon Bon began, "You ready for this, you two?"

"Yes. Yes we are." Light said.

"Alright... I'll let you get to it..." Bon Bon replied, before walking back downstairs.

Light inhaled, and exhaled. He knocked on the door. About five seconds later, the mint green unicorn from the picture opened the door. Nothing about her seemed off at all.

"Oh. Uh... hi, Twilight. And err... ...Sorry, I don't think I know you." She said, upon seeing Light.

"Hi, Lyra. And err... this is Live Light," Twilight explained.

"Oh. Right. Hi... Light." Lyra said apprehensively.

Err... why is this awkward... err... say something that makes sense in this situation... and err... make it original.

"'Sup." Light simply said. Err... that's not very original, but okay.

Lyra looked around. "Well, err... come on in." She said, and walked back into her room, with the studious unicorn and the Blue Menace following.

After 5 seconds of looking around the room, he was starting to doubt his need to come here. There was hardly anything that pointed to her being obsessive about bipedal apes. In fact, it looked rather well taken care of. Most of it was mint green, like her, including the couch, chairs, floor, ceiling, walls, and that table with all the computers and research papers and posters of near hairless apes. ...No wait hold on what?

He looked over there, and there was a small workspace, with posters of humans neatly placed around it, along with a bunch of papers presumably about humans, and a computer, which, currently, was on standby. You know... she's not as obsessive as I thought, if I'm honest.

"Hm. Nice workspace." Light remarked.

"Ah, shaddap... I'm working on a hunch, and I'm really sure about this."

"How sure?"

"Dead sure."

"Dead sure from working on a hunch?"

"Dead sure."

"Dead sure?"

"Dead. Sure."

"...Cool. Can I see some research?"


Lyra walked over to the computer and pressed the standby button to start up the computer. Light took the time to look at the research paper. He was expecting scrawled up and brutalised writing. But it looked like it could be in Wikipedia. It explained theories about the biology and anatomy of human beings. Seems legit.

Lyra tapped him on the shoulder with her hoof. Light looked up from the research and looked at the computer screen. It seemed that she wasn't the only one who believed in humans.

"Lyra. Any theories you have about humans since we see NONE at all?" Light asked.

"I have a lot of theories, and most of them, I've disregarded, as they were flawed. I will, however, share with you, a few."

"Alrighty then... tell me your theories."

"Well... what if... Humans lived more than a thousand years ago... but they were banished to the moon, by Celestia? From what we know, the humans could have populated our world along with us, but they betrayed a sort of trust, o-or tried to take Equestria for themselves?"

This theory... I cannot prove wrong.

"And... any others?" Light curiously inquired.

"Well... perhaps... humans exist... somewhere. Not in Equestria... somewhere else..."

"Another planet, you mean?"

"No. While they're a different species, and would be considered alien, I can't just say, 'Aliens did it.' I mean, sure, maybe they did, but it seems unlikely... but maybe... just maybe... they live in another universe. We have nothing to prove, and we don't have anything to disprove. The multiverse theory is perfectly possible. You just need somepony willing to believe, and somepony to test the theory."

...How the hay. I don't even. I. Wh- no evidence for and against, right enough... ...Well... I'd like to share my opinion on this... by myself.

Light went and whispered to Twilight while Lyra was searching for something else on the internet to open up.

"Twilight, you mind if I speak to her by myself?"


"Just trust me on this... I know what I'm doing."

Twilight stood for a moment to give it a think. She then just nodded and walked out to have a chat with Bon Bon while she waited for Light to finish speaking to Lyra.

Lyra looked a bit puzzled at Twilight leaving, and looked to Light. "Err... what's going on?"

Light held a hoof up, signalling for her to wait a moment, he reached into his cloak, and pulled out glasses that look like they'd belong to an old stallion. This was part of his 'honest psychiatrist' routine.

"Well, Lyra, I'd like to ask you a few questions, about your fascination in humans. Not really about why you achieved it... just about how it's affected you."

"...Okay...?" Lyra was beyond confusion. The reason why Light didn't want to ask about why she started believing it, because, the honest psychiatrist doesn't press on matters too personal.

"Now... what do the non-believers think about this?" He asked honestly.

"Well... ... ... They think it's a bit... strange... that I believe in creatures such as humans... I mean... it's a feeling I have about it..."

"I see. Anything they've done to try and do something about it?"

"I... ...they keep 'joking' about getting me institutionalized... like I'm obsessed... I've had this feeling since I was a filly... that we weren't alone in any reach of existence... that's all... I wish they wouldn't say things like that..."

And now, I take off the glasses, and reveal how I can relate to her. Routine. He takes the glasses off, and puts them back in the cloak's pocket. I really need to get a jacket instead. He walks a bit closer to her.

"I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, okay?"


"In a way... I know how you feel. When I was a young colt, I listened a bit too much to what my friends said. They talked about a sort of urban legend. He travels the Everfree Forest, as all usually clichéd monsters do, and usually, seeing him once has sealed your fate, whether you escape him or not. He looks like a pony... maybe he was once... but it's hard to think of him as one, anymore. He's extremely tall. There are sort of... tentacles, coming out of his back, his cutie mark is a circle with an X through it, and he wears a suit. What ponies remember most of him is his face. Of his lack of one. He is Slender-Mane. ...Although, I think that was a poor name, he doesn't even have a mane..."

"Anyway, my point is..." Light continued, "I know what it's like to feel alienated just because you believe in something. I believed in it for a while myself. ...well, still do, but anyway. Just know that whatever you believe in, it's your belief. You wanna know what I think? I think you should continue your research. It's very convincing. Don't let others make you feel bad just because they don't believe in it like you do. Believe in yourself." Light concluded. Not too bad if I don't say so mys- Oh, okay, better than not bad.

Light was surprised to get a big hug from Lyra. He felt as if he was in the grasp of an understanding boa constrictor.

"Thank you, Light... this means a lot to me..." She whispered.

"No problem, I guess..."

"Oh, by the way... I didn't believe in Slender-Mane, but I still thinks he's creepy." Lyra added.

"Thanks, Lyra."


Light trotted downstairs, and into the living room. Twilight and Bon Bon looked to him.

"How did it go?" Bon Bon asked.

"Let's just say..." Light began, "Ponyville should learn to understand one's beliefs, if it hasn't already. She isn't going to be giving up any time soon, and really, that's the way things should be. Have you been in there, Bon Bon?"

"Well... not really, there hasn't been a need for me to go in there."

"Yeah, she's not as obsessive as you think. Seems more like a passing hobby to me."

"So... she still believes... but she's stable?"


"...Well, she's stable, so... I don't have a problem."

"Cool. Glad I could help, Miss Bon Bon." Light nodded politely.

"Not a problem, Light. And remember. Call me Bon." She replied.

Twilight thought a bit about that... before Light interrupted her train of thought. She hates when that happens.

"Well! I'll be off now. See ya Bon, see ya, Twilight." Light said, as he walked out of the room, into the entrance hall, and opened the door to leave. Time to get some Flutter-cuddles.

When he opened the door, he was surprised to see Kane and Able... and... for some reason... Ruthless Rufus.

...Manure's gonna go down...



So. That's the Lyra episode done. Tell me if you thought she was over-obsessive. If so, I'm sorry. If not, awesome.

I was a bit confused about how to go about this, but I eventually managed to think about it. So yeah.

Because I like forth wall breakage, I'm going to break the forth wall and let what lies behind it into your house. You'll thank me later.


I'm leaving you now.



Chapter 20: Confrontation

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Light's eyes looked from Kane, to Rufus, to Able. This... he was not expecting. His constant stubbornness to pay must've reached Rufus' pointy ears. ...Seriously... they're... really... really... pointy.... it's scary.

"So, Live Light, we meet again." Might as well amuse myself.

Light took the opportunity to bring bad memories for the three ponies in front of him. "Oh, hai Mark." He spoke in his Johnny voice.

Light was surprised to see Kane punched Rufus in the shoulder.

"Don't provoke him. Just don't."

Rufus looked a bit confused. To be exact, Rufus was an average sized stallion, with a coat that looked like it was coloured with a piece of pink chalk. It was really pink. Pinker than Pinkie... but he called it 'lightish-red.' He probably got the idea from somewhere. Wherever he got it from, it's probably buckin' awesome. His mane was blonde, and he had sunglasses resting on it. He was wearing a white overcoat, covering him from neck to back hooves, with his hooves hidden by black, smart leather shoes.

You know... now that I think about it... wearing shoes on your front hooves looks kinda silly...

"Back to business. You remember you are still to hand over 42,000,000,000,000 bits, yes?"

"No?" Light replied.

"Surely my associates here have seen fit to inform you of that?"


"Then why do you say no?"

"Because I do not understand."

"What isn't to understand?"

"I do not see how I am going to acquire that much bits, seeing how you'd probably have to travel to Canterlot to obtain something near that. And then Canterlot would start running out of funding fast. And we would be plunged into another Great Depression. And then we would be in an accurate comparison of Tartarus. And then they would yell at me for endangering everypony by suggesting you go to Canterlot. And then we would yell at you for telling me to give you a payment way beyond the payment you paid me."

"I'm certain I paid you an amount of money that is around the money I ask of you."

"No you're not."

"I am, actually."

"You're really not."

-----Point of View: Pinkie Pie-----

Network Error: Cannot connect to Pinkie Pie's brain. Too debatable as to what lies in here.

Upgrade from Windows Vista to 7

Cannot Connect to Pinkie Pie's Brain. Too debatable as to what lies in here.

Upgrade Windows 7 to Vista

Connecting to Pinkie Pie's Brain.

-----POV V.2: Pinkie Pie-----

Pinkie was hopping around, looking for Light. The Party is nearly ready, now he just needs to approve of it. This was how things used to work in the good old days. Pinkie Pie would make a party, Light would take a look. If it wasn't good enough, more time was needed. If it's a success, which, so far, it always has been, then of course, Party commences. She bounced over to Fluttershy's cottage, and knocked on the door. Within one second, Fluttershy opened the door, looking as if she was expecting somepony. Although Pinkie wasn't who she was waiting for it seems, as her expression faded back to how it usually may be seen as, with a bit of red at the cheeks.

"Oh... hi Pinkie... how are you today?" She said.

"I'm super!" Pinkie said, completely ignoring Fluttershy's expression in case of disappointment in life. "Oh, by the way, have you seen Light? I need to see if he approves of a party."

"Oh... well, last time I saw him, he was heading to Bon Bon's."



"Well... Twilight asked him to help Lyra with something..."

Oh, all's good!

"Oh, goodie! I'll go see him now! And I'll make sure he gets back here when we're finished approving!" Pinkie concluded, as if knowing Fluttershy was waiting for Light for... something.

"Oh, um... thanks." Fluttershy said, before Pinkie bounced off in search of Lighty-Wighty.

She ended up at Bon Bon's back garden. She looked around, until she heard a cliché mastermind voice, and the voice of her Lighty-Wighty. She imagined what happened first. She imagined some ultra cool-sinister-thingy pony with a broken spine and therefore had to lean... well, not broken, just damaged then. The pony would be wearing a black leather trench coat, and his entrance would have been appearing out of a limousine, with a crowd hiding it for a while, and then parting to reveal him. And he'd have a cane, too. And he'd be able-hoofed with it also.

Now that her imagination time was over, she went over to see what it really was. She hid in the bushes, crawled through them, and when she got to the end, peeked over to where the sound came from. Lighty was there, yes. So were the two thugs, Kane and Able. And a pink stallion. With a blonde mane. With a white coat. With ridiculously worn shoes. And a pink coat. Did we mention that? I'm not sure. Anyway. It was pink. Pinker than her. She must get this colt either a coat-dye, if that exists, or, for the sake of keeping her name, and keeping Light safe, out of Ponyville...

"Foreverrrrrrrrr........." Pinkie whispered, thinking she was thinking to herself.

Nopony noticed, thankfully. But how am I gonna get a pink stallion who's full of himself out of Ponyville? I give ponies welcome parties, not 'Get out and never come back' parties. That'd just be silly. Unless I can somehow evict him by following my rules... but how... and I need to make sure he leaves... Foreverrrr.... ...I got it!

Pinkie stealthily trotted behind the three evil ponies. Light noticed her immediately, but didn't comment, in case he exposed the ruse. He and Rufus were still contradicting each other.

"You have not." Light negatively insisted.

"I have so." Rufus positively insisted.

Kane blinked and turned to look at Pinkie. Before this could happen, Pinkie quickly jumped into the air in her celebration firework effect, celebrating... errm... I know! Not being seen! She reached the top of the sky, and, as per gravity, fell back down, quickly, but reaching the ground, hardly made a sound, and was not harmed in any way. With Light now aware of her presence, she decided to set her plan in motion.

-----Switching to Point of View V.1: Live Light-----

I wonder if Pinkie's here to help me. Although, why'd she go here in the first place? That is the question... Oh, maybe it's the approval thing we did. The party is ready. Cool. ...But I'm still stuck.

Pinkie used sign language to say, 'Watch carefully.'

Light blinked once to signal 'Yes.'

Pinkie pulled a small, white board with lettering on it. The lettering read, 'Get him to Pinkie Promise.'

Light blinked once.

Light looked to Rufus. "SHUSH. Okay, let's make a Pinkie Promise... you will stop positively insisting. And I will try to give you a good amount of money. Okay?"

"...Okay. I promise?" Rufus replied.

"No. That's a promise. You need to give a Pinkie Promise."

"What's so special about a Pinkie promise?"

"It's like a Promise... but it must be honoured at all times."

"...Er. Fine. I Pinkie Promise."






"But seriously..." Light continued. "You're not certain."

"Oh, but I am." He thought for a moment. "Wait..." But it was too late.

Following the rules of Pinkie Promise, Pinkie Pie appeared, and yelled in a voice eerily similar to a demon...


Ow, my brain. Light rubbed his head. Whenever Pinkie got into a rage, if it wasn't directed at him, he'd get a headache of some sort, or he'd feel slightly fatigued, usually because Pinkie's demonic voice is a bit loud. Although, he's heard louder, and didn't experience any pain. Meh. When the pain stopped, he looked up. Only Kane and Able were standing there. Well, kneeling in terror. Understandable. There was still dust disintegrating into the air where Rufus had been running in fear. Light let a triumphant smirk, and Pinkie appeared next to him, with a victorious grin of her own.

"So..." Light began, speaking to Kane and Able. "You still gonna be trying to get the bits that I lack out of me?"

The thugs looked up. Light hadn't seen their faces contorted in such a sad way.

"What? What's wrong?" Light asked curiously.

"Thanks a lot for ruining our lives." Kane simply said.

"...Err... how did I ruin your lives?"

"You know how."

"Uh, K-kane... he does not." Able said, in his educated style of speech.

" care to explain, Able?" Light asked.

"...Alright then. Here goes...

"We did not wish to become thugs. I-i had a Masters' degree in socio-economics, from M-manehattan's Saddlington University." I've heard of that university before... a lot of the smart ponies went there. "But it seems s-some ponies haven't heard of the s-saying, 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' The jobs I a-applied for, their e-employers w-were too i-intimidated by my appearance, a-a-and this is the only job with p-payment I can find... I wanted to work in an office... a desk job seemed interesting..."

Light looked at him with pity, as did Pinkie. Kane looked around, now more calm, and spoke.

"I definitely didn't want this job... I had a deadbeat for a father... but he was really lucky. He got one of the highest gambling debts in Las Pegasus... higher than yours." I was gambling? I feel so dirty now... I need to take a shower. "But... he drank himself to death before he could pay it. So now... I have to work as a thug until I pay off the debt... and that's gonna take a really... really... REALLY long time." Sounds a bit like my character... huh... "It's kinda hard... I don't like to hurt others really... so any threats I gave you were bluffs..." Now he sounds a bit less like him.

"So the best I can do is keep away from socializing... and I might've acted a bit callous to other ponies in the process... So I hoped to make amends for my past actions once my father's debt is repaid..." Light was now feeling extremely sorry for them, and Pinkie was on the verge of tears, trying to hold her sadness in. Kane took his sunglasses off. It was easy to see in his eyes... he hadn't gotten a lot of sleep, and there was sadness and regret in the eyes. This made it harder for them both.

"Able's the only friend I have right now, and vice versa. We know to cover for each other... you saw the obvious sleep I'm missing out on..." That's not all we see. :( ...Did I just imagine a sadface? "I need to keep my sunglasses on, so it seems like I'm not missing out on sleep."

"A-and so you don't l-look sad, Kane." Able added, "B-because, er... everyone c-can see how s-sad you are in your eyes..."

"...And that, then..." Kane said, a bit put off. "I try not to let Able speak, because... well... he doesn't sound the least bit intimidating, does he? He needs to sound intimidating, or we can't get our job done. And his medical condition with his neck, he uses that as an advantage."

"Which reminds me..." Able cracked his neck a bit extensively. "Ah. Been waiting to do that..."

"So..." Kane began. "Yeah. That's our story. Two normal ponies become people who terrorize others because they now don't know any better..."

Light was now really saddened at this, while Pinkie was flat out bawling, with literal waterfalls of tears coming out of her eyes. Light hoofed her a handkerchief, which he conveniently had. Pinkie accepted it, and wiped her eyes with it when she was finished crying it.

"Well..." Light said. "Pinkie, did you come over to me so I could approve the party?"

Pinkie sniffed before answering. "Yup."

"I approve already. They're all awesome. These two ponies could use a party to help brighten up their lives. What do you say?" He said, looking to the thugs.

They both thought hard for a moment, then whispered to each other. They looked to Light, and responded in a familiar fashion.

"Cool." They both said, almost owning the word like Light does. Almost.

The party ponies grinned. "Well then..." Light began.... "Meet us in an hour in err... Hm..."

"I got Vinyl Scratch's permission to reserve a building, I have the address!" Oh, Pinkie. Always planning ahead. She handed out the address on bits of paper.

"Well, I'll be going now," Light said. I need Flutter-cuddles. I NEED THEM. Why do I feel like I'm saying it because it's funny? I genuinely want them... "See ya in an hour, Pink, Kane and Able."

"See ya, Lighty-Wighty!"


"Goodbye, L-light."


Yay. I did something.

I'll have you know, that the party is going to be a surprise party. You know. Something surprising will happen. ...No, I can't tell you... Oh, shush, it- Why am I even telling you this...

Also... has anyone yet noticed the reference I made out of the thugs' names?

That's the idea. Bai.

Chapter 21: The Party

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Light returned to the cottage. As soon as he opened it, he was pulled in, and hugged. I should be used to this by now. Flutter-cuddles for the win.

"Hey, Flutters. How are you?" Light asked.

"All the better for seeing you, Light." She said, placing a kiss on his cheek, getting a blush from him.

"Aww. Nice to see you missed me. Anyway, I don't think we'll need to worry about the 42,000,000,000,000 bits anymore. Gotten on good terms with the thugs. Which also means, cuddling without anypony watching."

"Oh, really..." Fluttershy said, with a rather seductive tone in her voice. Wow. I really wish this could happen right now.

"I know what you're thinking... but the party's in ... probably 40 minutes now."

Fluttershy's mood went from happy to surprised.

