• Published 24th Sep 2012
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The Recluse - Live Light

Lone Light, a pegasus hermit, is about to be brought back into the world of socializing.

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Chapter 8: Doom and Despair, Yadda Yadda.

This... is... really infuriating.

Light was being used as a stand-in model for Rarity. He always believed in the power of mannequins. Ever since he watched an episode from a science fiction show where a weird pony from another planet takes a young teenage mare with him on an adventure because she was almost killed by alien plastic mannequins. He couldn't remember the name of it though... Doctor Whatves or something... that's not even a word. Although, I might be thinking of Doctor Whooves, but that Doctor looked entirely different from the Doctor I saw in the film store. Egh... Maybe it's some sort of actor change thing... maybe even a plot point. Whatever helps take my mind off of this boredom.

Light was watching the clock intensely, as if it seemed like the most interesting thing he could look at that wouldn't get uncomfortable when he looked at her for too long. Since Fluttershy was obviously the most interesting thi- no, not a thing, pony. Thing, while being used in a term to describe a presence in the room, sounds like I take her for granted. I mean, sure, I've developed a crush on her, but, I have to think about that less. I'll say something really stupid otherwise. Although, I'm thinking about it now. This isn't very good... again, whatever gets my mind off this boredom. ... Can't show my admiration yet, though. She's kinda delicate, and really shy. But that's what makes her cute. Although, now I wish she had a shed, I need to sleep somewhere besides a couch. Maybe I should buy either another bed or a sleeping bag. Now that I think about it, a shed wouldn't be very comfortable. Besides, it could be filled with anything. ...Why am I obsessed with sheds...

Boy, this is really boring... I'd rather be at one of Pinkie's parties now. I'm now comfortable with attending a party. All those good memories... I was a REALLY good party pony. Although, not as good as Pinkie. I couldn't, for the life of me, organize a party. I seriously couldn't. Help plan, maybe, not by myself. But Pinkie's able to think up parties, just by any good happening, heck, even a moderate happening. And she has that positive attitude, all that Giggle At The Ghostlies jazz. Although, I kinda wonder how she gets that way, and how she finds it funny. Is it she the most fearless pony in Equestria? Or is it like one of those codes, and it's her way of saying, 'OHGODWHATINTARTARUSHELPMEIWANNAGOHOMENOWAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!' Hmm... probably the former... I don't know her to be the sort who's actually scared of things.

And that personality can get contagious. I like to think I have a bit of a similar personality to her. We used to organize a bunch of party gimmicks. Although, I mostly drew inspiration from bits of my imagination and her variety of fun stuff. Not complete rip-offs. I loved that moment where we started singing the "Sorry For Pony Rocking" song... although, it's a good thing nopony from the police saw us... we could have gotten arrested for police officer impersonation. Probably the BIGGEST risk I ever took. But it paid off, it was all worth it. Everyone had a good time.

Hm... Good Time... I have an idea for the next party already! Pinkie will probably throw me a party when I say I've gotten a life again. And I'll even get to eat all those cake-y stuff. ...Wow, I suddenly want to try a stunt like eating Sugarcube Corner. ...No, I'll get arrested. Damn it all to Tartarus. At least all the cakes Pinkie and the Cakes make taste good. I wonder what Pinkie makes the cupcakes from. I really do. ...Why do I feel like I'm now treading ground best not spoken of... is this some sort of other talent I have? Or maybe it's just my weirdness.

...Opinions of Rarity... she seems okay. But her obsession of fashion is annoying. I mean, SERIOUSLY. My cloak is fine. It's probably only temporary as well. My fashion sense isn't silly. She's silly. That silly, silly Rarity. Now I'm just complaining about life, that's real petty of me. This isn't the worst thing to happen to me. The worst time was... ... ... ...I'm really sad now...

Quick, look at something to cheer myself u- Awww, She's so CUTE. Now stop staring quick. Fluttershy is best cheer-up mechanism.

...Well, now I have to think of some sort of music in my brain. Well, there's always Fireflies, that never gets old.