"Oh... oh, um... I don't know what to wear..."

"Well... you know... I'm going as the Unavenged Stallion... you could go as Mare-Do-Well." Light offered, remembering the dream that got them together.

"Hm..." Fluttershy thought about it. "That does sound like a good idea. Then your character won't be so lonely, hm?" She said with a smile.

"Exactly. So then, we should get ready."

Fluttershy nodded, and (reluctantly) let him go to go upstairs to look for her Mare-Do-Well costume. Light went over to his bag, and pulled his character's suit.

*5 Minutes Later*

Light was now dressed in his attire. He hovered over to a mirror, and examined himself. Yep. Badflank.

"Hey, you." Came a familiar, confident voice. Light turned around, and came face to face with Mare-Do-Well.

"Well, well, Mare-Do-Well." He said, in his character's voice, only briefly noticing the rhymes. He felt it best to call her Mare-Do-Well, so she was confident. For a party, he'd assumed she needs a lot of confidence, and was willing to let her stay in character to achieve it.

Mare-Do-Well giggled at the rhyme. "Well, shall we go see our friends before going?"

"Sure th-" Light began, before mail fell through Fluttershy's door. They both looked at it. Light went over and looked at it. It was a dark blue envelope.

"Oh. I haven't received word from him in a while." Light said.

"From who?" Mare-Do-Well asked.

"Oh, I wasn't entirely alone in my hermitage. I had a pen-pal. His name was a weird name. John Smith. From the way he writes, he seems rather quirky, sometimes he makes up gibberish in place on complicated words. But he's a cool guy. Although, I wonder why it took so long for him to get back to me... or how he knew where to send this. Anyway. Best I have a look." Light opened the envelope, and read the letter inside.

Evening, Light! I'm sorry I haven't spoken to you in a while. You see, I'll tell you now, I've recently moved to Ponyville. Can't quite tell you what I look like yet, but what I'm about to tell you is rather important. I can't tell you what will happen at the costume party, but I will give this advice... protect your mouth from any intruders. Unless that intruder is your friend, by all means let her intrude. Just... nobody nopony else. Hopefully, you won't need to understand the ambiguity of this advice tonight. Well, great to write to you again. Don't write back until after the party, there's only about 30 minutes by now. Talk soon!

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

Light had finished reading the letter out loud. By then, both were rather confused.

"...So basically..." Mare-Do-Well began... "He's aware of our relationship... and... wants to keep it alive or something?"

"...Not sure how he knows. But I usually follow his advice when he tells me this sort of thing. ...But my muzzle isn't protected by my costume..."

"Oh. Well..." Mare-Do-Well said, in the tone of voice one gives when one is going to suggest something, "I have a spare Mare-Do-Well costume... Rarity made it a size too big. You could be... one of the male ancestors to Mare-Do-Well."

"Oh cool."

"What's he called?"


"Fine Equine?" He suggested.

"...Hm... that could work." Mare-Do-Well agreed.


*2 minutes later*

Mare-Do-Well was waiting for Fine Equine. Soon, a figure, dressed similarly to her, appeared before her.

"How do I look?" Light asked.

"Awesome." Mare-Do-Well responded.

*27.5 Minutes later*

Mare-Do-Well, and her great-great-great-great-notsogreat-great-great grandfather, Fine Equine, walked over to the building that was on the address. There were many other ponies behind them, which could only be seen in silhouettes, and their costumes some of them be in the strangest shapes. The pair opened the door, and could see the other 5 of the Mane 6. Although... they had similar ideas...

Twilight, Applejack and Pinkie were dressed in a Mare-Do-Well costume, Rarity was wearing a version of the costume that was coloured similar to her coat and mane. However, Rainbow, being the original victim of Mare-Do-Well, and therefore not having a costume like theirs, wore a costume in the style of the Wonderbolts.

"...Hi." Fine Equine said, in a voice similar to the Unavenged Stallion's.

"...Hello." Flutter-Mare-Do-Well said.

"Evening." Twilight said.

"Evening." Rarity said.

"Evenin'." Applejack said.

"Hi!" Pinkie said.

"Hey." Rainbow said.

"...Well..." Fine Equine began. "This... is awkward..."

"It was better than Star-Swirl the Bearded." Twilight said.

"A simple dress isn't a costume." Rarity said.

"Mah scare-crow suit itched." Applejack said.

"It was better than my chicken suit!" Pinkie said.

"The Wonderbolts are awesome." Rainbow declared.





"So Lighty, if you're gonna be going with that grim personality, then you won't have much fun for this party." Pinkie said.

"But I just thought of an ancestor of Mare-Do-Well. Fine Equine. Why not?" Fine Equine said.

"You can put him in your novel. But for now, go put your party suit on. I have a spare."

Light went out of character. "How do you have a spare?"

"I made another one. Since Pinkie was afraid one of the suits would be damaged, and then it would be getting cleaned, and nopony could wear it..." Rarity explained. "So now, since you left yours at home, and can't quickly go home to retrieve it, you can use the one she has. That's what it seems like.

"Ah. Good thinking, Pinks."

"Thanks! You can get dressed in the guest room!"

"Ah huh." Light said, making his way there.

*3 minutes later*

Light came back in his party pony suit. With the added stetson. His costume was now complete.

"How do I look?" He asked.

"You look ready for a party." Twilight said.

"Mediocre." Rarity said. Just because it's not your preferred fashion.

"Where'd ya get the stetson?" Applejack asked.

"From me! And doesn't he look awesome, Rainbow?" Pinkie asked.

"I guess..." Rainbow said. She obviously considered it a lower level of awesomeness, under the Wonderbolts. Can't blame ya.

"He looks good." Fluttershy said, still dressed as Mare-Do-Well, and confident.

Everypony watched as the place had filled up in the three minutes he'd been getting changed.

"Well then..." Light began. "Let's go start the party."

"'Kay!" Pinkie said. Light ran up to the stage, and Pinkie bounced there.

"Everypony, I have an announcement to make." Light said to the audience. "I think you all should know, a certain party pony is returning. With the best party pony. He's been a hermit for a while. But. He is back. And he is me. That is correct. Live Light is back. And we can't be party ponies without a party so... Pinkie, think we should start the party?"

"Of course!" Pinkie responded.

Light nodded, and spoke to the microphone.

"So let it be said... So let it be done!"


The party was successful so far. The ponies were happy to see the party duo back. Many a thing was happening. Many a thing indeed. Vinyl Scratch was the DJ for the party tonight(Who else?). There were a lot of familiar ponies who came along. For example, Lyra and Bon Bon felt like paying a visit, they didn't have any costumes of their own, though. Colgate, the town dentist, came along, in something akin to that Doctor Whooves thing Light sees a lot. Ditzy Doo came along dressed in paper bags again. As long as she didn't try to squash Light again, he was happy. Roseluck too. And Big M... now he's turned into Snowflake. ...Never thought he'd take my steroid advice... yikes. A few more Mare-Do-Well impersonators... a few ponies came as pirates....

A few memorable moments too. Lyra started sharing a human theory to a group of other ponies, which led to others listening to her good ideas. Then, Snowflake chased Light because it came up in a topic of conversation he was not a fan of 50 Shades of Grey. He then sang Equestria Girls Karaoke-style, as an alternate payment for wrecking a table during the chase. Finally, he left. Probably to find more 'roids.

But this was the more memorable bit.

"Hey, Pinks." Light said to Pinks.


"I brought a song for us to do a karaoke duet of."

"Oh, I'm not sure I can do a song right now." Eh? That's... kinda outta character... "Because uh... my voice hurts a bit. After the shouting. At the pony who broke the Pinkie Promise." If you say so. "But sure, I'll put it on!"

Light handed her the CD, containing Owl Pony's Good Time, ft. Marely Rae Jepsen.

"Ooh, this is a good one!" Pinkie said. She placed it in the CD Player, and began waiting until Light had someone to help sing it. Light could only think of one pony who'd hopefully be willing to sing it.

He flew over, to Fluttershy, still in character.

"Hey, Mare-Do-Well."

"Hey, you." She said, with a probable grin.

"Was wondering, err, would you be willing to help me with a duet?"

Fluttershy went out of character, shocked. "Oh, u-um... I-I'm not sure if I could do that..."

Light didn't question it. He didn't want to force Fluttershy into anything.

"Okay, I understand." Light gave her a smile, and turned around to fly to somepony else to help, until,


He turned around, to see Fluttershy, standing confident.

"I'll do it."


"Mm hm."

He gave her a hug. "Thank you." They both hovered to the stage. Light nodded to Pinkie to start the song up.

Fluttershy got nervous as it began, but Light offered her a re-assuring smile. Fluttershy nodded, and got ready for what was to come. It was Light's turn to sing.

"Woke up on the right side of the bed,
What's up with this Prince song in my head?
Hooves up if you're down to get down tonight...
'Cause it's always a good time

"Slept in all my clothes like I didn't care,
Hopped into a cab, take me anywhere,
I'm in if you're down to get down tonight...
'Cause it's always a good time..."

And then, it was Fluttershy's turn to sing,

"Good morning and good night...
I wake up at twilight...
It's gonna be alright..."

"We don't even have to try,
It's always a good time!"

"Whoa-oh-whoa-oh, Whoa-oh,
It's always a good time
Whoa-oh-whoa-oh, Whoa-oh
We don't even have to try, it's always a good time!"


When the song ended, the audience gave their best applause. Light felt like he'd done something awesome, and Fluttershy felt relieved. She gave him a hug to get all the fear out of her. They smiled at each other, and Flutershy flew off to talk to her friends.

"Nice one, Light!" Pinkie said, appearing next to him. "Come here, I got something to show ya!" She said, dragging him by the hoof to the basement.

Judging from the fact I'm being dragged to the basement, there's a cool collection of stuff. Or maybe an artefact. I dunno.

When they entered the basement, Pinkie closed the door behind her. The base looked relatively empty.

"So, err... what's in h-" Light said, before being interrupted by a passionate kiss from Pinkie. Wait, what I erghaaffghh.

Light wasn't quite sure what to make of it. He slowly opened one eye to check if Pinkie Pie had her eyes open. They were closed. She was probably waiting for this moment. He opened both his eyes, and tried to look around the room while he tried to wait for it to end... he was a bit disturbed when he saw a rather insect-like, chitin wing flickering on the Pinkie kissing him, and... an unconscious pony wearing a Mare-Do-Well suit, with a familiar frizzy, magneta coloured tail. And then, at that point, he remembered something.

...The letter...

"Protect your mouth from any intruders."



The plot thickens.

Hah. Plot.


PS: I know the picture is probably Mare-Do-Well... but sometimes Mare-Do-Well looks like a colt. Sometimes. Pretend she's a colt, I could find no gender-bender pics of Mare-Do-Well, 'K?

Chapter 22: The Changeling

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Light pushed Pinkie off of him.

"What was that for, Lighty?" She asked.

"I don't like change." Light simply stated.


"Wow. Very uncharacteristic of you. Anyway, I don't like being put in an impostor situation. They're scary, they're confusing, and they're just unnecessary."

"What d'you mean, 'Impostor?'"

"Well, if you look at that thing there, which Pinkie doesn't have, and that unconscious pony with the frizzy tail, which only Pinkie has, you kinda see my point."

"Well..." 'Pinkie' said, "When you put it that way..." She was suddenly morphed into an entirely chitin appearance, with none of Pinkie's features whatsoever. This was accompanied by a sort of unfamiliar, whirring sound that Light wasn't sure was a sound anything could make.

He turned around, and saw a well dressed stallion with a brown coat, and a spiky mane with a darker shade of brown. The sound seemed to be coming from a sort of metal stick object he was carrying, which was glowing blue at one of the sides. It took a bit of squinting before he realized it was the look-a-like of Doctor Whooves.

"Er. Hi. What are you doing with that stick?"

"Ish a shhnic scriwdrrver. Irhm t'eh Dccter!"

"Uh. Cool. Might wanna stop using that, I can already see she's a... whatever."

"Sbbdue it!"

That much... I understood. Subdue it. Light ran at the thing and tackled it to the ground, then kept a hoof on the neck so it wouldn't get away, and stood up. The stallion then stopped using it, and placed the screwdriver in his outfit's pocket. To be exact, he was wearing a blue suit, with a white shirt under it, and was sporting a red tie.

"Hi. I'm Live Light. And I am in distress." Live stated.

"Oh, it's you! Well, it's nice to finally meet you, Light!" The stallion replied.


"Oh, right. My fault, I haven't introduced myself comprehensibly. I am the Doctor, but you know me as John Smith, your pen pal."

My brain is full of buck.

"So," Light began. "What you're saying is. I have been speaking to an alien. From a TV show. Who exists. And just saved me."

"Yes, pretty much." Smith replied. "Although, for now, don't call me the Doctor, trying to keep quiet."

"Why? Planning an alien invasion?"

"No. Stopping it. ...Well, technically, they're not aliens are they, they just feel like it in my experience!"

"Oh...kay... what is this thing?" Light gestured with his free hoof to the thing he subdued.

"Oh, that, as many ponies here will tell you, is a Changeling. Previously encountered on the royal wedding between Princess Cadence and Shining Armor."

"Princess Who?" Light asked. The Doctor then burst into a fit of giggles. "What?" Light was now confused.

"I'm s-sorry, hah, It's just usually, I get asked that question, except as 'Doctor' who, and when you said Princess Who I-" He stopped when he noticed Light's seriously concerned expression regarding the events of the current. "Sorry. Anyway. You might know that princess better as Mi Amore Cadenza... if you don't know her another way, anyway."

"...Cool. What now?"

"Well, we can't really kill it, we don't have any killing objects, and I don't like them anyway... Well, save for the pony there, but I doubt she'd like to be used as a ram."

"Er, Doc." Light intervened. "That is my friend. Get her out, please."

"Hm? Oh, right, yes. I'll do that. Also, about a few seconds after I get her out, I'd really advice running. That's a priority." He said, as he was heading to Pinkie.

"Doc. I have it subdued..."

"Yes, that's why you should run. By now it's angry."

"But you told me to subdue it!"

"Yes, and I didn't tell you to open conversation." The Doctor picked up Pinkie, letting her lie on his back.

"But how was I supposed to know who you were?"

"That's simple, you're not. Not exactly. Anyway, good luck, start your running." The Doctor went through the door.

Light looked down at the Changeling. It snarled at him. He blinked a few moments.

"Hai, doggy." He said in his Johnny voice, before running off, hoping that confused the Changeling, not looking back. He managed to get through the door, and on the other side, he leaned against it to stop it from getting out. He looked in front of him, and found there were a bunch of ponies looking his way. He could see Fluttershy, Twi, The Doctor, Ditzy, and Snowflake, but those were all the familiar faces he saw.

"Uh. Hi, everypony. There's two possibilities at large. The first being that there is a Changeling here, and the other that it's nothing but a hallucination. So, yeah. For now, let's think that it's a hallucination that isn't scary, but just weird and disgusting and angry and mean that we should avoid. Agreed?"

"So, what you mean to say is, there's another changeling on the loose?" Ditzy said.

"...Yes. Thank you, Ditzy."

Ditzy realized she's worried everypony, and rubbed her head in embarrassment. Thankfully, Snowflake was there to diffuse the situation with his severe optimism.


An unpleasant chittering sound was coming from behind the door.

Light had only one thing on his mind. "Meep."

Then, an awful roar/shriek hybrid sound, and a strike at the door that poked a large hole next to Light's head. And that's when he decided,

"Yeah, I think we should run now. That'd be a really good idea. In three, two, RUN!" Light ran from the door to cover, and the other ponies followed suit. Conveniently, it was after they'd found cover that the Changeling burst through the door, and was shrieking aggressively, as it scanned the building, looking for everypony.

Light looked to the Doctor, who was beside him. "What do you think it's doing here?" He whispered.

"It's probably a sort of scout. They feed on love, correct? It probably thought you loved Pinkie, and so, as per its' assignment, fed on the love by kissing you."

"You kissed it?" Came Fluttershy's voice, who Light didn't notice.

"No, it kissed me. And I didn't like it." Light replied.

"Well, you did look like you were in distress, to be honest." The Doctor said.

"...Ah huh." ...And... now already, relationship complications with Fluttershy... BUCK IT...

The changeling kept hovering around the building...

"So... err... what do you think he'll do if he finds us?" Light whispered to the Doctor.

"Either eviscerate us, or get his buddies to help eviscerate us. It's pointless trying to steal our love at this point. They'd have to wait for a really long time. And even then, their plan needs to be elaborate."

"I feel so re-assured."

More hovering.

There was whimpering. It was coming from Ditzy. If she keeps that up, she'll blow our cover. I better try and stop it.

"Di-" Light began, but Fluttershy interrupted him, using her own method of calming Ditzy down. Which was hugging her and reassuring her.

"Ssshhh... it's okay, Ditzy, everything's going to be okay. Stay calm..."

This seemed to work, because Ditzy sniffed, then nodded, and wasn't whimpering any more. Fluttershy turned to Light and gave him a smile and a wink. Then a quiet 'Eep!' when the Changeling shrieked again. Nopony moved a muscle.

The Changeling was still hovering around the place...

Light suddenly felt a little drowsy... his chest flared up in pain, he clutched it, and used one hoof to cover his mouth, as he was about to have a coughing spasm. As he coughed, it started to sound more and more violent, much to the worry of everypony. When he stopped coughing, he looked at his hoof... there was blood... and bits of it had... a green tint in it... The wings could no longer be heard humming. Everypony looked around, shocked, as to the location of the Changeling.

A shriek was heard outside. It left the building for some reason... everyone went out of their hiding places, and looked outside. It was slowly walking around Ponyville at a calm pace... if but one pony was spotted, there was no hope. They went inside again.

"We have to find a way to stop it, without being seen." Twilight said.

"It probably has a signal it gives. We have to incapacitate it, and find some way to dispose of it."

"Besides killing." Fluttershy said.

"I'm not sure if that's possible."

"It has to be... I know it's here to hurt us, but... I don't like violence..."

Light erupted into another coughing spasm, and fell to the floor. Fluttershy ran over to him.

"Light! What's wrong!?" She screamed.

"Err... Smith. Does your stick detect illnesses?" Light asked the Doctor.

"It's a sonic screwdriver." He replied. Nevertheless, he walked over to him, and used it to scan him. He put the screwdriver in his jacket, with a worried expression on his face.

"I'm sorry, Light, I'm so sorry. But you've been poisoned."


The changeling continued to stroll around Ponyville. It felt mildly foolish for letting its wing be seen when it was trying to extract love from that stallion... it didn't get much though. From the amount gathered, it was obvious that the pony it took the form of was a former crush. It face-hoofed, because the gig was up. There's no point in trying. It was simply going to have to kill everypony. Although, it didn't need to eviscerate that blue stallion, that's for sure.

While it is a long shot, the death sentence endowed upon him is much more painful.


"...Poisoned... what poison?" Light asked fearfully.

"It's called Inpotentiorem Dimissione. Can only be placed by a Changeling's kiss." The Doctor replied.

"...Fantastic. How long do I have?"

"At best... a few days..."

A few days... that was enough to sadden him. He wouldn't get to spend his life with Fluttershy, or have children... Well, there is one thing he could ask.

"What's the cure?" He asked.

"I don't know." He said.

"...I'm sorry," Twilight said. "I don't have any books about Changelings... I don't know either..."

Light heard Fluttershy begin to cry. She picked him up a little, and hugged him tight. He hugged her back.

A very close, shrieking sound could be heard. It was near the house...

The door was being clawed repeatedly.


The door was almost down. The changeling was ready to slice all the ponies into pieces.

It destroyed the door. What it saw before it was the beginning of his troubles.

Pinkie Pie, now conscious, was aiming her trademark party cannon at it.

"Party time." She said, before firing.


The party cannon fired a ball of wrapping, party hats, and confetti at the Changeling. It was thrown back, and crashed into a wall. It snarled at Pinkie, and flew towards the town hall. Which the Mayor was at right now. Nopony needed to say anything. Everypony tried to do something about it, and ran over to it. Some pegasi flew over to grab hold of it and slow it down. It was stronger, but now, it was severely slowed. Applejack got a lasso and pulled at it to bring it to ground level. Light managed to walk (Albeit weakly) over to the scene.

The pegasi were losing their strength, but Applejack was able to bring it to ground level, where the unicorns tried to use magic to halt it further. However, these attempts made it angrier, and it seemed to get stronger, and morphing itself to be larger. Light flew over, in front of it, and gave it a looking over. Then, after summoning his strength, proceeded to apple-buck it in the face.

"You're a terrible kisser." He said.

It snarled, and, apparently having a boost of adrenaline, went to stab Light with its claws in a fit of rage. Light closed his eyes and prepared for the worst.

But he didn't feel anything... he opened his eyes.


He watched, as his friend, Green Flare, had taken the attack for him. After what seemed like forever, he had collapsed. His eyes wide with shock, Light looked from his friend, to the changeling, and back again. He narrowed his eyes at the Changeling in hate, and he charged at it, but his illness came back to haunt him mid-run, and he erupted into another fit of coughing. He fell unconscious.


Light woke up to the sight of a white ceiling. He was lying down in a hospital bed, dressed in the familiar green shirt that hospital patients wear. His eyes were still a little tired, but he still wanted to see the room he was in. He rubbed his eyes with his hooves, and sat up so his back was resting on the pillow, and took a look at the room.

...I didn't expect there to be so many ponies watching me sleeping.

His friends were standing in front of the hospital bed. They had happy smiles on their faces for seeing him awake, although, they still looked worried. There was Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Ditzy, Lyra, Bon-Bon, Kane and Able (Who... now that I think of it, I don't remember seeing at the party... maybe they were wearing really good costumes), Snowflake, and Colgate... no sign of the Doctor, though. Probably went to Space, or something.

"...Er. Hi, guys... cool party?" Light said, trying to take light of the situation. It was about as funny as he expected. Just a few of them had a few giggles, which included Fluttershy, Pinkie, Ditzy, Lyra, Snowflake (Oh, dear Celestia, that's the scariest sound I'll ever hear) and Colgate.

Light took a look to his left, and was sort of startled by the fact there was a doctor beside him, looking over some notes, probably to do with his condition. Then he remembered...

"...Doctor, where's Greg?"

"He's alive, don't worry. He's on the bed over there. He's sleeping right now." The doctor points over to another bed, which is hidden by a curtain, but a familiar shape's silhouette is seen behind it.

Phew... as long as he's okay, I won't feel too bad... although, I wish he didn't take the attack for me... I'm gonna die soon anyway...

"What about Light, Doc?" Pinkie asked. "Is he gonna be okay?"

"Well, he's been poisoned, and he is very slowly dying. The cure might be found in a book, but, unfortunately, we don't have any books to do with Changelings."

"Me neither..." Twilight stated, sadly.

"There isn't much we can do for him here. He can go home, if he wishes. He'll be in pretty much the same state he's in right now. He'll not be able to go now, though, we should wait until we can determine how safe it is for him to walk."

Light's chest started hurting, but he tried not to pay it much attention.

"What happened to the Changeling?" Light asked.

"Well," The doctor began, "Your friend John Smith (odd name), said he'd take care of the situation, and he and Ditzy Doo dragged it elsewhere."

"Oh. Cool." Light said, before looking to Ditzy, "Where'd you drag him?"

"Oh, some place far away." Ditzy replied.

"Uh... care to elaborate?"

"Maybe, but not right now."

"...Cool." He said.

"Alright, we should let Light here get some rest." The doctor said. "Visiting times will be in a few hours."

They nodded, and walked out of the door. Light looked to Fluttershy before she went, she gave him a sad smile, then walked out. For some reason, her smile seemed to make his chest hurt less, at least until she left. Light decided to lie down, and get some sleep.

*4 hours later*

Light was now reading a book. It seemed like a Daring Do book, but it was by one of his favourite comedic writers, Funny Bones. The background of Funny Bones is mostly unknown, others just know he's usually funny, and his surname was vaguely threatening. The book was Daring Do, And The Extremely Frictional Pointless Cross-Over with Nothing in Particular. It was, as the name says, a Daring Do book, and it was crossed over with other media, for apparently no reason other than he ran out of legitimate ideas and was therefore bored. Light likes to owe some of his mannerisms to Funny Bones' writing. He finds his comedy funnier than other things, and just wishes that Funny Bones didn't have the displeasure of finding out that someone made a terrible film called The Riddled Fiddle, and the director said he had gotten it from a book by Funny Bones. The director was sued by Funny Bones, who won the case, and therefore, had more money to do what he does best.

*Knock* *Knock*

He stops reading, and places his book on the table next to him. He looks to the door. It slowly opens, and Pinkie Pie walks through it. Her mane and tail seem to be much straighter... and she looks kinda pale. She doesn't seem that energetic, as she isn't bouncing. She probably considers this not the best time for partying. She walks over to Light's bed.

"Hey, Lighty-Wighty." Pinkie greeted,

"Hi, Pinks." Light said with a smile.

"How you doing?" She asked.

"Hrm. Been better, I guess. You alright?"

Pinkie sighed. "I don't wanna lose you... you're the only pony I know who isn't afraid to be spontaneous. Besides myself."

"Well, maybe this'll all work out..." Light said, "Maybe I'll recover soon."

"I hope so..."

Is it me, or is she a lot closer?

Pinkie was indeed leaning on the bed in his direction... a bit close for comfort.

"Err... ...anypony looking up some ways to get rid of the poison, by any chance?"

"Well, Twilight's been shopping to try and find a book about Changelings and any poison they might have... none around Ponyville, so tomorrow, she's going to look in Canterlot."

"Ah. Cool."

And now, Pinkie is very close to him.

I have no idea what's going on...

"Er... Pinkie... something wrong?"

Light felt Pinkie's hoof touch his face.

"I don't want you to go..."


He widened his eyes in surprise as he felt her lips meet his. He was only a little more troubled by the fact that this was obviously Pinkie. Apparently, she had a crush of her own... too late, it would seem. He noticed her mane go all frizzy again, which probably meant she was happy... she slid her tongue into Light's mouth... he wasn't too sure how to feel about this, so didn't actually participate. She was moaning with pleasure... he was just confused.

There was a gasp from somewhere at the door. Pinkie stopped kissing him, and looked at the door. Light rubbed his head, then looked to the door. Standing there, with a mortified look on her face, was Fluttershy. Light's eyes slowly widened, then looked to Pinkie, back to Fluttershy. In a matter of seconds, Fluttershy ran off crying.

"Flutters! Come back!" Pinkie cried, running after Fluttershy.

Light just stared at the door. He suddenly got a lot paler, and his eyes had gotten darker, as if he was still a hermit...



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It's going to be a amount of okay very soon...

What's that... you want more interesting news?

Well. Okay.

Tomorrow, Photo Finish.

PS: I wonder if I should make a story/possible trollfic attempt based on Funny Bones. This was about the first time I could think up a name on the spot. I feel so proud, I want to make this happen. Maybe some other time, when I actually have time. I'm writing 2 fics at once, and I haven't even began work on the next chapter of Deadpool Vs Equestria yet. Argh. Oh well. At least you get to enjoy this. Thank you for the support so far.

Chapter 23: The Big Event

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Live Light had recently been placed in the hospital, after being poisoned by a Changeling. It is probably fatal, and there is no known cure. On top of that, the love of his life has been devasted when he was kissed by the former love of his life before his other former love of his life. So right now, he feels just as he did some days before... really lonely. Lone Light again, as it were.

However, since he has nowhere to live, he still lives, bedridden (Well, couch-ridden, as he lies on the couch, not the bed), inside Fluttershy's cottage, but the two do not speak to each other much, usually just whenever Fluttershy asks him if he needs anything to eat or drink, or letting him know she is leaving. At least, that is how the two are going to go about it, anyway. By now, he probably only has two days of life left. He prefers to stay in the bed, not wanting much to do with the outside world anymore.

Anyway, Fluttershy is outside, shopping for supplies. Light is still comfortable on the couch, and reading Daring Do, And The Extremely Frictional Pointless Cross-Over with Nothing in Particular, with that so far being the only joy in his life now.

There was a knocking on the door. He ignored it. The knocking grew more frequent. It stopped for a moment, then came the sound of hooves moving. He rolled his eyes, and looked at the window. ...Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie came in an extravagant costume that looked like she was a clown without make-up. She gave a cheerful, but somewhat hopeful wave to him. Light grinned in a rather disturbing way, and merely waved back, as if trying to deface happiness and making it seem ultimately pointless. Pinkie cringed, and turned around and walked off. Light nodded, and went back to his book.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie.


"AGH!" Light yelped in surprise, when he heard Pinkie, standing a good distance away from him.

"...Pinkamena. Hi. What do you want." Light asked in a dull, monotone tone.

"Look... I just wanna say... I'm sorry." Pinkie said.

"Apology accepted. Take care, bye-bye then." Light replied with a dim expression on his face and a weary tone in his voice. Pinkie didn't move.

"I'm not convinced you actually forgave me." She said.

"That's because I didn't." Light replied.

"I really am sorry."

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

"...Just... hear me out, okay?"

Light's eyes dimmed, and shrugged in defeat, motioning for her to get on with it.

"I've... really liked you for a long time, okay? I didn't know you were with Fluttershy. The reason I didn't advance on you when you were with Bri-" Pinkie noticed him cringing, just at the near mentioning of the name. "...The other one, was because it's not nice to steal somepony away from another... if you'd told us about the two of you, I wouldn't have kissed you. So... not to pry, but, why didn't you mention it?"

"We were kinda waiting until after the thugs had gone, but after the party seemed like a better time after it obvious they'd probably be staying." Light explained. "Oh well. What's done is done."

"I just... don't feel right, because of what I did..."

"Well, what'd you tell Fluttershy when she ran off crying because of what you did, then?"

"I told her pretty much everything I told you."


"She ignored me..."

...I should be fair with Pinkie, I guess.

"Well..." Light began, "I had a crush on you, before... the other one. I kinda know how you feel... kinda."

"Yeah, well... I never was the best with love... I didn't really know what a date was for a while, too."

New to it, hm. I guess I don't blame you.

"...I'm sorry for how I acted, Pinkie... I'm just... sad." Light explained. "I love Fluttershy but... she's sensitive about this, so... yeah."

"Uh huh... just... letting you know."

Pinkie Pie walked to the door. She looked back to Light. "See ya, Light." She said, before walking out of the cottage.

Light laid back in his bed, thinking about his short-lived future.

*Knock Knock Knock*


Light was already weary of the interruptions, and so got out of bed, and, with effort, walked to the door, and opened it.

"Oh. Hi, Snips and Snails."

"Good morning, sir. Would you like a flyer for the upcoming event?" Snips asked.


"Wait..." Snails began. "Isn't it Fluttershy who lives here?"

"Yes." Light answered.

"Is she out?" Snips asked.


"Well, anyway, here's a flyer for you."

"But I said n-" A pamphlet was given to him, regardless. ...Ugh.

He decided to look at it for a moment.






The pamphlet stated that Photo Finish was coming to Ponyville. Light remembered that Photo Finish had employed Fluttershy as a model. And she hated it. Her undeniable beauty is sure to be taken for advantage again... well, most probably anyway. Fluttershy never really said how she got out of it. Maybe Photo Finish thinks she went missing. If so, that means he has to intervene. He walked over to his bag, and pulled out his hooded cloak. He put it on, then went outside, walking fast, as running hurt him in his condition.


There were a bunch of last-minute banners put up for Photo Finish's arrival, and a lot of ponies were waiting. Rarity was waiting outside her boutique, hoping Photo Finish would come to see her designs (But she was more concerned about Fluttershy).

Fluttershy, at hearing the news, 'eep'ed. She was now hurrying home. However, she heard a sort of crowd near her. She hid in a corner, and saw two earth ponies carrying a sort of platform, with Photo Finish, in her familiar attire, standing on it, and many ponies following the platform. She waited until they had left. She then visited a disguise shop, and bought a hooded cloak, hoping Light's hermit style was concealing enough.

She followed the crowd into a building, and found Photo Finish at the center of it, speaking to the audience. She had the following thing to say to them.


Fluttershy walked among the crowd, to find a spot she could more easily be less seen, seeing how her disguise might not be tolerated by most of the fashionistas around her. She spotted a similarly dressed figure standing somewhere in the crowd. If somepony dressed like that is fine, she should probably stick with them, and make this 'infiltration' easier. She walked over to the figure, keeping her hood low, and standing next to them. It was hard to tell their gender easily, but it seemed to be in the shape of a stallion. A bit tall and skinny. She tried opening conversation.

"Um... hello." She said.

"Hi." Came a vaguely familiar voice, definitely male.

"...Um... do I... know you?" She said, turning her hooded head towards the stallion, who, in turn, looked in her direction.

"I should be asking you that question."

She thought about a bit longer, until she thought of where she's seen that specific cloak before. She slowly extended a hoof to pull his hood down, and got a surprise when she did pull it. She stood there, obviously with widened eyes, despite them concealed under her hood.




"...Hi, Fluttershy..."

"...Hi... Light..."


Sorta short episode today. I introduced Photo Finish (Technically) and a musical number (Also technically.)


See ya.

Chapter 24: Standing up to Fashion

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For dramatic reasons, we'd like you to listen to this 'okay' soundtrack from a film we love to hate. It's kinda fitting, I think. Listen. I mean... if you want to...


The hooded Fluttershy and the de-hooded Lone Light looked at each other. Fluttershy's look would be one of surprise if it could be seen. Light's expression was a cross between a look that said 'I speculated this might happen so I am not bothered,' and another look that said, 'Well, this was a perfect(!) idea, wasn't it. Ugh.'









"So..." Light began. "How have you been?"

Fluttershy, probably dimming her eyes at his pointless comment, proceeded to drag him out of the building. He didn't really move a muscle, despite being dragged, so he wasn't willingly coming along, but wasn't resisting either. After they left the building, Fluttershy dragged him to a house that was a bit further from the building Photo Finish was occupied with, but not too far, so as not to get tired with dragging. She let him go, and spoke to him, keeping her hood down in case some fashion pony remembered her.

"What are you doing out here?" Fluttershy demanded.

"Taking a stroll. Keeping healthy." Light replied, before pulling his hood back up, and concealing his face again.

"You don't seem like the sort to be taking a walk for no reason. Is there something interesting about Photo Finish's appearance? And where did you even hear about it?" She asked.

"Snips and Snails gave me a pamphlet. Well, they called it a flyer, and I guess that's an okay name for it, but it sounds like it flies. Pamphlets don't fly, birds and pegasi do. Plus, 'pamphlets' is kinda fun to say. Pamphlets. Pamphlets. Pamphlets. See where I'm getting at?"

"And you went there, 'just' because you were given a pamphlet?"

Light shrugged. "Made a good point of interest for me to take a look at in my walk."

"Why were you taking a walk anyway?" Fluttershy asked.

"I dunno. Keeping healthy, I guess. Why were you there?"

"I was out shopping!"

"I know that. I meant, why were you in the building?"

"I wanted to see why Photo Finish was coming back here..."

"Alright then."

"No. It's not alright. You went out for a walk, despite being sick! You never took walks before I found you unless you were shopping! Why would you be out here?" Fluttershy demanded.

"Doesn't matter much, does it. Maybe I felt I wasn't living life to the fullest."

"Last night, you were partying, kissing changelings, running from changelings, getting poisoned, hospitalized, and kissed. AGAIN. By a pony!"

"Oh, sure. Because I was the one being kissed, against my will, it's my fault. Wow. Great." Light retorted.

"Well, what's your side of the story?" Fluttershy asked unsympathetically.

"Well, let's see. It was Pinkie's idea to go to the party, which you attended with me, I got dragged by evil-Pinkie, and poisoned, probably because it thought I was interested in that way with Pinkie, then that weird Sci-Fi Smith came over and helped me because we were pen pals, and when Real-Pinkie came over and kissed me, do you really think I was expecting that? I didn't want to do that!"

"Well, you did a real good job resisting!"

"I was confused! When have you ever been the object of two pony's interests? I -used- to be interested in Pinkie, but that was before I met... the other one."

"WHAT OTHER ONE!?" Fluttershy yelled. Light flinched. His hood covered the slight fear in his eyes. Fluttershy quickly put a hoof to her mouth, noticing how loud she was, looked around, then took a moment to breathe.

"What do you mean, the other one?" She asked, calmer now.

"She was my marefriend before I was a hermit. I don't like to think about her." He replied.

"Well, Light, now's the best time. Now. What's her name?"

"Leemekallabelo Hannunakakamendahindrashim."

"Charming. Just tell me her name."


"Tell me. Please."

Light's head looked down for a moment.

"...Her name... was Bright Flare." He said, finally.

"How did you two meet?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well... I was in a party that Pinkie thought up... Greg was invited... so he brought his sister, Bright Flare along. I talked with Bright a bit, and we started to walk to places we liked, and chatted some more... we soon started dating, and... we were happy."

"What was she like?

"She was adventurous, wasn't afraid to speak her mind, and sometimes a little bit arrogant. But she could be nice to others, sure."

"Hm. Sounds like the perfect marefriend. What happened that got you two seperated?"

"Not important." Light attempted to conclude.

"Light... I need to know... please."

Light cringed at the memory...

"It was during Discord's return... we were on vacation at the time, in Fillydelphia, despite how much I didn't want to go there. After we'd gone grey-scaled and corrupted, we started arguing over little things... and the big things were obviously gonna be worse. We even had a big physical fight, once... eventually, it got to the point where she locked herself in her room... then, Discord was stopped. We were happy things were back to normal, but I could tell there was still something slightly off about her... we got back to Ponyville. And... she said that it wasn't working... that she didn't feel what she did before... So she said we should have some time apart... then most of the family left to go to Manehattan. Only Green Flare, A.K.A Greg, stayed." Light turned around, to look away from Fluttershy.

"...After that... I didn't want anything to do with anypony, so I bought a house, and decided to stay in it, and make no contact with others... I wanted to be alone."

Fluttershy looked rather guilty, even with her face concealed behind the hood. Although the story itself was probably not what got her saddened... it was the fact that she'd realized she'd brought up a painful subject, just because she wanted to know who 'the other one' was.