I'd like to make myself beliiiiieeeeve

Equestriaaaaaa turns slowwwwlyyyyy,

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep,

'Cause everything is never as it seems...

Owl Pony is best music artist.

And now... to think up some other music while I blather on about things to keep myself entertained.

And so, one day, I went for a walk. I eventually ended up in a farm, and swallowed a coin along the way. The farmer shoved a coin down my throat, and introduced me psychically to his coin eating chicken coin chicken, named Tonto. I was told never to make eye-contact with it, or to say anything to it. I eventually swallowed a coin, and said the following word to Tonto, "Flying," to make him an inadequate coin eater compared to me adequate coin swallowing technical finesse. It made eye contact with me while it was eating a coin. I thought I was knocked out and dragged into a basement, but it was obvious I swallowed another coin, this one having happy gas painted on it, somehow, and I walked down the stairs to the basement, making all exits disappear. It was obviously a dream, so I guess, in retrospectfulness, it was understandable. I survived for a few weeks which were really milliseconds by eating, in total, 30 coins. I then made an exit in the ceiling, and walked through that, and walked through a door attached to a wall, seems legit. I looked in the eye of Tonto, and it regurgitated all the coins it ate. I then proceeded to swallow my last coin of the day, then swallowed those coins too. Then one more from my hammerspace collection of coins I always wanted. I managed to survive my fatal heart attack, but now I was changed. And now, whenever a foal asks me why in Tartarus I won't get out of their way, I say, 'Don't know, kid. Ever since I swallowed that coin, things have been different.

...I'm so obsessed with coins right now, I've probably filled my brain with unnecessary information... I should really apologize to my braincells... and the ducks/aliens listening to what's going on in my brain... ...Now I'm really paranoid.

I mean, seriously, where did my fear of ducks come from? Was I a fragile stallion back then, and so my mind was playing tricks on me? Either it's an actual fear, or I'm still fragile, so my mind is still playing tricks on me... that's really bad... I'd rather have my sanity be up for debate instead of definitely shattered, thank you very much. I wonder if I'm still good on accents. Hmm.. Tank you veddy much. ...I always seem do have a lot of trouble impersonating Latka Gravas... I can only do his thanking catchphrase. That kinda sucks. And now, Rarity seems to be speaking, but I can't hear her. She's probably talking about all the fashion stuff ag- OW!

Light blinked repeatedly. He was back to reality, looking at Rarity, who had slapped him across the face rather painfully.

"I said I'm finished," Rarity said.

"Really? Oh. ...Well, I was thinking of things... that's all," Light replied.

"U-um... what things?" Fluttershy asked.

"Err... chickens and coins."

Rarity raised an eyebrow. Fluttershy looked mildly confused for a moment. Rarity spoke again, "Would you like to see the outfit I've devised for you?"

Light blinked. His imagination really drags his brain out of Equestria, apparently, he had no idea a new outfit was on him.

"...Okay." He replied.

He was directed to the mirror. He was dressed in a white tuxedo, a rather dashing one at that. It made him feel important, and like he owned the place. He narrowed his right eye in an examining manner. Then he spoke,

"I like it."

Rarity smiled, "Happy it's to your taste. And that you were patient enough to go through it." Well, not really, but... eh.

"Yes... yes I was," he began. "You definitely know what you're doing when it comes to fashion."

"Naturally." She responded in her rather British accent. Yes, don't get full of yourself. Even vaguely, that's too much.

"Well! I'll be off," Light said. "It was nice meeting you, Rarity. Like the tux."

"Alright then, darling. Au revoir, Fluttershy, and bye, Light." Fluttershy got out of her seat, and the two left the room, and then the Boutique itself.

The two managed to get home. Fluttershy tended to the animals, while Light went to work on his novel, and see where he's going wrong with the introduction of Leeroy Leonard. He sat down on the couch, and took his notepad out of his bag, and looked at the page with the background information of the characters. He then he noted next to Leeroy, 'Obvious Troll is Obvious.'

He takes a minute to get ready to use his brain, and thinks for a moment... ...That must be the most thinking I've done all day.


A short one, because I was getting tired. Hmeh. See ya.