"I-I'm sorry..." Fluttershy said...

Light didn't answer. The two stood there for a while.





"...Let's just... go home..." Light said. Fluttershy just nodded, and started trotting over to a path, with Light following.

"Light... if it's alright with you... why did you really go outside?" Fluttershy asked along the way.

"...I saw the pamphlet. And I was reminded of your story when Photo Finish had you as a model... I didn't want that to happen to you again... you said how you hated it... I... I still care about you..."

Fluttershy stopped in her tracks for a moment... Is he serious? She thought. Maybe I overreacted at the hospital... oh... I should just find out when we get home...

They followed the path leading to the cottage. In front of them was a rather large crowd, some of them fashion fans who came for the Photo Finish event. Fluttershy went forward, trying to walk past the crowd. Light followed, still.

The crowd was increasingly difficult to walk through, the two sometimes collided with other ponies. Some parts were painful, uncomfortable, and some were so narrow it was hard to get through. They eventually made it through, breathing heavily after getting through that ordeal. The sounds of hooves meeting the ground stopped, as did the chatter of the crowd. The two looked back there, and found that the fashionistas were at the front of the crowd, looking at Fluttershy. Light looked to Fluttershy... her hood was down. Must have been the crowd. And those fashion fans seem to recognize her... Uh oh.

The crowd began to part, and the pair saw as the two Earth ponies carrying the platform, which in turn, was carrying Photo Finish, was walking closer to them. The Earth ponies were now at the front of the crowd, a short distance away from the pair, close enough. They sat down, and Photo Finish jumped off of the lowered platform. She walked in front of Fluttershy, then started walking around her in circles as if examining her. She stopped when she was, again, in front of her, and put a hoof to her chin.

"I'm pretty sure I've seen yoo before... do I... know yoo?" She spoke. Oh, vhat a familiar ack-zent, Light thought.

"U-u-um... n-no..." Fluttershy responded.

"Hmm... okay. Anyvay! I hev a propozition for yoo..." She began, Fluttershy's reflection visible in her oversized sunglasses. "Vould yoo like to become ze primary model for mein company?"

It's like square one again... Photo Finish apparently doesn't remember Fluttershy, but she still sees beauty in her. She's basically repeating what happened before... fortunately, Rarity doesn't need her to do this anymore.

"U-um... n-no th-thank you...." Fluttershy responded.

"But don't yoo vant to become a star? Like ze sort from Outer space, vhere no-vone can heer yoo scream?" She insisted.

"N-n-not really..." Fluttershy replied...

"Ov course yoo do! Nopony says no to zis opportoonity until zey are convinced by Photo Finish!"

"W-w-well... I don't w-wanna be c-convinced... i-if th-that's o-okay with you..."

"It izn't okay, you hev true beauty, ze sort zat only exists in ze fiction! Ze sort zat should be documented! Von't you let me document yoor beauty, mein freunde?"

... Can't take it anymore.

Light reached into his coat pocket, and threw a bouncy looking ball at the ground. The bouncing caught the attention of everypony. Then, he took his hooded cloak off, and revealed himself, in his party pony uniform. Everypony looked in his direction, as he stood, averagely. Then the bouncing ball hit him in the head, and proceeded to bounce elsewhere.

"Ow..." He said, rubbing his head. Everypony, including Fluttershy, looked surprisedly at him.






Gotta love these awkward silences...

"...Hai. I'm Live Light, the Party Pony from yesterday who's a friend, emphasis on the word FRIEND, of Pinkie Pie. And I'm also dying, but I choose to ignore this fact!"




"Anyway! I'm here to express my distaste at this display here!"



"So... I don't like this one bit. Mostly because my friend... bit less emphasis on word friend, is uncomfortable with this prospect." He said, turning to look at Photo Finish. "Now, what YOU'RE doing, is practically trying to force her to work for you. Why should somepony work for a second time with a forgetful employer? That's right, she has worked for you before. But you're not gonna know her name. You just know, that some time ago, she's worked for you. Now, as supplied in the pamphlet here, are the lyrics to your 'Picture Perfect Pony' song. And... they're vaguely threatening."

He pulled the pamphlet out of his pocket. "Now, in the first part of the song, you tell them that anything they want, they know you can give it... that's anything in the world of FASHION, correct? You should mention that, because if you were offering that to me, I'd say, 'I want you to leave me alone.' You insist that by working with you, they'll shine above the rest. I mean, look what you did to poor Ditzy there. She seemed happy enough when you were telling her, but now she's noticed how hard it is to see through those entirely golden shades."

Right on cue, Ditzy was walking around behind him, in confusion, sniffing the air, probably hoping that the scent of muffins would guide her to safety.

"And yes, I am no fashion expert, that is true. But Bon-Bon's hair now, it looks a bit too... wavy... did she tell you to make it wavy? It looked perfect the way it was before. This is just like that time I got a manecut at a barber, and I wanted it a lot shorter (It was a really girly mane back then), and it was shortened only a little bit. Not what I wanted at all. That's why I started bringing pictures with me."

"Anyway! After your two earth pony servants have finished their horrific rap moment, you pursue a mare, trying to get her to agree to your thingy, and it's obvious she doesn't want to go with it, because she's running away. And seriously! The part where you say, 'Where no one can hear you scream,' that was really creepy! Also, your pink assistant, why does she look like Pinkie Pie with a straight mane? Eh, no matter. Back to my point!"

"There is a difference between a good employer, a bad employer, and a terrifying employer, and you are the latter two. As soon as you see someone with as much beauty as the mare next to me, you're going to go out of your way to make sure you have them, as if they were that teddy bear from that carnival claw machine that the creepy clown that reminded you of Pennywise rigged because they dropped a nickel in there inexplicably, and they were using up all the turns until the machine stopped work and THEREFORE WAS OUT OF ORDER FOREVER, AND YOU COULDN'T GET THE TEDDY BEAR! AGH!" Light yelled at the sky, or what he thought to be fate. Then he clutched his chest for a moment, as the poison in him started being painful, as he was over-exerting himself.

"...*ahem.* Back to my point... again. You're going to go out of your way to make sure they'll receive your fashion adjustments, and you won't ever let them go. Ponies aren't exploitable objects, and they most certainly aren't your own Barbie dolls either! So stop treating them as such! Get it in your head that it's okay for most fashion-obsessive ponies to be really crazy (No offence to you ponies over there), but not for them to utilize it in a way that allows them to get what they want, so stop trying to make my friend your personal ragdoll, because, IT'S JUST NOT GONNA HAPPEN. GOT THAT!?" Light yelled at Photo Finish, ignoring the chest pain he brought upon himself in the process.

He just got a rather unimpressed and blank stare from Photo Finish. Those glasses were so freakin' big it was really hard to tell how she was feeling. Then, she just shrugged her shoulders, climbed on top of the platform, and pointed a hoof to the nearest exit to Ponyville, probably to find some other pony to utilize unfairly. Or just leave sadly without showing sadness. Probably the former.

Light looked at the crowd. Some looked shocked, the fashion ponies just frowned, and some people looked amazed at his bravery... then they just walked off, like the event never happened.

Light breathed out, and clutched his chest.

"...Flutters... you alr-" He began, before being cut off by Fluttershy's lips meeting his. He widened his eyes, but seeing how this was the mare he truly loved, he gladly returned the kiss, pulling her closer with one foreleg and stroking her mane with the other. He didn't notice that his chest stopped hurting, and he felt a little more energetic.


There was a flash, and the couple pulled back and yelped in fright. They looked at the source of the flash. It was a pegasus colt, Featherweight, with a camera.

"...Err... Featherweight.." Light began... "What are you doing?"

"Sorry, sir..." Featherweight replied. "It looked interesting, is all."

...Well, this is definitely an interesting moment... and I can hardly feel my pain.

"Err... okay but... don't publish it until I think it's ready, or something?"

"No, it's okay, I was doing this for my project. I was taking photos of anything interesting I find in Ponyville, such as the event we had just now, any celebrating couples I see, another photographer, maybe, Pinkie's strange antics, Ditzy delivering mail, that blue box with the weird stallion, Sweetie Be-"

"Good to know, thanks for not publishing, Featherweight." Light interjected.

"No problem!" He said, flying off.

Light and Fluttershy shrugged, smiled to each other, and walked to the cottage.


Light and Fluttershy arrived at the cottage. It was great to be home again. And with our relationship renewed, even better... ...And I feel a lot better... I feel less dead... I'll ask Twilight about it next time I see her.

The couple entered the cottage. Fluttershy took the cloak off, and walked over to Light.

"Well, nopony here to interrupt, it seems." She said, before passionately kissing him. Light was ready for it this time, and immediately returned it. She slid her tongue into his mouth, while Light, not wanting to leave all the fun to her, did the same, getting a pleasurable moan from Fluttershy. She pulled away, and began dragging him to the stairs.

"Err... Where are we going?" Was all Light could ask.

"I want to show you how grateful I am..." Came Fluttershy's reply.

...Well, this is taking Flutter-Cuddles to a new level.



And now, things are less sad. More happy.

So is Light.

I do not in any way think this happened too fast.

P.S: Have you figured out the cure to the poison yet? If so, it was the best I could think of. It may seem like a pointless plot device after that, but at the time, I thought it was a good idea.

P.S:S: I know the video links are a late addition, but I forgot to add them in the first time. Besides, they work, when you think about it.

P.S.S.S: The Bright Flare origin story was the best I could think of, okay? It's not sad at all, but as long as I've gotten that out of the way, I'm happy.

So happy I'm gonna get a balloon and float away from now. Anyone wanna come with?

Chapter 25: Spreading The Word/Animal Antics

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Light was eating sandwiches for breakfast with Fluttershy, sitting next to her on a couch. He got the feeling some of the animals were dissatisfied with him now. He wasn't too sure why, though. He didn't think about it. He looked to Fluttershy, as he finished his sandwich.

"So, Fluttershy... think it's about time we tell the others of our relationship?" He asked.

"I think that's a good idea. It's about time we told them." She replied.

He nodded. "Should we tell them all at once or individually?"

"Individually. I don't think we need to gather them all up for the sake of good news... maybe when something big happens."

"Sounds good."

Fluttershy nodded, and finished eating her sandwich. The two stood up from the couch, and walked out of the door.

The animals watched them go.

-----Point of View: The Animals-----

Angel Bunny, Fuzzy Ferret, Cutie Mouse, Hyper Hamster, Miss Rabbit and Tim, who, incidentally, is a cat, all sat down like a governmental group discussing things, with Cutie sitting next to Angel on a couch, Fuzzy and Hyper on the table, Miss Rabbit on a chair, and Tim, on another chair.

"Alright, fellow woodlands..." Angel began, "It's time we disc-"

"Wait, what if somepony hears us?" Fuzzy interrupted. He always was the frequently paranoid one.

"Nopony will hear us. Nopony seems to understand what we're saying except for Fluttershy, who is, in fact, out right now. Can I please try to announce what we're doing without you interrupting me?"

"Fine, fine... nopony believed me when I saw humans falling from the sky."

"That was a mental patient, Fuzzy," Tim said, "I hear even Lyra was afraid of him."

"SHUSH!" Angel yelled. Everyone speaking went silent.

"Good... anyway. It is time we discuss what we're going to do with the stallion who's moved in." He managed to say, uninterrupted. "Now, everybody knows that he was a lonely guy who's house got demolished somehow by the Crusaders. We also know that he and Fluttershy 'like' like each other now... and... we heard things upstairs last night..."

"Some really, really weird things!" Hyper exclaimed. "One moment, Fluttershy was screaming like there was a scary movie and her breathing was constricted, the next, she sounds happily exhausted! What gives?"

"Ugh..." Angel said, facepalming. Hyper still didn't understand the concept of the Birds and the Bees yet... I swear, he's just like Pinkie Pie...

"Well... 'whatever' the reason is... we're discussing whether we try to put a stop to it or not." Angel continued.

"I'm not too sure about this guy..." began Tim. "In the time we've had him, he's had two excitements from looking at Fluttershy, the second one in the shower, which we have you to thank for, Angel."

"Hey, you know I get cranky without my carrots!" Angel argued.

"Anyway..." Tim continued, "He's even hurt her once, and they're somehow together again."

"To be fair, it wasn't by his doing," Miss Rabbit began, "A certain pink pony was just so frustrated in this sort of thing, and she wasn't even aware of it. Oblivious to romance, as it were."

"And you learned this how?" Fuzzy asked, suspecting aliens.

"Gummy told us the whole story," Miss Rabbit answered. "He is seriously smarter than he looks."

"Doubt it." Angel said, recalling the day Gummy nearly swallowed him.

"And also," Tim continued, "I thought he was sick, dying. Why does he look a lot better?"

Angel shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe he got better?"

"Well, uhm..." Cutie began, "I think it's nice... the two clearly care for each other, why should we interfere?"

"I agree, a very good point." Miss Rabbit said.

Angel looked around after Miss Rabbit said that, "...Yeah. I agree also. Good point, Cutie."

"Thank you, Angel." She said with a smile.

"I'm still not sure about this," Tim said.

"Me neither," Fuzzy added, "There's something off about that guy... and there's something off about everypony."

"...Yes. Of course," Angel said, sarcastically. "That means we have to ignore your judgement because you basically said he's as trustworthy as anypony. So he's as trustworthy as Applejack, perhaps, as she falls into the category of 'anypony.' Hyper, what's your thought?"

Everyone watched Hyper with anticipation.






"Sorry, could you repeat the question, please?" Hyper asked innocently.

"Agh." Angel double-facepalmed. "Do you, or don't you approve of Light and Fluttershy as a couple?"

"Well, of course they're a couple. There's two of them!"

He's even MORE oblivious that Pinkie Pie...

"So yes!" Hyper added.

"I'll take that as an actual answer." Angel added. "Well, 4 votes for, and 2 against. Which means, we have to let it keep going."

"What if they keep in with their humina-humina-meow-mow things and make it a nightly routine?" Fuzzy asked.

"Whhhuuuuuuuuh?" Hyper 'asked.'

"That just shows they love each other. Although I could do without the noise." Miss Rabbit said.

"Me too..." Cutie said.

"Me three." Angel agreed.

"Me four." Tim agreed.

"Me five." Fuzzy said.

"Them donkeys are sinister." Hyper agreed.

"DONKEYS!? WHERE!?" Fuzzy looked around frantically.

"Well... I guess for now, we let them be." Tim said.

"Yeah. We'll see how it goes, and if it escalates too much... somehow... we'll do something about it. We may be smaller than them, but there's much smaller than us." Angel said confidently, getting a nod from all the other woodlands.

"Okay, who's up for a game of charades?" Miss Rabbit asked.

-----Point of View: Live Light-----

Live Light and Fluttershy first decided to stop off at Rarity's, as she's one of Fluttershy's closer friends. Fluttershy knocked on the door. In a matter of seconds, Rarity opened the door.

"Good morning, Fluttershy... and hello, Light. What brings you two here?"

"O-oh, well, we have something to share with you... may we come in?" Fluttershy asked.

"Of course, darling." Rarity let them in, and the three sat down in Rarity's living room.

"So... what's the news?" She asked. Before Fluttershy could open her mouth, "Wait... don't tell me... Light is feeling better?"

"U-um... well, there's that too, but that's not why we came here." Fluttershy responded.

"Really? Well, what could be more interesting than th-" She said, before noticing Fluttershy was holding Light's hoof. She widened her eyes as the realization hit her.

"Oh, congratulations!" She exclaimed. The couple smiled.

"Thank you," They said in unison.

"Anyway, Light, how did you recover?"

"I don't know, really," He said. "I just remember us sharing a kiss, and the pain was gone."

"Hmm, maybe you should speak to Twilight about this," Rarity suggested. "I'm sure she can think up a logical explanation."

Oh, logic. Always there to help me.

"Alright then. Spread the word to the rest of the gang?"

"When I can find the time, I shall." Rarity said, with a nod.

"Thank you," Fluttershy said. "We'll be going now."

"Alright, Fluttershy. You two take care now. Au revoir!" She said.

"See ya." Light said, and the two walked off.

-----POV: The Animals-----

It was now Angel's turn at Charades. The other 5 animals were all sitting on the couch, while Angel was on the table. He lifted two fingers.

"Two words." Miss Rabbit said.

Angel extended one arm, and kept it stationary. He made the other arm make a winding motion.

"It's a film." Tim said.

Angel nodded. He started dancing.

"Step-Up?" Fuzzy asked. Angel shook his head.

"It's about dancing, though?" Miss Rabbit asked. Angel nodded.

"Alvin And The Chipmunks?" Tim asked. No.

"Río?" Miss Rabbit asked. No, but it was made by very good birds, and the human portrayals were okay for not being done by humans.

"...Blades of Glory?" Was all Tim could think of after that. I don't look like I'm skating, DO I!?

"STAR WARS!" Hyper yelled. Angel lost it, and went ballistic.


"...I thought you were dancing, and you were using glowsticks..."


"Why are you yelling at me, I was only guessing for comedic purposes!"


"Happy Feet?" Cutie guessed.

"FINALLY! SOMEONE GOT IT!" Angel yelled with triumph. "CORRECT!"

"...Okay... could you please stop yelling?" Cutie asked, a bit fearful.

"It wasn't that obvious... you could have pointed at your feet, and looked happy." Tim suggested.

"Then it'd have been too obvious, Tim." Angel pointed out.


-----POV: Live Light-----

Fluttershy and Light walked over to Twilight's library and knocked on the door. The door was answered by a purple lizard.

"Hey, Fluttershy," The lizard said, then looking to Light. "Uhh, who's this guy?"

"This is Live Light, Spike," Fluttershy explained. "Can we see Twilight today?"

"Oh! She was talking about almost being done with something, and wanted to tell Light about it, I'll just go get her. Come in." Spike said, letting the two through. Light closed the door behind him.

"Twilight! Light's here!"

"Really? In a minute, Spike!" There were sounds of paper being scattered, then of magic hums, more paper sounds, probably with Twilight putting them back somewhere, then Twilight came into view, running down the stairs.

"Hi, Fluttershy, and, Light, what are you doing out of bed?"

"Well, that's a very interesting story... I feel a lot better now. I don't know why, however, that's why we came over to see you." He said.

"Oh, really? Well, I just finished my calculations on it, and I think I may have discovered the cure."

"Really? What is it?"

"According to my research, an extreme amount of love."

Oh. So last night had more advantages than I thought?

"Well... interesting..." Light said.

"Yes. Very interesting." Fluttershy agreed.

Twilight looked confused for a moment, before it dawned upon her...

"Oh... you two are..."

"Yes, we are." Fluttershy said, smiling to Light. "And I couldn't be happier."

"Me neither, Flutters." Light replied, smiling back at her.

"Well... you've pretty much saved his life, Fluttershy." Twilight commented.

...Yes... she did...

"I-i did?" Fluttershy said, "I-i did, didn't I, an-" She began before being kissed by Light, happily returning it, and pulling him close.

"Ugh, get a room, you two!" They heard Spike say. The couple pulled back in embarrassment. Twilight giggled.

"In any case, I'm happy for you, Fluttershy. I see no problems for this relationship whatsoever."

"Th-thank you, Twilight." Fluttershy said, before hugging her.

"Could you spread the word to the rest of the girls?" Fluttershy asked, after pulling away.

"I'm sure I could do something like that, sure." She replied.

"Great. Anyway, we'll head home now. Bye, Twilight."

"See you, Fluttershy, Bye, Light." She replied.

"See ya." Light said, before the couple departed.


"...How are we meant to figure what this means?" Angel asked the 4 animals next to him. Fuzzy shrugged, Cutie looked unsure, Tim scratched his head, and Miss Rabbit facepalmed.

Hyper Hamster was practically acting out a number of scenes that looked like they could be from a silent movie.

"Ace Ventura?" Tim asked. A no from Hyper.

"Fancypants and Donut Joe?" Fuzzy asked, referencing an attempt to bring back the silent film era that failed because Donut Joe was not an adequate actor. A no from Hyper.

"The Lawnmower Stallion?" Miss Rabbit asked. A no from Hyper.

"Psycho?" Cutie asked. A no from Hyper.

"A strange form of acting that should only be demonstrated to a willing audience?" A no from Hyper.

"Well, what is it, then, we give up." Angel said,

"Titanic." Hyper said, simply.





"...Well, it does explain why he was lying down on the table in a 'draw me' pose." Miss Rabbit admitted.

The door opened.

"SCATTER!" Angel yelled. The animals jumped off the couch, while Angel went to the couch, so everything looked normal. Fluttershy walked through the door, with Light.

"Would you like some lunch, Light?" She asked him.

"Not right now, I'm not too hungry." He replied.

"Me neither. I'll just go see how the animals are doing. How about you... get to work on your novel?"

Oh, wow, I forgot about that...

"Oh, the novel. Thanks for reminding me, Flutters."

"Not a problem," She said with a smile. "Good luck with it."

"Thanks!" Light replied. She smiled back, and walked over to Angel, while Light walked over to his bag to get his writing equipment.

"Hello, Angel. Would you like some carrots?" Flutters asked.

Still cares for me. Good thing Light isn't dragging her off me.

Angel nodded innocently. Fluttershy smiled, and walked over to the kitchen to make food that involves carrots.



Not only did I get the chapter finished in a way I'm fully content with, but I introduced some characters.

I wonder if I should add that to my list of upcoming stories...

The Furred 6? Team Hugs? Fluttershy's Angels? Angel's Angels? Team Woodland?

I'm not sure.

Chapter 26: A Travelling Offer

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Light was sitting the wrong way on the couch... as if the seat was the back rest, and the back rest was the seat... he was sitting upside down, basically... that's how his brain felt anyway. He's finally found a snag in his novel.

At the moment, there are armed minions aiming at the Unavenged Stallion and Mare-Do-Well... and he just made it that they can't escape without assistance, and they didn't inform anypony of where they were. He doesn't want it to end like this, he wants the duo to survive the novel, and also, he felt this was a bit too early for an ending.

What do I do now!? Do something meta? Like make the minions inexplicably kill themselves or fall asleep or something? NO, because I CAN'T do that. I need this to be realistically possible, except for scenes with Deathelocke and Leeroy! But Deathelocke isn't introduced yet, for whatever reason, and Leeroy is elsewhere, and doesn't actually care about what happens to his minions or their victims, because he's too busy doing... whatever it is I also can't think up!


*Knock* *Knock*


Light re-positioned himself on the couch so he was sitting properly, with Angel watching in slight confusion. Light cracked his neck, got off the couch, walked over to the door, and opened it.

Suddenly, Doctor.

"Hello Light!" He said in that British accent.

"...Er. Hi, Doc." Light said. "I'm kind of in the middle of writing something, so if you could come back lat-"

"Oh, you're writing? I'd like to see!" The Doctor requested, before thinking, "No, wait, more important matters, how are you doing? You feeling better?"

"Yep. A little bit of lovin' from the loveliest mare does that." Light said.

"That's another thing, is Fluttershy here right now?" Doc asked, looking around.

"She's feeding the animals, she should be done right about... now."

Fluttershy walked from the field, and eep'ed when she saw someone unfamiliar at the door. She thought back to where she saw him last.

"W-weren't you that... D-doctor from the party that had the glowstick?"

"It's a sonic screwdriver, why does everybody here say it's a stick?" The Doctor questioned nopony in particular.

"O-oh, I-I'm... sorry..." Fluttershy said, feeling bad about herself. Which made the Doctor feel bad about himself, and sorry for Fluttershy. Light just felt sorry for Fluttershy, and felt bad about the Doctor.

"It's alright...I guess it does look a bit like a metal stick..." He apologized.

That's right. Nopony hurts Fluttershy's feelings without apologizing.

"Anyway... I came here because I have an offer for you both!" The Doctor said.

"What kind of offer?" Light asked.

"A travelling offer."

"Yeah... I know I've spoken to you for some years now, but I've only just met you, and I can't go with anypony who says they're going on holiday, other ponies will wonder where we've been, and even if we tell them, they'll notice the offer's kinda suspicious."

"Oh, you won't be gone long. For them, anyway!"

"Err... what?"

"I have something to show you. Follow me." He said, before walking away from the cottage. Light looked at Fluttershy. They both shrugged, and followed him.


Angel Bunny watched them leave with the peculiar pony.

"Where are they going now...?" He asked out loud.

"You know, talking to yourself is a sign of impeding mental collapse." Came the voice of Fuzzy Ferret.

Angel looked back at it him narrowed eyes. "I'm not going crazy, you're just paranoid, so paranoid, in fact, that you'd believe someone if they told you to hold still while the 'mothership' extracted you."

"It could happen, Angel."

"No! It could not happen!"

"Well, that's not very fair, just dismissing probable theories because they sound a little frivolous to you." He insisted.

"There are NO aliens in Equestria, Fuzzy!" Angel said through gritted teeth.

"No, there's not. They're outside Equestria. That's why their technical name is 'Extra-Terrestrial.'"

"Agh, shaddap, don't be a smartass." Angel immediately put a paw to his mouth. "Now look what you made me do!"

"I didn't do anything," Fuzzy replied, innocently, "You just let out a little profanity, nothing too bad."

"But I don't like saying it in public, it makes me feel like I'm hurting other's feelings willingly!"

"And slapping Fluttershy that one time isn't hurting her?" Fuzzy questioned, referencing the day 'New Fluttershy' literally bent the world to her will.

"I WANTED MY CARROTS!" Angel yelled in an intimidating manner, which made Fuzzy shrink back in fear, while also theorizing the aliens got into his mind.

"Look..." Angel began, calmed down a little, "Let's just... go follow those three, and make sure he isn't going to hurt them, okay?"

"Sounds fine..." Fuzzy said. Angel nodded, and ran out of the bush he was hiding in, now hopping over to find his owner and her coltfriend, with Fuzzy scampering behind as quick as he can.

Miss Rabbit, who'd seen the scene, hopped after Angel and Fuzzy.

"What's going on here?" She asked.

"Oh, HI, Miss Rabbit!" Angel said, nearly tripping over losing his concentration, "Er, Fluttershy and Light are going with a weird Earth Pony."

"And you're hopping along to see why?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Wanna come with?" Angel asked.

"Sure." Miss Rabbit answered.

"Good, you don't need me anymore," Fuzzy said, "I'll tell everyone where you went." And with that he changed course and headed back.

"FUZZY!" Angel called back, in his intimidating way again, but that just made Fuzzy run faster.

"Cheer up, Angel, at least the two of us aren't afraid of any mad goings on." Miss Rabbit said.

"I guess. Let's go a bit quieter now, I can see them ahead of us." Angel suggested.

"Good plan." Miss Rabbit said. The two started sneaking around to see what the peculiar earth pony was up to.


Light and Fluttershy followed the Doctor through some fields, with Fluttrershy looking curious, and Light looking a little annoyed, and a little curious himself.

"We're almost there!" The Doctor declared. The group got to the point where a blue rectangular box with...a ... siren on the head. When they reached it, the Doctor stood next to it.

"What do you think?" He asked.

"I'm not sure." Light said. "Is this some sort of tourist attraction I'm supposed to have heard of?"

"Well, hopefully not," he replied, "That could very well happen in some years."

"...U-um... why?" Fluttershy asked.

"Perhaps you should step inside, then you'll see!"

"...Something of that capacity looks like it fits only one..." Light commented.

"It couldn't hurt to try." The Doctor commented.

"I like that line of thinking, usually," Light replied, "But that seems too serious."

"Um... maybe we should try..." Fluttershy said, "Maybe there's a present in there..."

"...Alright. I'll go first, in case, on the off chance, this is a trap of some sort." Light said, opening the door and walking in.







Light peeked his head out of the door. "Hey, Fluttershy, I found something."

"Oh... okay... will I fit?" She asked.

"Definitely. I checked."

"Alright..." She said, walking in to join Light in the box.

The Doctor smiled to himself, and walked inside the box, so he could see the two's reactions.

The interior of the apparently-not-really-a-police-box was massive. At the center of the room were a bunch of control panels with buttons and levers and thingies, and there were a few doors to other sections of the large... whatever it is.

"It's..." Fluttershy began,

"Bigger..." Light continued.

"On the inside?" Came a familiar, pleasant voice from a mare.

The two looked to the source of the voice, and were even more surprised to see Ditzy Doo walk out from behind the control panels.

"I noticed." She said with a smile.

"Hey, Ditzy... err... what're you... doing here?" Light asked, mostly confused by her presence more than anything else.

"I'm the Doctor's travelling companion! Remember when I said I'd tell you how we got rid of the changeling someday? You'll find this is part of how we did it."

"Travelling... companion? Is this some sort of... house/vehicle... hybrid?" Fluttershy asked.

"Sort of. This is the TARDIS." The Doctor said.

"What's... a TARDIS?" Light asked.

"It stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. If you've read Science Fiction and all that, the easy explanation for the TARDIS is that she's a time machine."

"Ooookaaaaaay." Light said, ignoring the fact the Doctor called his Time Machine 'she.'

"Basically, you can go where-ever you want, whenever. That is, whenever as in, any time you want, past present or future." The Doctor explained.

"R-really?" Fluttershy asked. The Doctor nodded in response. Fluttershy looked as if she had an idea of where to go, as she went up to Light and whispered in his ear. After listening, he smiles, liking the idea. He looks to the Doctor, and asks,

"Know any good planets with romantic views?"

"Oh, surely. I'll just take a look at what's least dangerous." The Doctor said, looking to the control panels and fiddling with them.

"Wait!" Fluttershy cried. "I need to tell my friends and animals where I'm going! I know you said we could return 5 seconds later in their time, but what if we come back days, months or even years later?"

The Doctor thinks for a moment. It -has- been a problem before... a lot of times.

"Alright then. You can go say a quick goodbye to your friends."

Fluttershy nodded, then quickly gave Light a peck on the cheek, before running off to tell who she needed to tell. Light, Doctor and Ditzy waited.










"So, Light, feeling better?" Ditzy asked.

"Yeah. Turns out love was the cure." Light replied.

"Wow. ...Bonus, I guess." Ditzy said.

"Yeah... wouldn't really say that, though. I don't want it to seem like I take her for granted."

"Yeah, guess not..."

Fluttershy entered again.

"That was fast." Light said, with a smile.

"Pinkie was there, I asked her to spread the word." She replied.

"Ah, right."

"Alright, everyone... we ready to go?" The Doctor asked.

"Yup!" Ditzy said.

"Yeah." Light said.

"Yes..." Fluttershy said.

"Course set..." Doctor began... "ALLONS-Y!"


Angel and Miss Rabbit hid somewhere in the TARDIS, with Angel blinking rapidly, and Miss Rabbit looking at him with dim eyes.

"It's not -that- big, Angel." She said.


Alright, I finally got around to doing it. Very sorry for the late chapter. Procrastination happens a lot when your mind momentarily blanks.

There is nothing witty here. Good-day sir.

Chapter 27: The Strange Forest Planet

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Angel Bunny looked around the TARDIS, rather unimpressed.

"Angel, you look as if you're some sort of critic for a house and its decorations..." Miss Rabbit commented. "Now is now the time."

"There's something vaguely threatening about this..." He replied. "I mean, look at all the... things that look like joined tentacles. If that's not organic, what's it supposed to be made of?"

"Well, he -is- an alien, Angel. It's expected that might be made of some sort of unfamiliar material."

"Alright, alright, I'm just not used to the concept of aliens. I did just have an argument with Fuzzy over the existance of extraterrestrials."

Miss Rabbit chuckled. "Good ol' Fuzzy. Weird conspiracy theories, and some turn out true. Usually the least believable ones even turn out to be proven correct."

"Egh. Maybe," Angel began, "But that theories about donkeys watching us, and plotting against us is just plain stupid..."

"I have to agree with you there," Miss Rabbit admitted, "But hey, we get to go on an adventure with Fluttershy!"

"I guess that's fun. That alien better not get her killed though. There'll be Tartarus to pay otherwise." He replied to narrowed eyes.


-----Point of View: Light-----

The TARDIS shook a little bit. Ditzy hovered in the air while this happened, Fluttershy tried to keep her ground, then, noticing Ditzy, followed suit. Live Light just stood with an expression of 'no bucks given' while he shook with the TARDIS. At least, until he fell over.

The TARDIS eventually stopped shaking, and made some sort of weird sound, a bit like the one it made when taking off.

"Err... we arrived yet?" Light asked, upon getting up.

"Yes, we have!" The Doctor replied. "Haven't been here before, but the data showed it was all nature-y, and we all know how much Fluttershy likes nature, so I thought this would be a good place to start.

"Oh, yes, that's sounds perfect!" Fluttershy agreed.

"Alrighty then!" Light said, before looking at something interesting on the control panel. It was some sort of book. The cover read, "Once Forgotten." He found himself somewhat drawn to it, and started walking towards it. He was surprised to see the Doctor put his hoof on the cover, stopping him from taking it.

"...Er. Doc. "Why?" Light asked.

"As someone who was dear to me once said, 'Spoilers.'"

"...Ooookaaaaayyyyy..." Light said, before heading out of the door.

"By the way, we may want to bring saddlebags with us," The Doctor suggested. "Just so we can bring any other supplies we have here. Don't take anything from the planet permanently. It could cause a paradox of some sort. I don't see why the rules would change in this universe."

"Alrighty." Light said, walking over to a corner of the room with hooks holding saddlebags. He took one, and looked inside it. There was a notebook and quill, military rations with the letters U.N.I.T written on them, a gas-mask and a flashlight. He wrapped the saddlebag around himself, and walked out of the door. Light looked at the sight...

"It's..." Light began.

"Beautiful..." Came Fluttershy's voice next to his, which startled him slightly, as he didn't notice Fluttershy enter. She didn't notice, though.

They marvelled at the sight for a bit longer.

"Well then!" The Doctor began, "Let's explore, shall we?"

Fluttershy felt tapping at her foot, she gasped, which made all the others look too.

"Angel Bunny and... Miss Rabbit... how and why are you here?" She asked, as the two bunnies were now visible to the three pegasi and alien earth-pony.

Angel Bunny said, 'I didn't trust the earth stallion, so me and Fuzzy followed him, then Miss Rabbit came over to look as well, then Fuzzy ditched us because he wasn't needed to experience alien evils, and we went into your... TARDY...(?) and bam. We're here,' and nearly none of the ponies understood him. Except for one.

"TARDIS, not TARDIE. That's Romana." He commented.

"You speak bunny?" Light asked.

"I speak everything." He simply replied.

'I like him a bit better,' Angel commented. 'Only a bit.'

"Uh... Doctor, are you sure we should let the pets come with us?" Ditzy asked. "I mean... they're Fluttershy's pets, and if something bad happened, she'd be more than a little upset."

'We can take care of ourselves, thank you very much.' Miss Rabbit said.

"They say they're fine. I hope they're right," The Doctor said, "We'd best get going if we're going to explore. Now, since we're letting Light and Fluttershy have an evening to themselves-"

"Which was my idea," Ditzy piped up.

"Yes... sorry I didn't mention that... anyway, as they have their evening, they get to go their own way. With their animals. Me and Ditzy shall explore ourselves. Who knows, might be something afoot."

"As usual." Ditzy said.

"Sounds good," Light said. "Well, see ya, Doc, see ya Ditzy." He waved to them both.

"Take care, Light." The Doctor said.

"Bye, Light, bye Fluttershy and pets!" She waved back, before she and the Doctor walked off to see the planet. Light and Fluttershy then did the same.


The Doctor and his Assistant found themselves surrounded by very tall trees, with strange snake-like creatures slithering in mid-air, and more notably, a strange creature that looked like a Brachiosaurus, a long necked vegetarian dinosaur, only with a lot of of plant-life growing out of it.

The two examined a tree covered in greeny/blue sap. The Doctor examined it with his Sonic Screwdriver. When he was finished scanning, he looked at the screwdriver to a moment, with a curious sort of look on his face, then began walking forward. Ditzy followed, reluctantly.

"Doctor... I'm hungry." She said.

"Didn't you have some muffins before you left?" He asked.

"There weren't any left..."

"Well, don't eat any plant-life. You never know if it's poisonous or n-"

"AGH!" Ditzy cried. The Doctor spun around to look at her. "What's wrong?" He asked, frantically.

"Some of that weird goo got on me!"

He rushed over to look, and the green/blue sap had indeed fallen on her back.

"Umm... do you feel anything bad?" He asked.

"Not really... in fact, I feel less hungry." She commented. "Hunger... fading... need for adventure... rising... rising... rising... risi-

FALLING!" She said, suddenly, startling the Doctor...

"Risen. Let's keep exploring, Doctor!" She said, cheerfully.

"That's what I like to hear!" He said, and the two continued walking through the strange forest.


Light, Fluttershy and the bunnies explored the planet further, encountering winged rabbit-creatures, which the bunnies admired, and a weird dinosaur with a long neck with plants growing out of it. They all shrugged, and disregarded the occurrence as 'alien planet things.'

After taking a left, they found a magnificent sight, and rushed towards it. They were on some sort of mountain, with waterfalls in front of them feeding a river down below, which reflected the sky, a black sky with green neon lines that created patterns. The couple and rabbits looked at the view in awe.

"The perfect vacation..." Fluttershy said.

"For the perfect mare." Light added. Fluttershy giggled.

"Coming from the perfect stallion, that's nice to hear." She replied.

'Are they going to go on about more perfect things?' Angel asked himself. 'Ugh...'

'Cheer up, Angel. It really is a romantic sight,' Miss Rabbit said. 'The surroundings I mean, not the loving couple making repeated compliments.'

'Yeah... it's a very nice demonstration of scenery, for sure.' He admitted. Miss Rabbit stood at the edge of the mountain, and Angel decided to hop along and stand next to her.

Fluttershy leaned in to give Light a loving kiss, which he accepted. This... is the very definition of a perfect moment. It should be in a dictionary. ...If PerfectMoment became one word... agh, better concentrate on the moment at hand here.

After a minute of kissing, the two pulled back, and sat on the ground, leaning into each other. Light looked to Angel Bunny and Miss Rabbit.

Is it me, or does Angel like spending time with her?

"Um... Light?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes, Flutters?"

"D-don't tell the Doctor..." She said, reaching into her saddlebag, "But I found a strange book that I found curiously interesting..."

"You mean that 'Once Forgotten' book?" Light asked.

"Yes." Fluttershy responded, pulling the book out of the saddlebag. "It's like... I had a part in making it happen. I wonder who wrote it..."

"Well, there's black tape on one part, so it's probably where the Author's name is..." Light suggested. "But that's probably there for a reason."

Fluttershy nodded.


Something fell onto the book. A greeny-blue substance. The couple stepped back from it as it began to glow bright blue.

There was a flash...

When it disappeared, Light looked to the book, which was there, along with two pairs of hooves... he looked to the being the hooves belonged to, and widened his eyes in surprise.





"...Why is Deathelocke standing there?"

"Why is my Author standing here? And why am I in a weird planet!?" The familiar figure asked. It was Deathelocke, the tritagonist in his 'work in progress' novel.

That means Once Forgotten is his novel.

That means it will exist.

That means...

The book began to grow bright red...

There was another flash.

Light, Deathelocke, Fluttershy, and the bunnies looked to the shape in front of them.

"..." Light was silent.

"Ohhhh...kaaaayyyy...." Deathelocke said.

"Eep!" Fluttershy squeaked.

The bunnies scratched their heads.

"What?" Leeroy Leonard asked. "Do I have something on my face?"




Lemme try something.

Is this pure blue?

Yes... this is my colour from now on...


Chapter 28: Ridiculous

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The Recluse

Chapter 28


Light looked to his creations in confusion, as did Fluttershy and the bunnies. Deathelocke was wearing his blue and black spandex suit, shades, caped tactical vest, blue leg-bands, black boots and scythe-tail, and also a stetson, which Light hadn't originally added in the novel. Leeroy was wearing a sort of black tuxedo, with bat wings and a sort of horn that stabbed out of a demonic helmet he was wearing. Because both Deathelocke and Leeroy's faces were concealed, it was a bit hard to tell what they were thinking, and how they felt.

"Oh, so there's nothing on my face, except my helmet. Nice." Leeroy said, before adding with an irritated air, "I'm still a horse..."

"You're a horse? Wh-" Deathelocke began, "Wait... I'm a horse too... AAAAUUGH!"

"Deathelocke..." Light began, "I wrote you as a pony, remember?"


'Why'd he write crazy people in his novel?' Angel asked. 'No-one likes to be bombarded with the lives of the mentally insane.'

'I wish I'd brought a camera,' Miss Rabbit merely said.

"...Aren't fingers and toes human appendages?" Light asked. "I didn't write you as a human."

"In some dying MMORPG you did!" Deathelocke responded, "But then that started dying and you needed something to do, probably, and so you thought, 'I'll share this idea of a story with other people,' and BAM, people read it, and then for some reason, you put in your other characters, including that annoying demonic guy, and me as well! WE USED TO BE SO HANDSOME! NOW OUR HORMONES ARE GONNA CHANGE!"

"You mean like that other fic that Author wr-" Leeroy began,

"YES, OF COURSE." Deathelocke yelled. "Now... shush... we need to make more sense."

"...But I'm a Lord of Madness... I'm not supposed to make sense..." Leeroy replied, with mock-sadness.

"I don't care, do something threatening."


And with that, Leeroy teleported in front of Light and punched him in the face, cackling maniacally as he fell to the ground. Fluttershy rushed to his side.

"There..." Leeroy said, "I did a threatening thing... I'm gonna go mess with Space-boy!" He started giggling, and flew off elsewhere, presumably to where the Doctor and Ditzy are.

"Ow... ow..." Light said, rubbing his muzzle.

"Are you alright?" Fluttershy asked with extreme concern.

"Yeah... it's only a punch to the face... nothing that'll keep me down." He replied.

"Are you suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure?" Deathelocke said, borrowing one of Light's favourite (yet least used) catchphrases, much to his chagrin. "Because punches to the face are actually the most effective way in getting rid of somebody."

"They're not, you're just weird, exactly as I wrote you."

"Alrighty. Anyway, I'll be off." Deathelocke said, simply walking off.





Suddenly, Deathelocke.


"AGH!" Light said, falling on his back. "WHY DID YOU PULL A PINKIE PIE!?"

"Because that's how ya wrote me! A nice guy with a tendency to be spontaneous, and occasionally anti-heroic! I mean, she is right there, you should've noticed!" Deathelocke replied, pointing at Fluttershy.

"I-i'm not Pinkie Pie..." She said.

"You're not? Oh." Deathelocke shrugged."... ... But you're his girlfriend, right?"

"Wel- U-um... w-well, yes..."

"Ah huh..." Deathelocke said, nodding, before walking next to Light, and whispering.

"Way to go, Author, she's a keeper. I mean, look at her, for a horse, she's hot. ...Eugh, my hormones are different already."

Light blinked, then glared at him.

"...Sorry." Deathelocke apologized. "Just saying, she kinda i-" And so he was punched in the face by Light.


"You have a daughter, you know..." Light told him, "And an adopted teen-age son."

"I'm still single." He replied. "Though, I can see that she's probably your Mare-Do-Well... amirite?"

Light and Fluttershy blinked, then looked at each other. Then they looked back at Light, wondering how he knew. If they could see his face, it would be grinning like a trollface.

The book started glowing again, this time a dark, blood red. It didn't become a bright flash, it instead enveloped the surroundings in darkness.

Everypony/bunny looked around.

Light felt something grab at his neck.



The Doctor and Ditzy explored the forest some more. The Doctor deduced that the sap is some sort of rejuvenation liquid, and whatever touches it can either regenerate someone, or fully bring one to life. While this is a useful method, it was probably meant to keep the planet itself from going extinct, and too much contact on pony/maybe human hide would probably poisonous.

"Oi! Space-boy!" Came an ethereal, annoying voice.

The Doctor stopped in his tracks for a moment. For a second, he thought some idiot was doing a bad impression of Donna Noble. He shrugged, and the two kept on walking.

"EY! DAVID! ...Wait, are you David... I'll call you David." The voice came again.

'David' sighed, and looked back, as did Ditzy. They widened their eyes in surprise as they looked upon the figure descending upon them.

"Insert thought out greeting here." Leeroy greeted.

"...Aren't you... supposed to be in your book?" The Doctor asked.

"No. No I'm not. I'm supposed to having frickin' FINGERS. I could live without toes. ...Well, actually, no I can't, I need balance, and my shape-shifting stuff is on the fritz, I don't want to be stuck with the Devil's goat legs."

"Ah, fingers. I miss fingers. Sort of," The Doctor said, "I've gotten sort of used to being an equine person, I've forgotten what it's like."

"Blah. Anyway. WELCOME... TO DIIEEE!" Leeroy yelled rather in a loud, celebratory and grandiose manner. Just as he was about to throw some sort of deadly attack, he got distracted. The Doctor and his Assistant looked to where he was looking... one of the Branchiosaurus plant thingies...

"A BLARGASAUR!" Leeroy yelled excitedly. "A REAL-LIFE BLARGASAUR!" He laughed maniacally, and flew at it. The Knights of Time And Space ran off while he was occupied.


The black mist subsided. Fluttershy, Deathelocke and the bunnies looked at Light, who was now in the grip of somepony. Deathelocke apparently squinted.

"John, let go or you can't exist." He simply said.

The Unavenged Stallion reluctantly kicked Light to the ground. Agh... it hurts more than I thought it would...

"Ow." Light said monotonously.

"Who is he?" Unavenged asked.

"Well, think of it this way... we can't exist without him!" Deathelocke responded.

"...Dave. Make sense. Why is he our reason of existance?"

Dave? I definitely didn't think that name up...

"I can't tell you. Otherwise, weird things would happen..." Deathelocke said, as Unavenged was getting bored. "Err... well, he isn't a threat, at least! He's a friend!"

"He has Mare-Do-Well captive." Unavenged replied.

"U-um... you mean me?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes. Who else?""

"I-i... I'm not... Mare-Do-Well... I... probably just... look like her."

"You have a timid personality identical to the real Mare-Do-Well. I have no doubt you are who I think you are."

"Well, she isn't!" 'Dave' said.

"How so?"

"They're from an alternate universe!" He thought up on the spot.

Wow. Good thinking, Dave.

"...Oh. You mean if Posey had not become Mare-Do-Well?"

I picked Posey? Why?

"Her name isn't Posey," Light said, "It's Fluttershy."

"...Oh... right..." Unavenged said, losing character as he spoke, as if he was gonna go into his John persona. "Well... this is embarrassing... and awkward..."

I feel really stupid right now...


I believe I can fllyyyyyy....

I believe I can touch the skyyyyy...

"...So..." Light began, "Shouldn't we set off to try and defeat Leeroy?"

"Just err... rub him out of your novel?" Deathelocke asked.

"Then A, the novel wouldn't be interesting, B, You'd all have no reason to live, C, I may create weird plotholes, or D, All of the above." Light explained, in the calmest way he could.

Deathelocke looked as if he understood.


"..." Light, Fluttershy, Unavenged and the bunnies stared at him.

"Heh-heh... uhh... sorry."



"ONWARDS, FREDERICK!" The voice of Leeroy bellowed, as he mounted his pet Blargasaur.


And get ice-cream later."




A somewhat short chapter. Just to give you a taste of what's to come. Muahahahahahahahaha.

Chapter 29: Of Myths and Blargasaurs

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The Recluse

Chapter 29


"So what you're telling me..." Leeroy said, apparently speaking to the Blargasaur he was mounted on, "Is that there is a show that has talking horses in it, which is what my current form is based on... and there are males watching it?"

"Blarg." Replied the Blargasaur. It never used to say that, but being around Leeroy Leonard does stuff to ya.

"...Naaaah. There can't be -that- many people like that... can there?" He said, now looking fearful.

"What is this... sorcery... witchcraft... strangeness... warcraft... Jenkins... is chaos becoming NORMAL!?" He cried.


"Oh, there's a weird dragon cross-dresser named Discord? Well, that makes everything better, I guess."

He looked around him. The forest had a lot of life surrounding it. Life he could either mess up, or destroy altogether. Choices, choices, choices. He suddenly had a craving for Ice-cream again.

"Okay. Messing up takes too long. Let's blow stuff up. I NEED ICE CREAM!"

The Blargasaur continued walking.




Light, Fluttershy, Deathelocke, Unavenged and the bunnies walked ahead, with Unavenged leading the way.

"So why did we let him lead the way again?" Deathelocke asked.

"Because I designed him to be smart and mostly sane, among other reasons." Light said.

"W-who's Posey?" Fluttershy asked.

"Don't know ye-" Light began, before being interrupted.

"Posey. The original character concept for a character in the show MLP:FiM. There was a pegasus called Surprise, but concepts switched a little, and so Posey became a pegasus, Posey became Fluttershy, and Surprise became an Earth-Pony, Surprise, it's Pinkie Pie." Deathelocke said in a trivia-host voice.

"...Thank you, Dave..." Light began, "For that morbid back-story of what would've happened if you were an author..."

"I never used to know this much." Dave replied, sadly. "Why did Val want me to see it so many times?"


"Agh, now I'm making fun of him saying, 'Watch it!' It's only because I was speaking a bit much. I WANT TO GO HOME! And I want my fingers and toes too..."

"...Ignoring him..." Light dead-panned. The group continued on.

"Stop." Unavenged said.

Everypony stopped. Unavenged was covered in a black mist, and de-materialised with it.

"Wh-what happened?" Fluttershy asked.

"He can turn invisible..." Light said.

The group saw the Doctor and Ditzy approach.

"Hey, Doc!" Light called. "Over here!"

The Doctor and Ditzy ran over to them, until Unavenged materialised and held the Doctor by the mane.

"Agh! Watch the hair!" He requested.

"...Friends of yours?" Unavenged asked, looking at Light.

"Uh huh. I'd appreciate it if you let them go now." He replied.

Unavenged shrugged (Ooh, he did his signature shrug!) and let go of the Doctor's mane.

"Okay, who took the book with them?" He asked.

Everypony looked around. Fluttershy looked as if she was about to fess up, Light looked as if he was about to 'fess up' instead, but Dave confused everypony.

"I DID!!" He yelled.

"...You're a character in the book, David." The Doctor dead-panned.

"No, YOU'RE David. I'm Larry, but I hate that name, Dave will do, but remember, David... you're gonna kick ass in Much Ado About Nothing."

Again, why does everyone call me David? The Doctor thought, They all looked really fascinated at me like I was this 'Mr. Tennant' back at Earth...

"HI-HO BLARGA, AWAAAYYYYYY!!!!" Came an ethereal, annoying voice.

Everyone waited.




Still waiting...


Almost there...


And with that, Leeroy Leonard landed painfully near the group.

He got up, more painfully.

"Ow... Ow... ow... Oh, Hai guys." He greeted.

"Get back in the book." The Doctor calmly requested.

"No." He replied.

'Get back in the book.' Angel requested.


'Don't make fun of him.' Miss Rabbit ordered.

Leeroy responded with a bout of gibberish.

'...Stupid.' Angel said.

"As your author, I command you to go in the book." Light commanded.

"FUCK YOU I DO WHAT I WANT." Leeroy yelled like a strange re-imagining of a symbol of responsibility from the 60's.

Everypony was silent for a while.

"...So... anyone got any ice cream?" Leeroy asked.

"My hooves hurt..." Ditzy said, preparing to sit down.

Dave, already aware of the consequences, screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Ditzy sat down.



No Earthquake.

"...Phew.." Dave said, relieved.

"AUGH!" Leeroy said, jumping upwards and falling on his back.

"I spoke too soon." Dave decided.

"...Damn... Buns of steel..." Leeroy said.

"Ex-CUSE me?" Ditzy asked accusingly.

"...Err." Leeroy said, trying to think of a way out of this... "Um... Rosebud?" He immediately slapped himself and played dead.

"...Er. He was so young." Dave said. "And... err... full of life..."

"I'm not dead." Leeroy said. "I haven't even begun the final showdown yet!"

"...Then what were we doing?"

By then, Light, Fluttershy and the Doctor were trying to get the fictions in their proper books.

" we don't have any non-fictional unicorns..." the Doctor noticed. "Is it possible there's some... de-evolutional sap?"

"Well... I saw some red-green stuff somewhere..." Light suggested.

"How can we be sure that'll help?" the Doctor asked.


"I dunno..." Light said, "This planet is alien, remember. Anything could happen."

"And that's exactly why that's a bit of a bad idea."


"We have to try, though, or we'll never get them in the book again!" Light argued.

"Taking risks is really not a good idea, especially, if I'm in a place I don't actually know!"


Light and the Doctor looked at Fluttershy, a bit surprised at her outburst.

"Uhm... I know John isn't a real person," She said, motioning to Unavenged, "But I think he can still help... he is a Unicorn after all..."

The Doctor opened his mouth to protest, but Light placed a hoof over it.

"Great idea, Flutters, right Doc?" He said, now removing his hoof.

"...Yes. Spectacular." 'Doc' dead-panned.


"...Allow me to get this fully understood..." John began in his monotonous voice...

"You wish me for me... an apparent fictional character... to use my magic to help put me, Dave, and my enemy back into our prison?"

"...Well... er..." Light began, "If you put it that way, it's sounds kinda rough but err... yes."

"I see. I have an offer of my own."

"...What is it?"

"To put it bluntly, I do not wish to participate, so you may place your lips upon my posterior if you have a problem with that." He said, turning around to leave.

Light blinked. ...That... was... quite a way to refuse...

"U-uhm..." Fluttershy began, "Please do this?"

John turned around to look at Fluttershy.


"...Why?" She asked.

"Because I do not take the news of 'you do not exist' very well." He calmly replied.

"...Um... I can understand that... but... you don't belong here..."

"Maybe I should."

"D-don't you miss... uhm... Posey?" Fluttershy asked.

"A little. You remind me enough of her for me to not notice."

Fluttershy just looked at him. "...So that's it, then? You're just going to abandon her, just because you don't want to be confined in your rightful place?"

He shrugged. Fluttershy was starting to get mad.

"Now, you listen here, mister..." she began. John blankly tilted his head.

"You say I remind you of Posey, do you? Well, do you want the last you see of her to be a look of disappointment? Because that is all I have for you, disappointment! You act like you're some great hero who's going to save everypony, but you're just a dried up relic that should never have been uncovered! If you think you can prove yourself as a better stallion, then do what's right, or suffer the rest of your never-ending life knowing you are a disappointment to Posey! You got that!?"

John just looked at her for a while. His mouth twitched.

"...Noted." He said, before walking back to Light.

"Fine. I will assist you."

"...Thanks, I guess..." Light said.


To be continued...



Alright... I'm gonna be honest...

I was kinda being half-assed on this one...

I tried to incorporate a serious scene at the end, with Fluttershy talking sense into one of my favourite characters I ever thought up (and adapted) into this. I even incorporated music I liked from a companion that... I... guess was okay. The sad thing is, I've only heard that music at the Proms. If you search up Amy's theme, you get something else that I don't really care much for. I mean, it's definitely good, but not my cup of tea. I prefer the Proms version.

But everything else... was just... random stupid comedy attempts... I'm not sure if they were funny or not...

I'll leave it up to you.

Part of the reason I was half-assed on this was because I had a sore eye, which turned into a slight headache which made me feel light-headed, I guess.

Although, it was sad to see Amy and Rory go...

Chapter 30: Forest Showdown

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The Recluse

Chapter 30


Hyper Hamster, Fuzzy Ferret, Cutie Mouse and Tim, incidentally a cat, were in their underground meeting room, sitting on their chairs.

"I wonder where Angel and Miss Rabbit are..." Fuzzy wondered.

"Well, maybe you'd have a clearer idea if you went with them," Tim suggested.

"You're joking, right? I don't go with aliens!"

"It's very possible..." Hyper said, adding a mysterious tone to his voice, "They're travelling in time... and could come back any minute... OLD AND WRINKLED!"

Fuzzy and Cutie gasped. Tim's face dead-panned.

"Or as young as they were 3 minutes ago, the last time we saw them! Which would beg the question, why Fuzzy is being so worried about them so soon?"

"Well, I-" Fuzzy began...

"And the answer is that he is extremely paranoid, an overly obsessive conspiracy theorist, and our favourite woodland creature afraid of donkeys! And we are going to tell him, he can believe in aliens, but he shouldn't jump to conclusions that they're gonna do evil things to him!"


"You can believe in aliens, but you shouldn't jump to conclusions that they're gonna do evil things to you," Hyper said... "Understand?"

"...No?" Fuzzy replied.

"Well, I tried." Hyper said, shrugging.



"How are you meant to play Rock Paper Scissors with hooves?" Leeroy asked Dave.

"I dunno. You just do, I guess." He replied. "Why were we even trying to play Rock Paper Scissors in the first place?"

"I... don't know..."

Light walked to the group of ponies. There was Dave, Leeroy, and Ditzy, who was just watching with a dumbstruck look on her face.

"We-" Light began...

"Melon." Leeroy said.





"No 'It's time for you to leave, Gonzalo?'" He asked.

"Can I shoot this guy?" Dave asked.

"No, Dave," Light replied, "Then my novel won't have an antagonist."

"...Ugh..." Dave groaned, "What're you planning to do anyway?"

"Well, long story short, you, John and Leeroy here need to go inside the book, as that would be very nice."

"Well... I'm up for it." Dave said.

"...Really." Leeroy said. "You're gonna choose confinement over freedom?"

"Well, it is very nice to do this... plus, we're stuck on a weird forest planet that is awesome to look at. Not our habitat, is it?"

"...Maybe... I like it..." Leeroy defended, weakly.

[No you don't.]

...And what exactly is meant to be going on here?

{Well, Yellow Box got bored of being in only one fic, so he decided to come here. It was Pinkie Pie who gave him the idea.}


Well... you belong to me... and I'll never let you go... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Leeroy felt a poking in his neck.

Did I suddenly become the main character?

He looked behind him, to see the Unavenged Stallion standing there.

"If you will not enter the book, we will have to force you in." He said.

"...No." Leeroy replied.





Leeroy was then punched in the face.


"...Fine, force me, I'm not going down without a fight."

"...Or you could have a fight... sure..." Light said to himself, before walking back the group to watch.

Unavenged positioned himself into a fighting stance, while Leeroy floated slightly above the ground.

The two watched each other for a while.

Nice music.

John teleported in front of him, attempting to stab him with his horn, Leeroy grabbed his head with one forehoof, and punched him repeatedly in the gut with the other, before sending him back with a mental blast. Leeroy's tuxedo dissolved in flames and changed into a form of organic armour, blades sprouting from the forelegs.

John cracked his neck, and, using magic, fired dark blasts at Leeroy. Leeroy blocked by projecting a mental shield, allowing John to teleport behind him, and slash at him with his Razor-tail. Leeroy's organic armour seemed to offer slight protection from it, but it left some scratches.

Leeroy hovered into the air, and started to throw psychic blades at John, who deflected them using his tail, before using his mechanical wings to fly over at him. Leeroy prepared to attack him, until John teleported and made another back-attack, then Leeroy's head 180'd, as did the rest of his body a second later, and he disappeared, with two projected copies flying in to tackle John.

John flew downwards, before flying back up to attack with a tackle, hitting both Leeroy's with one of them dissipated, the other, presumably the real one, taking the hit.

Light watched, a little bit in awe as he gets to see his characters fight in real life. He took a look around and realized something...

"...Where's Dave?" He asked.

Leeroy grabbed John, and threw him at a tree. John's wings got momentarily stuck in the wood, and he tried to push himself off of the tree. Leeroy saw this as an oppurtunity, and hovered over to John, and, using his own horn, made a stab attempt at John, who held at Leeroy's head to keep the horn away from himself. The horn managed to scratch his shoulder.

Getting desperate, Leeroy shoved his hoof at John's throat, now attempting to strangle him, while still trying to stab him with his horn. Leeroy felt water hit his back-left leg. He was momentarily distracted, looking at Ditzy, who had just used a water pistol that the Doctor had for some reason. John punched him in the face while he was distracted, with enough force to knock a built stallion out. Leeroy fell to the ground, and John landed next to him.

Leeroy wasn't knocked out, rather dazed.

"Arrggkblbleegghhh..." He murmured.

John's horn began glowing, as he levitated the book between himself and Leeroy. The horn's glow intensified, until it caused a flash. After it subsided, the book was lying on the ground, by itself, safe for a bunch of plants that were near it.

Fluttershy started walking closer and closer to it. She looked at the book for a moment.

Suddenly, the book opened, and a transparent red foreleg burst from it, and grabbed her by the throat.

"No!" Light yelled, running over to Fluttershy, trying to close the book. It seemed as if some force was pulling it open. The Doctor ran over, to help him. Ditzy tried pulling Fluttershy away from the book. The hoof's grip started tightening. The book closed a little, causing the hoof to lose grip, and Fluttershy fell down, gasping heavily for breath. As the book was almost closed, Leeroy's ethereal voice boomed out of the book in a mocking tone,

"Forget something!?" The voice proceeded to laugh maniacally, until the book closed fully.

Everyone took a few minutes to recover from the incident...



Author's Notes

Alrighty... this arc is almost finished...

I'll be honest... I think the reason I don't care how ridiculous things get in this is probably because...

I'm either not enjoying this part in particular, or I'm not enjoying the fic.

Probably the former, because I really want to continue this.

If I feel bad about this, though, I'll take a break for a while.

Sorry to leave you hanging there...

I guess I'm bored...

Oh, well. A fight scene will suffice until the final part of the arc happens.

P.S: If you liked the battle music I put up, here's the original version.


Chapter 31: Travelling Home

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The Recluse

Chapter 31


-----Point of View: The Woodland 6-----

Fuzzy Ferret paced repeatedly on the table. Tim, incidentally a cat, watched him with confusion, Cutie Mouse watched him with worry, and Hyper grinned uncomfortably.

"It's only been a minute since Hyper last spoke, Fuzzy..." Tim said, "Calm down."

"No." Fuzzy replied.

"...Um... please?" Cutie asked.


"Goose." Hyper said.

"What." Fuzzy said, looking at Hyper.

"Oh, didn't think that'd get your attention. Calm down or I'll throw a brick at y-"


"Can't throw bricks anyway..." Hyper looked sad for a moment.

"Hey, guys," A familiar voice came distantly. Every one looked around, until they saw things coming out of rabbit holes. Which happened to be the rabbits they were looking for.

"You would not believe what I've been through today..." Angel said, looking exasperated.



After taking some moments to inhale needed breath, the travellers looked around the place.

"Well... I think I've dealt with enough events for today. I think we should get you two home," The Doctor said, looking to Light and Fluttershy. They nodded, and got up, making their way to the TARDIS.

Along the way, Ditzy brought up something that had been bothering her.

"Hey, guys," She said, "Remember when that crazy demon guy said something about us forgetting something?"

"I... think he means Dave..." Light said. "He seemed to have gone elsewhere during the fight."

"Hrm... Maybe he'll like it here," the Doctor suggested. "And just in case, we could always come back and check on him."

"Seems fine. You okay with that, Fluttershy?" Light asked.

"Well... yes," She replied, "I mean, we can't leave him behind. And this TARDIS thing... it can take us to the planet a few seconds after we left, right?"

"Absolutely!" The Doctor said, "Which reminds me, I have to drop you off 5 seconds after you left, right?"

"R-right." Fluttershy replied.

"Alright, then. I'll get to that. We're here!" He announced, as they arrived at the blue box. The Doctor opened the doors, and as everypony walked through it, they got quite a surprise.

"And what's this little knob thingy? Looks useless, and what's with all the tentacle stuff? It's like tentacle erotica, but not coming from octopuses. Octopusi. How do you say that. Nevermind, Octopuses are weird. At least these tentacles are sorts of... walls... and not moving tentacles. Aliens are weeeeiiiird. I wonder how Amy and Rory are doing, haven't gotten a chance to see the new episodes on TV- AGH!" Deathelocke yelped as he noticed the travellers were in the TARDIS, watching him fiddle about with it.

"Hahahahahai there! I heard an inhaling sound and it sounded really familiar! And I was right! And for some reason, this is for horses now! Funny!" He... explained.

"...I noticed," The Doctor simply said, "What do you mean it's familiar?"

"Err... Doc," Light began, "There's a lot of movies called Doctor... Whooves that turn up around the place... and they're apparently about you. Is that where you got it from, Dave?"

"Uhh.... SURE! Yeah, sure! Somehow! Yeah!" He replied uncertainly.

"Well, I guess that explains it..." The Doctor said, shrugging, "Although those would most likely be based on eye-witness accounts. Anyway, we should get you and Fluttershy home." He then walked over to his TARDIS control panel (After motioning for Deathelocke to get out of the way) and pressed a few buttons.

-----Point of View: The Woodland 6-----

"So then what happened?" Hyper asked.

"Well, the Doctor took us back, the crazy guy in the blue costume dragged Light and Fluttershy into bed, practically forced them to sleep so he could sleep by himself downstairs, and after me and Angel comforted Fluttershy, while Light got out of bed to scold the crazy blue guy, we went here and told you guys the story." Miss Rabbit concluded.

"Uh... huh..." Tim said, with obvious disbelief in his voice.

"I told you there were aliens." Fuzzy deadpanned.

"Yes. There are aliens..." Angel said, "Don't rub it in on us..."

"You know, it could just be a mobile vehicle that took you to some uncharted forest somewhere in Equestria," Tim suggested, "That'd be logical."

"Explain the part where we said it was 'bigger on the inside.'" Miss Rabbit challenged.

"Exaggeration." Tim replied nonchalantly.

"Oh, I'll show you exa-" Angel began furiously.

"Ssshhh." Miss Rabbit shushed.

"...Yes, ma'am..." Angel said quietly.

"I personally believe their story." Hyper said. He swiftly appeared next to Cutie Mouse, "Do you believe?" He asked.

"...Well... Angel doesn't prefer to lie... and I don't see why he would... s-suddenly believe in something he s-said was impossible... without a good reason..." Cutie replied honestly, a bit creeped out with how close Hyper was.

"Indubitably," He said like a gentlehamster. "Which is now 5 against 1. So we are going to treat the experience as true, headcanon, and the first time I had made a reference such as this.... I think."

Angel blinked. Then sighed. "Ugh... I'm tired. I'm gonna go to sleep. Good night..." Angel went to his crawlspace to get out of the Hedge and into Fluttershy's cottage, where he can comfortably sleep (Hopefully, considering Deathelocke's presence.)

"Same with me... Good night." Miss Rabbit said, before heading to her own crawlspace to sleep in the cottage as well.





"Why are they tired? It isn't that dark yet." Tim asked.

"Time travel," Hyper answered, "It does stuff to ya......... WHO WANTS PIE!?"




Yeesh... finished the arc... sorry if this was small. I have stuff planned for next time. No Doctor. Plenty of weird blue guy. And pink.


Chapter 32: The Following Morning

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The Recluse

Chapter 32


Live Light and Fluttershy were sleeping in their bed. Angel Bunny, using a bunny-sized sleeping bag, slept near the bed. He was intending to keep watch, what with Light's living, mentally unstable character being in the cottage, he felt he had to make sure they were safe, and put his rest behind him. ...He did fall asleep in 30 minutes, however, as the adventure was rather annoyingly tiring.

Light's eyes lifted as he woke up. He looked at Fluttershy and smiled. She looks cute even when she's asleep! He got out of bed, trying not to wake her. He put his hermit cloak on (It still looks good, in his opinion), and trotted over to the door. He stopped for a moment, looking back at Angel, who was asleep on the door. He considered placing him next to Fluttershy, but decided Angel would get mad at him. He's caused a few problems in the past. He went over to the door and opened it.

Suddenly, Deathelocke.

"HEY HEY HEY!" Deathelocke yelled in greeting.

"SSSSSssssshhhh..." Light reacted, almost uttering a profanity, then turning it into a shush.

"STAY OUTTA MY SHED!" He continued, and, although his face was hidden, looked as if he was looking for a hint of approval.

Light scowled at him, looked back at Fluttershy, who, thankfully seemed to have slept through that, then continued scowling at Deathelocke.

"...Ooohhh, riiiight..." Deathelocke said in realization, "She wasn't in a mental hospital. I get continuities mixed up."

Light's eye twitched. He feels pretty sure he just called Fluttershy crazy.

"I'm sorry..." Light said... "Could you repeat that?"

"Nope, anyway, I feel now is a good time to wake up. I'll just go tell Flutters to wake up."

"No, wa-"

Deathelocke ran over to Fluttershy's bed, and seemed to be speaking in some sort of dialect... voodoo, maybe.

Won teiuq won hsuh
Deah ypeels ruoy yal ot emit sti
Won teiuq won hsuh
Deb ot og ot emit sti.

Fluttershy yawned as her eyes fluttered awake. She looked around, and at Deathelocke. She yelped, retreating into her covers. Angel woke up, and looked at Deathelocke, contempt filling his eyes.

"...What? I have nothing else to do but be a maid in this house." He said, trying to shrug with his forehooves, then falling on his face. "Ow."

"You know, Deathelocke," Light began, "You could always... I dunno, go outside?" ...Bad idea.

"Give me one good reason." Deathelocke said. Phew...

"There is none." Light replied.

"Good enough for me!" He responded, running out the door. ...Aw, buck.

"I'm gonna go get him, Flutters," Light said, giving Fluttershy a peck on the cheek. "Be back soon."

"Okay... please be safe." She replied. Light nodded, before walking outside.


Light galloped after Deathelocke, who was just walking, through some fields.

"Hey, Deathelocke, what are ya doin'?"

"Two things... going to eat, and wondering why the hell nobody calls me Dave anymore." I'll assume it's for keeping human names away. Fingers and toes needed for an uncommonly common thing.

"No... no you're not, you're going somewhere... awesome, where nopony bothers ya." Light said.

"But I'm bovvered." Deathelocke replied.

"No, you're not." Light insisted.

"I'm not paper. Or pixels. I'm just all-round digital. That doesn't mean I can't do what I want, you know." Deathelocke responded, hastening his walk. Light hastened his as well.

"Slow down." Light requested.

"Make me." Deathelocke retorted. Light attempted to trip him, but Deathelocke blocks the hoof, and punches him in the neck.

"OW!" Light said, hastening his trot a little.

"Think fast." Deathelocke said.

"Whuh?" Light said, confused, before walking into a lamppost.

"No wait... I think it was 'pay attention to your surroundings...' Ah well, he knows now." Deathelocke said to himself as he trotted into the distance.


Light blinked as he woke up. His eyes darted around, and he stood up, moving away from the lamppost. He looked in the direction of Ponyville. He remembered the situation, and ran after Deathelocke again.

He found him at the 'Welcome to Ponyville' sign. Deathelocke was merely standing next to it, looking around the place. He walked next to him.

"So... err... a lot of... ponies." Deathelocke commented.

"What'd you expect?" Light asked.

"I dunno... horses?"

"...Yeah... this isn't horse-ville, is it?" Light asked, sarcastically.

"It could be... if given time..." He responded, suddenly rubbing both of his front hooves together, leaning next to the welcome sign.

"Why are you rubbing your hooves together like a crazy cat lady? Or... thing?" Light asked.

"Oh, I'm testing new lotion," Deathelocke replied. "A lot of forest-y stuff probably makes me smell of nature. That's another thing... you two should take a shower, unless you want the house to smell like a rainforest of nature."

"It already does, and it's a great smell." Light said.

"Oh, right, tree-huggers." Deathelocke replied.

"Well, someone's bitter," Light commented, "I designed you to be a nice guy."

"I'm in an unfamiliar world, okay? I miss home."

"Well, we'll take you back to Manehattan, if that's what you wa-" Light began, before Deathelocke burst out laughing. "...What?"

"S-sorry..." Deathelocke said, regaining his composure... "Is that like a 'ponification' of Manhattan? How many are we gonna see here?"


"...Okay... someone needs to take his pills..." Light said.

"You never gave me any." Deathelocke said, shrugging.

"...You still nee-" Light began, before being interrupted by a fluglehorn, and some familiar materials. Interrupted twice... in one minute... it's a new world record.

"Hi there, guy dressed as Light standing next to Light! I'm Pinkie Pie! And you're new here! I know you're new here, because I know everypony in Ponyville, and I mean EVERYpony in Ponyville, and I haven't seen you before which means you're new! Well, I kind of have seen you before, but not you, just the guy standing next to you! I didn't know he had a new friend, but to celebrate him finding a new friend, and on you arriving here, we should throw a PARTY!"

Light and Deathelocke stared at Pinkie Pie for a moment. Deathelocke sighed in a rather exasperated and shaky tone,

"...To be continued..." And he slowly sat down, and lay down on his back. He then proceeded to lift his head slightly, then hit the back of it on the ground to knock himself unconscious. Pinkie looked at him, then at Light with curiosity.

"...Psycho-fans... what're you gonna do?" Was all Light could think to say.


Author's Notes

Yes. More random. But I'm actually okay with this now. Because I have a (hopefully) small arc being made of this. So... yeah.

Nice to see you again.



So... how about them superbowls?

Chapter 33: Property of Live Light

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The Recluse

Chapter 33

My Diary

Property of Live Light

December 18

Welp, this 'Journal' is almost finished soon. I still wish I actually found a journal, instead of using a diary I had when I was young, but never used simply because it said 'Diary.' I guess I'm less concerned about my manliness than I have ever been. I only started using it this year in case I went crazy from loneliness or depression. At least I won't have that problem, with Fluttershy around.

Anyway... it's been three days since the Doc came over to take Deathelocke back, since he'd found a way to put him in the book again, but not before the blue weirdo found a guitar and played some sort of song for Pinkie. I don't listen to rock much, despite being a party-goer (Hurts my ears when played at full volume) but the best I heard out of all that was stuff about sugar being poured over him. ...In the name of love. ...Yeah... creepy.

Which reminds me... Pinkie's probably been lonely for a while. She certainly understands that me and Fluttershy are in a relationship, but I get the feeling that she doesn't like it when she gets disappointed. I might have to start some sort of... community... service thing? ...Hrm... In order to get her a coltfriend. Maybe I shouldn't get involved in the personal lives of other ponies...

I feel I am finished with trying to get the book to work. I might as well get rid of it. Besides, if the Doctor has his own copy inside his... Tar-diss... time machine, he'll be expecting it to disappear sometime, right?

As with that, I've tried to write new stories. I had some sort of idea where there's this... non-decomposing corpse, and I try to make up some mystery around it... wasn't feeling much about it. Then I had an idea. where there was this house, and somepony went into it. It would turn out to be a demonic version of the house from his foalhood... then my ideas started getting weirder and weirder... and gruesomer... and stupider. ...Are those two even actual words? ...Anyway... I called it The Deceased House. Then, I quickly burned it.

I'm thinking... maybe me and Fluttershy should go on some sort of date.

...Yes. A date would be nice.

...Almost used up this page... well, goodbye.


Chapter 34: A Suspicious... thing.

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The Recluse

Chapter 33

My Diary

Property of Live Light

January 7

Alright... this page, and then one more. Then I have to get another one. Come to think of it, it's already overdue. A new year, after all.

I've not been writing much in this to conserve paper... so I'm writing this stuff as kinda small. If I write too less like this, at least I'll have a little bit more of a page to talk about what happened another day.

In the time since my last entry, I've visited Greg in the hospital. Which reminds me, I should probably mention that recently, a Changeling came into town, hence the reason why Greg is in the hospital. And I met a crazy doctor. With a nice time machine. It's bigger on the inside. Anyway, Greg (That name sounds so unnatural) is making a good recovery, he should be fine in a couple of months.

Fluttershy and I did go on a date... I think mentioned that on my last post... but looking back, the way I worded it was really creepy. That was purely unintentional. This one was a sort of romantic dinner. Well, it was better than the 'romantic' place the Doc let us go to. I don't think I want to talk to him again. Sure, the planet looked nice. If characters I imagined weren't living and rather deadly.

...Ugh, that just sounds stupid. 'Honey, I De-Shrunk The Things From My Novel.' ...Sounds like a stupid, stupid, stupid idea for a film. A B Movie, I think those things are called. Of all the ponies that could have had some wondrous thing happen to them, why did it have to be one that sounded like a stupid idea. I feel like fate's laughing at me, somehow. Or even Princess Celestia.


Elsewhere, in Canterlot, Princess Celestia was looking over her student, Twilight Sparkle's recent friendship reports, and felt a slight migraine. Having lived for a very long time, she could tell somepony's faith in her was questioned slightly. As these things were more of a common occurrence, as everypony loses their temper slightly, she dismissed it, and continued reading on.

She did, however, give a rather fed up sigh.


Anyway, the date was fun, we both enjoyed it, then we returned home. Confidence boosted.

I really don't feel like writing anymore. I'm just gonna stare at that thing outside the window. It looks like it's at the Everfree Forest, but I've never seen it before. It's a rather suspicious... THING. It's very shadowy. Oh well, wonder if Fluttershy's noticed.

Staring at... THINGS,

Live Light.


Light finished writing down his latest entry into his 'journal.' He frowned, examining the journal. It looked rather used, from the times he wrote in it during his life as a recluse. He had a look at what he had written down. He then decided to make good on his statement near the end, and stared at what he described as a 'thing.'

A 'thing' was a very non-descriptive way of describing what seemed to be a castle, but he had a bunch of reasons for not putting much effort into description. For one, it looked completely pitch black at the moment, so for all he knew, it could be some large balloon construct by some foals. After thinking about it, though, it seemed highly unlikely. After all, it was out in the Everfree Forest. Another reason it's a 'thing.'

What would a castle be doing, suddenly built without announcement, in the Everfree Forest, of all places? The Everfree is truly not the best place to be. Not even in a group. You'd probably get seperated anyway. And then you meet some strange, decrepit stallion, who thinks he's really friendly, but he's actually rather creepy, and when he disapproves, he says, 'Ohh, what're you gonna tell your parents now?' regardless of their age, and he eats zomponies too.

At least, that's what Light thinks would happen. He's never met anypony like this, but this is still the thing that he probably fears most. More than ducks.

When he was young, he was rather overly dependent on his parents, no matter what. If there were ever any problems, he'd have somepony to talk to. He was happy and felt safe as long as a family member was somewhere in the house. So, because of the co-dependency that would probably fit Rarity better than him, he was rather afraid of being left alone for a while.

So afraid, he even drew up a conclusion that somepony would abduct him. And in an effort to make himself less afraid of abduction, he thought up the creepiest pony he could pretend existed... somewhere. He wouldn't know his name, otherwise that would spoil how the pony would be a stranger. He'd wear rather ragged clothing, look as though he hadn't slept for days just to find Light, and their bones would be sorta fragile. He'd be under the delusion he was very kind, and he would certainly mean well, but he'd tend to offer food, hug, be really concerned about the economy, eat cotton candy, offer cotton candy (Whether he had it or not), and ask people if they wanted to be his friend.

The tactic Light was using in creating the 'Ideal Stranger' was that he'd be so afraid of this stranger, that other strangers would be less frightening, and he could find some help without being overly panicked. This, however, just made him afraid that the Ideal Stranger would be the one abducting him.

As a result, he only really went out for school and hanging out with friends, if they were safe. Thus, he is now, at times, geographically challenged.

The point is, anything could happen in the Everfree Forest, so why not one's imaginings coming to life? The Ideal Stranger is somewhere in the Everfree Forest, waiting for him. 'Are you secretly fasting right now? Do you want some food?'

Live Light shuddered, then, trying to take his mind off the haunt he created, which was, in hindsight, a stupid idea that seemed like a good idea at the time, looked at the 'castle' thing in the distance. His eyes squinted a little, trying to see the windows, the doors, even whether it's made of bricks or stone. He looked around and found some binoculars. He held both sides with his front hooves, leaning back on a chair to keep his balance.

He didn't see anything still, and fell to his side anyway. At the time of writing his note, it was night time, and Fluttershy was, at the moment, asleep. He started to feel tired himself, anyway. So he decided to go upstairs to bed and get a good night's sleep. Maybe in the morning, he'll be able to notice the tower in the Everfree. Maybe.

Chapter 35: The Idol of... somepony else.

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The Recluse

Chapter 35

Fluttershy sat on the couch, feeling anxious.

This morning, Light was continuing more about this 'THING' that he sees out in the Everfree Forest. Something he described as some strange castle-looking thing. Apparently it had started making him curious. The two of them looked out the window. True enough, there was a castle in the distance of the Everfree Forest. Obviously, it shouldn't be there.

Fluttershy, having been involved with saving friends, Ponyville and the entirety of Equestria numerous times, had the feeling that something to do with that castle would happen, and it would be bad. What made it worse was that she had a feeling she was right.

Later on, Light said something about the castle seeming more 'familiar' every time he looked at it. This disturbed Fluttershy a little, but she didn't show it. It was only when she then felt the need to tell him her concerns that Angel appeared and gave her a letter. She had taken a look around before reading, and noticed Light's cloak wasn't where it usually was. The letter was from Light himself, and he had apparently gone out with a bunch of survival equipment just to check on the castle, and that he'd be back by midnight. Despite how much she didn't want to believe it, Fluttershy was convinced something had already happened to Light.

The clock strikes 12.

Fluttershy looked into her closet, and found her Mare-Do-Well costume. It was morning now, and she decided to look for Light. She was going to wear the costume so she wouldn't be afraid when she searched. She had left a letter on her table explaining where she would be going. She was about to reach for the costume...

*Knock* ... *Knock Knock*

Fluttershy would have let out a frightened squeak, but the knock on the door was rather gentle, even lacking some form of confidence. She decided to head downstairs to see who it was. She opened the door to find...

A gray pony carrying a saddlebag with mail in it. Not the usual grey mare the town was used too... this one was a stallion. He was kind of wide-eyed, with a black, straight mane, and long bushy tail. He was an Earth Pony, lacking a horn or a wing. He was wearing a blue-ish grey vest, with a similarly coloured beret and his eyes were... kind of pink. The expression on his face was like bracing for pain, then after a while, relaxed... a little.

"Oh, good... I thought it'd be some weird hermit person with a dark coat and rotted skin who would yell at me and probably eat me... good thing it's a lovelier sight... er... yeah." Said the mailpony.

"Uhm... If you don't mind me asking..." Fluttershy began, "W-where's the usual mailmare?

"Day off... she helped me get a job at the mail service, so... yeah. I'm new to town. Uhm... here's your mail." He looked around in the saddlebag, picked up a few envelopes with his mouth, and gave them to Fluttershy, who accepted them. "Well, bye." The mailpony said before walking off.

Fluttershy went in to close the door, when the mailpony quickly ran back in, closing the door behind him, and leaning up against it, looking around frantically. Fluttershy looked frightened, and when he saw this, he swallowed before explaining, "I-i don't like the look of those animals..."

"U-um... well... nopony is violent in Ponyville, especially not my animals... Mister..."

"Oh.. okay... Um... I'll just look for a place to hide anyway. This cottage is a lot cleaner than the houses." He looked around the place, before looking out the window, staying there for a moment. Then, a bit of fearful recognition came onto his face, causing him to shriek and jump back. Concerned, Fluttershy walked over to him, but didn't really help him up... he was far too jumpy.

"Are you alright, sir?" She asked.

"Umm... fine... that castle is really creepy... looks like something I saw somewhere before... is that supposed to be there?" He asked.

"...Well, it wasn't here before... it's not a very good sign if it's in the Everfree Forest... bad things happen there..."

"...That's... the Everfree Forest?" he queried weakly.

"...Um... yes?" Fluttershy answered.

This got a rather terrified whine from the mailpony, who curled into a foetal position... which was rather painful for ponies, usually. Apparently, the pain started kicking in, as he quickly stopped what he was doing, and got up.

"...Why do you live next to that?" He asked.

"I wanted to be with the animals...?" Fluttershy asked... now quite frightened and afraid of the stallion.

"Bad things happen there... uh... I heard there were two ponies living here?" He quickly changed the subject, for... no apparent reason.

Fluttershy's lips started quivering, but she tried to stop herself from crying. The mailpony noticed this, then looked back out the window, and looked thoughtful. His eyebrow raised highly. Then he looked cautious. Then on the verge of tears. Then a little too cautious. Then he slowly turned his head to look at Fluttershy.

"Uh... If it helps... my name is Funny Bones?" Bones suggested... for an unclear reason.

It was Fluttershy's turn to raise her eyebrow. Until she felt the name was familiar. After a bit of thought realization struck her.

"You're that author of the... strange books Light reads a lot... right?" She asked.

"Well... yeah. I have writer's block at the moment, so I thought I'd settle down for a more relaxing life. I heard Ponyville was a nice place, so I went there... I'm told I'm extremely paranoid... don't know why, I mean, isn't it reasonable to be afraid of certain... things?"

Not if it's everything... I feel so hypocritical, but he makes me look brave... Fluttershy thought. "I feel like that too, but I know this place is safe..." She said. "You're not what I imagined at all."

Bones smiled. "I get that a lot. From my relatives too. They expected me to be brave, cunning, willing to do all the things we needed to do, but no, I wouldn't, it just wasn't right- ...Er... yeah. The point is... I get that from a lot of ponies." He said. "But enough about me... What's your name?"

"...F-fluttershy." She squeaked.

"Aww. I mean, Okay. Err, I think I know what happened to... Light was it?" He asked.

"Yes... what happened?"

"Well, this might sound crazy..." He began... "But... theoretically... if you were to visit him... in the Everfree Forest... successfully... one of the things he might happen to have in his brain, having to tell you at the moment is either... 'Please leave,' 'I don't want you to see like this,' 'I'm very concerned,' 'Be afraid, be very afraid,' 'There's something very wrong,' 'I'M A VAMPONY,' 'I vant to zuck your blood,' 'Nice weather we're ha-"

"Wait... what was that... loud one?" Fluttershy asked, rather shocked.

"Um... I'M A VAMPONY." Bones said, slightly raising his voice.

"...Why might he be saying that?" She fearfully queried.

"Well... that castle is a nest for these strange bats that were enhanced by long-dead necromancers... as the story goes." He explained.

"What story?"

"My successful horror story, 'Dark Era.' Simple title, simple story, done right, the critics say, but I fear, if I release this story to ponies who actually CARE about story value, it'll be laughed at, MOCKED! I WON'T HAVE A LIFE!" He shrieked. Judging from the amount of times he did this, Fluttershy couldn't help but assume that nervous breakdowns were an everyday occurrence for him.

"...Anyway... the necromancers made the bats kind of like zombies... they chose vampire bats, so if it bites anything, or pony, they'll be infected with the... virusy thing. So now, they can suck blood. And stuff."

"...This all happened in your book, right?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes." Bones replied.

That would mean... Light brought it with him when we went to that forest planet... and that... life-sap probably made all this happen... it's that Doctor, all over again...

"But uhh... I'll share a secret with you..." Bones began, "I based the necromancers from my book on uhh... something I encountered before. So... those necromancers... technically exist in real life."

...Now I don't know what to think... Oh, but I must think, this man is clearly troubled... at least he's kind of nice, though... maybe it is the sap from the planet. I don't think necromancers were ever spotted in the Everfree Forest, so why now? And they'd have to have a lot of time to build the castle, right? So how did they make it so suddenly?

"Well, good luck. I'm going out now. I hope those six animals still aren't there. They look like some secret group... and I bet that ferret that's fuzzy, they dragged him into it. Look at him, you can see conspiracy theorist in him. That's my favourite. But I better go." Bones said, before going to walk out the door.

"Now, you just stop right there, Mister!" Fluttershy called out to him, making him freeze instantly. After a couple of moments, he turned around and looked at Fluttershy, a fearful look on his face.

"You know these vamponies better than anything else. You are going to help me get Light back." Fluttershy told him, obviously not asking.



"...Okay, I'll do it... for a fan."

Chapter 36: Lost

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The Recluse

Chapter 36

Live Light dreamt dreams of darkness. He felt slightly panicked, but he wasn't sure why. He looked around this empty environment, but it only served to make him feel lonely. To make matters worse, it felt as though he couldn't move his legs. He waited for something to happen. Anything. Even something impossible, and he'd at least know he wasn't dead.

He waited.

He continued to wait.

He kept waiting.

He woke up.

Light slowly opened his eyes, and the light was blinding. He waited for his eyes to adjust, and he was looking at a white ceiling. He sighed. Inside the hospital again... Maybe getting wounded is my real special talent, and there's something about my cutie mark I'm missing...

Once he was content and relaxed, he looked around the room, and, it seemed he was alone. He wasn't hooked up to anything, but he was in a white hospital bed. Besides him, there was another pony in another hospital bed, but Light could only see their silhouette, as it was behind a white sheet. He started to wonder why hospital interiors were either coloured white or a kind of green.

Then his mind went on to more important things such as, What was that castle in the Everfree Forest? How did I wind up in the hospital? Why do I not remember arriving at that castle? Why was it familiar? And why is nobody telling me anything?

He listened for the sound of trotting. He heard it, but it wasn't coming close to the room's door. Even after the dream had ended, he still had this feeling of loneliness. Sure, Fluttershy, and maybe her friends too, would check up on her, but he wasn't sure when that was.

There was nothing left to do now but think about all that had happened. He thought back to the time he was a huge introvert. Never leaving his dusty old house. Nopony really paid much attention to him because he wasn't really seen enough to be heard of, and that was just the way he liked it. Then, a little bunny entered the place, and he'd met Fluttershy for the first time.

It was nice, having someone like Fluttershy. She has a nice personality, and can be very confident, after all she's been through. She's tamed Manticores and Dragons, conquered fashion show-biz, a weird... mismatched Dragon-y being of Chaos, and went up against an army of Changelings. Fluttershy was the best marefriend a pony could ask for.

Light's been through a few ups and downs himself, after the Cutie Mark Crusaders 'cleaned' his house. He was nearly out of debt, fought some weird... large changeling, and... helped some sort of alien Time Lord... and... some weird goo brought his written creations to life...


It was only now that he'd thought of something... he's been through things he'd never imagined he'd done. And while it seemed like he'd be relieved that he survived those things, right now, he was feeling disturbed. Why have these things happened to him? How did they happen? Do they make any sense at all?

Why is it the Cutie Mark Crusaders picked a random home such as his to clean?

Maybe because it looked a bit worse for wear...

What are the chances of a Changeling suddenly deciding to attack?

Well, it's rather plausible, isn't it? It could happen.

Why did he make strange characters with names he wasn't satisfied with, and didn't sound like they belonged to him, and then they got brought to life when he went on an adventure with a weird person who has this time-machine that's bigger on the inside?

I'm not saying it's aliens... but it's aliens.

But something else he thought was strange was the fact that he'd been almost completely unheard of during his time calling himself 'Lone Light.' He had nearly no reputation. Surely some person would be like, 'That pony lives by himself and eats spinach,' and start spreading that rumour around. That hadn't happened at all.

Does the universe truly hate me? Was there some point in me being born? Is there a chance some godly hand is going to destroy this hospital? Are these things happening to me because they can? Am I just a little hobby of the universe as I slowly shrivel into uselessness?


You know, maybe I'm thinking too much about this. I'm probably just bored. Maybe I'm just an exciting guy. But I do hope I get to have at least a quiet amount of time to myself.

Light sighed.


Light's ears pricked up. He looked at the pony behind the sheets, and he was pretty sure he was looking back at him through the sheets. And now that he was paying attention to the shape of the silhouette, the pony looked rather familiar.

"That you, Light?" The pony asked.

Light smiled, as he realized it was his old friend.

"Hey, Greg." Light said.

"Uhh... d'you think you could call me my real name from now on? Your writer friend thinks that name makes me an alien, and now I'm kind of agreeing with him..." Green Flare requested.

Writer friend? I don't know any other writers... personally anyway...

"'kay," He just agreed. He was going to assume that nothing eventful would happen, and there's no stalker of his trying to foalnap him.

"How've you been?" Flare asked.

"...Busy, Flare. Busy..." Light replied. He was slightly disturbed by the fact that they were still talking through the white sheet. "After that Changeling incident, me and Fluttershy fell out for a while, made up, and... yeah, that's about it." He didn't want to mention his dimension-travelling adventure. Not only was that head-ache worthy, and frankly, unbelievable, it reminded him too much that the universe was apparently laughing at him. "You feeling any better?"

"Yeah, the doctors say I'll be out tomorrow," Flare said. "It's been a while since I've moved my legs."

Light nodded in agreement.

"What're you in for, anyway?" Flare asked.

Light thought about his answer. Looking for castles made no sense, but he couldn't think of an explanation. He wasn't even sure what wounded him, or if he was wounded. His head hurt a little bit, but it wasn't anything distracting. "...I went to the Everfree Forest," He answered. It's mostly the truth. But the castle had to be real. Fluttershy even saw it.

"...Uh... why?"

"Because... I was getting something for Fluttershy..." Light replied, trying not to sound suspicious.

"Uh... alright. Was it a plant?" Flare asked.

Light rubbed his eyes. "Uh, yeah, a flower, really. I don't think I found it, though..."

"I understand you love Fluttershy, Light, but you went into the Everfree Forest for a flower you wouldn't find easily?" Flare asked, rather incredulously. "Were you thinking straight?"

"Well, I certainly hope so, Flare..." Light answered. "Otherwise, I've got no excuse."

Flare sighed. "Well, at least you're living right now. Just don't go out there ever again, unless it's a good reason, and you're sure you can manage. Got it?"

He's got a point... Light thought, I did go out there to the castle for... some reason. Did I recognize it? I don't remember it...

"Alright, Flare," Light agreed, "I'll stay away from there."

"Good. I don't want you all cut and pierced like I was," Flare said, "Or worse."

Finally, the door opened, as a doctor walked through it, into the room. Light felt as if some sort of miracle had happened, as if that door would never opened unless it was that doctor.

"Mister Light," The doctor began, "Are you feeling well?"

"Yeah. Got a bit of a headache, but other than that, I'm fine..."

"Alright. We'll have you in here for one more day, then we'll let you out, just to be on the safe side. You were found unconscious in the Everfree Forest. It's a miracle you were found."

"Who found me?" Light asked.

"Well, it was a Miss Fluttershy, and some writer who said he was a friend of yours," The doctor answered, "He prefers not to give his name. He's rather skittish."

I don't know any 'skittish' ponies...

"There's something else you should probably know..." the doctor added, "Recently, your house was rebuilt, so you may return to it once you've left the hospital."

Light let the information sink in, and, upon realizing he could go back to his house, he let out a happy grin. But it faded, as he had another realization. The only reason Light moved in with Fluttershy in the first place was because the house was destroyed. After having developed a relationship with Fluttershy after all this time, he didn't want to be in a separate house.

"...That's okay, I think I might be moving soon..." Light answered. He was a bit sad to be leaving his house behind. But somepony would probably take better care of it than he did.

"Alright then..." The doctor said, smiling, "Anyway, I should tend to my other patients. I'll let you and your friend catch up." He then walked out.




"I'm a bit tired, I think I'll go to sleep," Green Flare said.

"...Alright," Light accepted.




I've got nopony to talk to again...